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The Locket: Loki x reader

So a while ago I said I’d write this and here it is. I have a migraine right now and I feel kinda crummy so Loki is a bit out of character I think and it’s just kinda a silly drabble (but really long) and I figured I’d make it into 2 parts but felt like sharing so hopefully it’s not as eh as I feel like it might be. Just somethin’ somethin’.

“So the mission at hand.” Steve interrupted the quiet chattering of the group. He stood up, walking to the large projection screen at the opposite end of the room. “I was instructed to remind everyone that Loki has agreed, as per his punishment, to assist the team. This particular mission was brought to our attention thanks to our two Asgardians, so Thor, Loki, I’ll let you take it from here.”

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The Guest of Honor

Summary: Sam is catering an event at the president of his college’s home, a birthday party for the president’s granddaughter.  He meets a young woman who is assisting with the setup for the party and they hit it off only for him to learn that he’s developed a crush on the guest of honor.  

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2368

Warnings: AU - SPN stuff doesn’t exist, drinking of alcoholic beverages, a little bit of insecure Sam but, really, just lots of fluff.

A/N: So, I actually catered my way through school and it was AWESOME.  I made some amazing friends working for the catering service and, while the main plot line of this story didn’t happen to me, I often found myself in the president’s home serving drinks or the school’s reception hall serving a pre-lecture dinner to a guest speaker and faculty from the department that invited them and some of the side stories did, in fact, occur.  The president of my school literally only ever drank sparkling water or Beefeater Gin, which is why/how that liquor inspired this fic for @winchester-writes Birthday Challenge, along with the prompt “Come on! I wanna dance!”.  I knew it was a Birthday Challenge when I signed up to write but I didn’t know it was a 21st Birthday until after I had finished writing, I swear!

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I can’t accept this, it’s too much.

Sugardaddy! Harry Blurb . This is au where Harry’s a billionaire, not a rockstar :) This was a request - let me know if you have any xx

Sugar Daddy - noun.

  • Like a genie - he may be a little old, but if a girl rubs his lamp, he’ll grant her wishes.

This was not the way Y/N expected her summer to be going. In fact, this was not the way she thought her life would be going. She had this big plan, the four friends would move to London, go to Uni and have a fab time. Granted she was living in London with her friends, Uni was going great and London was, well London’s London - does it get any better?

Her love life however was something different entirely. At 22 everyone had said “You’re so young, you’ve got everything to live for, don’t settle down yet!” But what they didn’t know was that they couldn’t be further from the truth. 

That night, the night she’d met Harry wasn’t anything special and she sure as hell didn’t think that she’d be in a relationship with one of the richest men in London. Well relationship, maybe that was a bit of an overstatement.

They’d met one night when the catering company she was working for, was organising the food for one  of the functions his company was hosting. Harry Styles, CEO of Styles Industries, leading manufacturers in all pharmaceutical goods. They were all there, Harry the head of the company flanked by his loyal assistants and Vice Presidents. They all looked like they were having a great time, and you’d drawn their table as the main one you were waiting on.

They were polite and respectful, at least at the beginning. As the night wore on and the Irish VP Niall was getting a bit handsy. At first it was the light arm touch, but when it progressed to the butt grab enough was enough.

“Listen mate, your hand goes there one more time and you’ll lose it. Got it?" 

The other guys around the table laughed and Niall had at least the decency to look sheepish. As you walked over to the bar, the orders didn’t stop coming all night, you felt a hand on your upper arm. You turned around and was faced with the one and only Harry Styles.

"Hey listen I’m sorry about Niall, he gets handsy when he’s had a few drinks. I hope you weren’t offended?”

“Mr Styles, it’s totally fine. I’ve had way worse so don’t worry about it.” 

"Harry please. I’m not old enough to be Mr Styles yet. Is it always like this for you at work? Drunk guys groping you?”

“Well you know Harry it’s not too bad. I’ve gotta find some way to pay for Uni, and you know that table with guys like you on it tip well.”

“Well if that was your way of asking for a big tip then you got what you asked for”, Harry laughed and you did too. “Hopefully I’ll see you at another one of these things. Sometimes someone like you are the only things that make it worthwhile.”

From there it went from bigger to bigger tips. Somehow at each event you catered Harry was there. And somehow he was always at your table. After the sixth weekend in a row of Harry giving you an exorbitant tip you decided enough was enough. You had decided to confront Harry the next time you saw him however you were not expecting the call that you were about to receive. 

“Hi Y/N, its Jan here from student fees. I’d like to say congrats on paying off your student loan. And the extra money that’s on your balance should pay for the next couple of years plus any textbooks or the like that you’d need. We’ll let you know if you get low on funds but between you and me, I don’t think that will be a problem! Have a lovely weekend, and congrats again on the paying off!”

Jan hung up and you were more than confused. Where did all that money come from? Your phone buzzed again you assumed that it was Jan saying she’d made a mistake, but it was a text.

Y/N, hopefully you won’t need to worry about waiting tables to pay off  your student loan. See you this weekend and maybe we can talk? H xx.

Please tell me that wasn’t Harry that texted you. THE Harry Styles. How did he get your phone number, and how did he know about your student loan account?

The next evening you approached your allocated table for the evening and were greeted with the five familiar faces from Styles Industries including the one and only Harry Styles himself. You were polite and courteous and avoided Harry’s eye.

“Y/N? I hope I’m not interrupting anything?”

You looked up and into those green eyes which were the same as those on the cover of GQ this month “London’s Most Eligible Batchelor”. “Did you get my surprise?”

“Harry, it’s too much I can’t accept that. It’s too much." 

"Well Y/N you know nothing’s too much when it comes to someone as special as you. Anyway I’m sure you can find a way to repay me?" 

That’s how it started. Harry as your ‘sugar daddy’ it didn’t seem like the right description. You really liked him, he was only a couple of years older than you - nothing like a sleazy 50 year old man looking after you. And if he bought you something nice, a handbag or something, well that was his choice. You were independent, as much as he tried to help you out, you rebuffed most of his gifts. Although if he was offering an exotic trip, like the one you were on at the moment in the Maldives well, that was another story altogether.

This was a request - I hope you liked it! If anyone’s got any more for me let me know :) xx

There is no way to know exactly what governed the timing of Eston Hemings’s decision to slip off his African American identity and move to Wisconsin, leaving his brother behind in Ohio. When Eston and Julia Hemings headed further northwest in 1852, their children were ages fourteen, sixteen, and seventeen. By crossing the color line in unison, before the children reached marriageable age, Eston Hemings’s family avoided the fragmentation that had occurred in his own generation, with the departures of his siblings Harriet and Beverley. The disappearing brothers who haunted succeeding generations of Madison Hemings’s descendants would not be a part of Eston Heming’s legacy, and his adoption of whiteness was successful in its probable intention - escape for his family from the economic and social subordination that prevailed under the “black laws” of Ohio. His daughter Anna married and lived as a white woman. Her brothers were both officers in white regiments in the Union army. Beverly F. Jefferson, who married a white woman, became a prosperous and respected hotel and transfer company owner, while John Wayles Jefferson moved to the South and became a wealthy cotton broker. His articles were published in Wisconsin and Tennessee newspapers, and he corresponded with President Benjamin Harrison about conditions in the postwar South. Eston H. Jefferson’s grandsons even exceeded the success of his sons, becoming lawyers and physicians, as well as prosperous businessmen.

By contrast, the children and grandchildren of Madison Hemings who remained in Ohio were bound by the restricted opportunities for blacks at the time. They were, for the most part, small farmers, storekeepers, laborers, domestic servants, or caterers. While their descendants speak above all of families of love and strength, there are stories of the breaking of the human spirit rather than its triumph, when racial prejudice blighted career expectations and dreams for children. Some lives, as we have also heard in other families descended from the Monticello enslaved community, were tinged with alcohol and anger.

A move to the other side of the color line brought its own set of costs, however. The persistent anxiety of hiding the past is shown in a newspaper account of the meeting of Eston’s son John Wayles Jefferson, then a lieutenant colonel of the 8th Wisconsin, with a citizen of Chillicothe, Ohio, his former residence. “He begged me,” recalled the writer, “not to tell the fact that he had colored blood in his veins, which he said was not suspected by any of his command.” Like Madison Hemings’s sons, John W. Jefferson remained a bachelor, as did two of his nephews, one of whom was a suspected suicide; the other walked down the railroad tracks and “vanished off the face of the earth.” The early deaths of an unusual number of Eston Hemings Jefferson’s male descendants, if not attributable to genetic factors, may be symptomatic of the pressures of passing.

—  Lucia Stanton, “Those Who Labor for My Happiness”: Slavery at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
More on The Triumphant Rise And Mysterious Fall Of “Person Of Interest”

More excerpts from the article:

Person of Interest was a hit right away for CBS. Then, in its second season, the show did something rare these days: It grew — around 16 million people were watching weekly. After it moved starting in Season 3 from Thursdays at 9 to Tuesdays at 10, a much tougher time slot because of cable and DVR competition, Person of Interest still brought in around 14 million viewers each week.

Throughout its fourth season, viewership dropped off, but that’s par for the course: It still drew a crowd.Which is why it’s a true curiosity that Person of Interest has ended up here: with CBS burning off its fifth and last season. It premiered on May 3, and — at a pace of two episodes a week — the series finale will air on June 21.

The trouble, as far as Nolan and Plageman see it, became acutely evident last May during the upfronts, when the networks present their new shows and schedules for the upcoming season to advertisers.

No one at CBS had told them ahead of time that not only would Person of Interest be left off of the network’s fall schedule, but its episode order would be cut from the usual 22 to 13. In fact, the two executive producers laughed at a question that presumed they had been given a heads-up about either development, both of which are signs of imminent cancellation.“It was pretty surprising,” said Plageman. “We had felt at the time that we would be getting a full order going into the season.”

They learned that Person of Interest had been ghosted off the schedule only after CBS unveiled its fall programming to press before its upfront presentation.

And then, Plageman said, “You go through the usual gamut of emotions.”

After these unforeseen blows, Nolan said the show’s creative team decided to move forward with their own plan. “No one was clear with us that this was a final season; we kind of decided that this was a final season. You read the tea leaves here, and it was clear that with a reduced order it’s not likely that we were coming back,” he said. “So we decided: Fuck it. We’re going to tell the end of this story, in such a way that doesn’t slam the door shut on the universe of the show — that wouldn’t be a fitting end to the show anyway. But telling a final season in such a way that it would leave everyone satisfied with the story that we told. And that was our decision. This is a gift.”


Person of Interest is both a relic of a rapidly dying business model for broadcast television, and a harbinger. Its producer, Warner Bros., the once indomitable studio that developed and oversaw Friends and ER, is in a difficult position these days.

It still owns The Big Bang Theory, and plenty of other shows. But without a major network corporate sibling where it can funnel its productions — Universal Television has NBC, 20th Century Fox has Fox, ABC Studios has ABC, and CBS Studios has CBS — Warner Bros. ends up at a disadvantage in a case like Person of Interest. (Warner Bros. does co-own The CW with CBS, but it’s a smaller network that caters to a younger audience than the other four broadcasters.)

As CBS’s chairman, president, and CEO Leslie Moonves told The Hollywood Reporter recently, the company “broke even” on Person of Interest last year, but because Warner Bros., not CBS, profits from the show’s back end (DVD sales, foreign rights, streaming, syndication), it was literally not worth it to renew the show.

The Machine might shake its head knowingly about such capitalist concerns dictating art. The Person of Interest producers, however, were not naive to these obstructions. “This is how the world works,” said Nolan. But that doesn’t mean they have to like it. “If the business is just going to be more vertically integrated, where the networks only buy their own product, that’s not very good competition,” Plageman said.

Even when Person of Interest was a massive hit, they felt the negative effects of these corporate tensions. For its first two seasons, the show didn’t stream anywhere: not on Hulu, not on Netflix after the season ended — and not even on “We literally existed in primetime,” Nolan said. “If you didn’t see the show or didn’t DVR the show, you weren’t going to see the show. And the only way to catch up on the show was by way of DVDs.” After the second season, began streaming episodes; after Season 4, Person of Interest finally became available on Netflix. But considering viewer behavior at this current moment, it was a recipe that created an eroding, aging audience. And so, after the fourth season, CBS decided to try a new show in the fall in Person of Interest’s former time period: the now-canceled Limitless.

Once again points out how Person of Interest was screwed not because of the ratings but because of financial reasons– it’s a dead horse but it’s something I just need to reiterate, the reason why CBS canceled POI was because it wasn’t owned by CBS.

POI has been operating via negative returns hardly any promotions from the network even at its height of popularity, no streaming syndications, you couldn’t even buy the episodes from iTunes and Amazon until recently, and still it managed to grow an audience.

That’s the kind of show you want to keep but since CBS didn’t own POI… why bother.

So companies have to choose between obeying international law that forbids bribery and actually managing to get business done. But while 50 bucks to keep a disgruntled customs officer happy is going to be overlooked, wiring $140 million to a certifiably insane dictator is generally frowned upon (at least if the dictator doesn’t like us). So when SNC paid Gaddafi, they disguised the money with fake invoices. That was the smart part. The dumb part was literally everything else, including two people at the top of the company signing every single bullshit invoice.

“I realized that all of the Libya invoices (sent to the client, and also for expenses related to the client) were approved by the same two guys: our senior vice president and the vice president of finance. The thing with VPs is that they love telling everyone that they are too busy to do any actual work,” he said. “To see someone running a division that makes over $3 billion a year signing checks to ‘caterers’ for $5,000, it didn’t make any sense.”

That’s like if the chairman of the board was personally overseeing the janitor’s supply of paper towels, only SNC was doing something far worse than secretly masturbating in the maintenance closet.

4 Things I Learned Discovering My Bosses Bribed A Dictator