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The KATAKURA KOJURO and BONTENMARU PRESERVATION SOCIETY OF OSHU LADIES proudly presents these awards to you in hopes that you will not kill off kojuro or make mc betray him or make masamune betray kojuro in the next installment of your Oshu fic, or indeed in any future fic of yours. @jemchew


So, we gave you the artwork, here’s the video for our next single ‘The Story Of My Life’. Filmed by the band and erstwhile assistant Wayne Ryan and edited by Aaron Butchers.

Hope you enjoy it. If you do then feel free to share it.


Oliver, Robbie, Brendan and Jon


The third and forthcoming release from Mourning Birds sounds a little bit like The White Stripes having rough sex with Nirvana and a lot like the British underground scene coming into its own this year.

This hard working/smoking trio from Medway Madway, Kent are tinged with upredictability and latent madness which they fuel into a raucous, dynamic and instant classic garage rock experience with the help of producer Rhys Downing.

You have to see them play.

You could get a bluesy rock show, a frantic punk explosion or anything in between. As they develop, its one of the tightest and loosest live musical experiences. “It feels like witnessing something special” remarked a venue owner a few months ago. The fact that they have a small but lively crew that will travel to find out what happens at the next one, means he is not the only one.

Formed in the last few days of 2012, busking blues punk to train passengers in 2013 and releasing the gob smacking 105 second ear bullet, 'Oh Yeh!’ at the end of that year, Mourning Birds are taking no prisoners.

Second release 'Eve Of The Isle’ proved that they had the seeds of magnificence up their sleeves and earned them a DIY-booked debut UK tour which hits some of the UK’s best festivals.

Having played shows with/for Arrows Of Love, Slaves, Little Matador, CuT and landmark rock n roll club, This Feeling, its no exaggeration to say that they are hitting the ground running, arguing and exciting the hell out of people to the point of every release being a Track/Record Of The Week. (Its in the composition, delivery, production and attitude).

'Breathe’ is a breath of noisy fresh air. Get in the know, involved and up close with Mourning Birds. Pronto. * @MourningBirds

Image: Bill Williams (bass guitar), Jimmy Gilder (guitar/vocals), Sam Mitchell (drums/vocals) photographed at Brighton Beach after their brilliant show (then sessions/interviews) at The Great Escape Festival by Rupert Hitchcox.

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