the practice room

I know you know everyone knows Sehun is a baby but I’m telling you again: Sehun. is. an actual. baby. I mean look at how excited he’s for his solo stage like babies get excited to finally walk using their little feet. He’s so excited that he practiced days and nights prior to the stage, until he fell asleep on a chair at the corner of practice room, trying to tell us every progress thru instagram, and even showed us the practice dance after the stage like a proud baby showing off his first tooth WHAT A BUB 😭

#Uncle Skull


I have this headcanon that Skulls year mates are the best trained graduates of his whole generation, because they needed to fight Skulls creation if his spells missfire and somehow the most regular spells don’t seem to work and they needed to get creative.

They formed extra learn groups to look up obscure spells in case the Skull apocalypse happens again and how to best use the more common spells without actively using them on the target.

And they founded an unofficial running club, which started with Skulls dorm mates, (because they were the most affected before a proffesor finally forbid Skull from practicing in his dorm room) and it just branched out from there. Because somehow most of Skulls creation have flying projectiles and if you’re not fast enough to dodge you’re already doomed and you need stamina to run away if your spells don’t work.

Most of his class mates became aurors, because come on they survived everything Skull threw at them in their seven years after this dark wizards are just babys. And if they’re going to be honest they would miss the adeventures and the adrenaline rush everytime they fought on of Skulls creation from hell, so they’re going to do the next best thing.

Meanwhile Mad-eye Moody is in his own personal heaven, because this are the best auror trainees he has ever seen. In contrast to most wizards this teens are actually quite fit, they know more spells then most seasoned aurors do and they already work perfectly in teams. And apparently they don’t fear anything no matter what he throws at them. (Because what is a littly dark wizard to you when you fought a 30 m ceberus with laser-eyes and poison breath who was sadly deaf and therefore couldn’t hear the freaking music)

While a large part of Moodys is desperatly trying to figure out what he actually can still teach these kids besides the standard protocols, another part of him really wants to hire whoever trained this kids, because them if the rest of the auror corps where this good the wouldnt have any problems with this fucking Death eaters.

Meanwhile Voldemord has a lot of trouble to get anyone from Skulls year mates to join his course, because they know how good their classmates are and what the hell are they going to do if Moody actaully gets Skull to join? ( And some of the things Skull said about Muggle doesn’t seem so bad)


The ‘club’ has an entire R&D subdivision dedicated to finding out what works against the things Skull summons, because sometimes- a lot of times actually- it is not a quick fix and the castle is living for a while- hours, days with the record being three weeks- in fear of the thing popping up once more. On the upside, they seem rather focused on Skull who has proven to be both very durable and quite good at outrunning things trying to kill him.

(“They’re spell resistant,” a Ravenclaw declared, “But only to spells entirely magical. Spells like the ones that shoot arrows work.”

“Are you saying,” a Slytherin asked, twitching. “That these monsters are better killed by muggle means?”

The Hufflepuff, who wasn’t part of the 'research’ per say but invited for the sole purpose of note-taking and organization and thus irritated with the others by now, deadpanned, “Yes. Muggles Do It Better.”)

Those of that research division become Unspeakables (oddly enough, there is a team dedicated to finding out HOW the heck Skull makes monsters out of first year spells).

spastic goldfish:

…my god can you imagine how fantastic Skull’s year mates and surrounding years would be in Eldritch-Abomination!level catastrophic events? Considering the nightmares that Skull accidentally sics on them in school, anything less than Cthulu would be met with a bland yet competent, “Eh, I’ve seen and dealt with worse.” And thus a goodly chunk of Voldemort’s scare tactics are rendered useless in the face of this level of competency and level-headed-ness.

Also, can you flesh out the creation of Oodako into a full fledged scene? Maybe from Slughorn’s perspective for variety, and maybe Sirius and James are present to deliver some sort of message? And with a Recorded-Message Patronus primed and ready to be released at the breaking of the rune seal keeping it in stasis to let the castle know to go into Izzy-ocalypse!mode?


Yes, that generation (every student who was at school in the time frame of Skull’s seven years) have spines of steel and will not be cowed by intimidation tactics. You want to torture information out of me, ha! Nothing you do, not even the Unforgivable, will match the time when Skull was trying to get rid of a Boggart and made it mutate.

(Said mutated Boggart is widely agreed as The Worst Incident and, unfortunately, was the one around for three weeks because not only was it a horrifying shape-shifting fear-inducing abomination it was also scary intelligent.)

And yeah, they got emergency procedures down to an art form - plus side, the staff all know exactly what to do in Harry’s second year. As for Oodako…that would be telling ;)


he’s just looking out for your wellbeing, yurio, really. there’s more to life than skating (and plotting to undermine yuuri) and viktor wants you to experience that, he’s not trying to win a bet with the rest of the russian team or anything

(i saw something like this going around in script form and i couldn’t resist)

  • Me playing in an acoustically terrible room: have I always sounded this bad??? Is this real??? Have I only imagined six years of practicing??? Help???? Do I deserve to have this instrument?? Why is my tone so dry and flaky like the bald scalp of an old white man???
  • Me playing in an acoustically excellent room: FUCK YES nobody can stop me now!!1!1 I can play hot cross buns in here and I bet New York Phil would beg me to come be principal. Hear that tone. That smoothness. Smoother than a baby dolphin. I'm unstoppable nobody will notice any of my mistakes time to show off and intimidate the freshman
the signs as hilarious shit bts has done
  • aries: yoongi licking a bath bomb bc he wondered if it'd taste like a fizzy vitamin
  • taurus: when jin was so busy taking selfies that they locked him outside
  • gemini: taehyung leaving kiwis in the egg shelf and seokjin screaming bc he thought the eggs had grown fur
  • cancer: namjoon waking up at 4am and finding jungkook vaccuuming up fruit flies
  • leo: yoongi tripping over his suitcase bc he was yawning
  • virgo: jin accidentally hitting a fan in the face with a jimin photo standee
  • libra: hoseok censoring his verse in dope by replacing it with their dogs' names
  • scorpio: yoongi installing a bidet and namjoon saying thanks to that their butts are warm
  • sagittarius: taehyung seeing jimin & hobi on vlive so he rode his bike from their dorm and barged into the practice room still with it
  • capricorn: jimin grabbing jungkook by the dick on international television
  • aquarius: jimin snapping a bunch of chopsticks in half using his asscheeks
  • pisces: yoongi looking for his usb and thinking it was in taehyung's pocket but it was actually a steamed bun

i can’t wait until kun debuts so him and winwin can rule the world and be the power couple they once were… you will all see, you will all open your eyes

Things that annoy music majors

-stems going in the wrong direction
-do re mi fa so la ti
-practice rooms are full
-parents question why your wardrobe is 99% black
-when 99% of your wardrobe is black but nonE OF THEM MATCH
-needing to practice on your off day
-when the weather messes with your instrument
-when it’s really cold and your fingers forget how to move
-having to leave the music building for a non-music class
-having to pay for so much music
-being really confused in theory
-people who wear white socks with black shoes
-when the composer hasn’t been dead long enough for the piece to be on IMSLP
-getting really thirsty after double tonguing
-vocalists trying to sing and conduct at the same time
-playing a piece that’s really modern so it sounds like you’re screwing up but that’s how it goes
-anything with more than 5 sharps
-‘you’re studying music? Wow that must be so easy!’
-when you have so much class and rehearsal that there is no time to stop for coffee