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50+ Times Richonne Proved They're the Apocalypse's Ultimate Power Couple

In a world like The Walking Dead, there is no end to end to tragedy and strife. But somehow, between all the death and destruction they experience, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) manage to find each other. Though the couple only become official in the sixth season, they’ve had an intense connection from the start. Michonne enters the picture after Rick’s group moves into the prison and are blissfully unaware of the threat of the Governor that looms in the background. When she stands outside the fence surrounding the prison and the two engage in a tense stare-down, there’s no doubt something significant is happening. And thus begins the journey that takes us to … Richonne.

Some fans were definitely shocked by the start of their relationship in “The Next World,” but Richonne had actually been building since season three! Business Insider details a conversation during Comic-Con where creator Robert Kirkman explained that discussions of the relationship actually began with showrunner Scott Gimple’s episode “Clear.”

“When you feel the chemistry in a moment, that is one of the intangibles in planning,” Gimple said. “I believe in planning probably way too much, but you’ve got to wait for chemistry and there was between those characters.”

Still finding it hard to believe that Rick and Michonne have enough chemistry to justify their romantic relationship? Even after Gurira spoke about how they empower each other and Lincoln noted how they’re constantly expressing their love for one another? Then sit back and relax, because I’m about to show you the many times Rick and Michonne were obviously destined to become #Richonne

The Pack Survives (Roman Reigns): Chapter 1

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Summary: Andromeda has spent years overseas trying to outrun her past. She finally decides to come back to Florida to try and settle down in the house her grandmother left her. She meets Leati and feels instantly drawn to him; but there’s something he’s not telling her, a secret he’s hiding. A secret that may cost Andromeda her life if she can’t accept it.

Warnings (for the fic over all, not specifically this chapter): cis-female OC, 18+, mentions/flashbacks of previous physical and/or mental abuse, smut at some point, werewolves. I will be switching between their wrestling names & their actual names in this fanfic, im sorry if it gets confusing (I’ll make sure to mention who’s who below so yall dont get the twins mixed up lol)

Andromeda Drakos (OFC) Face Claim: Naomi Scott

Word Count: 2019

A/N: Did I really steal the title from that Game of Thrones quote? Yes I did lmao, dont @ me. I don’t really know where I’m going w this fic, I’ve had about 3 chapters written since may, so we’ll see where it goes lol. I love my werewolf shit, but I also love my Hellenic/Greek stuff so it might get confusing im sorry. Also idk why it wont let me tag some of yall, dont hate me.

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Roman = Leati
Jimmy = Jon
Jey = Josh

Andromeda’s house:

Andromeda huffed as she hauled box after box into her new home; a large house in Tampa left to her by her grandmother when she passed. Meda was beginning to wish she’d just sent all of her stuff with the moving trucks that would arrive in a day or so, but she needed stuff for that day itself.

As she walked back out to get the third box from the back of her truck she spotted two men standing by it. A smile stretched across her face as she recognized them. 

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Blue Exorcist Analysis #2

Inspired by this wonderful “Okumura Twins’ mirroring character arcs“ post by @liberty-flight I wanted to make a quick analysis about how Rin’s and Yukio’s awakening their “powers”’ structures somehow mirror each other.

I’ll start from the very beginning. Rin and Yukio both “awake” to their “powers” while having a confrontation with -someone-. In Rin’s case, it was Reiji Shiratori (later possessed by Astaroth) and in Yukio’s case, it was Todou Saburota.

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THE PERFORMER | Candice Patton

THE SHOW | The Flash

THE EPISODE | “Mixed Signals” (Oct. 17, 2017)

THE PERFORMANCE | Coming out of the season opener, in which Iris told Barry that she did as he asked and kept “moving forward” during his half-year absence — if only so that she didn’t look back to see that her fiance had bailed on her to appease the Speed Force — you had to know that there was more on her mind. Yet as anticipated as the next burst of truth-telling was, Patton did that thing she does, making a moment about a super-powered fella and his partner in metahuman crimefighting feel achingly real.

“How could you leave me?” Iris shot back when during a therapy session Barry touted their “gold standard” status as a couple. “You left me, Barry. You just left me, standing there alone. How could you do that?”

But it was with that heated moment in the rear view mirror, in private back at S.T.A.R. Labs, that Patton got to speak in more detail about the devastating position Barry put his true love in: “I had to constantly lie about why you were gone. You don’t know the looks people gave me… what they must have thought about us, what it made me think about us.” When Barry noted the burden he feels every day as a superhero, Patton made Iris’ response make all the sense in the world — that ever since he asked her to be his wife, “You are not the Flash, Barry. We are.”

We’re not here, though, to simply acknowledge Patton for her tugging of heartstrings; that talent has been demonstrated again and again. No, what pushed her into POTW territory was the added brandishing of comedic chops, during the aforementioned couples therapy. These scenes were not, as typical, about the reluctant/impatient/exasperated guy. Watch closely, and Patton is there matching scene partner Grant Gustin beat for beat, making clear to the shrink that in their world, lives are on the line “metaphorically.” All told, Patton made us cry, she made us laugh, she made this week’s kudos an easy one.i I know

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41. “Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again” Roxlin?

41.    “Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again”

It’s just a  little thing he does everytime she comes home.He always greets he in the hanger no matter if it’s been two hours or two months, the time makes no difference to him. Even a mere moment outside of the powerful storm that is Roxanne Morton is far too much time away for him. He waits by the entrance if the mission was successful and rushes to her side when it’s not.The first few times he says it so softly muffled into her neck that she doesn’t hear it all. However after the first time she wakes up in medical after they had started dating, it was the first thing she heard.“Three weeks you’ve been laying here lass and every day it’s the same.” He gently leans down to place a kiss on her cheek whispering only to her. “Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.”
He then jumped back rather abruptly when she smiled and huffed out a croaky “Liar.”
The smile that came to his eyes was positively blinding.From that point on he whispered in in her ear every chance he got.

one time when I was only a few weeks old my mom tripped on a sidewalk while holding me and without a scrap of gymnastic experience did a full 360 tuck-and-roll somersault landing perfectly back on her feet and i didn’t even get a scratch and anyway all i’m saying is that sort of powerful protective instinct and split second reaction time in a moment of crisis is genetic and inherent so that’s why it’s ok if i use my phone in the bathtub

When you learn about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealousy – if you are aware of all of that in yourself, without any choice, that is part of meditation.
—  Krishnamurti

I really appreciate that even though Kara was in a terrible situation, she still answered the phone when Lena called the first time. She could have just as easily let the call go to voicemail (she had every right to do so) but instead she picked up the phone and told Lena that it wasn’t a good time and that she would call her back. Kara’s going through so much in this scene and she feels awful but she still answers the phone instead of ignoring Lena because she’s an extremely caring person and she doesn’t want Lena to feel brushed off. It was a subtle but important way of showing how well Kara knows Lena and I just thought it was a good moment.