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Marvel’s “Thor and the Warriors Four” comic plot by changing Thor into a baby is one thing. But when Loki change every Asgardians into baby including Odin, is hilarious.

Odin’s ravens, Hugin and Munin are both described in both myth and marvel comic as badass pets now reduced into cute puffy fledglings (or sparrows…). Despite the spell they’re still following baby Odin faithfully.

Baby Odin (who was questionably still have his eye-patch and somewhat less hairy and younger than baby Thor), was interested in the birds’ presents he just….grab one of ‘em


my list of characters that need to be in the marvel cinematic universe- The Power Pack

Alex Power fan-cast as Alexander Ludwig; Julie Power fan-cast as Taissa Farmiga; Jack Power fan-cast as Zachary Gordon; Katie Power fan-cast as Joey King

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Those panels of baby!Loki and baby!Amora are SO cute! Please tell me this is a series, like X-Babies, only Thor-Babies. What comic is this so I may purchase it and find out the full extent of Loki's adorableness?

Hi! Oh God, those panels are so adorable, it’s ridiculous. They’re from the 4-issue miniseries Thor and the Warriors Four, which looks like an amazing Thor/Power Pack crossover.

Things we got on this ep
  • malira
  • Queen Mama McCall
  • Kira being badass
  • did I mention malira??
  • Stiles not being an asshole
  • Liam kind of apologized by letting Scott hit him so they could break in
  • sTYDIA

what a time to be alive 

To many villains

The amount of antagonists in this season of Teen Wolf is just crazy 

First off we have “The Beast of Gevaudan” 

An infamous beast well know thru out history as the  deadliest and most well known werewolf . Oh and the dread doctors had something to do with the creation of this blood thirsty beast

Next the Dread Doctors 

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Scientists obsessed with the supernatural so much to the point that they experimented on their own bodies , killed several people in the attempt of creating the ultimate hybrid supernatural creature , and oh yeah they basically experimented on a 10 year old boy and killed any chimera that was deemed a “failure”

Then theirs Theo Douche bag Raeken, if that’s even his real name,and his Chimera Pack

Besides having a leader who is a two faced liar, psychopath, and is so hungry for power he actually believes he can take down the most powerful werewolf in history just so he can steal it’s power, his pack is comprised of failed chimera experiments that he resurrected. Two of which are in relationships with members of Scott’s Pack.

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Also we have the former leader of an Alpha Pack Deucalion 

why the hell is he even back his pack was killed off he wanted Scott in his pack and now he wants him dead or specifically he just wants eye’s. Which could mean he either wants them to cure his blindness or if he succeeded in killing Scott it would be some sort of poetic justice/trophy.

Oh yeah lets not forget Malia’s birth mother “The Desert Wolf”

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As if shit isn’t crazy enough, now we got a sharp shooting  werecoyote out to kill her own daughter just so she can reclaim her own powers 

And finally the deranged supernatural hunter and worst father of the year Gerard Argent 

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I mean let’s be honest once the Beast has been defeated or incapacitated who’s to say Gerard won’t go power crazy like how he was with the Kanima in season 2. Plus this is Gerard we are talking about the same guy who used Jackson as a pawn, beat up Stiles until he was battered and bruised, tortured Boyd and Erica, and caused most of the mayhem in season two to cure himself with a werewolf bite 

the fact that most of the main characters are still alive is a miracle in my opinion  i swear if Peter or Kate comes back im gonna just loose it 

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Rivals or Best Friends? (EXO & GOT7 WOLF!AU)

Characters: EXO x Reader x GOT7 (only mentioned in this chapter)

Author’s note:It’s my first try at writing an AU, or even fanfiction about any KPOP groups. There’s surely more to come, so don’t worry if you find yourself finding this interesting. Feel free to let me know what you think of this. Part II will be out before the sun rises in Estonia on the 31st of January. :)

…  Part 2  Part 3

(Y/N) entered the classroom once again after an obviously too short weekend with her friends. The two days had gone rather actively. Being a part of the most powerful wolf pack around had its perks, sure, but also its cons. The rouges wanting to claim their land as hunting territory for example. Or even a group of hostile witches who simply wanted to kill the pack of wolves to gain their power and energy.

The EXO pack always had the most interesting weekends and holidays. This one hadn’t been any different. Except for one seemingly tiny detail.

While trying to protect their own lands from a group hostile witches, three of the EXO members accidentally crossed the border between their lands and another pack’s – GOT7.

Rumour has it, the latter used to be the most powerful before EXO came around, the new pack only beating them in numbers, having 12 members in the beginning, while the other had 7.

Certainly, the numbers have changed rather drastically. EXO lost three of their members when they chose to have a happy safe life in China and chase their dreams of becoming entertainers instead of having to worry about the safety of everyone around all the time. (Y/N) had joined the pack just a few months before the first of the three made his decision of leaving. Now standing proudly with 10 members, EXO is still as strong as ever. Just not strong enough to be able to surely win a war against GOT7 that has only two members less than them.

That weekend hadn’t been the first time EXO and GOT7 clashed. It has happened before. It has happened so many times that even Suho has lost count. Usually the clashes were accidental. Just EXO members becoming too loud and playful to remember the borders. Until that weekend, GOT7 had been merciful, allowing EXO to freely cross borders from time to time and even joining them in games of tag or hide and seek.
At times EXO would see GOT7 as more like friends than like enemies or rivals, and vice versa.

As (Y/N) walked over to Baekhyun and Jongdae who were busy copying Sehun’s homework, she caught sight of JB and Suho, leaders of GOT7 and EXO, talking rather seriously. Ignoring the feeling that something bad would be coming out of the conversation, she continued her short journey to the other side of the room. Taking a seat by a fast-asleep Jongin, she turned to Kyungsoo,“Hey!”

“Morning, Ms Sleepyhead! Why didn’t you come to the first two lessons, huh?"The older boy teased with a smirk while writing the finishing sentences for the essay (Y/N) had long forgotten about.

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