the president's cup

I guess it’s time to bring this back.

This illustration was drawn by Yana back in 2008:

And this is a panel from the latest chapter (ch126):

I’m not saying these are the same photo, but it’s good to keep in mind that Yana has had the idea of the “burnt family photo” since 2008 :D

helo rats i have a favor

okay i feel the events that took place in my history class today would make a MIGHTY FINE Jefferson/Hamilton cartoon of some sort, so I’ll just lay it down here and let you rats take the reigns

so today we had a potluck “presidential lunch” where we all drew a president from a cup and we had to research and prepare his favorite food, and someone had to bring in Richard Nixon’s snack of choice, which was cottage cheese with ketchup on it, I know, disgusting am I right, nobody even wanted to try it it was so atrocious

anyways, this one other guy in my class always debated and bickered in this class and we always CONSTANTLY tried to 1up each other, and at this point, he has won two Kahoot games and I had won two, so we were gonna end up tied at the end of the class since our final is tomorrow, it’s competitive business you see

so I go over to my teacher and I’m like “how much bragging rights do I get for trying the cottage cheese with ketchup” and she’s like, “I dunno, probably a lot” and I go over to that one guy like, “Yo, whoever eats the cottage cheese first should break the tie, since we’re tied for wins throughout the year,” and he’s like “heard you won’t” and I’m like “oop, try me bish”

so I boogey on down to the table and try this MONSTROSITY OF A MEAL, and I proudly get to flaunt bragging rights, and according to my teacher, “infinite review game wins”

okay you rats get creative with this, I wanna see how this goes down, I love u all

pls the real life experience was a giant meme in itself, pls help me turn it into a mega meme
Given No Quarter

At our apartment, you have to use quarters to pay for the washing machines and dryers in the laundry room. I decided to do my laundry today, so I got one of our 10 dollar rolls of quarters along with my laundry and detergent as I usually do. After putting in the detergent and laundry, I started putting quarters in the machines (there were three loads).

On the third machine, I noticed that I couldn’t put one of the quarters in. This has happened before, maybe four or five times in the five years we’ve lived here, and it has always been because the quarter in question was warped or otherwise damaged in some way that made its shape incompatible. Well, this time, I noticed that the offending quarter was smooth–too smooth, even–and I looked at it.

That’s not a quarter.

This object happened to be the exact same size as a quarter, which I suppose is how it got mixed in the container, but I had always assumed that those containers (or “coin-tainers”, as I realized they’re actually called, ugh) were filled with like freshly-minted quarters or something. Though, now that I think about it, that wouldn’t explain the damaged and dirty quarters that are sometimes in them.

Anyway, so it was a weird coin thing. I flipped it over and was even more confused.


Did I… win something?


Aaron Tveit on NBC after watching Charley Hoffman (left) and Kevin Chappell (right) Tee Off at the Afternoon Round of the President’s Cup!

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Trump Called Out: ‘You Don’t Give A S**t About Puerto Rico’

TRUMP:  “And we’re going to dedicate this trophy to all of those people that went through so much that we love, a part of our great state, really a part of our great nation.”

But the latter part of his speech was interrupted by an angry onlooker who audibly shouted out: “You don’t give a s*** about Puerto Rico!”

#PresidentsCup #PresidentsCup2017


aarontveit: Taking the ferry across the Hudson on a beautiful day! It’s day two of the @presidentscup! Let’s GO #TeamUS !!! #LikeRickie #wheelsupputtsdown #letsgo #PresidentsCup #libertynational #PGATour


New ‘Big Three’ celebrate the start of Presidents Cup

The start of the Presidents Cup gave golf a new ‘’Big Three’’ — former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, posing with players and wives on each team in an opening ceremony unlike any other.

It was the first time three U.S. presidents have attended the matches at the same time since this event began in 1994, named after the highest office in the land.

The U-shaped grandstands around the first tee at Liberty National were at capacity more than an hour before the first tee time Thursday. Most of the players were warming up on the range. Phil Mickelson, in the fifth and final match, came over early to shake hands. Then, Mickelson took out his phone for a selfie he might not get again. (AP)

Photo credits: Rob Carr/Getty Images (3), Julio Cortez/AP (2)

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