the power of the mind

In 6x16 Coda, the scene where Sammy and Spencer play the piano together warms my heart. His teacher has even said that Sammy couldn’t even return his mothers hugs and here he willingly touched Reid’s hand to get him to play.

This entire scene just means a lot to me.

So I just rewatched “Bismuth” and this one part shows Steven’s real character.
When he is being attacked by Bismuth, he is shoved against the wall by this battle statue. When he picks it up and throws it back at Bismuth, he yells “Bismuth, watch out!”
It didn’t really occur to me how powerful this was until after I watched “Mindful Education”. He feels guilt every time he hurts a gem. When he threw the statue, he made sure that she was aware she was being attacked so she wouldn’t get hurt.
He wanted to show her that he could fight for what he believed in, but he didn’t actually want to hurt her in the process. The only reason he ended up “poofing” her was in self defense.
His character is so concerned about the health and safety of other characters, even if they are his enemies, that he will sacrifice his chances of winning to make sure that the gem he is fighting won’t get hurt.

Basically, Steven’s character is so pure and he needs to be protected. Especially with what’s going on in “Mindful Education”.


…How COOL would it be if one of Ladybug’s new superpowers actually ends up being a final form??? Nothing out of the ordinary, like god-like powers because we all know how ridiculous that is ), but…WHAT IF SHE ACTUALLY GETS A PAIR OF WINGS,,,??? 

Think about it. Based on Comic con’s miraculous panel, we all KNOW that Paris’ Superheroes are getting more powers. Powers in which we haven’t already seen yet; like Lucky Charm and Cataclysm. Well, i believe Ladybug and Chat Noir will get their own set of new powers too. How? My best bet is that the Miraculous book’s invaluable info has the secrets behind awakening more of their powers. ( In case anyone’s wondering; Tikki informs Marinette of the coding/secrets on Episode 24 ) And, since i’m a total weeaboo, I have seen time and time again how animated characters awaken this awesome form/power at their serious time of need. 

Here’s some examples to elaborate my point; 

So, that said, It would make sense for LB to awake her own too; right?? I’m not trying to say that it HAS to be Ladybug’s final form either. It would just be SUPER cool if our favorite heroine actually resembles our spotted lady beetle friends more; y’know? 

With some Wikipedia search too, I have also found that “Ladybird” originated in Britain where the insects became known as “Our Lady’s bird” or the Lady beetle. Then the US adapted the name to “Ladybug”. So, granting LB wings would be even MORE FITTING. ( Not to mention how captivating/beautiful she would be with them omF,,, ) 

TL;DR— It would be seriously awesome if Ladybug got her pair of wings as an additional superpower and I HOPE hawkdaddy/jeremy could confirm THIS |’D ( Eh. I can always dream can’t I? ) 

We can watch
We can watch
We can watch
We can watch them go by.
From here.
From here.
From here….. [x]


Aly and I killed ourselves with just thinking/art-battling this idea out.

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“I’ve looked everywhere multiple times. I s’ppose I haven’t checked here though.” Pidge responded, rolling their eyes at their brother’s smug look and plopping down next to him.

The ex-paladin looked down at the blanket they dragged with them then back at Matt before throwing it over his head in an act of childish revenge. Despite the pout that had taken over their lips, Pidge still found themselves giggling their head off.

“I got a break from training so I thought I’d come spend it with you, ya butt.”

So, Jace’s telepathy and other mind powers could, theoretically, allow him to learn other magics (within reason, he is still a mono-blue mage), or even control others and “borrow” their magic by proxy.


Jace learns how to use the Ghostfire off of Chandra/the Scroll.

sets himself on fire that doesn’t hurt him

can’t turn it off





they turn to gideon

manly “AHHHHH”

nissa and liliana just shaking their heads “the children are yelling liliana” 


“welcome to the gatewatch”


I see the bigots are at it again spreading their ridiculous lie that the gays “bullied” JMo and Colin'O out of a photo op - much power in the gay agenda; very witchcraft; so sorcery and mind-control.

What it does demonstrate is their lack of respect for JMo’s autonomy and her right to make her own decision. But so often homophobia does go hand-in-hand with (internalised) misogyny.

And stupidity. And lies.

midnightcitymadnessrp  asked:

ohmygosh, thank you so much for posting an analysis about the Sylph of Mind. It really helped me out when creating my Sylph oc, especially with powers. Going off of what you said about a Sylph of Mind being ultimate therapy, I gave her minor hypnotic abilities, mostly for healing/calming the group down. Thank you so much for these posts!

Hoo hoo!!

No problem! No problem at all!! I’m so happy I could help! :D <3

“Some people have abusive, negative, controlling tendencies in their blood; they are wired for havoc, bickering and deception. They know of no other way to interface with others except through their created chaos. Chaos is their home-court advantage where they play their mind-games so they can have power over you; it’s a rigged game you can never win. Listen to your inner-voice. Get out while you can!” — Bryant McGill

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One thing I’ve learned up to this point in life is that the mind has a memory. And it’s damn smart; it “subconsciously” recognizes patterns.

Once the patterns become a habit, it’s hard to stop. It requires extra mental strength to break the habit.

“Starting from small, it becomes big." 

  • Starting with white lies, repeatedly, you become a compulsive liar.
  • Starting with shoplifting a lipstick, repeatedly, you become a thief.
  • Starting with faking documents, repeatedly, you can become a white collar criminal.
  • Starting with being dishonest, repeatedly, you become a cheater.

At the same time…

  • Starting with exercising at least 3 times a week, repeatedly, you become fit.
  • Starting with eating healthy everyday, repeatedly, you become well and healthy.
  • Starting with walking with your back straight, repeatedly, you have an elegant posture.
  • Starting with smiling and being positive, you become a happy person to be around inside and out and attract people with the same energy to you.
  • Starting with giving unused clothes and loose change to the homeless, repeatedly, you become empathetic and giving.
  • Starting with sharing things with others, repeatedly, you become generous.
  • Starting with only doing things that align with your core values, repeatedly, you are a person of meaningful values.
  • Starting with reading, repeatedly, you become addicted to learning.
  • Starting with making sure you get what you need done for the day, repeatedly, you are always on top of everything.
  • Starting with being focused, each task at a time, repeatedly, you can easily get into the flow and be productive.
  • Starting with thinking outside the box, repeatedly, you become extremely creative.
  • Starting with getting out of your comfort zone, repeatedly, you become confident and fearless.
  • Starting with telling yourself what you want to achieve in life, repeatedly, you will get there.
  • Starting with just getting it started, repeatedly, anything you want to be and do, you can be and do.

anonymous asked:

Can you do an analysis of a Witch of Mind in the Land of Flames and Regret (LOFAR)? Or just an analysis on the Witch of Mind? Thanks! I hope you're not too busy, have a nice day!

How polite! :D

The Witch of Mind is already on my list, but I can do the landspec now.

Regret is the desire to have retroactively made a different choice, and for the Witch of Mind - whose power is active manipulation of choices - regret isn’t too much of a problem. They must be careful though. The planet is covered in doorways leading to different past mistakes they can try to fix, but one misstep and the doorway will burst into flames - perhaps even with them in it. The Witch must use their power not only to change their decisions in the past, but also to judge which doors to go through in the present. When they accept the doors that remain, a new door will open, leading to their denizen.