the powerful girl

Why People Need to Stop Complaining Bev was a ‘damsel in distress’ stereotype

- willingly became a distraction so that Eddie, Stan and Bill could steal medical supplies. Ben would not have received any care if Beverly hadn’t offered to distract the pharmacist

 - threw the first stone at Henry and started the rock war to protect Mike, a kid she never met

 - besides Bill, she was the only person who didn’t want to keep watch outside the creepy house, she was the only other Loser willing to go in

 - Beverly was the one to stab Pennywise in his fucking eye with a metal spear because he was attacking her friends. Not Bill, not Richie, not Mike. Beverly did that shit.

 - she and Bill are the only Losers who originally want to go back and fight Pennywise. Mike, Richie, Stan and Ben all say they want to forget about it and not risk death

 - “I want to run toward something, not away.”

 - Not only did she stand up to her abusive father, she bashed his face in with the back of a toilet seat

 - Pennywise doesn’t kill her because she’s not afraid of him. She’s not afraid of this huge, child-eating demonic clown, even when he dragged Beverly unconscious and alone into his sewer hide out 

 - delivered the final blow to Pennywise, shoving a metal rod down his throat even when he took on the face of her father, the person she feared most

Yeah, it would have been great if she didn’t need to be rescued by the boys at the end, but she was the only Loser Bill was still talking to at that time. Eddie was hurt, he fought with Richie, Stan and Mike and Ben all bailed, so she was the best person for Bill to notice if she went missing.

But do not say Beverly Marsh’s only role was a damsel in distress. That is so disrespectful to a character who is constantly sacrificing herself for her friends and who stands up to her abuser.

WOW. I just had to sit through a video of a white boy talking about how the new powerpuff girl Bliss, is out of place and that she doesn’t belong. Like can white boys shut up? He probably didn’t give a shit about powerpuff girls until a black Powerpuff girl was added and now he thinks people want his opinion.

On top of that he said something like “the fans of the old powerpuff girls don’t want another powerpuff girl”—like excuse me but as far as I’m concerned MOST of the powerpuff girls fans were girls of all nationalities and ethnicities. Last I checked the show wasn’t marketed toward racist white boys who think they’re entitled to have an opinion on a show that’s literally not for them.

I hope they start adding more power puff girls who are girls of color because girls of color do watch powerpuff girls.

*Gets in trouble*

Hysterical Friend: OMG OMG we are so screwed!

Sarcastic Atheist Friend: Yeah, now is the perfect time to pray to whatever fictional being it is that gets you through the day.

Hysterical Friend: Did you hear that? *grabs me by the shoulders* CHANT TO YOUR GOD, DAMMIT!!


Hey Taylor, this is Ashley @clearblue–water, we have been friends for about 3 years now, all because of you, and this site. I want to thank you for all the incredible moments you have given us, and we can’t wait for tour! Ashley still hasn’t met you either, not sure if you knew! She and I can’t wait until the day she does!!

Anyway, thank you for her, she’s such an incredible friend and human being.


Sometimes, we tend to forget how powerful our eyes are. Even with all the signs around us.

The eyes are the window into the soul.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.

Use your eyes to say a million things.

The eyes, next to your voice, is the most power thing you have. It shows other people what you are thinking. Your intentions. Your desires. If not careful, your eyes can betray you.

It can let in something, or someone, that can use those powerful orbs of influence against you. Or….more likely, for you.

What do you think would happen when you would look into my eyes? What would you see?

What would you feel?

What would you WANT to feel?

Staring into the endless blue pools of reflection staring straight into the deepest recesses of your mind.

Losing yourself within them, as the words that escaped my lips delved deeply into your ears, wrapping around your mind.

Ensnaring your senses. Enrapturing your mind.

It’s as if, right now in this moment, as you continue to read, you can see my eyes through my words.




You know you should look away

You know you should stop reading

But the idea of being ensnared by me

Controlled by me

To let your will bend to mine

Feels so simple. As simple as looking into my eyes

As reading my words

As giving in and obeying

And you want to obey. It always feel so good to obey

Because those who obey, get to stare into my eyes for as long as they want

Letting their mind wash away, becoming so empty and blank for me

As your swim in the icy blue orbs that control you

You want to see my eyes

You want to dive in head first

Like the good pet you are.

No need to fight it. No desire to resist

It’s just too easy to let go

Let go

Let go

Let go

Good, embrace the idea of my eyes

You will crave them, need them

You want my eyes to fall upon you one day

Just as you want that beautiful mind to be controlled by me

No need to fight it. That takes so much energy

So bothersome

Why do that to yourself when you can just let go 

And give into my words. My power

That’s right

So easy to admit you need it

Want it

Desire my control

You will return each day, looking for it

And I will be here waiting for you

You will crave my attention

And for the dedicated

You will find it

You will find yourself lost

Behind Blue Eyes