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Ko-Fi comm for @hydrachea (2/2): Doodles of Takenaka and Ritsu

I think some of my hcs for Takenaka surfaced in this one - well, the hc about him being into books has already been in place last time I drew him, but the one about him zoning out and being good at hiding it just came up. the thing about him being a beta reader for Ritsu stems from the book hc (this is probably months after the end of the series, when the whole deal with Tsubomi has blown over. Ritsu absolutely does not trust Takenaka when they first met)

Thank you for the commission, had a really good time drawing this!! 

Ko-Fi Commission Info

So I always considered myself to be a Hadrian or Claudius but every “what Roman emperor are you quiz” gives me Augustus. These are my main imperial traits what do u guys think

- def not a military boi, would prefer to be drawing and/or seducing in a nice breezy marble room

- would spend money on infrastructure and public celebrations

- maybe debase the silver content of coins a lil bit but not a crazy amount

- a Nice Villa™ in the country where I can escape during the summer

- still support expanding the empire, but only if we have the resources

- any wiff of conspiring against me and I’m sorry but that’s it you’re dead


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Any good fanfics that take place after TLJ????

Hey there Anon! I got quite a few asks from lovely shippers looking for some fanfics so I’m going to answer them all here, hope you all don’t mind.  :D

After Last Jedi Fanfics: 

Welcome to the ship new shippers! :D 

Here’s my list of fanfic recommendations! These ones all take place before The Last Jedi but they’re gems within our fandom that are well worth the read! If you need anymore please don’t hesitate to ask!

For anyone who’s just getting into the fandom and doesn’t know where to begin, I recommend checking out any of the general fanfic recommendations below. 

Fanf Recommendation Lists Link: (X) (X)

If you’re looking for more fanfics, some with au’s and such, then there’s more in the link below where you’ll find modern, mythology, and jedi au’s too! 

Link: (X)

Hope this helps! :D 

Quick Writing Tip: What Does Your Main Character Want?

This tip is especially for those of you beginning NaNoWriMo next week. Your revision process will be much easier if you can answer this question now: What does your main character want?

When a character wants something – and goes after it – we can’t help but feel more connected to them. It doesn’t matter whether they want something abstract (like love or redemption), or something concrete (like a new job, a shiny red bicycle, or a rubber chicken). When readers see how fired up your character is, they are going to pay attention.

But even more importantly, desire gives meaning to your story. It’s impossible for a reader to weigh whether or not your character is succeeding or failing if they don’t know what your character wants in the first place.

Your character’s desires will drive their action, define their conflicts, and determine how invested your reader gets in their success or failure.

So, what does your character want more than anything in the world? Why do they get up in the morning? What gets your character excited? Why are they on this planet?

Start thinking about this now - it will save you lots of time later on!

creative ways to prep for finals

- cry

- sacrifice to the gods

- cheat

- use the textbook as a pillow (diffusion works y’all)

- bribe your teacher

- sacrifice to jupiter almighty (or jesus, whichever one u prefer)

- contract a “severe illness” right before finals week

- withdraw from school and live in a wine barrel like diogenes

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can a bitch scream??????? apparently shamus kelley is gonna release an article title Lance is Bi: Expectations for Representation and you need to check his twitter because i, a simple motherfucker, am finally getting my dream turned into reality

mr. kelley really out there….. doing the work we not only want but also DESERVE……