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Maurice (1987) + Onion Headlines: Masterpost

By special request, with many thanks to @cinemaocd​ for suggesting this. ;-) Also conveniently timed for James Wilby’s birthday, 20 February 2016.

As some of you will remember, I got carried away last Autumn and had a lot of fun making Maurice edits twinned with uncannily relevant headlines from The Onion. These ended up as 10(!!) posts – hence this Masterpost…

1/10    2/10    3/10    4/10    5/10    6/10    7/10    8/10    9/10    10/10

Below, sample images from each of the 10 posts


> Into the Unknown

Teen Wolf
written by @bloodysideofhell

Zophia was there Derek’s whole childhood. They grew up together. She was there when the fire happened too. When they couldn’t find Derek and only found bodies, she mourned. Then her father got a job offer and they had to leave Beacon Hills.

After 10 years and a bloody scene of her parents, she returns with friends. How will her life turn out now?


I can’t believe is already 18, time goes really fast! Words can’t explain how proud I feel of her, she have achieved amazing things and I know more things are coming for her. Simrin have growing up being such a wonderful and talented person; beautiful outside and inside. I know she will keep inspiring people as she always have done. Best wishes for her. <3