the preppy blonde


The Baddest Thing

The perfect girl-next-door reputation has preceded Betty Cooper all her life, just as the rough and angry Southside Serpent reputation has preceded Jughead Jones. Could a simple dare in a small town diner challenge everything? 

Pairing: Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones 

A/U:  Jughead Jones has been an established Southside Serpent since his sophomore year of high school. He was never friends with Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica or Cheryl. Betty has been an established cheerleader since their sophomore year and her best friend Veronica has been dating Cheryl since then.

“Oh, really? And what’s the baddest thing you’ve ever done, Betty?” 

Betty’s face flushes as she glances warily at her best friend, Veronica, whose arm is slung lazily around the shoulders of her girlfriend, Cheryl. It’s a Saturday night and they had all been craving milkshakes and burgers post their late night movie binge. Betty had just been defending the fact that she was not as perfect as her reputation made her out to be. She, in fact, had a dark side. Cheryl, despite Veronica nodding supportively, obviously didn’t believe her. 

“I’ll tell you what’s the baddest thing I’d like to do,” Kevin giggled from his seat in the booth next to Betty, turning his gaze to the Southside Serpent that had just walked through the door.

A hush had fallen over the restaurant as the door thumped shut, a silent mixture of respect and fear filling the air. Betty fought the urge to whip her head around, instead choosing to casually glance at him over her shoulder.  

 Jughead Jones.

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Astria “The Preppy Blonde”

Quote: “I’m like so excited to meet you! Do you like pink? Pink is like my absolute favorite color!” - Astria

Astria has always been known as the preppy girl for her love of pink, and use of vocal fry and up-speak. She is a little naive, and tries to see the good in those who may not deserve it. Astria is also brilliant scientist. She is intelligent, capable, motivated, and curious. These are qualities that have brought her far in her career. 

Astria has a very popular science blog, where she makes scientific information more accessible to the public. She is very open on her blog about her achievements and scientific pursuits, and sometimes posts about the personal going on’s in her own life and her hobbies, which are video games, and Wellness/Massage therapy.

Astria excitedly explained to her followers that she had received a promotion, and would be working at a new facility in Oasis Springs called the Simiscura Space Station, among some of the top scientists and astronauts there. She had many followers, and all of them were excited for her, and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She spoke in depth about her worry about finding a home, because as of now the commute to her new job was simply too far, and she wasn’t sure how she was going to manage.

The first day of her new job came, and she was forced to drive a little over two hours just to get there. Astria arrived at the building and was grateful to finally be able to get out of the car. She was surprised by the size of the facility. It was very high tech and modern. The building had a large steel letters on it that read “Simiscura Space Station”. It felt commanding and serious. Astria was a little intimidated, and entered slowly.

The white marble floors stood out to her, how much money did this place cost to make? The theme seemed to be white and steel, everything was so modern and clean, most surfaces were glass. Astria was in awe, and also surprised at how empty the place felt. There was nobody around, and it unfortunately did not take her long to get lost, and end up late to her lab station. Astria was rushing down a long white hall, her pink heels tapping on the marble floor.

Astria decided to take a shortcut through what looked like a cafeteria. She made her way through when something bright pink caught her eye. Astria rested her large blue eyes on the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. The girl had long pink hair that stood out like cotton candy against her dark skin, and she was wearing bright blue contacts with pink heart pupils. Astria actually stopped running just to look at her for a moment. Astria noticed the girl was drawing with a fuzzy pink pen, and quickly remembered her own collection of cute pens that she carried in her pink pencil case.

She rushed over to the pink princess like girl, and sat down right across from her, immediately striking up a conversation about her pen. The girl said her name was Seraphine, and she seemed genuinely interested in what Astria had to say,  and listened to her wide eyed. Seraphine wasn’t bothered by Astria’s strong use of vocal fry, and they had a lovely conversation. “Your eyes, they’re so pretty,” Seraphine said to her. Astria found herself blushing and smiling at the pink haired girls compliments.

Astria lost track of time talking to Seraphine and realized she had to go. She said goodbye, and rushed away from her, barely making it to her station. The boss bought her story about getting lost, which she was for a while, until she saw Seraphine. The work day ended and Astria went home, excited to go back to work. Was this the start of a new friendship, or maybe something more? Astria shook off the thought, she had a habit of getting ahead of herself too quickly, and getting crushes on cute girls very fast.

Astria went home and began searching for a new house to move too, so she would not have to travel such a long distance to her new job. Astria jumped online and checked her email, and was surprised to see a message from an unfamiliar sender.

The subject read “Take Flight With The Avians”
She started reading:

Dear Astria,

We are The Avians. We have heard a great deal about your talents and brilliance, and are aware of your new promotion at the ‘Simiscura Space Station’ and would like to make you an offer. You seem to be looking for a new place of residence? We are an organization seeking to round up sims with different talents and strengths, for the opportunity to work with us. We can offer you your own room, in a luxurious mansion, on property with a large and beautiful pool, fountains, and access to a garden and laboratory. The home is fully furnished, with plenty of activities to keep you busy off of work hours. You will be living with 7 other roommates whom are also uniquely talented. Should you accept, you will be given the directions to the mansion, and you will be met at the gate by a sim who will give you more information, and a tour of the home. Your rent would be similar to whatever you’re paying now, and you can still continue working at your new job as well. The only thing we ask in return is that you assist us in our research. You will be provided with all of the tools to do so and will not need to reach into your own wallet for anything. We are sure as a scientist you can appreciate our pursuit of knowledge. We are eager to hear back from you.

Will you become our sparrow?

- Eagle

Astria stared at the message and almost laughed it off. What did they mean by become our sparrow? This must be some kind of hoax she thought to herself.
She deleted the message and logged onto her science blog, Astria checked her inbox and there it was again. The message. She was puzzled, but again she deleted it. Morning came, and Astria woke and walked to her front door to see if any mail had been pushed through the slot. 

There on the floor was a white letter, with a feather glued to it. It was plain, but written on the letter was the same subject title that was in her email, and on her science blog. It was the Avians. How did they know where she lived?

Astria was a little uncomfortable, this didn’t feel like a hoax anymore, and she cautiously read the letter. This time at the end, it said, “We need an answer, if you say no, we will seek out the assistance of another. Your particular expertise would be a wonderful aid to our organization, but we cannot wait forever. Leave your reply at the end of your steps. If you say yes, you will be sent the address and can move in immediately. You have one day to respond, and if we do not hear from you, we will move on.”

There was no address on the letter. Astria was unsure, they didn’t seem to be forcing her, and in fact, it seemed like quite an amazing opportunity. It was her day off, and Astria kept the letter on her table all day. It sat there open, and every time she walked by, it almost felt as though it was silently demanding her answer. She pondered on it for a long while. Astria took to the computer and decided to do some research on The Avians.

She searched for a little while before she came across a thread about them. There were many sims that said they were a very helpful organization, that would help people in return for small jobs or certain services. There were some conspiracy theories that they were a government agency but no one was sure.

Astria knew she was very public on her blog, so the Avians may have followed her, and been surprised at her sudden success, and decided on reaching out to her. Astria rationalized it in her head, and she thought about her two hour drive to work, which made their offer even more tempting.

Astria took a pink pen in hand and on the letter she wrote the words: “Yes i accept your offer, i will be your sparrow.” She left the letter at the bottom of her steps, and went back inside to shower and get ready for bed. Astria got out of the shower and peeked out of the mail slot on the front door. The letter had vanished. 

Astria felt strangely, but also kind of excited. A day passed, and another long commute to work, and another lovely conversation with Seraphine in the cafeteria. Astria arrived home to find that another feathered letter had been pushed through her mail slot. The address was in Willow Creek, which was only 20 minutes away from her new job, and the name of the mansion was “Sappho’s Manor.”

Astria packed her things and called her landlord, eager to be free of her roach infested hovel that was falling apart. The more she looked around her disheveled living quarters, the more alluring the mansion seemed. Astria drove her little pink car to the town of Willow Creek, and was immediately pleased with the quiet little town. 

She arrived at the mansion and it was nothing short of extravagant, with a large golden bird statuette on the front. Standing outside were three stunning women in black suits and sunglasses. Two of them helped her out of the car and took her bags while the third introduced herself.

“Welcome to Sappho’s Manor,” said the woman in the middle, “I am Eagle,” she continued,  "I am here to give you the tour, and show you to your room, there is only one other person living in the mansion at this time, as we are still recruiting other sparrows.“ Eagle started walking inside and kept talking, "If you have any questions feel free to ask them at the end of the tour." 

 Astria was a little taken back, this was a lot to take in at once, so she just silently followed Eagle into the home.

Astria immediately noticed upon entering that she was standing on white marble floors, the same floors that were at the Simiscura Space Station. The inside of the mansion was even more beautiful, and Astria felt lightheaded from it all. Astria was quiet as they went from room to room, each one seemingly more amazing then the last. 

The laboratory was truly breathtaking, and so was the wellness room. Eagle walked her into the game room, and every question Astria had suddenly melted away when she saw that standing in front of the arcade machine, was Seraphine.

Seraphine turned around, and her face seemed to light up at the sight of the preppy blonde. "Astria you’re my first roommate!” she yelled excitedly as she embraced her. Astria had only known Seraphine a few days now, and that hug made her mind go to a million different places. The two had a lot in common, particularly their love of all things pink, and Astria was eager to spend time with her outside of work.

Eagle smiled, and was happy to let them talk to one another. “I am glad you two are already well acquainted,” said Eagle, “Astria, if you have any questions you could always go to Seraphine who has already been with us for a week now, or you could call the number on the refrigerator in the kitchen.” Astria nodded in acceptance.

“I will stop by a few times monthly to check on things,” Eagle continued, “If you need anything let me know, but before i go, i want to escort you to your quarters.” The three made their way down the hall to a room that Eagle unlocked. It was very spacious, with beautiful white wallpaper, and a white canopy bed. “This is the default,” Eagle explained, “You may decorate it however you see fit." Seraphine shrugged her shoulders upon seeing the room. "You could always hang out in my room, it’s way better then this.” Seraphine said to Astria.

The invitation made Astria’s heart skip a beat, and she realized even more so that her interest in Seraphine was a little more then friendly. Eagle told her she could do as she wished, and her room could always be renovated into something else. Seraphine eagerly pulled Astria into her bedroom after Eagle departed. Astria’s jaw dropped. The entire thing was pink, filled with stuffed animals and pink toys. It looked like a room fit for a princess.

“This room is like, so cute!” Astria exclaimed. Seraphine proudly smiled, and asserted that it had only taken her a week to decorate it like this, and that Eagle was very happy to help. “Let’s do sleepovers and take photos for my pinkstagram!” Seraphine urged. Astria was beyond ecstatic, and the two girls stayed up late into the night putting stickers on each others faces and taking hundreds of photos.

They got to talking, and Seraphine told Astria that the Avians had recruited her when they heard about her being the top astronaut at the Simiscura Space Station. “They haven’t given me anything to do yet, i assume they’re waiting to get more members." 

Seraphine said. Astria was happy to have Seraphine with her, and she insisted that Astria stay in her room with her, and they could share the closet. It was certainly big enough to do so, and there was more then enough room for the two of them. Astria was surprised, but her and Seraphine had hit it off so well that she agreed, even though rejecting the offer never once crossed her mind.

This strange arrangement had all happened so fast, and it worked out wonderfully for Astria. She almost couldn’t believe her luck! The mansion was more then she could have ever dreamed. Astria felt like her life was starting over anew. 

The lab had everything she might need to do whatever work the Avians asked of her. This was going well so far, and in the back of her mind Astria knew that if things went south, she would just tell the Avians that it wasn’t working out, and she would move again.

It’s not like they were forcing her, and she could always just say no…. right?

Seraphine’s Backstory