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VENEZUELA. Caracas. May 10, 2017. Opposition supporters clash with riot security forces while rallying against President Nicolas Maduro.

Since April 1, daily anti-government  protests across Venezuela have frequently devolved into clashes with riot police, leaving thousands arrested, hundreds injured, and 43 dead. Opposition activists are protesting against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, blaming him for a crippling economic crisis that has caused widespread food shortages for years. Venezuelan opposition leaders are demanding immediate presidential elections, accusing Maduro of political repression and trying to cling to power.

Photograph: Marco Bello/Reuters

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i love your headcanons. I'm sick rn could you please do your magic?

in honor of both of us being sick here are some….. sick headcanons

  • [sees galra ship] [slams lion into other lion] “punch buggy no punch backs”
  • concept: allura getting used to her powers
    • for the first few weeks she leaves sparkles everywhere like a cat that sheds glitter
    • sometimes when she gets mad she accidentally shorts out the power in the castle
    • permanent static cling. her hair’s just. up there. somewhere
  • keith doesn’t have a driver’s permit
  • do you think shiro’s arm could be rigged up to play music. because pidge thinks about that a lot. hunk. hunk would it be weird if i asked him to let me plug my phone into his–
  • if coran says the mice “have something of mine,” it’s his underwear
    • they like to leave them in random places to fuck with him
    • now the paladins think that coran just has a habit of stripping around the castle which is… yeah
  • some voltron trio names (courtesy of lance)
    • keith, hunk, pidge: Traffic Light Trio
    • hunk, pidge, coran: Nerd³
    • lance, keith, hunk: Primary Paladins
    • shiro, hunk, keith: FGFP (Fingerless Gloves and Fanny Packs)
    • pidge, keith, allura: a bad idea what the hell shiro–
  • lance: “hunk i’m gonna say something and i need you to not judge me for it” hunk: “uh…” lance: “out loud” hunk: “oh that i can do, go for it”

The way Matsuo looks at Ebumi is too much.



Character growth and the circular narrative in season 12.

This season will never cease to amaze me with just how meta it is. The bookending is just fantastic and these are only a few examples.

1. Cas having Dean torn away from him. The emotional reunion. Dean now having Cas torn away from him in turn. When Dean ‘died’ Cas only cared and asked about Dean even though God was dying, the world was ending and the Sun suddenly rejuvenated, indicating that he should be dead. When Dean thinks Cas is dead, he looks at Lucifer in shock rather than fear, when Jack is born Sam runs into the house, Dean just kneels down in shock by Cas’s side. Their reactions are heavily mirrored.

2. Angel blade stabbings. The visual narrative of these stabbings is fantastic. Mary stabbed Ms Watts in the back with an Angel blade while she was threatening Dean and Cas. In 12x09 Cas then stabs Billie in the back with an Angel blade while she is threatening Dean, Sam and Mary. In 12x10 Cas stabs Ishim in the back after he threatened Dean. Finally Lucifer stabs Cas in the back with an Angel blade while he is threatening Sam and Dean, only for Mary to knuckle dust him into the rift (Knuckle dusters that were first introduced into the show by MS WATTS by the way). 

3. “Are you ok? No”. Dean started the season more open but still with the facade in place. Asking Mary if she is ok, to which she replies NO instead of the usual “I’m fine”, which is a relatively new concept for our Winchester brothers, to actually show how you feel. By 12x23 Dean has gone through such a journey he actually mirrors Mary’s words and admit that he is not fine, re emphasising his character growth from the hugely important 12x22 Mary/Dean interactions. 

4. Crowley. Started the season desperately trying to cling onto his power, to defeat Lucifer, seeking out his minions, killing them with an Angel blade. He ends the season sacrificing himself with the same blade to stop Lucifer after admitting that he has had enough, this is not what he wants. Again, a fantastic mirror for the dark side and metaphorical death of Performing!Dean, which Crowley has always represented.

5. Sam’s self forgiveness arc. Sam starts out the season alone, trapped and hallucinating that Dean, Mary and others all hate him, that everything bad that happened to them was his fault. By the end Dean has let Sam go from the parent - child dynamic. Their toxic codependency is let go and they both grow and benefit immediately from this, Sam defeating the MoL and Dean saving their mother.

I wish I could go on and on because there is so much more. But this is such a fantastic season character wise and the cinematographic choices, mirrors and tropes were so well handled, I really look forward to seeing how it continues into season 13.

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Most identities are relationships to power.

When I say I am transgender, I am not really describing my relationship to gender, I am describing my relationship to power. My relationship to gender is ever-changing, a flirtation, a bother, a passionate love-hate relationship, a questionmark. I know people who identity as cisgender who have a very similar relationship to gender. When I say I am transgender, my relationship to power is one of stigmatization, pathologization, sterilisation, dismissal, stereotypes, and the denial of basic human rights. I mean the impact of the power of cisnormativity on my life

This is true of other identity-words too, including the ones that describe when I am given power. When I say I am white, I am not really describing my relationship to race, I am describing my relationship to power. My physical skincolor is very similar to some people who are most certainly not considered white. My relationship to ethnicity is one of ignorance, guilt, hidden stories, complex mixed perpetrator-victim narratives and long silences. When I say I am white I describe my relationship to power when I am viewed as professional, respectable, classy, non-threatening, employable and worthy of saving if I should screw up. I mean the impact of the power of white supremacy on my life. 

Most identities are relationships to power. And as such they can be a strong bonding experience. They can be at the root of relationships of solidarity, of holding each other close in a cruel world, of pride, of family. But if we lose sight of their nature, not only do we lose sight of the nuance and complexity of our actual lives, we also lose our ability to see the other oppressed, who have more power than us in one way but less in others, as connected to us. If we understand oppressed identities as relationships to power, we see the thing that we all have in common: that our relationship to power is defined by a struggle to exist, a struggle for justice. And I can contribute to their struggle for justice or I can cling to my own power and ignore what we have in common. 

VENEZUELA. Caracas. May 12, 2017. Opposition supporters confront riot security forces while rallying against President Nicolas Maduro.

Since April 1, daily anti-government  protests across Venezuela have frequently devolved into clashes with riot police, leaving thousands arrested, hundreds injured, and 43 dead. Opposition activists are protesting against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, blaming him for a crippling economic crisis that has caused widespread food shortages for years. Venezuelan opposition leaders are demanding immediate presidential elections, accusing Maduro of political repression and trying to cling to power.

Photograph: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

Ok but maybe Kylo’s faith in Snoke isn’t even misplaced fanatical belief. Maybe it’s what he clings to because it’s better to believe that Snoke is helping him and molding him into this righteous, powerful warrior than the alternative. It’s better to cling to that lie than to face the horrible truth that he has been preyed upon by a terrifying, tremendously powerful being that he can’t defend himself against or escape. Snoke has been inside his head since birth, and no one protected him, and he knows no one is coming to save him now. Compared to the absolute horror of acknowledging a life in which he is nothing but prey and has no control, it would seem better to cling to the idea that he chose this path for himself and is striving towards something better. 

And then he realized why he was thinking like this. 
It was because he wanted there to be conspirators. It was much better to imagine men in some smoky room somewhere, made mad and cynical by privilege and power, plotting over the brandy. You had to cling to this sort of image, because if you didn’t then you might have to face the fact that bad things happened because ordinary people, the kind who brushed the dog and told their children bedtime stories, were capable of then going out and doing horrible things to other ordinary people. It was so much easier to blame it on Them.

Jingo, Terry Pratchett

Pterry dropping another truth bomb right there.

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do you think magnus could have survived the activation of the soul sword? or would his demon blood have overridden his angel blood?

That’s a good question! First off, I should clarify that Magnus doesn’t have angel blood at all; it’s specifically the blood of a fallen angel. A popular conception – which the books seem to hold to – is that fallen angels are responsible for having created the first demons. This means Magnus doesn’t have regular demon blood like other Downworlders, but something much more potent and closer to the source. 

What’s significant about this – and this is something the books failed to explore – is twofold:

  • it suggests that your blood doesn’t define who you are no matter how little or how much “demon” you have in you
  • it suggests that downworlders and shadowhunters are really two sides of the same coin because everything originated from the angels; fallen or not, the seven princes are still archangels

As a result, I want to say there are certain things Magnus might actually be more susceptible to, including weapons specifically meant to destroy or harm demons like the soul sword because his blood is so closely aligned to the original fallen angels. Whether this is true or not ofc we don’t know, but I wish the show would consider it because it’s a good way of giving him a kryptonite without taking away from his power in silly ways like having a couple of vampires cling to his hands.

But I also think in his hands, he’s equally capable of wielding them, if that makes sense. Like, his fallen angel blood would have allowed him to activate the soul sword but with different results than Jace with regular angel blood did, much in the same way that the witchlight glows red for him, not bright white.

But yeah! Basically I think it’s important to distinguish that Magnus doesn’t have angel blood like Clary or Jace because if he did, it’d undermine him as an example of someone whose birthright doesn’t define him; he’s specifically the son of a fallen angel/prince of hell and he’s learned to embrace his power without becoming dark and evil like his father.


Demonstrations against Venezuela’s President Maduro’s government in Caracas

Venezuela’s opposition blocked streets in Caracas on Tuesday to denounce a decision by unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro to create a new super-body known as a “constituent assembly,” a move critics say is a veiled attempt to cling to power by avoiding elections.

After a month of near-daily protests by opponents demanding early general elections, Maduro announced on Monday he planned to set up a new popular assembly with the ability to rewrite the constitution. Some 29 people have been killed, more than 400 people have been injured and hundreds more arrested since the anti-Maduro unrest began in early April.

The government has responded with shows of force by security forces and counter-demonstrations by Maduro supporters. At least 13 people were killed and 37 injured when a bus crashed while carrying state workers back to Bolivar state after a May Day rally organized by the government, according to the state governor.

While many details remain unclear about the constituent assembly, Maduro said political parties would not participate and that only up to half of its 500 members would be elected. (Reuters)

Photo credit: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

See more photos of protests in Venezuela and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

If I’m being honest, I love and I loathe you at the same time.
Sometimes, oftentimes rather, I look at you and all I see is an ice-veined monster- a manipulative, parasitic, cowardly bastard who’s too afraid to look at his true reflection and clings to power over the naive and vulnerable. It’s as if I can’t put a mask on you and pretend you’re the great person I fell for, and the mask you’ve worn for so long is crumbling.
I fear that the longer I stay the more I will loathe you. The less lovable you will appear.
My Solasan Temple Theory...

Everyone duck and cover, the Combustion Girl’s been thinking again.

So going partly on my earlier repost about the elven gods being empowered by belief/gods being created by belief, and partly on ideas I’ve had for awhile, I have a strong suspicion that Solasan is an extremely early temple to Fen’harel. And I also believe that is how the pride demon came to be there and how it came to be sealed. I will explain.

Let’s take this back to the very beginning- we know there was a time when Solas was worshipped under his own name. One of the elven mosaics in the temple of Mythal states that Ghilan’nain destroyed all but a couple of her creations because “they were too perfectly wrought and Pride [capital P] stayed her hand.” I think it’s safe to assume that’s not a coincidence. As we all know very well by now, Solas is the elvhen word for Pride, and so it’s not a stretch to guess that Solasan, the Place of Pride/Prideful Place might have been constructed to worship this new god.

Time passes. When he speaks out against their excesses and abuses, the Evanuris name Solas “Fen’harel,” and the rest is history. The Prideful God quickly becomes known as a god of rebellion as well, a rebellion that culminates in the creation of the Veil and devastation for all of Elvhenan, both those faithful to the Evanuris and to Fen’harel. Even if Solas tried over the course of this rebellion to renounce his own godhood, he can no more convince everyone of his mortality than the eventual Herald of Andraste can convince others of their own lack of divinity. So what comes next?

In the silence that follows, the priesthoods of many temples attempt to either contact their gods or cling desperately to their slipping power (see also: Temple of Dirthamen). In desperation, the Priests of Pride attempt to call on their god and turn his attention to them once again. What follows is a disaster of epic proportions.

The world no longer works like it once did, calling out and conveying intention through magic is no longer a natural, second-nature thing to do. The intention gets garbled, because the Veil is now a thing, and what answers them isn’t their god. Rather, they summon a spirit that has turned itself to the embodiment of what they imagine their god to be: unbelievably powerful and terrible, angry and vengeful, cunning and proud. And they can’t control what they’ve inadvertently created. All they can do is contain it, and hide the keys so well that no one ever releases it.

Bringing the whole thing out of “story mode,” a player will notice that the pride demon isn’t all that hard to beat, and is in fact a pride demon, not some watered-down Dread Wolf. I can explain this too.

For one, game mechanics. The creators are working with limited assets, that’s why your Fen’harel statues and your wolf-companion-to-Emerald-Knights statues look exactly the same. There’s simply no time or money or resources to devote to making everything as unique and detailed as they might like. This also explains why the pride demon isn’t especially unique in terms of its abilities- the Inquisition’s soldiers take down a pride demon at the start of the game. Are you honestly trying to tell me that ancient elven priests and warriors with all their knowledge and magic couldn’t take one down? So I think it’s safe to assume that the makers of the game are trying to at least give us the impression of going up against something huge and terrible, with the implication being that the Inquisitor (perhaps because of their mark? Also someone who hunts dragons for lols) is especially badass to take this thing down.

For another, let’s not forget that Solasan, and presumably its priesthood, predate the concept of Solas as the Dread Wolf. So what came through doesn’t necessarily have to reflect that image. There’s also the possibility that if anything, Fen’harel’s divine power is even more certain in the minds of the people than it was in ancient times. In his own time, he was on the fringes and he was the last guy you prayed to if you had a problem, so maybe the demon that came through reflects that. In the present, he is the god who banished all other gods- much more frightening.

And that’s what I think about that.

It was because he wanted there to be conspirators. It was much easier to imagine men in some smoky room somewhere, made mad and cynical by privilege and power, plotting over the brandy. You had to cling to this sort of image, because if you didn’t then you might have to face the fact that bad things happened because ordinary people, the kind who brushed the dog and told their children bedtime stories, were capable of then going out and doing horrible things to other ordinary people. It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Them, then nothing was anyone’s fault. If it was Us, what did that make Me? After all, I’m one of Us. I must be. I’ve certainly never thought of myself as one of Them. No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. We’re always one of Us. It’s Them that do the bad things.

– They are Us | Terry Pratchett, Jingo

It was much better to imagine men in some smoky room somewhere, made mad and cynical by privilege and power, plotting over the brandy.
You had to cling to this sort of image, because if you didn’t then you might have to face the fact that bad things happened because ordinary people, the kind who brushed the dog and told their children bedtime stories, were capable of then going out and doing horrible things to other ordinary people.
—  Terry Pratchett, Jingo.
Happy Unbirthday. Here, have some fic.

Chances are high you’ve never heard of me. I retired from fandom over five years ago … but I found your stories and greatly enjoyed them. You inspired me to write, so this belongs to you–whether you like it or hate it. Thank you for reminding me why I love writing.


Shiranui Genma stood in the Hokage’s office, chewing on a poisoned senbon. He almost spat it at the Hokage as the final words left his mouth. “Leave immediately, Shiranui.” Sarutobi Hiruzen gestured to whatever disposable chuunin was his lap dog assistant for the day. The kid offered Genma a scroll. “No,” Genma said. He kept both hands tucked in his pants’ pockets, so he wouldn’t assassinate the Hokage for what he was attempting. The other jounin in the room, all awaiting their own mission assignments, turned their attention to Genma sharply. The majority appeared beyond incredulous, or narrowed their eyes at him as if he were a traitor and they were plotting his execution. A few, though, rapidly turned their attention to exits and obstacles; he knew they were calculating who to kill first if they had to fight their way out of the room. The Hokage’s office had seals on it that prevented teleportation jutsu of any kind. A cloud of smoke escaped Sarutobi’s pipe. “Your mission, Shiranui.” He withdrew the pipe from his mouth and gestured toward the scroll the chuunin held out. Genma didn’t take the scroll. He stood his ground. “No.” Nothing in the world could compel him to leave the village now. “I’m unavailable for missions for the next four days,” Genma drawled. He rolled the senbon from one corner of his mouth to the other. The chuunin shook, glancing between Genma and the Third Hokage. He lowered the scroll; Genma smirked. “What the hell is going on?” a jounin Genma had never worked with asked. “Treason,” another muttered. Sarutobi frowned. If it was meant to convince Genma to change his mind, or be a chiding correction, he didn’t care. Genma would die before abandoning his duty. He knew his sworn vows; he knew his families’ oaths and covenants; he would not betray them.  Genma wasn’t Konoha. “Why?” Sarutobi asked. If the Hokage really didn’t know … then Genma’s opinion of him, as well as Genma’s compatriots’ opinions of him, would only sink lower. He was a poor, pathetic man–clinging to power after Namikaze Minato-sama’s death.  “Kakashi is out of the village on a mission,” Genma drawled. Sarutobi blinked. “I know.” “Why does my eternal rival’s absence mean you can’t take on the Hokage’s youthful mission, Genma?” Maito Gai asked with great enthusiasm. Genma bit the senbon hard. He didn’t want to have to fight Gai, not seriously. But if Gai left him no choice, Genma would do it. It would hurt … but Genma was a shinobi. He couldn’t remember life without pain. “Uzumaki-dono is to be guarded by a Hatake or Shiranui at all times,” Namiashi Raidou stated, from where he stood at Genma’s back. “It’s the law.” Raidou’s voice was bitter, as all the Uzushio survivors were, at the loss of Kushina-hime and the last Namikaze, as Naruto bore his mother’s name due to its prestige. The second born child would have carried the Namikaze name … but now it was just one more thing of Uzushiogakure that was dead. It didn’t matter which Uchiha in particular had been responsible for ripping the Kyuubi from Kushina-hime. The Uzushio survivors would bide their time and see all of them dead for it. It would be a massacre so bloody that no one would ever, ever forget it. Ninja had long memories. “Truthfully, Uzumaki-dono should be guarded by both a Hatake and a Shiranui at all times,” Genma clarified.  Genma wondered if the Hokage would even notice he was a shadow clone. He would never leave Naruto alone, not even with a shadow clone of Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi hadn’t sent a shadow clone on this mission, as he normally did, because two Uzushio genin could not be trusted to a Konoha commander. Once Naruto was old enough, once the Uzushio survivors had more time to grow and recover, they were leaving for Uzushiogakure. And there would be an Uzumaki as Uzukage again. They would rise in might and strength, and the world would tremble before them. And when Uzushio rose again, there would be no treaties. There would be no allies. For Konoha had taught them that allies, that trusting, that letting outsiders in only led to the destruction of all they loved. No Uzushio ninja ever needed to be taught the same lesson twice. Konoha taught them what it was to be stabbed in the back by someone who was smiling that claimed to be a friend as close as family. “Ah, I see,” Sarutobi said. Genma laughed at him on the inside until his guts almost burst from his body. No, no the Hokage didn’t. Because if he did, he wouldn’t be smiling at Genma with fond indulgence. He would be attempting to separate Genma’s head from his shoulders.  Uzushiogakure had proverbs. The two every parent taught their child went like this: “War rages all around you. Its name is Hatake.” And, of course, “Death is your constant companion. Its name is Shiranui.” At seventeen, Genma was the Shiranui Clan Head. He had always lived up to his name. With Kakashi at his side … well, all of the Uzushio survivors and descendents knew what awaited Konoha. “When War and Death unite, desolation follows.”

Dangerous Dance

(Hoseok drabble #3)

W: Smut. Just plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

a/n: A little gift for @the95liner, also tagging @fairyjeons cause I promised to tag her in everything lol. Sorry if this is lame, just needed to let something out to rid my writer’s block^^

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Queen (NSFW)

dom!Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Decided to combine these two requests, hope those who sent them in are okay with that. As always, be sure to let me know what you think!

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Everything that rises will fall. Empires, societies, governments. None of them lasts forever. Why? Because even though they are the products of change, they become resistant to change. The longer a society survives, the more it clings to its power, and the more it resists progress. The more it resists progress—resists change—the more its citizens demand it. In response, the society tighten its grip, desperate to maintain control. It’s afraid of losing its hold.

Haikyuu! Karasuno's boys if they had super-powers:
  • Kageyama: - Controls Fire; Takes a long time and a good part of the local forest before being able to control it; hates Hinata's power.
  • Hinata: - Controls Water; Doesn't know how to swim tho, so is mocked by Tsukishima and Kageyama; Creates a bubble around Kageyama's head often just for the pleasure of it.
  • Sugawara: - Controls brute force; Uses it to keep the other guys in line; is often considered a softy by outsiders; it's called "mom" often but he doesn't mind, since Daichi's the "dad".
  • Daichi: - Earth manipulation; Leads & protects the others; secretly loves being called "dad" cause Suga's the "mom". Uses his powers to trap Hinata & Kageyama and stop them from fighting.
  • Tanaka: - Manipulates sound-waves; Is forbidden to drink by Daichi & Suga because his yelling puts humans to sleep when he's drunk; escapes practice to go flirt with girls.
  • Nishinoya: - Elasticity; Creates different moves and gives them stupid names; reliable for guarding their hide-out; uses puns about how he can extend all his body-parts to get girls.
  • Tsukishima: - Controls Ice; Teams up with Hinata to bully Kageyama often but then bullies Hinata too; is praised by having an amazing control of his powers; hates pet names, unless it's from Yamaguchi.
  • Yamaguchi: - Controls Wind; is secretly very in love with Tsukishima and very happy their powers complement each other; still learning how to extend the usage of his powers; everyone clings to him in the Summer in hopes he can blow some wind around and refresh them.
  • Asahi: - Pheromone manipulation; refuses to help Tanaka and Nishinoya getting girls with his powers; uses his powers to get a laugh at watching Kageyama and Hinata getting sexually tense around each other and not being able to know why.

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What's your opinion on Emori/memori in general? I'm not a fan of her, personally. She's badass and she's a survivor but she's too cruel for my liking. And I know why she is this way but still, especially after the newest clip. Let's just leave Raven out of it ok girl? And idk about memori. I don't think she's a great influence on him but she does make him happy, and I think she really does care about him and only him.

Originally posted by raven-gifs

I love Emori. She’s a badass bitch and no excuses. And I don’t mean badass as in, dominating everyone with flashy fighting. I mean Bad. Ass. Bitch. She is NOT a flat “Strong Female Character,” who acts like a stereotypical male hero without earning it, and rejecting feminine characteristics.

She’s a survivor. Not a hero. She’s a mutant. She’s a reject. She’s a robber. She’s an outlaw. She will do whatever she needs to get by. Murphy is her people. Everyone else is a means to an end. She’s been ground down and she’s clawed her way to where she is. And she’s NOT on top. She’s not a winner. She’s not powerful. She’s lost everything and she clings to what she has left, John. She doesn’t trust anyone but him, for good reason. She’s smart and suspicious. And loving. She has hopes and dreams even if they are small dreams of a little bunker to ride out the apocalypse. 

That is a GOOD character. 

She is not a Disney princess. She’s not an ingenue. She’s not a helper person. She’s not “good” person. But she’s interesting and her choices affect the story and our heroes.

Would I follow her lead? Not in a million. Would a trust her? Nope. Do I like her? 


And it’s fantastic that with a character as flawed and complicated as that, as tough and ruthless as she is, she has such a tender, gentle relationship with Murphy. You say she’s a bad influence on Murphy? Do you forget that this is the boy who peed on a kid? Hanged Bellamy? He’s come a long way, but he’s not a Disney prince, either. Emori brought him back to humanity. Gave him a reason to love and trust someone, gave him a reason to think beyond his own survival. Again. This is a good story. Their relationship is interesting and realistic. 

I don’t look for my favorite stories to be stories of perfect people. I like flawed characters making hard decisions and becoming better people. And I don’t think Raven is some delicate flower who needs to be protected. I don’t think Raven would appreciate being treated like that, either. In fact, it’s part of her character that she doesn’t. She’s more like Murphy and Emori than she is like Clarke or Abby, to be quite honest. She’s the one who felt no remorse at torturing Lincoln. The one ready to blow up the bridge or army or generator. She’s the one who accused Bellamy and Clarke of being killers, and denied Abby medicine to treat patients. She’s growing and changing and becoming more humane, but no. Raven is not a Disney princess either. And I like that about her.