the powerpuff girls special

  • Yuuri: Quick! To the panic room!
  • Yuri: This place doesn't have a panic room!
  • Yuuri: Any room can be a panic room if you panic hard enough!

Here’s the Cartoon Network and [adult swim] schedule for Monday 11 September to Sunday 17 September.

ADVENTURE TIME IS BACK WITH NEW EPISODES AND A NEW (and final) SEASON!! It’s so good to see the show on the schedule again since July!

Next week’s Ben 10: Alien of the Week will be Four Arms. It doesn’t say it on Zap2it, yet. But it did say it on TV Guide.

It looks like they’ll be airing Over the Garden Wall again (but only 8 of the 10 episodes will be shown, so it won’t be very consistent.) Why, you may ask? Because Autumn is coming right up, of course!

So, The Powerpuff Girls (2016) will have a 5-episode special called Power of Four. There will be a 5th 4th Powerpuff Girl. (definitely NOT Bunny) And she looks like a self-insert from some grown man’s creepy fanfiction! (see promo images and a screencap, taken from CN RSEE highlight reel, below)

UPDATE: Her name is “Bliss” and the special already aired in Africa months ago in the Summer.

It looks like they might be airing Classic Tom and Jerry at 10am weekdays after Tom and Jerry Tales. All swimming under the “Sea of Yellow.”

Infomercials are back, while 2 extra Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Stroker & Hoop, The Venture Brothers, and Tom Goes to the Mayor are next week’s 16th Anniversary [adult swim] shows.

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Here’s what’s NEW NEW NEW NEW! on this week:

  • Ben 10: Alien of the Week: Four Arms - Friday at 5:00p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Friday at 6:30p
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Friday at 7:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Friday at 7:30p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:00a
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four Special - Sunday at 5:30p
  • Adventure Time - Sunday at 7:00p
  • Toonami - Every Saturday night from 11:30p-4:00a
  • Rick and Morty - Sunday at 11:30p
  • Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories - Sunday at 12:00a
  • Decker: Unsealed - Sunday at 12:30a

Top 3:

  • Teen Titans Go! - 152 - 49.4%
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 45 - 14.6%
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - 41 - 13.3%

These are the viewership numbers for Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network since its premiere in 2013! Comparing this with Steven Universe’s ratings shows really how much Cartoon Network’s viewership has fallen throughout the past few years. 

The highest viewed episodes seem to be their Thanksgiving special and the Powerpuff Girls crossover. Overall, the show looks like it was at its highest point of viewers in early 2015 at season 2.

Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Saturday, September 2 to Friday, September 8.

Pretty big changes to today and tomorrow. More Teen Titans, addition of a Wimpy Kid movie, more We Bare Bears, stuff like that.

Before you ask me, I’ll ask myself. What’s that “NEW NEW NEW NEW ENCORE” thing on Saturday and Sunday? The CN backdoor put those two hours in its own block.

It’s pretty obvious what it is. It’s a rerun of the new episodes of the NEW NEW NEW NEW block from Friday. So, stuff like Teen Titans Go!, OK K.O.!, Gumball, and We Bare Bears. Unlike the Friday block, you don’t get any reruns of any episodes that weren’t new. So yeah, you’ll get the same episodes airing a lot. I’m tired of explaining this so whatever. Don’t understand it? Just watch the block and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Labor Day is part TTG marathon (surprise!) and part movie marathon. New DC Super Hero Girls special. Probably has aired on Boomerang already.

Less TTG on the regular weekday schedule, that’s nice. LEGO Nexo Knights is gone, it’s aired all of whatever season just aired. Teen Titans still being treated like royalty.

Dunno why we’re getting another TTG marathon this upcoming Friday, guessing that’ll be the last marathon for at least a month. idk.

Here’s what’s new new new new this week:

  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:00a
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Sunday at 5:30p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Labor Day “special” - Monday at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Half-hour special - Monday at 6:10p / Regular, unspecial episode - Friday at 6:30p
  • Ben 10 - Friday at 5:00p
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Friday at 7:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Friday at 7:30p

Top 3:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 155 - 50%
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball - 45 - 15%
  3. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 24 - 8%

EDIT: Fixed a typo

The Powerpuff Girls 2016 - “Power of Four”

This special was a ripoff of “Twisted Sister”, “Stray Bullet”, “Imaginary Fiend”, “Octi Evil”, and “Uh Oh Dynamo” wrapped in a giant burrito of retcon-y bullshit.

Why does Bliss grow into a teenager and Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup don’t?

Why would the Professor make Chemical X after Chemicals A through W failed? For that matter, why do Chemicals A through W even exist?


How would Him be around to torture the Powerpuff Girls if he’s been disguised as a tiny elephant for ten years?

My brain is sad. This special was stupid.

Here’s a neat little comparison chart of the highest viewed shows on kids TV this year (so far) versus last year. The trend is obvious that viewership on all 3 channels have fallen from 2016 to 2017, to no surprise. All TV has fallen in viewership in general. Read through this little analysis if you want:


Nick comes first since it is the easiest to talk about. Its ratings have been fairly stable despite the decline and its highest viewed list can still be pulled up with the return of new Spongebob and Henry Danger later this September. I still have faith in Nick’s ability to grab viewership because of the numbers below this chart, MANY premieres have hit close to 2 million, especially Spongebob and Loud House. Paw Patrol, its highest pre-school show has the capacity to grab big numbers and its live action shows does amazingly well despite the cringey efforts. So far, I say it would probably be the most stable network here.


Disney Channel this year has been kinda meh in terms of special programming (premiere events heavily advertised to bring in viewers). Only one DCOM has aired this year and it is unknown if another one will arrive. 2016 had 2 movie premieres, Adventures in Babysitting and Frozen (not technically a DCOM, but a movie nonetheless) which got huge numbers, fuelling the shows around them. 2017 had Descendants 2, a highly anticipated DCOM that was a sequel to a previously highly successful DCOM, so there was no surprise that it would do extremely well. Because of that, the premiere of Raven’s Home came in a clear 2nd. Other than the movie, there has not been much from Disney Channel so far, and judging from its 2016 list, 9 out of 10 of its highest premieres were in their first half of the year, so I do hope that they have something big in plan for the next 3 months.


Just a side note to talk about this small channel. Ratings have gone down on Disney XD since popular shows like Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb left the network. The channel can improve though, and it has with the new D:XP block and Star vs and Star Wars Rebels doing pretty well.


Let’s face it, Cartoon Network has kind of fallen from its prime. That prime was between 2010 and 2014. 2015 was decent and 2016 was okay. But so far, 2017 isn’t okay. 2016 was a surprising year for Cartoon Network, especially during the summer. The TTG/PPG crossover in June topped the whole year with extremely high ratings. Then came the Summer of Steven. The week of August 1st was Cartoon Network’s week. Teen Titans Go’s Island Adventures special and Steven’s most intense week of SOS was underway and brought bliss to the network, especially on Thursday when Steven topped all of cable with its P 18-49 rating (a report I will always go back to just to be proud of SU getting those numbers) and scored over 2 million viewers. But after the magic that was SOS, Cartoon Network’s ratings began to plummet. At that time, TTG began to pollute the network’s schedule and less viewers were tuning in for new episodes of shows. Many shows hit their series lows at the end of 2016. 

Then came 2017. Many shows hit their series lows yet again this year. Steven and TTG, the highest ranking shows on the network, hit below a million viewers in March, and many shows began airing in “burn-out” periods of a new episode every day for a month, which caused many premieres of episodes to do terribly. We Bare Bears and Gumball aired over 20 episodes in a month, and then went for several months with limited reruns. Even the network’s king TTG was starting to fall flat. New series like Ben 10 and Cloudy were not living up to expectations and performed mediocrely in viewership. Cartoon Network is now at the point that it needs a special event or a federal holiday for shows to receive a stable viewership of over a million viewers. Teen Titans Go’s Night Begins to Shine special did wonders on the network with OK KO on its back and Steven did wonderfully on Memorial Day with its Wanted special. But that was it. The other hundreds of premieres could not meet or even compete with what the other networks had to offer, even if they were superior in quality. So all in all, Cartoon Network is in a hard place now. It had been catching up with other networks but now it’s starting to fall again. 

However, there is hope for Cartoon Network. They’re beginning to advertise shows in weekly slots again, with something more than just a Teen Titans Go at 6 ad. The 4 night TTG special in August shows that Cartoon Network can still possibly win big. The old Teen Titans reran to spruce up the schedule and there are new specials like Adventure Time and Powerpuff Girls coming up this month alone. And Steven should return soon. So Cartoon Network better step up their game and do their 25 years of history proud.

As you can tell I watch Cartoon Network VERY closely, and well I hope you enjoyed reading this, and tell me what you think I guess?

Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, September 11 to Sunday, September 17.

September 17 is a really interesting day, as you can see. The time-compressed version of Over the Garden Wall airs, Powerpuff Girls has a 1.25 hour long special, and Adventure Time gets a rerun followed by 4 new episodes. What a day.

Teen Titans grows, Tom and Jerry shows. I talked about the weekday on the last post, whatever.

Here’s what’s new new new new this week:

  • Ben 10 - Friday at 5:00p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Friday at 6:30p
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Friday at 7:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Friday at 7:30p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:00a
  • The Powerpuff Girls - SPECIAL EVENT - Sunday at 5:30p
  • Adventure Time - FOUR new episodes Sunday at 7:00p

Top 3:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 154 - 48%
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball - 51 - 16%
  3. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 28 - 9%