the power of the mind

for our theatre make up class we basically have to make an oc and like
do make up for them?
and mines this weird steampunky pompous rich dude and like half his face is robot-y because it got blasted tf off and hes just like “WHO ELSE DO YOU KNOW WHO HAS A GOLD PLATED FACE THIS IS SICK”
and everyones like “sir thats fucking gross” and hes just like
“eat my ass charles its my money and i can do what i want”

What if!?

I have two things in mind that could happen in AcoWaR:

What if the king of Hybern uses the caldron’s power to mind control Feyre, because we know it can! What if we have to see Feyre mindlessly throwing fire and water and wind and ice at her friends because the cauldron is being told to tell her that. But eventually Rhysand breaks through and bring her back. She’s horrified that she almost hurt their friends and almost promise to never use the powers again because she’s desperate to have them safe after that. What if the king of Hybern then tries to mind control Feyre again, but this time Feyre is able to keep herself sane by staying far enough away from the cauldron.

Feyre’s beast form. I imagine her as a gray wolf with Illyrian wings on her back. But unlike Tamlin’s feline wolf form, she’s just wolf. So Tamlin locks Feyre in the manor again because he won’t let her go to war, she breaks out and goes to the battlefield. Rhys and Tamlin is in the middle of fighting, both is in their beast form and Rhysand is winning. Then Tamlin does something she can’t make out and Rhys falls to his knees. Tamlin is just about to kill Rhys when a gray winged wolf tackles the sping lord away. Everyone stops fighting and stares as this gray wolf attack a high lord. When Feyre manages to injure Tamlin enough to check on her mate, she finds out he’s okay now. He places his hand on the wolf’s head and she leans in. He smiles and tells them it’s time to win this war.

ACOTAR hogwarts au headcanons:

  • so the SPRING COURT 
  • the spring court are basically those asshole Gryffindors that are v close minded but think they’re all that cause gryffindors 
  • (except Ianthe who’s a textbook Slytherin and tamlin insists she’s the only decent snake out there lmao boy is he deluded) 
  • lucien was a hatstall, between gryffindor and hufflepuff. he chose gryffindor cause of Tamlin and also cause some of his brothers were in hufflepuff and he does NOT like them
  • now the night court is obviously mostly in slytherin EXCEPT for Mor and Cassian, who are in Gryffindor and stage some guerrilla warfare shit against the spring court clique 
  • Feysand Head Boy and Girl power couple, obviously 
  • Azriel and Amren are prefects. no one in their right mind would let Mor and Cass have a badge so…they’re not
  • Feyre was sorted into Hufflepuff as an eleven yr old but feels as tho she’s changed a lot over the years despite maintaining og qualities of loyalty and hard work  
  • Azriel was also a hatstall, and was nearly put into Ravenclaw. He wasn’t tho, cause he got them self preservation skills
  • Elaine and Nesta were probably marked as Squibs but ended up showing enough magical potential later on. Anyway for arguments sake they’re Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, respectively 
  • ok so QUIDDITCH:
  • gryffindor team is as follows: Mor is a seeker + captain, Cassian is a beater, tamlin is a chaser, and lucien is a keeper
  • working with tamlin is THE MOST #yikes but Mor deals w/ it cause she can u kno…kick his ass. also lucien mediates a lot cause he’s a good guy sometimes
  • slytherin: Rhys is a chaser + captain, Amren is a seeker, Az is a chaser, and bitchass Ianthe commentates 
  • the hufflepuff team is like captain Feyre (seeker) and some of the summer court 
  • like Tarquin a chaser and they’re rlly good friends. some of the autumn court used to be on the quidditch team and Feyre was like NOPE not dealing with THAT shit right now GET OUT
  • Rhysand embarked on a four year courtship of Feyre, including some straight up James Potter shit like ‘alright archeron?’
  • ‘i’d rather go out w/ the giant squid than you, rhys’
  • he once wrote ‘will u go out with me/rhysand is the best lover a girl can hope for’ on every chalkboard in the school (while she was still w/ tamlin though YIKES)
The world’s problem is not too many people, but a lack of political and economic freedom.

Julian Simon (1932-1998 )  Professor of business administration.

The liberated  individual human mind is the most powerful natural resource there is.


♢ Moon is no longer sane, having been brainwashed/corrupted by Lusamine in Aether Paradise

♢ Her only goal is to achieve fusion between Pokemon and Humans, deigning everyone except for herself and her ‘Mother’ as worthless

♢ This is a highly violent AU, Moon only wants to find the answers to her experiments. She doesn’t care who you are, or your connection to her

♢ You are free to send starters, asks, whatever you like. Please keep in mind, Moon has the power here and most likely will in any threads/asks  

lyssawrotethat  asked:

Alia Atreides

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favourite

Aaaaah St Alia of the Knife, my darling! I love her so, and I could write a million words comparing her tragedy to Kylo Ren’s. Just like Snoke targeted Ben from birth her powers lay with the dead personalities than preyed on her and inhabited her mind. Add in the evil grandfather and the meddling parent and they’re both doomed. They were both helpless at the start but they are not blameless in later life. I hope that Hux never has to suffer as Hayt did (I love him too)


God has NOT given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Satan wants to destroy your life with fear and sin etc,But the Lord Jesus conquered Everything! FEAR NOT!! The LORD is for you, not against you. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world !!!!

Hmmm Lydia can have her story revolve around Parrish because they’re friends and have a supernatural connection and it’s not degrading? It’s totally not like she was used just to boost Parrish not at all *sarcasm*. The moment she breaks down because she’s missing her emotional tether and one of her best friends and trying everything in her power which mind you means they’re showing us her banshee abilities to the fullest, she’s being degraded? My bad must be watching the wrong show

egalitelibertebisexualite  asked:

queenie,wand,hogwarts,obscurial,jacob,niffler,giggle water,thunderbird :D

queenie: would you want the power to read minds?

yes but i would try to respect people’s privacy as much as possible. like, when newt asked her to stop reading his mind, i would personally have stopped.

wand: stars or moon?

stars! (in your multitu… sorry)

hogwarts: what is your favorite book?

les mis, obviously

obscurial: what is your worst fear?

not answering that. too personal.

jacob: most embarrassing moment?

i have wayyyyyyyy too many embarrassing moments! how could i choose one?

niffler: would you rather be given diamonds or flowers?

flowers are way cooler than diamonds. i’ll leave the diamonds to the niffler. he’ll love it i know

giggle water: describe your sense of humor.

i laugh very easily, from bad puns to sarcasm. honestly, even bad jokes make me giggle.

thunderbird: would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly?

fly, definitely!

thank you for asking <3

FFXV Jessica Jones AU

Where Ardyn is running around Insomnia with mind control powers, manipulating the darkness/chaos/demon virus (whatever you want to call it) to manipulate souls and control people. He believes he is the true king, and wants people to view him as king without making them directly. 

Youโ€™re told that youโ€™re in your head too much, a phrase thatโ€™s often deployed against the quiet and cerebral. Or maybe thereโ€™s another word for such people: thinkers.