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What's all the discourse with Wonder Woman? It's just suddenly popped out of nowhere and so I just wanted to know more about it.

Absolutely! I’ll post what I know, since this is has come to my attention recently as well.

During the invasion of Gaza in 2014, Gal Gadot showed her support for the IDF (Israel Defense Forces, which she was formerly enlisted in) on Facebook. A lot of people were disappointed she was cast as such a huge feminist icon, since the IDF routinely and brutally kills Palestinian women and children. The IDF also bombed Lebanon in 2006 (and most Lebanese killed were civilians), and the US provides the Israel military with foreign aid of at least $3 billion a year (because the US wants an aggressive ally to help control the Middle East). Israel has been condemned worldwide for war crimes against Palestine.

My previous post about Gadot being in and supporting the IDF

Another of my posts on why Lebanon banned Wonder Woman (again because of the IDF dropping bombs on them in 2006, not because she’s Jewish)

Gadot has also spoken highly of former Israel President Shimon Peres, who was responsible for horrible atrocities such as the bombing of a 1996 UN refugee camp in Lebanon, where 106 civilians (half of them children) were killed (x) (x)

“Here’s why Gal Gadot shouldn’t be considered a person of color” - by journalist and artist S.I. Rosenbaum (I included this link because people on Tumblr are lauding Gal Gadot as a lead actress of color, and other Ashkenazim Jewish people are pushing back against that, saying they aren’t “white,” but they aren’t people of color either, and actually fit outside that dichotomy)

More info about the Israel/Palestine apartheid state:

Best of the Left Podcast episode - The continuing quagmire of an apartheid state (Israel/Palestine)

Jewish Voice for Peace - Israel Palestine Conflict 101

So we went on a trip today to the Houses of Parliament, and when we were standing in Westminster Hall our tour guide said “it’s a great honour to give an address in this hall. Barack Obama has spoken here, Nelson Mandela has spoken here, the Queen has spoken here, and who knows? Perhaps the new President of the United States will speak here too in a few months”

There’s was total silence for a few second, and then all of us, teachers included, burst out laughing

The only great honour Donald Trump will do anyone is stepping down ASAP

A Bed of Roses [1]

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Words: 3005

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Superpower!Au

Summary: Superpowers are suppose to make you invincible, someone who could save the world, a hero. It’s not suppose to be like this…not like this. 

You pout your lips together, looking up and watching the elevator numbers increase as your mind replays the tragic events of how you wound up here.

“….accidental leak at a power plant, causing a massive explosion killing hundreds of workers….”

The arrow flashes red and a number two appears.

“Those in a two-hundred kilometer radius were exposed to high levels of radiation and it has caused absolute chaos in the streets, hundreds of civilians are evacuating the vicinity. However, authorities have urged everyone to stay inside, locking all your doors.”

The arrow flashes red and a number three appears. You take exhale a long sigh, tapping your foot impatiently as the jazz elevator music continues to annoying you.

“This just in! It’s been two days since the massive power plant explosion and some victims have come forward, exhibiting odd symptoms. Doctors and scientists have gathered together to examine the victims. More news will be provided as updates follow…”

The arrow flashes red and a number four appears. You clear your throat with a cough and the nurse beside you flashes a glare. Sending her a small smirk, she turns back to the elevator numbers, ignoring you again.

“Breaking news. Massive riots and turmoil have broken out onto the streets. It seems as though all radiation victims to the massive power plant explosion have gained supernatural-like mutations.”

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social justice opinion: pineapple doesnt go on pizza

I’ve had this ask up for over an hour trying to figure out a correct way to reply… I’m very tired, so I apologize if this comes across as weird. I love answering asks like these, really, so please keep them coming. It may not be the other mods’ goal, but I’d love to answer as many asks like this as possible, and have some really interesting discussions!

Anyway, let’s get back on track. This is similar to the socks with sandals ask I received a month or so ago. You are entitled to your own opinion, certainly, and definitely entitled to your own taste buds. No one can tell you what your tongue finds tasty and what it doesn’t find tasty. Simple as that, right? But get this: the Icelandic president has spoken about banning pineapple pizza entirely. I am… a little afraid to share my opinion after finding out this information, but I understand you being able to share your opinion so openly, as you are a non-pinepiz. You are safe, and I am so glad, but we have to look out for those who are not so fortunate. I hope that those of you who are living in fear every Friday night when you order pineapple pizza, all because of the Icelandic president’s threat, can calm down soon. He is just an Icelandic man with nothing to do, it’s fine. He can’t beat us like this.

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Hey, I was reading about Lorun and I am wondering how his relationship with The Iron Bull is? Did Lorun ever want to learn about the Qun? (And also, he is the cutest!)

Lornun think Iron Bull is like the coolest dude ever. Hangs onto every word Bull says and buys every story. Probably the president of Iron Bull’s fanclub tbh.

And he has spoken of the Qun to Lornun many times. But even after everything he’s learned he still can’t grasp the concept of The Qun and the loyalty that comes with it!

A Bed of Roses [6]

Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 

6114 words

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Superpower!Au

“Welcome.” He blinks once before entering the white conference room. The nurse trails behind him and the large doors close shut.

“Good to see you.” He greets the man wearing a suit, sitting at the front with a nod before taking a seat at the long table.

“Do we have the test results?”

“We do.” He turns to the nurse and she takes a second before realization hits her, scrambling to open the files in hand.

“Well…how are they?” A lady sitting across asks, legs crossed and hands buried in the pockets of her white lab coat.  

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Since becoming president-elect, Trump has spoken with foreign leaders via unsecured lines; had an official meeting with Japan PM discussing high level diplomatic issues with Ivanka and her husband also present, who doesn’t and shouldn’t have security clearance; Trump has filed to pushed back his Trump University court case; filed to lower taxes for his D.C. Hotel; conducts official government business in Trump Tower; has not released his taxes as promised; Ivanka advertising her jewelry she wore during the Trumps’ 60 minute interview; Trump’s adult children part of his transition team (illegal); and Steve Bannon was illegally paid by an outside super PAC for his services as Trump’s campaign CEO.

The list goes on and on…let Congress and Trump know this is unacceptable and must be investigated/stopped/corrected immediately!

John Oliver tells Donald Trump: 'Stop lying to coal miners'

Having flown Theresa May rival Lord Buckethead to America last week, John Oliver spent the weekend’s show concentrating on matters back in the US.

While begging the Last Week Tonight episode discussing the health care act, Oliver quickly moved onto “cocaine for Thomas the Tank Engine,” better known as coal.

President Donald Trump has spoken at lengths about the coal industry in America, promising miners their jobs back while donning a safety helmet and pretending to ‘mine’ during a Wisconsin rally.

“It is not easy watching someone I doubt has done a day of hard labour in his life show how he thinks coal mining works,” quipped Oliver.

Since entering office, Trump has managed to create 1,300 coal jobs — far less than the number promised while campaigning — and cited coal as a major reason to pull out from the Paris Climate Agreement.

However, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency has claimed the administration has actually “added almost 50,000 jobs in the coal sector. In the month of May alone, almost 7,000 jobs.”

“OK, so the only problem there is that those numbers are bullshit,” Oliver says, pointing out how 50,000 was over 48,000 off the actual statistic, adding: “Which for this administration is surprisingly accurate.”

Deciding not to talk about the catastrophic effects coal mining can have on the environment, Oliver looked at why mining jobs are depleting, noting the decline in gas prices and rise in renewable energy.

Admitting coal-related job dropped under the Obama administration, Oliver also joked how “careers in the Zeppelin industry and babies named Adolf” have also fallen in years past.

The host then decided to show an old Playboy magazine extract from 1990 in which Trump is quoted as saying: “If I had been the son of a coal miner, I would have left the damn mines. But most people don’t have the imagination — or whatever — to leave their mine. They don’t have ‘it’.”

“And you know what?” Oliver asks. “They certainly don’t have what Trump has, specifically inherited wealth and hair like the wispy pubes of an ageing yeti.”

“Trump needs to stop lying to coal miners. We all do. Stop telling them that their jobs are all coming back when they’re not. Stop telling them that coal is clean when it isn’t. And stop pretending that this isn’t an industry in the middle of a painful—albeit necessary—transition.

“An honest conversation about coal and its miners needs to be had, and we should neither cease nor desist from having it.”

Along with having Lord Buckethead on the show, Oliver gave his damning verdict on the James Comey trial last week. Watch here.

Trump’s Creeping Tyranny

On the evening of December 7, minutes after a local Indiana union leader, Chuck Jones, criticized Trump on CNN for falsely promising to keep Carrier jobs in the U.S., Trump tweeted, “Chuck Jones, who is President of United Steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. No wonder companies flee country!” 

Since that tweet went out, Chuck Jones has received death threats, according to CNN.

A few days before, Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenberg was quoted in the Chicago Tribune gently chiding Trump for being against trade. Muilenberg noted that trade is essential to the U.S. economy, as reflected in the “large and growing percentage of our business” coming from international sales, including commercial jet orders from China.

Moments later, Trump tweeted: “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!” Later he added “We want Boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money.” 

Boeing shares immediately took a hit. As it turns out, Boeing does not even have a $4 billion order to make Air Force One planes. 

Trump doesn’t take kindly to anyone criticizing him – not journalists (whom he refers to as “dishonest,” “disgusting” and “scum” when they take him on), not corporate executives, not entertainers who satirize him, not local labor leaders, no one. 

The President-elect’s tendency to go after people who criticize him by sending false and provocative statements to his 16 million twitter followers not only imperils those people and their organizations. 

It also poses a clear and present danger to our democracy.

Democracy depends on the freedom to criticize those in power without fear of retribution. 

No President or President-elect in history has ever publicly condemned individual citizens for criticizing him. That occurs in two-bit dictatorships intent on stamping out dissent. 

No President or President-elect has ever bypassed the media and spoken directly to large numbers of his followers in order to disparage individual citizens who criticize him. That occurred in the fascist rallies of the 1930s. 

America came closest to this in the 1950s when Senator Joseph McCarthy wrecked the lives of thousands of American citizens whom he arbitrarily and carelessly claimed were communists. 

McCarthy’s reign of terror ended when a single man asked him publicly, during the televised hearings McCarthy was conducting, “have you no decency, sir?” In that moment, Americans began to see McCarthy for the tyrant he was. 

McCarthy’s assistant was Roy Cohn, an attorney who perfected the art of character assassination. Roy Cohn was also one of Donald J. Trump’s mentors. 

Trump’s capricious use of power to denigrate and even endanger his critics must end. He is not yet our President. When he becomes so and has far greater power, our freedom and our democracy could be gravely jeopardized.  

We must join together to condemn these acts. Has Trump no decency? 

Tom Price, Trump’s pick for health secretary, is a troubling sign for reproductive rights

Rep. Tom Price, President-elect Donald Trump’s selection to head the Department of Health and Human Services, has spent much of his political career pursuing initiatives that would, in his view, improve the American health care system. Apparently, that means making women’s health care much, much more difficult to get and eliminating access to abortion.

The congressman has a lengthy record of opposing abortion access, reproductive rights and civil rights for women and LGBTQ people at every turn. He promises to bring those attitudes with him to the nation’s top health agency, where he’ll be responsible for overseeing government health programs including Medicare and Medicaid, as well as the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institutes of Health.

A former orthopedic surgeon, Price has spent the last several years in Congress as a leading opponent of the Affordable Care Act, and has proposed an alternative to the health care law. His appointment could be a sign of just how serious Trump is about repealing Obamacare, but it also indicates something else: Women’s health and well-being likely won’t be of much concern to the incoming administration. Where the president-elect has spoken in vague terms about his policy plans for limiting people’s access to reproductive health care, Price has a legislative history that proves he’s intent on dismantling reproductive rights — and that he knows how to do it. 

This afternoon I took a walk to get my mind off of what is happening in America. On my way down the street I saw a group of Trump supporters wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ shirts violently harassing a gay couple. I went over there to try and intervene, to tell them to leave those poor people alone. Because how can I stand by and watch that happen to any human being? Whether it be their sexuality, gender, religion, color of their skin, disability, etc. I was immediately called a faggot and was told we aren’t wanted in America because we are disgusting human beings. It makes me sick to my stomach that these are the majority people we have in our country, and that the hate crimes in America will skyrocket because they think it’s okay since we have a president and vp that stand against LGBT+ people, and pretty much everyone who isn’t rich, religious, and white for that matter. Our president has outwardly spoken against LGBT+ people, their rights, and many others during his run. Our vice president will be a man who believes we should defund HIV research and use the money to fund gay conversion therapy. He is a man who literally signed a bill to put LGBT+ in jail for applying for a marriage license. If I didn’t already fear for my safety before, I am absolutely terrified now. I’m terrified to show any PDA with my girlfriend now. I feel like I have to look over my shoulder and lock away who I am and who I love again. And to the people saying shit like, ‘You realize just because he’s president doesn’t mean he can change anything.’ I hope you realize that, that is far from the case since the house and senate are both now made up of Republicans in his favor. I will not stay silent. Day 1 Donald Trump.