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Dear Undertale fandom

Stop censoring “genocide run”. Stop it.

There’s a post floating around about “my friend who spoke to Toby” saying how the term “genocide run” was coined by an LPer that was “making bad Holocaust jokes”, and that Toby Fox personally discouraged use of the term.

The truth of it being, a genocide run LP that got mass views early on in the fandom had named their Chara “Hitler”. That in itself is in bad taste, and I never watched the LP in question to confirm or deny if there was more to it, but from what I’ve heard that was the only thing.

Toby Fox himself used the term genocide run, predating this LP.

“Genocide run” is not a reference to the Holocaust. The Holocaust was not the only genocide in human history and the word “genocide” is not exclusively referencing it or any kind of a synonymous term for the event.

Genocide means a mass killing, which is exactly what you do in that run. This is a word we have in our language to describe a thing. By censoring this you are taking away from our lexicon, as well as promoting this misconception that it is an offensive term.

You think these words hurt but really you are giving them the power to hurt.


Throwback Thursday returns with a classic West Coast Rap song. Today’s song is one that comes on and is always turned up, listening to this song on a low volume setting is just wrong. Its from Ice Cube off his album The Predator. I hope yall had a good day, if not, here’s Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day.