the practice of everyday design

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♠ ~aceofstarks ((Tony modeling Clint's new line of lingerie for him though))

Clint watched as Tony lost his over clothes to reveal the lingerie he was wearing, with anticipation that had little to do with sex. He had put a lot of time into the design of silky practical everyday lingerie and the Royal blue had been picked because it reminded him of Tony. “Fuck, babe.” He breathed out, holding out his hands for Tony. “You look incredible.” He meant it wholeheartedly, And he was definitely proud of the design, too. “how do you feel?”


seventeen: *produces all their songs, choreographs all their songs, cooks their own food, styles their own hair, cleans their dorm, designs stickers for their shows, practices for 18 hours everyday, puts make-up on their faces by themselves, dOES EVERYTHING BY THEMSELVES TBH*

pledis: oh u out of toothpaste? sorry but we only got a few dollars bye

2pmWorks, a company that creates items with high anime world aesthetics, has collaborated with the popular Attack on Titan for its newest products. This time, the company has collaborated with Master-Piece, Japan’s premier bag brand, on a roll Boston bag and with fashion brand Medoviz on a stole. Similarly to the items released to date, these items boldly capture the elements of the anime while having stylish and practical designs for everyday use. Fans of the series will likely want to get their hands on these.
The roll Boston bag is designed after the 3D Maneuver Gear that appears in Attack on Titan. The 3D Maneuver Gear is equipment that is used by soldiers in the army to help them move freely through the air to protect the walled cities. The collaborative Boston bag has been designed to resemble the 3D Maneuver Gear. As an everyday item that can be enjoyed for its design, fans will be happy about this one.
Master-Piece, which produced the bag, is a brand that is proud to be made in Japan and is highly popular for combining function with quality materials that can withstand professional use. The roll Boston bag was made using calming silver hues, high-density nylon, and white leather. The bag is also detailed with flourishes that will tickle the heart’s of fans, such as the reel-style keychain that looks like a cable shooting forth from the 3D Maneuver Gear.

10/10 would buy

then would buy again for other leg