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I think the ghost asking anon means they wonder if you have ever looked into reports/claims of the founding fathers appearing as spirits. Such as the popular beliefs of Lincoln still roaming the White House and George Washington riding a horse through Gettysburg.

I heard Benjamin Franklin’s ghost has been claimed to haunt the Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. A cleaning lady in 1880 said she had an accounted with his ghost and this was not in the age were one were prone to concoct stories as such. He ghost has supposedly also been seen outside of the building–apparently he was doing a “jig”. You can read more about this here

Josiah Quincy III claimed to have a spiritual interaction while at Mount Vernon in the early part of the 19th century. Quincy had visited Mount Vernon to meet with Bushrod Washington, George Washington’s nephew in the spring of 1806 and it was a story that he himself had not remembered due to his age, however, it circulated around the family. Quincy was staying in Washington’s bedroom–the room where he also died. While staying in the room, his father supposedly saw Washington’s ghost. You can read more about this here. His ghost has been sighted in six different locations. You can read more about this here

A few have reported seeing the ghost of John Adams at his home in Quincy, near Boston where it is said to be rather “glum”. You can read more about this here. The ghost of Abigail Adams has reportedly been seen hurrying toward the East Room of the White House, which is where she used to hang her laundry [x]. She can be recognized by the cap and lace shawl she favored in life. It is also said John Quincy Adams haunts the House of Representatives where he died. You can read about that here

It has been reported that Thomas Jefferson plays his violin in the yellow room and his ghost has been seen a few times around the halls [x]. There have also been reports of people witnessing Jefferson’s ghost wandering the grounds and whistling, something that Jefferson was prone to doing as he toured the property [x].

There are no records of a James Madison ghost ever been seen anywhere but a few times at his plantation Montepelier in Virginia. You can read more about this here, however, the ghost of Dolley Madison sure enough has. Apparently, when the second wife of Woodrow Wilson, Edith Wilson, occupied the White House, she ordered gardeners to dig up the Rose Garden that Dolley had planted nearly a century ago. They never started because her ghost arrived to upbraid the workmen for what they were about to do to which the men fled from the scene. Not a flower was disturbed and Dolley’s garden continues to bloom today. You can read more about this here. She also haunts the Octagon house. 

Alexander Hamilton possibly haunts the home where he was initially brought after being shot in a duel with Aaron Burr; 27 Jane Street. The tennant says she has been aware of footsteps, creaking stairs, and the opening and closing of doors; and even the unexplained flushing of a toilet. On one occasion, she found the toilet chain still swinging, when there was no one around. She also has seen a blurred “shape,” without being able to give details of the apparition; her upstairs tenant reports that one night not so long ago, “a man in eighteenth-century clothes, with his hair in a queue” walked into her room, looked at her and walked out again. You can read more about this here

The ghost of James Monroe has been sighted around Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia where he is buried. Monroe’s ghost has been said to rub his left shoulder as if reminiscing from when he was shot at the Battle of Trenton. His ghost is said to be calm and undramatic. The ghost of Monroe lingered in the Marble Cemetery in Lower Manhattan where he was initially buried in New York before sightings changed to where he was again laid to rest twenty-seven years later in a different place. There have been no sighting of Monroe at the White House or of his wife, Elizabeth Monroe, however, their two daughters Maria Hester Monroe Gouveneur and Eliza Monroe Hay are sometimes seen at the White House. Eliza’s ghost showed up during James Buchanan’s presidency and was rude, popped up out of no where and rearranged cards. Maria has been seen at the Decateur House where she appears distraught. You can read more about this here


baekhyun: that popular bitch that’s probably failing all of her classes and is the ex of the leader of the football team baekgina byorge

chanyeol: the popular bitch’s sidekick. she always gets invited to parties and is miss steal yo man. also probably wears fake lashes and doesn’t take em off.

jongdae: the class clown that just isn’t funny. changed all the computer screensavers to nyan cat and probably sells “drugs” (candy) from his locker.

kyungsoo: the quiet girl that sits in the corner with her hoodie over her head and white earbuds in her ears. actually studies when she says she’s studying.

jongin: the guy that taped a condom to your locker in freshman year, threw eggs in the hallways on the last day of school, but actually just misunderstood.

kris: the weird guy that people think is either emo or just going through a phase. probably obsessed with asian pop culture and is president of the kawaii club.

yixing: that guy that takes naps during his spares, uses the “i forgot my homework” legitimately (and the teachers know that) and has 92109381 friends.

luhan: the leader of the football team that just wants to focus on studying but can’t because all the girls are falling for him. actually a nice guy.

sehun: the guy that doesn’t show up to class half the time, and when he does show up to class, he’s that guy that won’t fucking shut up about his dick

junmyeon: the teacher’s pet that has 19 scholarships, averages of 110 in every subject and is studying to be a neurosurgeon at oxford and harvard and cambridge fucking over achiever

tao: the girl that has “impeccable” fashion taste (literally bought a dress made of meat), has a verified instagram, the #1 enemy of the popular clique (the blastics)

minseok: the guy that comes in as a nerdy looking freshman but leaves high school as a hot piece of fuck. literally blessed by puberty.

Welcome to the Exodus Mall

// Seattle, 1997 // 

The Kingdome still stands and Ken Griffey Jr. knocks out home runs night after night. Bill Clinton enters his second term as President. Pop music is edging out the grunge scene. The technology boom is taking over. And for the employees of the Exodus Mall, it’s a year of romance, longing, and misconceptions in the Emerald City.

A/N: I’m so excited about this! It’s going to be an AU series of longer (5k+) one shots. I had the idea for Minseok’s a few weeks ago and then started wondering about where the rest of EXO would work and it kind of spiraled from there. Check here for updates on when these will be coming out - I’ll add a link here once they’re completed.

// MINSEOK // - [ Don’t Call It a Love Song ]

It’s been two years since you opened the bookstore across from KMS Music. Two long years of falling in love with its sexy and sarcastic owner, never imagining that he might feel the same. You’ve always preferred fiction over reality; books and stories just seemed to be inexplicably better, and safer, than real life. But when an unexpected present is delivered on your store’s two year anniversary, you think you might have found the one person who can tempt you to leave the fantasy world and chase something real.

// YIXING // - [ Temptation ]

Cursing yourself for not majoring in something more practical, you struggle to find work after graduation. On the recommendation of a friend you finally take a temporary job working at Sinful, the chocolate store in the mall, for the Valentine’s Day season. You think that the name is perfectly suited to the man who runs it, Yixing. Sensual, talented, and creative, you can’t wait to get to work everyday to see him. You chastise yourself for having these feelings about your boss, but don’t seem to be able to stop. When the season ends he surprises you both, deciding that he wants to keep you in his life, as more than just an employee.

// KYUNGSOO // - [The Problem With Wanting]

Quiet, observant, and whip smart, Kyungsoo keeps Barada Pizza running behind the scenes. Whether he’s firing up pizzas in the large stone ovens or slaving away over paperwork at night, his focus is on keeping the business going. He’s kept his nose to the grindstone for years, desperate to prove his family wrong, and lately he’s forgotten how to look up and see anything else. When you barge into his life, a wildfire of a woman in disguise as a waitress, he finds that for the first time in ages he can’t look away. 

// SEHUN // - [coming soon]

When you transferred to the Seattle branch of Starling Apparel from California you never expected to take such an immediate dislike to one of your co-workers. But to be fair, he brought it on himself by being such an ass to you first. Sparks fly and tempers flare as you clash time and time again, neither missing an opportunity to provoke the other. But one long night locked together in an electrical closet during a power outage forces you and Sehun to reconsider your opinions of each other.

// JUNMYEON // - [coming soon]

Having a hard time finding a 17th Century pocket watch? An antique Tiffany lamp? A first edition, signed copy of East of Eden by John Steinbeck? Ask anyone in Seattle and they’ll point you to Guardians, a hole in the wall collectables shop known for tracking down anything hard to find. If only the single dad running it could find what he’s looking for; if only he could figure out what he’s looking for. When you start working at the mall daycare and he sees you playing with his son, with your joyful presence and endless patience, he suddenly realizes exactly what his life is missing: you. 

// JONGIN // - [coming soon]

The front desk job at the KOKO Exercise Studio was supposed to be your fresh start, somewhere new to escape the past. If only your ex-fiancé could take the hint. When he starts invading your life once again, stopping by constantly, the last person you would have expected comes to your defense. The edgy, brooding dance teacher Jongin is definitely not how you imagined your prince charming, but he might prove to be just the man you need.

// CHANYEOL // - [coming soon]

If Kyungsoo is the brains behind Barada Pizza, Chanyeol is the bravado. Flirting with customers young and old in his loud and cheerful voice, in between calling out orders. With his ability to seemingly remember every customer’s name and order it’s no surprise that everyone who meets him falls in love. Outside of work he has no problem living up to his nickname of Playboy Park, with his personality and good looks. But beneath his bravado is a heart that he gave away years ago, to a girl who won’t even give him the time of day anymore.

// JONGDAE // - [coming soon]

Chen’s Electronics is a mystery, both how the store came to be and the man running it. Some say Jongdae’s a genuis with an IQ of 157, a prodigy kicked out of University for being smarter than his professors. Some say he made his fortune young and got out of the tech industry early. No one knows where he came from, they just know he’s the only one they trust to fix their computers. When you start working as a receptionist for the enigma that is Kim Jongdae you’re determined to be the one who unravels the mystery.

// BAEKHYUN // - [coming soon]

You and your best friend Baekhyun have worked at the movie theater for years. Starting in high school, all the way through college, and now on nights and weekends while you work your “real jobs” during the day. The energy, the free movies, and Baek’s entertaining personality make it the perfect escape from the stress of the corporate world. All of your friends marvel at the fact that you two seem to have dispelled the myth that a man and woman can’t be just friends. But Halloween night at the mall turns everything on its head, in more ways than one.

the types as my friends

hiiii so this is one of my favorite kinds of posts and i decided to make one of my own friend group!!!

entp (me):

  • prefers animals to people
  • almost always thinking of a witty comeback
  • hated high school and the whole structure of it
  • loves to make people laugh
  • loves to get a rise out of people
  • loses interest in a matter of minutes
  • does things ironically so many times that it becomes unironic
  • hasn’t done homework in 8 years and somehow still manages to keep her grades
  • weird taste in music and movies
  • is actually v sensitive underneath the thousands of layers of sarcasm and wit


  • talking to them is like an emotional rollercoaster
  • cries a lot
  • somehow manages to work 3 jobs and still have time for friends
  • has a longtime on and off boyfriend, istp
  • zoned out like 24/7
  • constantly looking to do something fun which gets her in trouble with her parents a lot
  • very underestimated
  • her winged liner could cut a bitch
  • the most generous and hardworking person i know


  • absolutely looooves all things design
  • spends most of his time creating things with his 3D printer
  • is only fun like 2 hours of the day
  • acts and dresses like a grumpy old man
  • soooo smart it makes the rest of us feel stupid
  • terrible at communicating his feelings
  • literally EVERYONE loves him
  • weird sense of humor
  • acts like he’s 28 when really he’s 16
  • a total goof when he’s in a good mood


  • my actual best friend
  • if she isn’t talking politics she’s talking work and school
  • super witty and sarcastic but it sometimes comes off as mean
  • really just wants the best for everyone
  • lowkey loves conspiracy theories and talks to me for hours about them
  • literally plans her life down to the minute i swear
  • only wears patriotic themed clothing
  • doesn’t let loose enough
  • her favorite genre of music is pop from 2010-2013
  • probably will run for president someday and win


  • lives and breathes marching band
  • awkward but easy to talk to
  • never ever has money on him but unintentionally forgets it all the time
  • 100% open book
  • laser tag master
  • best music taste out of everyone i know
  • cares a lot about his family and friends, especially his nephew
  • prefers movies or tv shows with an ~aesthetic~
  • down for literally anything


  • infp’s younger sister
  • her whispers are as loud as your shouts
  • probably only has 2 enemies and that’s as many as she’ll ever have
  • absolutely no filter whatsoever
  • mischievous and usually up to no good
  • pinterest quotes
  • literally knows anyone and everyone
  • her favorite snapchat filter is the dog filter
  • binges teen dramas like no other
  • has 8 best friends and loves them equally


  • my (entp’s) younger sister
  • can’t go 10 minutes without having a boyfriend
  • good at starting arguments but bad at arguing
  • probably uses snapchat more than she talks to people in real life
  • always gets involved in her friend’s drama
  • cries just as much as infp, if not more
  • extremely nosy and curious
  • doesn’t know what’s going on 98% of the time but just goes along with everyone
  • annoying but also loves more than anyone

sorry this was so long :// hope ya’ll enjoyed it tho

george washington:  [chops down the cherry tree]

georgrers’s dad:  son did you chop down the cherry tree

george warsh:  yes

gergeory’s dad:  nice you should be president from 1789 to 1797

georgere: will do, pops