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LearningExpress Library is probably one of my very favorite library databases. It’s got a little something for everyone, whether it’s job information, honing skills, or getting help with test prep. Here’s a rundown!

Adult Learning Center - The Adult Learning Center can assist in improving basic skills, like math, reading, writing, and grammar. Resources include tutorials, ebooks, and practice sets. It also includes a section for preparing for the US Citizenship Exam, which has articles about helpful hints on different sections and a practice test!

Career Center  - A way to prepare for career exams, explore different career paths, and improve workplace skills! There’s a section to Learn More About a Career, which could be a good resource for writers, as well as sections to prepare for entrance exams for nursing school and health programs. You can also prepare for occupation exams for things like Air Traffic Controller,  firefighting, plumbing, social work, ASVAB, and many more. There’s also info about workplace skills, job searching, and interviewing. 

School Center has resources for Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers. Resources differ by library, but in general they should help students build and hone core skills.

College Prep Center is where it’s at for the college-bound student who doesn’t want to/can’t shell out for courses but wants to practice. There are practice exams for: ACT, SAT, PSAT, MSQT, AP tests, TOEFL IBT, and THEA. What I love about these practice tests is that you can take them in 3 modes: Simulation, meant to model the time you’ll have on the test; Practice, where you can see answer explanations after you’ve finished the test; and Learner, where you can view the answers to questions as you go to help you study. There are also some test guides for these tests.

High School Equivalency Center is for people who need GED prep (including GED prep in Spanish), HISET prep, and TASC prep. There are also a couple of skills assessments for different subjects to help people assess where their skills are. 

College Center has skill reviews, grad school admissions test prep (GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, PCAT) and a ton of other stuff like ACCUPLACER, ASSET, COMPASS, and CLEP prep.

And finally, there is Recursos para hispanohablantes, with  skill builders for reading, math, and writing/grammar, as well as GED prep. 

The different “Centers” offered by LearningExpress Library might differ by library, but all of it is super great!

tl;dr LearningExpress Library has a ton of shit to offer for different types of people and you should all check it out!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any ideas for Christmas story starters? I'm trying to write some romantic and friendship-themed Christmas stories, but I have nothing. Can you help?

Certainly! There’s always the first prompt I created (posted on another blog, back around Christmastime): Write a short story titled “Hot Cocoa Kisses.” But also, consider taking cute holiday activities and writing about the characters participating in them (snowball fights, gift shopping, cookie making, caroling, Secret Santa exchanges, being stormed in, etc.) You can either have these things go really picturesquely, or you can have some mishaps happen along (such as burning cookies, making someone’s nose bleed with a snowball, getting lost on the caroling route)

zuulcookie  asked:

Not sure if I should send this in a message or an ask for the prompt xD Ladrien 11! Lose yourself!

I really enjoyed writing this! I adore Ladrien, and this was a fun excuse to write them being a little awkward around each other.

According to everything he’d ever read or watched, panicking over a first date was perfectly normal. Adrien tried to remind himself of that as he tossed aside yet another shirt, muttering something about the wrong shade of blue. Plagg watched from his safe haven on top of Adrien’s monitor, munching on a slice of Camembert.

“I have nothing to wear,” Adrien finally grumbled.

Plagg looked down at his floor, eyeing each pile of clothing before shooting Adrien a look. “Really?”

“I can’t mess this up! You don’t get it! This has to be perfect.” Adrien sighed and leaned back against the wall, glaring at each and every scrap of offending fabric in his closet.

“You could always wear your suit.” Plagg snickered as he popped the last crumb into his mouth.

“You don’t think that’s a little much?” Adrien asked, voice quiet.

Plagg stared at him for a long moment, gauging how serious Adrien was before finally drawling, “Sure, show up for a rooftop picnic in a tux.”

Adrien chewed at his lower lip. “Well, I have a lot of choices and-” He paused when realization struck and he frowned over at Plagg. “You meant showing up as Chat Noir.”

Plagg snorted. “Of course.”

“That’s a terrible idea.”

“So is this.” Plagg gestured to the clothes strewn over the floor.

Adrien rolled his eyes and returned to his closet for another look. “You don’t understand love.”

“Thank goodness for that,” Plagg mumbled, reaching for another piece of cheese.

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