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hello hello, i am in desperate need of kyouhaba fic recs and i'm pretty sure i've read all the ones in all the other recs as well as the ones in the first five pages on ao3 when you sort by kudos, so if you could help me out i would be very much obliged

Yo anon! Such a daunting task you’ve requested, lmao. I actually had to think about whether or not to indulge this since 1) I have no idea if you’re serious, tbh, 2) I’m not sure if I’ll be able to link you fics that haven’t already been recommended somewhere else, 3) I have no idea which stories you’ve already read, 4) Like I said, this seems very daunting because there are LOTS of brilliant Kyouhaba fics out there. If I get really serious with this, by the time I’m done the list will look pretty overwhelming, lol.

That said, the request wouldn’t leave my mind and since I have free time now, I guess I’ll do it. I’ll go all the way too and treat this as an extensive Kyouhaba rec list for others (HQ/Kyouhaba beginners especially) who might want it, so take note of that if you see stories you’ve already read.

Btw, I’ll just do a shortcut when it comes to authors with multiple Kyouhaba stories and take you to their main AO3 page instead of linking each of their stories. Believe me, these authors are brilliant and there’s no use sifting through their Kyouhaba stories to see what’s good and what’s not. They’re ALL amazing. 

Btw, I used AO3′s tag filter to take you to their Kyouhaba stories only since that’s what you asked for (and what this blog is for).

* Works by darkmagicalgirl 

* Works by knightswatch

* Works by kiyala

* Works by shions_heart

* Works by snoqualmie

* Works by surveycorpsjean

* Works by squidmemesinc

* Works by HoneyBeeez

* Works by ArcticLights

* Works by CheetahLeopard2

* Works by Dogsocks

* Works by InkCaviness

* Works by shukagari

* Works by crossbelladonna

* Works by fortyfiveangrycats

* Works by herekittie

* Works by Maiokoe

* Works by SecretMaker

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Books Mood Board as H+L Fics

(To see other mood boards as H+L fics, click here!)

Special thanks to @becomeawendybird for inspiration with these, and for letting me borrow from her amazing world of Far Afield - go read it immediately! 

Top Left: Librarian Harry
Harry loves his job at the library, but he would be lying if he said he never got a little… bored. That is until Louis starts frequenting his branch and taking full advantage of Harry’s extensive knowledge of all things research related. Harry assumes Louis is just in a unique field of study, until it becomes painfully obvious that Louis long ago ran out of legitimate material to look up. But Harry’s never had such a good time at work, so he doesn’t say anything – even when Louis requests information on things like medieval furniture, the history of nudist colonies, or beekeeping in the 21st century. 

Top Middle: Strangers to Lovers
Louis’ neighborhood bookstore has recently implemented a “Take One, Leave One” program, and Louis is delighted when the first book he finds is by his absolute favorite author. Wanting to return the favor to his mystery donor, he leaves the newest release of said author in its stead. When he returns the next week, the book is gone only to be replaced by another fantastic option – with a little note slipped in the front cover that reads simply “Loved your suggestion, hope you enjoy this one. –H xx”. Wondering who this mysterious H is, Louis continues to leave books (complete with their own increasingly flirty notes) over the next few weeks, until one day he comes to find his newest option includes a note that simply reads “Meet here Friday evening, 6 PM?”  

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Why I think women tend to hate female characters more than men do

I was thinking about how these show with predominantly male casts have huge female followings and how this is what make certain fandom activity so ugly. 

You see…

When you have multiple male characters and only introduce one or two females who’re meant to be romantic subplots, then yeah, anyone who’s watching the show for the PLOT, will have an almost pavlovian hatred of the female love interests BECAUSE the male writers have no idea what to do with female characters and can only write weak love stories with them. 

And with male writers, I mean, they don’t make it EASY to sympathize with female characters. 

They subconsciously only view female characters as potential love interests, so they think ehh, but it’s not a romance, so they neglect developing them OUTSIDE of their love story. 

Also, when you’re MALE, you’re naturally inclined to write more male characters than female, because your entire experience through life has been from a male perspective. 

So of course, you’re going to write it from a male perspective.

And most men, you know, they’re heterosexual. A woman’s boobs are more interesting than a narrative outside of that. 

Let’s say I’m being unfair.

Let’s refer back to the title of the post, how women hate female characters more than men do. 

Let’s say that’s because the women represent the thing real women hate, male bullshit. 

Let’s say that… female characters appreciate good characterization and dislike watered down, non-fleshed out characters who’re only present to give the male characters someone to fight over (Who isn’t them and thus not wish fulfillment). 

Why can they ship men with men, but dislike male/female ships? 


Women can hate women too, you know. 

Women who claim they’re “not like other women”, who bash a female character for crying, for screaming, for getting hurt. 

Women who feel the need to bring other women down in some way to feel better about themselves. 

They don’t WANT to sympathize with someone who’s like them, because they don’t want to THINK that in a dangerous gunfight, they would DUCk. They don’t want to think that a woman like them would be screaming as a monster drags them through the forest. 

They see their representation and are disgusted because they look pathetic and no one wants to look so pathetic. 

So I’m thinking women might hate female characters because male writers also have the tendency to write them in an annoying or non-cool way and women subconsciously hate the fact that men see them that way, so they take it out on the character. 

Which brings me to the popularity of slash ships. 

When you get two males together and they have real chemistry, they get the BEST dialogue, they get the best interactions, because maybe one of the writers has a best guy friend he’s basing them off of, then women will notice.

Women tend to value the emotional shit, right?

If a man sees a woman as a love interest and the default girlfriend, then he isn’t compelled to develop her outside of it. 

But men?

Men can be anything. 

Men can be enemies, friends, strained family members, rivals, partners. 

And when you subconsciously only see women as potential romantic partners, then you see YOUR gender as the default, the standard by which all characters must abide by. 

So you naturally just write more male characters and as an afterthought, include their love interests…you know. The females. 

And women, they pick up on it. 

Who cares about this hot blonde bitch who just showed up, who shared some coy dialogue with the  male protagonist? who cares if he thinks she’s so totally hot, so that means she must be the love interest?

he’s been developing his relationship with his buddy through snarky but loving little banter all season. 

they have the gif-able moments, the quotable scenes, the epic rescues and perfect timings, the character growth. 

men will appreciate that on the surface level,  but women who crave some romantic connection will project it into those relationships and imagine their own scenarios and what-could-have-beens. 

So I think that male writers fuck with the female perception of the self. 

Like…look at a show like orange is the new black. 

women like that show. 

they might hate certain female characters, but they love other ones. 

because they have the OPPORTUNITY to. 

Because women get to be love interests… AND people. 

Even better, they’re each other’s love interests. They’re lesbians.

Or like a show like Steven Universe.

It’s most female characters and they’re all different, all special. 

They’re cute in their own ways, developing differently because they CAME FROM DIFFERENT PLACES. 

They have so many interesting powers and backstories, some more interesting than others, that you don’t hate them, not subconsciously, because there’s no annoying romantic subtext between some guy and the girl he wants to bone, no, no, the only love is emotional, they’re GEMS, their love is the kind of love women WANT to explore. 

Women hating female characters? Not in female-dominated casts. 

You might hate one or two, but not with the ferocity with which female fans attack the few female characters in the male-dominated casts.

Back to my title, though. 

I think men have less of a problem with certain female characters than women do because they either think they’re hot or find them endearing in some way. 

Like men can have crushes on a pretty female character and be like omg why would you hate her??

And not realize that women need more than just an attractive face to make them like someone. 

And then you have to consider that men and women have…roughly the same view of a woman in combat. 

She has to be cold, tough, heartless, brutal.

Masculine traits, so we’re told. 

If she isn’t, she’s hated by men and women for being weak. 

For being annoying. 

For not being totally awesome like all the male characters. 

OR the female characters, who act like men. 

So my theory here is that women can be liked…if they act like men. 

If they emulate the things men like in men and women like in men. 

So if they can’t?

Women hate them because they’re reminded of either themselves or how men must view them and their flaws…and men hate them only if they’re viewed as “annoying.”

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 8

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 8

Please, not that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Let me know what you think, enjoy :)

(Taking place in 2x18)

Originally posted by stevechoosesbucky

Klaus is in town and has Katherine.

Katherine woke up in Alaric’s apartment and Klaus woke up in Alaric’s body. Klaus made her tell him everything she knew so nobody would notice Alaric wasn’t Alaric anymore.

“Okay, pop quiz, the dagger and white ash are in the Salvatore’s possession, correct?” Klaus asks while getting dressed.

“The dagger was used to kill Elijah. You’ll find him in the basement of the house”

“Okay, that dagger needs to stay exactly where it is. The last thing I need to do is resurrect Elijah. That guy is a buzz kill.” He sighs"Anything else I need to know?“

"Uh, Damon mentioned a human that he thought had something to do with Elijah…”

“What human?”

“I don’t know… I never met her… I don’t even know here name, I’m not sure Damon does either…”

“Elijah is not the type to get attached to humans… Tell me something I need to know…”

“Don’t forget you’re in the outs with your girlfriend Jenna.”

“Right, Elena’s aunt. For, uh, all the lies about Isobel.”


Bonnie took you to the Salvatore’s house, who was about to become Elena’s. You didn’t know why she needed you there, Elena was just signing papers. Besides you felt weird knowing Elijah’s dead body was just a floor below you. Once it was done she had to invite Stefan and Damon back in. When he saw you, he made a weird face.“And who are you? And what’s your deal with Elijah?”

You frown. “Excuse me?”

“I saw you two share a look at the Grill. What’s up with that?”

You’re speechless. Bonnie comes at your rescue.“Nothing is up, Damon. Y/N was taken with Elena, that’s how she met Elijah”

Damon looked at you like he didn’t believe her. He shrugged and moved pass you without another word. Elena argues she has to go to school with Stefan and Damon. They’re afraid Klaus would try something so Stefan decides to go with you.
During lunch at school, Elena talks about how Alaric was acting weird in class. She sits down next to Bonnie when Jeremy steps out of the lunch room.“What’s going on?” She asks

“Jeremy didn’t like the idea of dressing up for tonight” you answer for Bonnie and you all laugh.“Where’s Caroline?” You ask

But the girls, who were about to answer, were interrupted by some girl you didn’t know.

“Hey, Elena, there you are. Okay. This is gonna sound freaky but this totally hot guy just asked me to ask you if you’re going to the dance tonight.

"Elena looks at Bonnie, surprised.

"Tell him she has a boyfriend” the witch answers for her friend.

“You could at least meet him. He’ll be at the dance tonight. Look for him. His name is Klaus.”

All three of you stop smiling and fear takes over you.

“I’m sorry; what did you just say?” Elena asks the girl to repeat.

“His name’s Klaus? I know the name is stupid but I swear he’s hot!”

“Where is he? He is here?” Bonnie asks

The girl looks around “I don’t know”

“She’s been compelled” Bonnie figures out.

“But he wants to know if you’ll save him the last dance. How cute is that?”

After school you rush to the Salvatore’s house. You didn’t want to come along but Bonnie insisted. Elena tells Stefan and Damon what happened at school. “So we go to the dance and find him” Damon says.

“Really?” Says Stefan, skeptical. “How are we gonna do that? We don’t even know what he looks like”

“Something tells me is not gonna be 16 and pimply.”

“He could be anywhere at any time. He compelled somebody at school.”

Damon sighs then his eyes laid on you. “What are you doing here?” He asks, bothered.

You open your mouth to reply but Bonnie speaks for you. “She was with us when it happened, I asked her to come”

You hear someone knock at the front door and you see Alaric coming in. “Sorry I’m late”

“Hey I need you to put me down as a chaperone at the dance tonight” is the first thing Damon says to him.


“Klaus made his first move" 

Alaric doesn’t say anything.

"Okay, we find him and then what? Hmm? What’s our plan of attack?”

“Me” Bonnie says and you look up at her, confused. “I’m the plan. He has no idea how much power I can channel. If you can find him, I can kill him”

You’re taken aback by her statement. She was talking about killing somebody like it was nothing. Sure, Klaus was “the enemy” and the bad guy but… You were still confused about the whole situation. You started to miss your old life when you were alone and the only assassin you knew was cancer.

Alaric laughs “That’s not gonna be that easy I mean, he’s the biggest, baddest vampire around.

"Alaric has a point” Damon says “What if he…” He doesn’t finish his sentence and run towards Bonnie with his vampire speed. Suddenly he’s at the other side of the room.

“Well I was impressed.” Says Stefan followed by you “Yeah! That was badass” you say and Bonnie laughs with you. 

“It doesn’t matter if he’s an Original. I can take down anyone who comes at me. I can kill him, Elena. I know I can.”

You take a deep breath. While they were talking about what to do about tonight you went towards Alaric. “Hey, did you read any of the research I left for you the other day?” He looks down at you like like its the first time he sees you.

“Well?” You wait for an answer

“The research?” He asks

“Yeah, you know, the one we talked about after we met with Elijah on the Fell’s property?”

He frowns when you mention the dead vampire’s name.

“Hey, uh…you know what… Uh…”

“Y/N…"you remind him your name.

"Right, Y/N, I didn’t get the chance to read it but I will."You look at him, something was off with him. 

"Are you okay?”

“Yes I’m fine” he says, sharp

You step back a little, surprised by his tone.

“Hey, by the way, how did you know… Elijah?”

You raise your eyebrows. “You know, I got kidnapped, he brought me home?” You remind him. “You sure you okay?" 

"He brought you home, right… What did you talk about on your way home?”

You frown. Something was really weird.“Professor Saltzman, every historical subject that I had discussed with Elijah is in the research that I left you the other day, you asked me for it”

He says nothing for a few seconds. Than he says “right, of course, I just wanted to hear it from you… Your relationship with Elijah.”

“My… Relationship?” You shake your head, confused. “I don’t have any… You told me to stay away and I did… Did Bonnie… Say anything?”

“Anything about…?”

“Bonnie has this crazy idea that Elijah likes me!” You sigh. “Which is ridiculous, I only talked to him, like, twice, I have no relationship with him what so ever”

He stays silence for a while, looking right at you.

“Okay.” He says before walking his way to the others. You watch him walk away from you, you had a weird feeling.

Bonnie was still trying to convince to go to the dance.

“Look, the fact that Klaus will be there doesn’t encourage me to dress up and go, it’s just convincing me that it will be no fun at all!”

“Please, we might need you! Besides, it could be fun!”

“Dances are not fun” you tell her for the thousand times. “Besides I’m not particularly eager to get killed by a psychotic Original vampire” She sighs. 

“I’ll be more reassured if you were there…”

You chuckle “Why? Because I’m a powerful witch of some kind?”

“No” she laughs. “The more we are the stronger!”


You sigh.“Please!” She beggs you again.

“Fine!” You say. You were gonna regret it, you knew it.

“Awesome! I’ll see you there”

“Hey, wow, no! I have nothing to wear!”

“I can help with that” Elena says from behind you.

You arrived at the dance with Elena and Stefan. You were just getting in when Dana got up on stage and said “We have a special shout out tonight. This is for Elena. From Klaus.”

Zero. That was zero second of fun before the nightmare began.

“That was a lame cheap shot. He’s trying to bate us.” Damon says

“I know everyone here” Elena tells him.

“Maybe he’s not here. He just wants us to believe that he is” Stefan says

Sure, that made perfect sense…

“It’s a party people. Blend. Let him come to us”

Bonnie looks up at him and say “Good idea” But Jeremy disagrees, he doesn’t want to to dance. 

Damon walks to Alaric and Elena forces Stefan to go dancing. You were standing there alone, as you knew you would be.

Bonnie, you liar…

You see Alaric standing alone, he looked upset.You made your way to him. “Not a fan of dances either?” You ask him

He looks at you and you think you see a moment of recognition on his face, like he had forgotten who you were. He sees your frown and quickly say 

“What are you doing here if you don’t like dances?”

“Bonnie begged me to come…” You say, looking around, seeing Stefan dancing with Caroline. Once you turn again you can’t find Alaric. He was behaving really weird today.

Bonnie joined you. “Where’s Jeremy?”

“Had to step out”

Elena came towards you, looking angry. “Can I talk to you?” She asks Bonnie, taking her away, leaving you alone again.Now the only familiar face you could see was Caroline’s. You step outside trying to find Bonnie. You couldn’t see her anywhere and you were getting cold so you decided to go back inside. There you met Damon. You call his name.

“Hey, you, what’s your name?”

“Y/N” you sigh

“Yeah, I don’t really care, have you seen Elena?”

“No, I’m looking for her too”

“Come with me” he says and you follow him.You finally find Bonnie and Elena, they looked scared and they were out of breath.

“What’s happened?” Damon asks

“Klaus is in Alaric’s body!” Elena says

“What?” Is all you can manage to say.

“He’s possessing it or something.” Bonnie explains

“Go find Stefan, now!” Damon orders Elena.“You, go with her” he tells you.You look at Bonnie who nods and you run behind Elena.You enter the dance again. “Do you see him anywhere?” She asks you.

“No"Then you see Caroline who asks you what’s going on. She doesn’t know where Stefan is so you quickly move on.

You finally find Stefan, actually, Stefan finds you and you follow him to get to Bonnie and Damon.

"There you are” Damon says.

“Damon, where’s Bonnie?" Elena asks.

Now you’re getting suspicious."She’s doing what she has to do”

“What?” Both you and Elena say on the same time.

“Where is she Damon?"The brothers argue until finally you decide to go look for her yourself. Elena follows you and Stefan follows her.You finally find her. The room she was in was a total mess and everything was exploding inside.You tried to break open the door, to stop her. 

"What’s going on?” You yell 

“If she keeps doing this, she’ll die!” Elena tells you.

“Bonnie” you scream her name.

Finally everything stopped. The doors opened and Elena and you threw yourselves at Bonnie’s body. She wasn’t moving, she wasn’t breathing. Elena kept yelling Bonnie’s name but the witch didn’t move. 

“Bonnie” you whisper, tears falling down you cheeks.You couldn’t hear anything anymore. All you could think about was the first friend, the only friend you had, was dead. And you were feeling things. Things you swore to yourself you would never feel again. Pain, grief, anger. You shut your eyes and wipe up the tears. You take a deep breath and leave the room. You hear Elena call after you but you don’t answer, you don’t even turn around. You get in your car and drive back home. You go straight under the shower and you stayed there for about an hour. When you get out you fall on your bed and fall asleep, feeling absolutely empty. 

Hello Richonne Lovers,

As some of you may already know, we here are RJD are all about sharing, supporting and inspiring those who love indulging in the guilty pleasure of reading and writing about our dynamic couple Richonne. And so we felt it was time that we posted our official Admin Top 15 Recommendation list for everyone’s enjoyment.  The following recommendations are in no particular order. Our goal and our hopes for this list, is that it will help new and even veteran Richonne Fanfiction lovers, find pleasure and enjoyment in some of the finest stories we feel are worth diving head first into temptation for.

The Admin Top 15 are desserty fanfiction treats that left lasting impressions on us, and present a pretty tasty array for a dessert pallet lover.  If you do read any of these fics on this list, please don’t forget to appreciate those who have gifted us with their lovely and equally enjoyable treats, by leaving them a review.

And as always, all official RJD Recs posted here, are the personal choices of the administrators and are based on their interpretation of how well the fic portrays The Walking Dead characters. We will never recommend anything we have not read ourselves and approved of.  

Happy Reading!


(In no particular order):

ASZ Chronicles  (work in progress)

Niklovr is a truly gifted writer, and once you read “ASZ Chronicles”, you will understand why this fic makes our list. She manages to capture Rick and Michonne beautifully both individually and together. This story sets an alternative version of events regarding the group’s arrival at the Alexandria Safe Zone with an assertive but hopeful Rick Grimes leading the pack.

Read ASZ Chronicles by Niklovr

Love in the time of Decay  (complete)

The essence of this story is Rick and Michonne’s harrowing journey towards discovering their love for one another after the dust has settled regarding the events of season 5. Blacklitchick is such an amazing writer. Her true talent lays in her ability  to write the most lyrical narrative. In “Love In The Time of Decay” you see this exact narrative play out before you in the form of  self-discovery, forgotten lovers, and past mistakes. She  incorporates amazing imagery and writes a rich background for all her characters. This is one remarkable canon divergence that is a must read.

Read Love in the time of Decay by blacklitchick

The Richonne Chronicles  (work in progress)

Givesup is a relatively new author to the Richonne writing game and with “The Richonne Chronicles” a series of delightful and UST intense one shots, she most definitely came in packing heat. The really unique thing about her writing, is her ability to write Richonne in the most  compelling situations- both in canon and in au settings. Her writing perfectly conveys, what each character is feeling at any given time, making this a must read as well.

Read The Richonne Chronicles by givesup

Ours  (oneshot/carchonne)

This is a really cute Grimes family future fic, highlighting the special bond between Carl and Michonne. Ezillyamused has written the perfect balance with Carchonne, showcasing them as  friends who have survived in the ZA together, who then organically transition to a mother and son who have helped each other heal from past heartbreaks.

Read Ours by ezillyamused

Into Dawn  (complete)

We truly believe that birdnmouse is one of this fandom’s most prolific writers. She has definitely set the bar for dialogue and characterization, within the Richonne fanfiction community. Her talent for writing a solid narrative is showcased by the way she brilliantly and very clearly conveys each character’s thoughts and emotions throughout the course of her stories. The backdrop of “Into Dawn” takes place after season 5’s finale, and in this story, birdnmouse encapsulates Rick and Michonne right at the precipice of discovering their ever deepening feelings for one another. This fic is a must read for any Richonne Lover.

Read Into Dawn by birdnmouse

Against Type  (complete)

And because you can never have enough of birdnmouse fanfics in your life, we just had to include another wonderful story from her.  In “Against Type”  birdnmouse expertly creates a AU world in which Richonne meet under different circumstances. They instantly have an intense connection and an undeniable chemistry but their meeting each is accompanied with one huge problem. She’s dating Rick’s best friend. This is a must read for those who love intense love stories dealing with real life complications .

Read Against Type by birdnmouse

What we Have  (complete)

Many of us long time Richonne Lovers know, that Lyra Verse is a staple in the Richonne community. All her stories are a must read, especially this one which holds a special place for us here at Richonne Just Desserts. “What we Have” is one of Lyra Verse’s’ first voyages into the Richonne fanfiction world and in fact, Lyra is one of the first who weaved the comics with tv canon and many Richonners, including our very own admin: Ohmyjinkies, cut their teeth on this fanfic. Many of us were initiated into the splendid Richonne fanfiction world because of Lyra’s masterful work in “What we Have”.

Read What We Have by Lyra Verse 

Serpents  (work in progress Richonne/Dixonne)

“Serpents” by yellowspotlight89 is just one of those stories you don’t come across very often. For one, not only is the writing simply amazing, this story comes with a little twist in the form of Daryl Dixon. This is the first and only Rixonne story on our list, so needless to say, this fic leaves quite a lasting impression. While Richonne is still very much at the forefront, we have come to appreciate the author’s seamless addition of Daryl in this relationship; highlighting the connection he himself shares with Michonne and providing an surprisingly enjoyable take of this pairing.  And even if Rixonne might not be your cup of tea, it’s hard to deny that this holy trinity packs an intense heat that works well beyond the battlefield.

Read Serpents by Yellowspotlight89

Start Again  (work in progress)

We here at Richonne Just Desserts love a good plot remix and this is exactly what “Start Again” is Sleepywitchysamurai has gifted our fandom with this amazing canon divergence. We feel the author has achieved this by rebuilding a truly believable first meeting between Rick and Michonne. Despite entering each other’s life later in this story, Richonne still has that same spark that was ignited when they first met back at the fence. She has recaptured that special moment where they both were wary of each other but inexplicably knew, they had met someone pretty damn important who would have a profound impact on each of their lives. All the key elements that make Richonne so synergistic, are layered throughout this entire fic, making it a must read from us.

Read Start Again by Sleepywitchysamurai

15 Years Ago  (complete)

Much like Lyra Verse, the charming and very talented Siancore is another staple in this community. She’s is one of our communities biggest positivity activist, she is also one of the leading contributors in the Richonne fanfiction world  Never afraid to take on challenges, Siancore creativity delights us with an ever growing list of Richonne fanfiction ranging from canon to au and even dabbling in the comic universe. “15 Years Ago” is one of the fandoms leading AU story and is definitely a must read fic. Once you’re done reading this story, you’ll understand why.

Read 15 Years Ago by Siancore

A Home  (complete)

While the premise for both stories are different along with it’s setting; “15 Years Ago” and “A Home” will both tug at your heartstrings with its tales of past lovers reuniting and finally getting it right the second time around through the power of forgiveness.

Read A Home by  Siancore 

Unpredictable  (work in progress)

If you’re a sucker for angst and well written gut wrenching complex stories, like we are, look no further cause this story has it in spades. Written by the lovely and tremendously talented Shipnation, “Unpredictable” is a story about great tragedy, overcoming loss despite adversity and the struggle of forgiveness. This story does come with a warning however; we promise you won’t get through this fic without shedding a few tears. It hits you right in the heart, in the best possible way. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Read Unpredictable by Shipnation

Verbal Communication  (work in progress)

It goes without saying that Charrrmed is one incredibly gifted writer. This is her first multi-length chapter fic in the Richonne universe and and we both agree “Verbal Communication” is an amazing journey, that no one should miss out on. It’s a pleasurable spin on the group’s arrival in Alexandria and sets up the Grimes’s Family 2.0 in an endearing fashion. And who can resist a hopelessly-in-love-awkward Rick Grimes? We know we can’t. For those of you who found season 5b sorely lacking, this story will fix all the issues we Richonne soldiers had, with the show’s storyline.

Read Verbal Communication by Charrrmed

Bad Thangs  (work in progress)

Kendrawriter32’s “Bad Thangs” is her wonderful debut into the Richonne fanfiction universe and based on our initial reading of chapter one, we feel that this author is well on her way to writing a delightful multi chapter treat. Not only is the characterization of Rick and Michonne superb but this fic is seriously hot, hot, hot. The author gives us a fresh perspective with this canon divergence and a sweet glimpse into a more domestic Richonne. Don’t walk. Run, to read this fic!

Read Bad Thangs by Kendrawriter32

The World we Live in  (complete)

A wonderful re-telling and expansion of the prison arc with a blossoming relationship between Rick and Michonne at the helm. Mmmilkovich charmingly captures the progressing feelings of new love the characters experience along with the added suspense of the governor’s return.

Read The World We Live In by Mmmilkovich

They Approve- Scott McCall

A/N: I’m going to try writing in the third person and see how it goes. 

Beacon County. It sounded like a normal place, plenty of humans to eat. It was where Y/N Mikaelson decided she would stay. Yes, you read correctly, Mikaelson. You may be wondering how she managed to escape her family. I tell you it wasn’t easy. It included killing a few people but there was nothing she wouldn’t do to get away from her family, especially when they were at each other’s throats. 

Her first action in this town was to compel a woman to let her live in her house. Y/N was living there under the lie that she was this old woman’s niece’s daughter and that her family had passed on leaving her as Y/N’s only family. A few weeks later, the deed’s of the house were put under Y/N’s name and she killed the woman, a few extra sleeping pills and draining her blood gave the illusion she died in her sleep which is what Y/N needed. 

It was at the funeral of this old woman where Y/N smelt a wolf. The scent lingered on a tall brown haired boy. Werewolves? In this town? Y/n decided to investigate. She cornered him at the wake.

“What is your name?”

“Stiles Stilinski.”

“Who is your alpha?”

“Scott McCall.”

“How many more of there are you?”

“There are a few thousand humans here dude”

She stopped. No one even in her thousand years of living had answered to her compulsion with sarcasm.

“Do you have vervain growing in this town?”

“What’s vervain?”

She ignored him and pressed on.

“slap yourself.”

“No, why would I slap myself? Look, I’m like 75% sure that you’re not a human. I’ll take you to Scott if you tell me what you are.”

You showed him your fangs.

“Cool!” He pocketed something.

“What is that?”

“Mountain ash. It’s probably beacon hills version of that vervain stuff”

The boy, Stiles, lead her to a beat up blue truck.

“Roscoe, vampire. Vampire, Roscoe”

“My name’s Y/N.”

“Right, Y/N”

“Look, no offence but I’d much rather take my car.”

She turned and walked to her range rover.

“Well, I take Roscoe everywhere so you can follow me.” 

She rolled her eyes and got in her car and followed him.

In the short while Y/N had been in this town she didn’t see much of it. From the short drive to the Alpha she came to the realisation she was in white picket fence territory, something she wasn’t used to.

Stiles stopped and parked up outside a well kept home. She followed his actions and walked straight into their home.

“Scott! I got someone you need to meet!”

She walked into the living room which was full of teenagers and two adult men. She gagged at the overwhelming scent of wolves, something she hadn’t smelt in a long time.

“Sorry, you guys just really stink.”

“Pack, Y/N. Y/N, Pack”

“Which one of you is the Alpha?”

She was surprised to see that a tall brown haired boy stood up. His hair was in a quiff and he had a neutral expression. She could see his muscles through his shirt, and they were not a bad sight.

“I’m Scott McCall.”

“Y/N Mikaelson.”

“Mikaelson?” A redhead asked.

“Yes why?”

She went on her phone and read something out loud.”

“Fearing for their lives, Esther turned her family into beings that could not be harmed, allergic to sunlight and feasted on the blood of humans. Her children, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah and Y/N and her Husband Mikael were the first vampires to be created. They have been nicknamed The Originals”

The pack turned and looked at her. 

“Well, Finn’s dead, Nik is now half vampire half werewolf since mummy dearest got into bed with the Alpha of a wolf pack and Kol’s dead for the second time after reincarnated witch Finn cursed reincarnated witch Kol and Dad’s dead too since Klaus stabbed him to kill my aunt Dahlia.”

The pack looked very confused.

“Most of my family is dead.”

“No offence but why are you here?”

“Just a little get away from my brothers is all. Klaus and Elijah can be pretty over bearing at times.”

“Why did you want to meet me?”He asked looking you up and down

“Set some boundaries, I feast on humans you can either cover it up or I’ll begin to eat you too.”

“What were you trying to do to me after the funeral?”

“Compulsion. An example.”

She went towards a tall blond haired boy wearing a scarf.

“Slap your self.”

He complied. 

“Ow, what the fuck?”

“It is a power that I have that’s like mind control. You do whatever I want. It’s good for eating people and you don’t want them to scream, you just compel them to not scream and drain the lives out of them. Any way boundaries don’t interfere with what I do.”

And with that she used her vampire speed and left the home. 

Over time Y/N had to join the local high school to prevent any suspicion. During her time at school she often found herself surrounded by the Alpha. In his words he was ‘making sure you don’t noticed drinking the blood of students during the lunch hour’. It turned out that the two had some things in common and it took a short while for him to ask her out on a date. It was successful and they went on many more until he asked her to be his girlfriend. The title of girlfriend mean’t that Y/N had joined their pack. The new addition had different reactions. Lydia and Liam, the two people she was closest with were overjoyed. Kira, on the other hand, was not. It turns out she has a crush on Scott and the news about Y/N and Scott’s relationship was not good news. Nonetheless, they were a cute couple. They looked out for each other during fights and knew how to calm the other down during stressful times, Scott really cared for Y/N and Y/N really cared for him.


“OK, Stiles managed to steal a bunch of the evidence from his dad. Three people in the last week have been killed and found tossed on the side of the road.”

Y/N took a folder from the coffee and returned to her seat on Scott’s lap, he placed his hand on her thigh and rested his head on her shoulder, which earned her a look from Kira. She opened the folder and held it in a way that Scott and Y/N could both read it.  

“So one had their head ripped off, another one had been slashed by a knife and the most recent on had-”

She read the two words and stopped talking

“Puncture wounds” Scott finished off.

The pack looked up and stared at her, looking for an explanation.

“I swear, it’s not me. I’ve been drinking the blood bags Melissa’s been giving me. I have a feeling it’s my brothers. They’re in Beacon Hills.”

As if on cue, Niklaus, Elijah and Freya sauntered into Y/N’s home, she got up immediately and stood in front of her pack. 

Klaus tutted.

“I’ll admit, it was a whole lot easier for you to live in a home where we don’t need to be invited in.”


Klaus held up his hand to shush Elijah.

“I’ve been going out of my head for the past 4 months trying to find you. I questioned every witch in the quarter and none of them knew where you were. Every locator spell backfired. Until a few weeks ago, when little old Davina Claire was shunned from her coven. It seems like the magic she used to conceal you fizzled out.” 

He walked towards Y/N and pulled her into a embrace.

“My dear sister, how we have missed you. We thought of many ways to bring you home and I didn’t want to do this to you Y/N, but it seems you and I share the same stubbornness and you won’t return home without it.” 

He pulled out a dagger and went to dagger Y/N with it. Scott’s eyes widened and he rushed to Klaus, grabbing his hand and stopping it from being stabbed into her back.

“Leave. Her. Alone” He growled, his red Alpha eyes flashing.

Klaus laughed.

“Does this little boy expect to stop me?”

He let go of Y/N and used his vampire speed to have him pushed against the wall, held up by his neck. Isaac went to help him but Freya stopped him with her magic.

“My little sister needs to return home. She belongs with her family. Not some teenage wolf boy.”

“It’s not up to. You. She can. Do what. She wants.” He began to lose his breath

Isaacs yells of pain got louder.

“STOP” Y/N yelled, hating to see two parts of her life in conflict.

Nik dropped Scott and Freya stopped hurting Isaac. Y/N ran to Scott and helped him up.

“Can you not see that I am happy here? I don’t want to go back to the quarter. I am staying in Beacon Hills. No matter how many times you kidnap me and take me back to New Orleans I will leave and I will come back here. You need to stop this Niklaus. You’ve ruined Rebekah’s life, must you ruin mine too?”

“Enough! I am protecting you. That is all I have ever done so don’t you dare-” Nik yelled.

“I’m protecting you, it’s for your safety. Every fucking time I get away from you, you come and shout at me and expect me to step back into line. I’m sick of it Nik and I’m sick of being controlled. I like it here. People are friends with me because they like me for me, not because my big brother will kill their family.”

Elijah understood what Y/N was going through for he had seen Klaus’ impact on her life. He would kill men that were in love with his sister in the fear that she would leave their family.

“Niklaus, Y/N, if I may, it seems our sister had found friends in this group of mismatched supernatural creatures. I will not stand here and let you stop her from living her life as she pleases.” Elijah interjected

She smiled at Elijah.

“This is why you’ve always been my favourite ‘Lijah”

Klaus turned to her with a murderous look.

“You just pissed him off more dude, you should’ve stayed on his side.” Stiles yelled from behind Liam.

“I will not stand by and let Elijah be your favourite sibling. I’m not letting this happen. Which is why, Y/N, you can stay. However, you need to visit us and Christmas must be spent in New Orleans, Rebekah won’t stand for us being separated on one of her favourite days. I want an hour long face time session every Saturday is that understood?”

“Yes, Nik”

“Now come here and give your big brother a hug.”

Klaus held out his arms and Y/N ran into them giving him the hugest good bye hug. She did the same to Elijah and Freya.

“Before I leave, you wolf boy. Come here.”

Scott stepped forward and faced Elijah.

“If you dare hurt my sister, I will ensure that every bone in your body is broken 100 times over. I will cut you open and fill you with wolfsbane if I find out you have hurt her in any way.” 

“I promise I won’t hurt her, sirs and- and ma’am”

Klaus smiled at him as amused.

“Well we should leave.” Stiles said, scratching the back of his head.

“Yes, we all should and let your little Alpha process what has happened. Might I add that my brother is a very noble man and he does good on his promises, no matter how bloody the outcome.” Klaus said with a smirk

Soon the house was empty except for Y/N and Scott. Scott was sat on the sofa while Y/N got him a glass of water.

He took a sip and put his arm around Y/N

“So you just met my brothers.”

“Yeah I did.”


“They’re pretty scary. Your sister is badass too.”

“Well at least they approve, I mean you wouldn’t want the most powerful vampires and witch in the world hating you.”

“I don’t care if they didn’t approve, no one can stop me from loving you.”

Y/N froze.

“You love me?”

Scott blushed realising what he said, but with the look on Y/N’s face it looked like it was a mistake. 

“Well I mean love is a strong emotion and I know that we’re-”

She cut him off with a kiss.

“I love you too, Scott.”

He gazed down on the beautiful woman beside him and he was content. His pack was at it’s strongest and although he had lost Allison, Scott had a new love and he could tell that his and Y/N’s love story would be an epic one. 

operation:  it’s the great pumpkin charlie brown

Note:  I decided to write a longer version of the Halloween Story Featuring the Current Generation of Howling Commandos.


Imagine that you are eleven years old and it’s Halloween.

You’re not too old for trick or treat - in fact, this is just the right age for it to be fun.  You’re old enough to be trusted to run around the neighborhood with your friends and go trick or treating.  You get the safety lecture from your Ma, chapter and verse.  Don’t eat anything if you can’t tell what it is - there’s all these posts going around on Tumblr right now about weird candy looking things that are actually drugs and there’s always those old stories about razors in apples and poison in Pixy Stix.

You know how to Google.  The Pixy Stix douchecanoe was really a guy who wanted to kill his own kid for the life insurance money but parents will still freak out anyway.  So you nod and say “Yes, Ma” and you promise over and over that you won’t do anything stupid.  You will be careful.

And after that, you can all go back to the all important business of making your costumes.

It’s gonna be special this year.

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                                       LET’S SHIP IT MEME
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1. REBLOG IT, make those notes boom!

reasoning for this meme;; this is a meme to help you have access to everyone’s preference in shipping. everyone has their own desires for the subject and sometimes we stumble into a really good one, other times we regret, and at times they are just mediocre. if everyone just posted their very own profile of preferences in shipping, then you might just find your very best ship partner that much easier! just remember to tag a mun (or multiple) who posted an application that resonates with yours and if so far, no one’s application has piqued your interest but you would like to see a particular mun’s stats, just tag them (gently) in the appropriate section below.

LET’S SHIP IT !?! TAGGING: nobody because i am the first to make this!! ;D
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Mun Age: 15 or under | 16+ | 18+ | 21+ | 25+ | 28+


How Many Blogs: 1    2    3    4    5+

this is extremely important… i only have ONE blog which means i’m pouring all my effort into this one place. i honestly don’t mind if someone has two blogs, but usually if i see more than that, i get skeptical about how swift one might lose muse for a specific blog. 

Type of Blog: Main | Secondary | Side

i only got one, so i would hope this is the case lmfao!

How Many Muses: Solo | Dual | Multi

this is extremely important! with only one blog and one muse, the aim is development but also to avoid any ruts. it’s stated in my rules but i won’t be shipping with anyone who has more than one muse on their blog.

Type of Ship: Single | Dual | Poly | Multi for each AU | Multi but Single for each AU

you would think i couldn’t highlight two of these. i am a single-shipper! however, with my muse having an interest in polyship, i would be willing to try it out and see how it works. i have seen one in the past and it looked beautiful. but yes, it’s potential hence why i italicized it. however, i lean more toward single-shipping since i’m familiar with it.

Type of Verse: Single | Multi Main | Multi AUs

my partner’s doesn’t need to be single-verse. i’m fine when they are multi-main or multi-au tbh BUT i do insist on being in their main verse, lol!

Activity: Sparse | Leisure | Weekly | Daily | Multiple Times A Day

okay, how is it that i can do all of these? i legit thought i was a leisure for the longest time but i’m actually a fast rper when i’m into a thread or muses interactions. often times, if my interest is piqued i can reply multiple times in a day but if not, then it will be at a daily pace. i italicized weekly because if a thread doesn’t hold my muse at the moment, it could take me a week to get around to it. in shipping, i would probably hope for the same enthusiasm from my partner and thus, seeing replies on a daily to multiple times a day basis. of course, i’m understanding when situations arise but if it’s just frequent lulls or you happen to be a weekly replier? it might be a little too excruciating for me.

Writing Length Preference: One-Liner | Para | Multi-Para | Novella | Match

yeah… pretty much i’m flexible on this and it depends on the scenario that is unfolding between the muses. i usually do match the other mun’s length but i don’t keep it my focus? it just happens most of the time. i did italicize one-liner because i wouldn’t be able to write a ship with only doing one-liners all the time. i enjoy getting in depth and really fleshing out the development with muses.

Thread Flow: Multiple Scenarios At Once | Sequential Story Line

i will always want progression and thus, i look for sequential threads. mostly focusing on one thread, completing the current ongoing plot or progressing it forward (if per se, they need to escape from some bad guys, i would ensure the thread finishes before posting a silly mundane thing in the askbox irrelevant to the ongoing thread unless if it was crack). of course, if there isn’t any driving plot or scene ongoing atm, multiple scenarios at once of a ‘Slice Of Life’ is p fun.

Planning Process: Plot | Pre - Established | Go With The Flow

okay, so i only plot where i feel it is necessary? for example combat, adventure, some compelling happening, disaster, etc… otherwise, i usually only like to set the scene and then have the muses take the reigns from there. often i won’t plot at all except for a starter post at the ‘greeting stages’. after that, my muse can often take the lead whether it’s by popping into someone’s askbox or shooting random starters.

Do You Write The Do: Smut | No Smut 

yes!! not even going to lie, i love to write smut where there is chemistry. not that i write it often (i haven’t for once written it on this blog). but i know for sure if i ship w/ someone, it’d be with someone who’d be up for writing it and is of age.

Genre: Slice Of Life | Fluff | AdventureActionAngst | Horror | Dark Themes | Crack

yes, all the things pls. i want a fully rounded ship with a lot of development, strife, stuggle, cute, sweltering hotness, give it all–and yes, i’m willing to write even the darker themes. this obviously just depends on the interactions between the muses and who the other muse may be? currently Gale is not some sadistic, evil muse so it wouldn’t really be him but he definitely has had moments of being not so kind.

Social Level: OOC Post | AskboxIM | Tag | Skype | Kik | LineTexting

let me elaborate. i want to communicate! i want to see the enthusiasm levels! and gosh, tagging me in things, making a tag for our ship, posting about our ship ooc, sending memes/prompts when applicable, sharing ideas through IM or just spamming each other when the other mun is online, sharing skypes to further just… talk all day and perhaps even sharing some mobile way of contact. i love using kik or line to pretend that the muses are texting one another (but i usually ensure that Gale received their phone number via rp first before i allow that). and just basically, being friends and being super comfortable and having a lot of endless fun!! and then breaking each other  c ause someone had to go do the a ng st. <3 LOL!

Extra: Unrequited | Love Triangles | Bromance | Crossover | Strictly Canon | Incest | Selfcest

so, i didn’t have a place to put these? but, yep. figured i should put them somewhere! i love unrequited ships so if your muse develops a crush on mine, go for it! also love triangles?! i never see these on tumblr tbh cause… it’s tricky business especially if you involve more than two muns, this may be even better suitable for muns who rp multi-muse blogs and coordinate it with one other mun who also has a multi-muse blog but… ah well! bromance is a yes and so are crossovers, though Gale is an OC… but, just basically meaning i’m willing to ship with a canon muse, too.


NOTE (optional): cross out anything your muse prefers in a male, italicize anything your muse is prefers in a female, if fine with either simply bold it. also keep in mind that muses are ever-changing, especially through development and preferences can shift along with it if the mun wills it. if there is a preference not listed, add it in your additional words to keep the meme standard.

Current Status: Single & Not Looking | Single Ready To Mingle | Crushing | Dating | Married

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic | Polyromantic | Heteroromantic |
Homoromantic | Biromantic | Demiromantic | Aromantic

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual | Polysexual | Heterosexual |
Homosexual | Bisexual | Demisexual | Asexual

okay wow, a lot of you might be wondering why this? Gale doesn’t really know his sexual orientation. he only has done heterosexual so far and it would take a loooooot of encouragement for him to do that again, he really likes the fluff with girls though. thus, he is more curious than anything right now about his sexual orientation. there are further reasons behind this but do know that Gale does not officially know where he stands. he currently in rp, stated he wanted to try a polyship but judging Gale and how smitten he can get with someone, i don’t know if he could handle a polyship. and personally, as the mun, i don’t think i would have such a great time writing smut for a heteroship unfortunately; there’ll just be a hell of a lot more fluff if i did a heteroship.

Gender Preference: Male | Female | Bigender | Trans | Fluid | Agender | No Preference

Aesthetic Values: A-Cup | Addict | Athletic | Artsy | Biker | Cross-dressing | Culinary | Curvy | Dangerous | Drinks | Fantasy | Farmer | Hair | IS IT BIG | Legs | Loner | Muscular | Musician | Nerdy | Piercings | Popular | Power | Short | Slender | Smokes | Sporty | Street-Smart | Supernatural | Stylish | Tall | Tattoos | Teeth | Tech-Savvy | Traveler | Wealthy 

Personality Attractions: Adventurous | BAD BOY | BAD GIRL | BashfulBenevolent | Calm | Comedic | Compassionate | Courageous | DaredevilDependable | Dominant | Eccentric | Energetic | Extrovert | FlirtatiousFriendly | Good-Listener | Hard-Worker | Innocent | Intelligent | Introvert | Mature | Mysterious | PlayfulProtective | OptimisticRomantic | Shy | Stoic | Studious | Submissive | Tidy | UnpredictableYouthful

Original Imagine: Imagine Klaus having angry sex with you after an argument

Author: Sammi

Reader Gender:  Female

Word Count:  1,140

Content Warning: smut, slight cursing

Note:I wrote this at a friends request so its not very good cause well I don’t think of Klaus that way but I hope you all like it anyway

You’ve had stupid arguments with Klaus but they always seemed to keep happening. “Come on love, I let you drive there. I only drove us back because we needed to hurry home.” You rolled your eyes at his stupid logic. “I can drive just fine Nik and the only reason you wanted to rush home was to get back home before Elijah and Sam got home and took over.” You simply shook your head and started walking away only for Klaus to appear in front of you.

          “Damn it Klaus can’t you just let me be pissed with you.” He simply smirked. “Now my love if I did that nothing fun would ever happen.” Within a blink of an eye Klaus had you pinned to the wall and his mouth hot on yours. Your rage quickly turned to lust as you kissed back quickly pushing Klaus against the wall and ripping his shirt in two. “God I hate you sometimes,” you said before quickly kissing him roughly. Klaus pushed you back against the wall taking his shirt off and mostly tearing off your shirt.

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imagine this

Imagine that you are eleven years old and it’s Halloween.

You’re not too old for trick or treat - in fact, this is just the right age for it to be fun.  You’re old enough to be trusted to run around the neighborhood with your friends and go trick or treating.  You get the safety lecture from your Ma, chapter and verse.  Don’t eat anything if you can’t tell what it is - there’s all these posts going around on Tumblr right now about weird candy looking things that are actually Drugs and there’s always those old stories about razors in apples and poison in Pixy Stixx.

You know how to Google.  The Pixy Stixx douchecanoe was really a guy who wanted to kill his own kid for the life insurance money but parents will still freak out anyway.  So you nod and say “Yes, Ma” and you promise over and over that you won’t do anything stupid.  You will be careful.

And after that, you can all go back to the all important business of making your costumes.

It’s gonna be special this year.

Your entire group’s going as the Howling Commandos.  Which is pretty freakin’ awesome, since you’re all, technically speaking, their great-grandkids.  Except for baby Sophie, because Bucky Barnes is actually her great-great-uncle.  But Gabe Jones is your Great-Grandpappy and he’s still around, getting close to a hundred years.  He got to laughing when he heard you were going to go as him.

“Never mind if you’re a girl, sweet pea - Agent Carter was a lady and she’s a Commando too.  Don’t let ‘em tell you different.”

So that’s why baby Sophie is going as her Great Uncle Bucky.  Her Ma even got her hair to look all slicked up like Bucky’s in his pictures and she’s even got a tiny version of that famous blue peacoat. 

Tim’s got his Great-Grandpop’s famous bowler hat on and Etienne’s got some stuff that you’re hoping are just firecrackers.  He’s already chomping on something that looks like dynamite but is really candy.  Katie’s got what looks like a version of her Grandpa Jim’s medkit (on closer inspection, she’s even got band-aids and clean wipes in there).  Neville’s doing an exaggerated English accent…. except he’s beginning to sound more like Captain Jack Sparrow than his Great-Grandpa Monty. 

You take Sophie’s little hand in your own - she’s the baby of your group but all of you dote on her because she’s pretty cute and easy to look after.  Your Ma reminds you to be careful with Sophie - for the nth time.

And then, you’re off.

Sure enough, it’s a blast - you guys get a lot of compliments on your costumes, along with your candy and okay, maybe little Sophie lisping “trick or treat” and beaming all sunny and bright kinda helped with the cute factor.  So you guys got extra candy. 

And it was all going great until you run into Buddy Langton and his asshole friends.  Of course, Buddy wants you guys to give over a share of the candy and says “girls can’t be Howling Commandos.”

The thing is, the toy gun that Sophie’s carrying is a water gun.

And maybe she’s four years old but there’s nothing wrong with her aim. 

Tim grabs Sophie after you guys let Buddy and his friends have it with your own water guns and you run.

“WA-HOO!!!!!” Tim and Sophie holler. 

The pack of you end up running into this apartment building, trying to stealth your way upstairs - you guys lost sight of Buddy and his goons some few minutes back.  There’s a few doors that’s got Halloween decorations on and maybe you guys can do some last minute trick or treating before you finally all head home. 

“Sophie, we’re supposed to say trick or treat, not shoot them, okay?” Tim reminds her, as he lifts her up so she can knock on the door. 

The Power of Sophie compels you.

The door opens and it’s Captain America himself, with a pail of Halloween candy at the ready.

Holy shit!

“Twick or tweat?” Sophie’s the only one with the presence of mind to speak up.  All of you are absolutely gobsmacked. There’s no way you guys can mistake him - you’ve only all just grown up with the family stories, right?

Captain America beams at all of you, because he recognizes the costumes, of course.  And then, he wasn’t done yet.  “Hey, Buck? Look who’s come to visit!”

Your parents end up forgiving you all for staying out late - you all had the two best possible people in the entire world to vouch for your whereabouts on Halloween.  And they had the absolute best candy and treats too. 

The picture you took of Sophie in costume with her Great-Uncle Bucky and posted to Instagram went viral too.  The Power of Sophie compels you indeed.


Note:  Based on this post - Happy Halloween all!

Overprotective big bro B*S is my lifeblood.


“We need to get you a girlfriend.”

Solid start. 

“Don’t really care.”

Brooding pissbaby. If he wasn’t his brocules, he might’ve clobbered him upside the head, but Black Star was a gracious God and Tsubaki had been mentoring him in the art of patience. He was determined to help his bestest bro out of whatever headcase he’d caught, because surely, dancing with Maka and undressing her with his eyes was not something that was plausible.

She was his little sister, and Soul was his best friend. It was revolting to think about. It would be like watching their pet corgis mate – not at all as cute as one might hope. They were his followers, and that made them kindasortamaybe related by default. Frickle frackle was 110% illegal.

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