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Heyo! Have you played Hakuoki? I tried the phone version cause Shinsengumi (i do love playing with these guys) and it's pretty interesting. I played dtl first so I made comparisons and stuff, hakuoki's like the darker version. Also, love the art and the guys (WHY do I always fall for Okita, ughh) but tbh I haven't really warmed up to MC Chizuru. But then again dtl mc is an older woman (chizuru is 16 i think) so dtl spoiled me for a good mc. Otherwise great game so far. Anime's great too, hehe

Hi! I haven’t played that one! 

If you seek him out in other games, it seems like Okita’s got the right stuff to suit you, Precious Anon.

Don’t worry, I totally get it:

If you look at the routes and the characters, DtL has some pretty dark themes on its own. If Hakuoki is like a darker version of what’s already in DtL, it sounds very interesting!

  • Child Canada: England, I t-tried making a scarf for you~ do you, um, like it~?
  • England: of course I do, poppet~! Bless you, this scarf is indeed a wonderful gift~
  • Child America: England! England! I designed a trebuchet for you to throw mud at France and his unfashionable outfits!
  • England: good job, America! Let's embarrass the bloody crap outta him!!

Dorian Havilliard. 



Aelin l Chaol 

Reference picture for this here

In case you hadn’t already guessed, i couldn’t successfully draw crowns if my life depended on it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ohhh the ugly alien is also here! I really want to know how he came into existence! He's so cute o(`ω´ )o

ugly alien started at the apartment au! And then I decided to use him to tie every universe I draw together hahahaha

Basically, no matter what dimension they are living in, Oikawa always has this ugly alien plush and iwachan absolutely adores it! xD

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Sam comes home from school one day with a blush very obvious on his face. "Sammy? What's up?" Dean asks him when he notices something little and red in his brothers hands. "Wi-will you be my valentine Dean?" Sam asks and holds out a little red piece of paper in the shape of a heart with Dean's name on it in purple glitter. "Sammy," Dean says as he takes the heart from him and pulls Sam into a kiss. "Always baby boy." (He totally saves the heart in his wallet for the next 20+ years)