the power of resurgence

Why Aquamarine is what got me back into Steven Universe

Ok, so let’s talk Steven Universe.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the show at this point. You’re most likely either a fan of it, or one of the people who think the show is grossly overrated. Honestly I only ever see two people in those categories. You either love the show to death or think people should stop talking about it. Me, however, I was always in the middle. I liked the show and it’s humble beginnings, it was a nice show with amazing art direction, wonderful use of colors, a cast of amazing character that are mostly female, and some really interesting plot points…

That’s what I used to think of the show. As time went on I felt like things started to slow down too much. The pace went from steady and interesting to something of a crawl. Characters were starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for character interaction, things started getting less interesting and dare I bring up the inconsistent character proportions? I didn’t start hating the show, I just thought it was loosing my interest. I still think of the show fondly, even during that slow period but I just kinda stopped. I felt the show lost something of an edge that it had, some real conflict to give way to some good character interactions. Not that the show was bad, I don’t think I can really ever say the show reached a point where I can say it’s poorly made (even baring the Finger Cats in mind). 

Than, Aquamarine showed up.

Oh boy, Aquamarine. Where do I begin? Well, let me just say this for clarification. I stopped watching Steven Universe but I knew very well what was going on in the plot. I knew about Blue Diamond, The Zoo, The thing with the one Ruby, etc. So when I watched the two episodes with Aquamarine I wasn’t clueless and knew enough to continue watching. When I first saw her I thought “Daw, that’s a cute character design. I’m guessing that seeing as she’s asking for her dad, maybe we’ll see our first male gem? Or maybe younger gems see their Kindergartens as parental figures, or they have Male father figure gems in Kindergartens?” And watched these episodes to see what this cutie was going to do.

And than she showed up in I am My Mom and…holy fuck.

Aquamarine is a cold hearted bitch. She’s such a volatile, destructive, commanding, vindictive little fairy bitch…

And I love it.

This is the sort of conflict I was WAITING for. Sure, there was enough conflict before to keep the story going but I still felt that the show was going too slow for me to want to keep watching. This however, kicked things into high gear and I love it. Aquamarine reminds me a lot of how people saw Peridot back when she first showed up, but honestly, I think Aqua’s introduction to the show FAR surpasses Peridot’s. Not to say I don’t like Peridot (even though I personally think the writers of the show have been making her a bit…less interesting. I prefer the sassy smack talking gremlin we had, so hopefully this conflict will help bring that back)

But with Aquamarine, she was shown to be so cold. Remember when Peridot showed up and she just destroyed one of the orb robots with her foot? That was pretty intimidating. Although Aqua takes it to a whole new level by threatening Jamie with death. This is an important moment in the show because, well, think about it.

With most of the antagonists we’ve had their main mission is the destruction of Earth. Of course, that’s a bad thing. Although this is the first time the steaks are personal. We’re not dealing with a huge, cosmic destruction that will harm millions. This is a personal, hostage situation. Aquamarine is threatening to kill not just Jamie, but everyone she has captured if she doesn’t get her way. And considering the tone of the show before this, that’s a big deal.

Another one of my favorite things is when she says this line:

“But the Diamonds needed me, that’s the burden of being the best.”

Notice the wording of that sentence. Before this, all the gems working under the Diamonds have talked about them like the Diamonds are gods. People to be worshiped and feared, to the point where those gems felt The Diamonds completed them. This is completely different. Aqua is talking about The Diamonds like they need her. Like if Aqua wasn’t around, The Diamonds wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. Meaning that in a way, Aqua thinks of herself more highly than The Diamonds.

Let that sink in.

Aqua thinks more highly of herself THAN THE DIAMONDS.

That is a big deal to me because it goes to show how far Aqua might go for whatever sick goals she has in store. Something tells me there’s more to Aqua than her allegiance to The Diamonds. Honestly Aqua reminds me a lot of Fawful from the Mario & Luigi series.

Fawful, from the games he comes from, was an underling to the antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. At first he seems like something of a ratty underling to a higher power, until his resurgence in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story where he becomes one of the strongest antagonists in the Mario Universe, and comes the closest in all of Mario History to destroy everything.

By the way, if you haven’t played the Mario & Luigi series, do yourself a favor and change that. You’re really missing out. There’s some rumors going around that a remake of Superstar Saga is coming soon so if that’s true, than snag that as soon as it comes out.

Back on Aqua though, I really look forward to more of her, and hope she’s truly as diabolical as I hope she is.


The Ottoman Cellat Tracers are cyborg trackers given high authority within the nu Ottoman Military structure. While not nearly as advanced as the Volker Procurator they fulfill much the same role in tracking down malcontents. Their exotic spectrum vision devices while primitive compared to most other world powers can still track atomic disturbances left in the wake of their target.

Of course the Ottoman leadership is still very much “playing the game” like the rest of the developed world. One could say that Tracers and other men in such dead end positions have “lost” the game. The lives of military cyborgs are not particularly pleasant and perhaps the only thing that keeps many going is the sense of national or corporate loyalty and feeling of physical power. 

Do you ever think archaeologists will look back at us in hundreds of years and assume that our fandoms were actually our religious institutions?

They’ll find Deathly Hallows marks and determine that we attended the church of Hogwarts, estimate that we believed in a time traveling god known as the Doctor, assume that Christianity took a really weird turn to include two brothers and a 1967 Chevy Impala, judge that Moriarty was a modern Satan figure, predict that we believed in all powerful beings called superheroes, and guess that there was a major resurgence of Greek mythology at the beginning of the 21st century.


Today, so many families know nothing of their ancestry. Too many girls aren’t lucky enough to have found us or weren’t identified in time for us to have found them. Like that poor Cajun girl just outside Lafayette a few months back. Misty Day. She wasn’t much older than any of you. And she had a gift, the power of resurgence. Misty could reach into that place between life and death and draw a soul back from the precipice, back to this side, back to life. To some, this appeared to be the God-touched power of resurrection. To others, necromancy.


Title:Heartbeat (2/3)

Pairings: Warren Worthington III x reader, Peter Maximoff x Reader

Warnings: Probably swearing, mentions of death.

Gifs: [x] [x] [x]

Powers/Mutation: To revive the dead (Resurgence) and teleportation.

You were new to the mansion, unfamiliar with the hallways and the grounds, you didn’t know anyone. It didn’t help that everyone avoided you, giving harsh stares whenever you walked past, they judged you because even though you was like them, a mutant, you were something they feared, something they didn’t understand. People didn’t know what your mutation was, only Charles and Hank did, yet everyone else seemed to think you was bad news.

On the bright side, you had learnt most of your capabilities. You could teleport from place to place and heal people, even if they weren’t dead. You discovered a connection formed between you and the person you revived, but this connection would only occur is you’re reviving someone from the dead, not if you’re healing them. The connection wasn’t always romantic, but there were some rare cases when the connection was.

Scott furrowed his eyebrows, watching the new girl wander towards the nurse’s office. You looked like you were in a trance, like she was sleep-walking. Your expression emotionless, eyes unblinking. Scott was beyond confused, you were like a zombie. He grabbed onto Kurt as he walked by, pulling Kurt towards him.

“Get Peter.” Scott whispered, causing Kurt to ‘bamf’ away.

Not even a second later, Kurt reappeared with Peter, who was to no surprise eating a Twinkie. Scott rolled his eyes, pointing towards where you had gone in.

“Ohh, we’re spying on her.” Peter grinned like the little shit he is.

“I prefer the term investigating.” Scott replied, trailing after you making sure to keep reasonable distance.

The three followed behind you, trying to keep as quiet as physically possibly. Peter inwardly groaned, he hated going so slow. They came to a halt, watching as you pulled back the hospital curtain and leant over the bed, your nimble fingers tracing invisible patterns in the patient’s skin. A viridescent mist surrounding you, powers obviously stronger, darkening around her fingers.

“Oh my fucking God.” Peter mumbled, staring, shocked, at the the person before him. You were like nothing he’d seen before and he was captivated instantly.

“Don’t blaspheme, Peter.” Kurt scolded, rather loudly causing Scott to groan, not caring if you heard or not.

You lifted your head up, staring at the boys who were glaring at each other. You teleported behind them, tapping their shoulders. The three jumped, Kurt ‘bamf'ed to the other side of the room, eyes wide and teeth bared; he oddly resembled a cat.

“It’s rude to spy on people.” You drawled, rolling her eyes. “Is there no privacy around here?”

“What were you doing?” Scott queried, he had a bad feeling about this whole ordeal.

“She can bamf, zoo.” Kurt smiled, finally relaxing.

“Not now, Kurt.” Scott groaned, tugging on his brown hair.

Peter remained still, brown eyes fixated on your every move, he memorised every aspect of your face, from the crook in your nose to the scar on your forehead. For the first time in his life, every moment was passing by too quick for his liking, he wanted things to slow down. Peter didn’t believe in love at first sight, but he was almost certain he had fallen for you right then and there.

“I was healing him. I can feel others people pain from miles away, I can heal pretty much anything.” You explained, bowing your head slightly, ashamed.

“Zou can heal people? Vhy didn’t zou heal Peter when he broke zhis leg?” Kurt asked, hesitantly creeping behind Scott.

“I did, you dipshits. He may be the fastest man alive, but he can’t heal a broken bone in 8 days.” You responded, idiots, you thought.

“I would’ve known if you healed my leg, thank you very much.” Peter retaliated, crossing his arms.

“Clearly you didn’t. Also don’t sleep in the nude, I didn’t really enjoy seeing your dick.” You sassed, mocking his actions.

“Oh my.” Kurt murmured, shaking his head.

“Anyway, you were asleep, babbling about how much your leg hurt and how you were the fastest man alive. Pretty sure you also started humming sweet dreams (are made of this) by the eurythmics. I didn’t even know you could hum in your sleep.”

Scott snorted, covering his mother with his hands. Peter’s cheeks flared red, almost as red as the ruby Quartz in Scott’s glasses. Peter grumbled before speeding off, leaving Kurt and Scott behind.

Scott smiled at You, realising that she wasn’t a danger to him, especially since she sassed Peter. He slipped past you, walking off to his class. Kurt grinned at You, walking forward.

“I vike you.” Kurt admitted, nudging shoulders with you as he walked by, tail swaying slightly.

You hissed, rubbing your shin after scraping it as you situated yourself down on the roof. You inhaled heavily and exhaled, your breath evident in the cold air. You rubbed your hands together, staring out into the night sky. You wondered what Warren was doing, if he was coping, if he was thinking about you.

“What are you doing up here?” Peter asked, his voice soothing You, unexpectedly.

“Just getting some air, it’s pretty hectic down there.” You replied, not taking her eyes off the sky.

Peter sat down next to you, your shoulders brushing. He took in your appearance, bags under your eyes, hair slightly messy and a large cut on your forehead.

“What happened to your head?” Peter inquired, lifting an arched eyebrow.

“Some girls decided to corner me and one dig her nail into my forehead when we stared fighting, claiming I was a freak of nature.” You explained, scuffing your shoes against the tiles.

“Why didn’t you heal yourself?”

“I didn’t want them to know that I could, I’m sure they’d notice if I magically was fine.”

Peter looked down, nodding his head understandingly. He had spent years hiding his mutation, he didn’t have to hide it here, but the things was different for You, you still had to hide your mutation in a place where mutants were supposed to feel normal. He sympathised you. You didn’t deserve it, people didn’t know you, yet they were quick to Judge.

“I’m sorry.” Peter confessed, patting Your shoulder.

He glanced up, watching as you bit your lower lip to prevent yourself from crying.

“So am I. I’m dropping out, anyway.” Y/N admitted, cautiously standing up on the roof and starting to climb down.

Peter ran to your room, getting through the balcony window. He patiently waited for you to come, so that he could convince you to reevaluate, reconsider. He wasn’t prepared to let you give up just yet.

You dropped onto the balcony and smiled faintly when you saw Peter sprawled out on your bed, inspecting your room with bright and warm eyes.

“Please, don’t leave. If you leave, you’ll be basically letting them win!” Peter pleaded, prepared to get on his hands and knees.

“Then so be it. I can’t stay here. I don’t belong here. Charles tried to make it seem like this place was where I’d be accepted and it would become my home, the people here would become my family, but everyone here hates me and I’ve done nothing wrong.” You rambled, pacing around the room.

“I don’t hate you, Kurt definitely doesn’t hate you. We could introduce you to some people, make them realise that you aren’t a danger.” Peter persuaded, breaking done your reasons not to stay.

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course.”

You engulfed Peter into a hug, your fingers clasping the leather jacket that adorned him. You buried your head into the crook of his neck, smiling faintly. Peter wrapped one arm around your waist and the other weaved into your hair, tugging at the ends slightly. You pulled away before pressing your ear against his chest, listening to his strong yet slightly erratic heartbeat

“Thank you, Peter.”

You didn’t have to be alone anymore. You just hoped he wouldn’t abandon you like Warren did.

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She walked along with him, head downcast but eyes trained on his blazing red ones. She stalked him like a prey, cool calculated gaze watching every shift and strain of his muscle for a tell. So far he gave nothing, but if there was one thing she was sure of it was that everyone had a tell and (Y/N) was hell bent on figuring out what the hell his was. 

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The reemergence of God as a dominant force in world affairs, shaping both the fates of nations and the daily existence of ordinary individuals, poses fundamental questions about the role of religion in human life. One of the most significant of these … is this: What does faith in God do to a person? That is, when God enters the conversation and dictates human ethical and social norms, is it a force for good or evil? For action or complacency? For moral progress or moral corruption? …. In light of religion’s resurgence as a significant power in shaping the world, it is critical that the faithful take an honest look at the types of people and communities our systems are producing and evaluate the results according to our own self-described values and aspirations. The broad geopolitical and socioeconomic impact of religion in the world today demands that people of faith take ownership over the consequences of their ideologies.
—  R. Donniel Hartman, Putting God Second: How to Save Religion from Itself
The Healer

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Pietro Maximoff x Reader

The Healer

Warnings: None?

Some called your power a gift. Others proclaimed it was witchcraft. But the power of healing and resurgence was useful, no matter what anyone said. Your gift was part of the reason S.H.I.E.L.D. had hired you in the first place. You were plan B if T.A.H.I.T.I. ever failed. And since all of the equipment for the program had been lost, you had been bumped up to plan A.

You didn’t do much work around the agency. Sometimes you helped agents with extreme injuries recover quickly so they could get back on their feet. With you around, a broken limb could be healed in less than an hour, and something even more extreme might only take an afternoon.

Needless to say you got paid well for your job. All of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents got paid, but your administrators were always sure to throw in a little extra for more vigorous jobs. Though your power was truly a gift to all of those around you, it certainly did wipe you out. One time, after saving an agent from a bullet to the heart, you took a twelve hour nap immediately afterwards. Everyone went to check on you to make sure you were alive. But you were.

And this is why the Avengers came to you after the battle of Ultron.

Clint Barton and a woman you recognized to be Wanda Maximoff were running towards your room and pushing a gurney. On the gurney was a man. He had silver hair with brown roots, and was wearing a very bloody running uniform. There were several bullet wounds, mangling his torso. It was clear that he was unconscious and had been for quite some time.

“(Y/N)!” Clint shouted, sprinting towards your healing station. “We’ve got a job for you!”

“Bring him in here!” you instructed, holding the double doors open so they could push the gurney inside. They pushed it against the center of the wall. You looked over the man, assessing the damage. “How long has he been out?”

“About three hours,” answered Wanda. Concern laced her voice. “Is there anything you can do for him?”

“I can certainly try,” you answered. “You might want to stand back,” Wanda nodded, and Clint led her to the corner of the room, away from you and Pietro. You inhaled a deep breath and felt your fingertips begin to tingle.

You focused before bringing your hands together and pressing them to the man’s chest. Immediately, you felt your power begin to work. The wounds slowly began to mend, the organs were pulled back together. His high metabolism and regeneration certainly helped the process, but this was the easy part. What came next, wouldn’t be so easy.

Soon his body was healed, nearly good as new, save for the large splotchy white scars covering his muscular torso. But there was nothing you could do about that.

“Oh my…” You heard Wanda whisper.

“She’s good,” Clint replied quietly. “Just watch,”

You took another breath, centering all of your power on your fingertips. You put your hands together, with the palm of your right against the back of your left, and you pressed it over Pietro’s heart. You pushed everything you had, every ounce of your seemingly magical power, into the man’s body.

As all of your energy drained from your fingers, you felt something, gently at first, but stronger with every second; a heartbeat.

Pietro’s chest began to rise and fall as he took in and exhaled breaths of air. You continued to use your power, developing a major headache and becoming dizzy already. But you had to keep going. Just a little longer now.

And then it happened. Pietro sucked in a desperate breath as his blue eyes bolted open. He sat upright in the bed, rising with incredible speed, his hand over his heart. You sighed and removed your hands, falling to your knees as the exhaustion finally set in.

“Pietro!” Wanda shouted as she rushed to her brother. Clint ran in your direction too, and scooped you up in his arms.

“You all right, kid?” Clint asked you as your eyes began to close. You nodded groggily. The archer smiled at you.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” Wanda faced you gratefully. “You saved my brother’s life.”

“That’s my job,” You mumbled, drifting off. Clint carried you to your cot in the corner of the room and tucked you in beneath the sheets. He had a feeling you would be out for a while.


It was a few days later when you finally came to, coughing because of your dry throat and trying to sit up. The world was still dim, and you couldn’t see much, but you felt someone press a glass to your dry lips. You took a few sips of the cool water and tried to sit up.

“Do not strain yourself, printsessa,” said a man’s voice. He had a thick accent. Sokovian, you recognized. And then it clicked. Pietro. Your vision became less blurry, and you were able to make out the figure seated beside your bed.

“You must be Pietro,” You said. Your voice was hoarse, but it was nothing you weren’t used to. You held out your hand and he took it in his. And though you expected him to shake it, he brought it to his lips and gently kissed it instead. You felt his mustache brush your skin, and your cheeks burned bright red. “I’m-”

“(Y/N),” he finished for you. You smiled gently. He knew your name. “You have been sleeping for a long time,”

“That’s what happens, usually,” You answered. “I’m used to it,”

“You are amazing,” He said quietly. “You saved my life. Thank you,”

“No problem,” you replied. You examined him. He looked as good as new. “How do you feel? Does anything hurt?”

“No,” Pietro answered. “I feel amazing,”

“There she is!” Clint said as he walked into the room. He ruffled your hair. “You okay, kiddo?”

“I’m fine, Clint,” you replied with a smile. “Really, I am.”

“Pietro here hasn’t left your side since we transferred you to the facility,” Clint told you. “His sister thinks he has a bit of a crush on yo-”

“Be quiet, old man!” Pietro cut him off. You couldn’t help but laugh.

Anyway, there’s pizza in the kitchen if you’re hungry,” Clint told you. Your stomach rumbled and you nodded.

“Hell yeah,” You said. You slipped your feet over the edge of your bed and pressed your bare feet to the cold tile floor. You stood and wavered a bit, but Pietro scooped you up in his arms before you could fall. “Woah, you’re pretty quick.”

“You could say that…” Pietro answered, smiling down at you with his striking blue eyes. “You saved me, now it is my turn to take care of you,”

“Okay,” You said quietly. Pietro ran to the kitchen and you joined the others.

“Morning,” Natasha greeted. “Has the little speedster been taking care of you?”

“Yep,” you answered with a smile. Pietro set you on your feet, but he was careful to make sure not to let you fall.

“So (Y/N),” Steve said, facing you. “We were thinking, and…we might need a healer around here. You know, for situations like these. So if you would want to stick around…”

“I’d love to,”

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'Tom Hiddleston sang a boyband number': Nick Ormerod on Cymbeline
Designer Nick Ormerod on how he brought Shakespeare’s ancient Britons into the 20th century for Cheek by Jowl’s production of Cymbeline
By Andrew Dickson

Designing for Cheek by Jowl is very pragmatic. We’re a touring company, so our productions have to be mobile: they could be in London one week, Spain the next, St Petersburg after that. Heavy scenery is a no-no; often it’s shipped by road or air. Those realities are always in your mind. But then there’s something mobile about Shakespeare’s plays. There’s an absolute requirement for fluidity; one scene segues immediately into the next. As a designer, I want to make the actors as free as possible to move. Movement and flow keep the play alive.

My co-director Declan Donnellan and I always do a lot of dramaturgical work on the text: what does it suggest, what possibilities does it offer? I’m always keen to get a sense of what the actors think. But I need to move pretty quickly to get a set designed and costumes made. In general, our aim is to make Shakespeare feel as contemporary as possible, so there needs to be a pretty strong reason for us to move a play out of a modern context. That doesn’t mean we can’t – when we staged Much Ado About Nothing in 1998, we set it before the first world war, with Edwardian costumes and military uniforms. But that was something that came out of rehearsals: a lot of the language of the play just seemed to make sense in that setting. We’re constantly aware that these are old texts. Our job is to make them come alive for a modern audience.

Cymbeline is located in ancient Britain at the time of the Roman empire, and you can get very hung up on that idea – I dread to think what “authentic” costume would look like, if you interpreted it literally. Blokes wearing woad and/or Roman breastplates? When we staged it in 2007, we didn’t want that at all. I hate the idea of the audience saying, “Oh, you’ve set it exactly in 1914” or whatever. So we went for a sort of transitional 20th-century look: a bit 1950s, a touch nostalgic, because there are all these references in the text to time and time passing. In the opening scenes, Jodie McNee wore a red ballgown as Imogen; Tom Hiddleston, who played her husband Posthumus and her half-brother Cloten, had a dark suit and a raincoat. Very simple. There was very little in terms of set – some blue drapes, I think, which floated above the stage. A hint of Buckingham Palace for King Cymbeline’s court.

Tom was very keen to wear glasses as Posthumus; he had a slightly eager, intense quality. But as Cloten, who idiotically attempts to woo Imogen, he was pure clown. There’s a scene where he stands beneath Imogen’s window and sings “Hark, hark, the lark”, which we turned into a boyband number, with Tom singing and dancing. I forget whose idea it was, but it was brilliantly cringeworthy. He really went for it.

Declan and I have recently done Measure for Measure with our Russian company, and it felt as if there were so many references to contemporary Russia in the text – corrupt city governments, authoritarian power, a resurgent church. But I don’t think you can make a rule about how to design one of Shakespeare’s plays: you can come up with good reasons for doing anything. I can easily imagine the play set in the Victorian era, or the 17th century. It’s about puritanism, and that doesn’t date. When we did it the time before, with English actors in the mid-90s, John Major was talking about “back to basics”. Shakespeare is writing about human beings, and about us.

In a way, that’s the point. Shakespeare wasn’t historicising reality – he was setting his plays in certain periods or locations, but using that as a way to write about his own world. Costumes and clothes were expensive in the Elizabethan period, so there must have been a lot of using what they had available, making-do. People are sometimes surprised by how pragmatic theatre is. They imagine the director and designer have absolute authority over what you see, that everything is planned. But there are thousands of tiny decisions, many of which you don’t really control. You’re collaborating with actors, and a text. It’s as simple as that.

Madison Montgomery's powers

1. Telekinesis
-The power to move objects with the mind

This is the first power that Madison developed. Her telekinesis is so strong it that she was able to flip a bus even though she was drugged by the frat boys who gang-raped her.

2. Pyrogenesis
- The power to generate fire

Being a bitch that she was, she lit the curtains of the Ramsey residence on fire. I called it pyrogenesis because she probably can just conjure flames and not really being able to control the fire.

3. Coercion
- The power to mentally force others to obey your commands.
-This is called Concilium in AHS Coven.

Madison developed this power when Fiona tested her. Madison made a poor man think that “the middle of the street is a safe place.”

4. Vitalum Vitalis
- The balancing of scales between one life force and another

She made the deceased man in the coffin come back to life just so she could put Misty in the grave. This ability is different from Resurgence (see #5).

5. Resurgence (speculation)
- The power to bring the deceased back to life

I made an error when I first made this post. Resurgence and Vitalum Vitalis are 2 different abilities. Vitalum Vitalis involves “sacrificing a part of one’s life force to another while Resurgence doesn’t have any negative effect on the user.

I decided to call this a speculation because we haven’t seen any negative effect on Madison when she raised the dead back to life. Also, so far, only she and Misty were able to raise the dead without saying the words "Vitalum Vitalis.” This doesn’t mean though that saying those words is necessary for Vitalum Vitalis.

6. Teleportation
- The power to move from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between
- In AHS: Coven, this is called Transmutation and is one of the 7 Wonders

When Cordelia tried to touch her, she manifested this power because she was afraid Cordelia might “see” that she buried Misty.

Theo- There’s Always A Place In It For You

Request- Could u do an imagine for theo? Where he’s your boyfriend and you’re a witch and how power of resurgence and he dies from the dread doctors or something so you have to try your hardest to bring him back to life and you do but it takes a lot of power out of you or something? Idk I was watching season 3 of American horror story and thought that it might be cool (: your writing is really good btw thanks

A/N- So I really liked this request, but I did change it up a bit to where Theo isn’t the reader’s boyfriend. I’ve never watched American Horror Story so I did what little I could with what I was able to google. I hope you like it! Next up is an Aiden imagine.

You grunted as your boots slowly crunched through the dead leaves, out of breath from dragging the body on the ground nearly a mile into the woods. You paused for a second, letting go of the arm in your grip and placing your hands on your thighs.
“Really, Raeken?” you asked breathlessly, looking down at Theo’s lifeless body and knowing there was no way he could possibly answer.
Had it been anyone else, you wouldn’t be dragging their lifeless corpse to the nemeton so you could bring them back from the dead. But as much as you hated to admit it, you owed a debt to Theo. As a witch, that wasn’t something you couldn’t just run away from without some kind of consequence. Much to your dismay, you were stuck with Theo.
That was why you had been helping him destroy Scott McCall’s pack, and why after he had gotten himself killed by the alpha, you had to bring him back to life.
With most of your breath back, you were able to drag Theo’s body the rest of the way to the nemeton, pulling up his arm and placing his palm on the stump. You didn’t necessarily need the nemeton to bring him back, but borrowing the power of the tree only insured that nothing would go wrong.
You took a deep breath, placing your hand over Theo’s chest and whispering a few Latin words. “Iterum surgebis.”
With a pained gasp, Theo sat up, his green eyes going wide as he sprang up into a sitting position. He placed a hand on his heart, gritting his teeth against the pain as he looked at you. “What happened?”
“What do you think happened, dumbass?” you asked him, an annoyed edge to your voice. “You died.”
“Well, don’t look so upset,” he told you sarcastically.
“I should have just left you for dead,” you told him icily.
Theo smirked, raising one cocky eyebrow at you. “We both know you can’t do that.”
“Oh do we?” you asked.
Theo raised his eyebrows at you. “I know I do. I saved your life. You owe me.”
“You didn’t-”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said with a sarcastic laugh. “Would you rather have been burned at the stake?”
“I would have come back,” you insisted, gritting your teeth.
You shivered as you remembered the heat of the flames against your skin, and the merciless, accusing eyes of the congregation that had tried to kill you. The fire had just began to lick up your skin when a handsome guy with a devilish demeanor had stepped in, and even as he saved your life, you knew he was going to be trouble.
“You sure about that?” Theo asked you, and then he sighed. “Y/n, I didn’t have to save you. I did it because I wanted to.”
“You did it so you could use me to your advantage,” you snapped.
Theo shrugged. “Partly. But I wouldn’t have chosen you if I didn’t actually like you. Personally, I think we make a great team. We’re so much more powerful together, Y/n. We could burn this town to the ground.”
“Look,” you told Theo. “I don’t care about you, or this worthless pack you want to create. As soon as you finish what you need to do, we can call it even and I can leave. You’ll never see me again.”
“What if I want to see you again?” Theo asked you.
“Too damn bad,” you told him. “Now come on. When you use magic it gives off residue, like a signal flare. We should probably get out of here before every supernatural creature within a hundred miles shows up to see what’s going on.”
Theo shrugged as he rose from the ground. “Just more trouble for Scott and his little band of heroes to deal with.”
You rolled your eyes, placing your hands on your knees and standing up, but before you could make it two feet a nauseating wave of dizziness hit you. You stumbled back, black spots clouding your vision as you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and steady you.
“Woah,” Theo said. “Does this happen every time you use your powers?”
“Usually,” you admitted, avoiding his inquisitive eyes. “I’m fine. Just go ahead.”
“You said we needed to leave,” he reminded you.
“So leave,” you told him.
He rolled his eyes, reaching out to pick you up when you swatted his hands away. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Picking you up?”
“I’m fine,” you insisted.
“No, you’re exhausted,” he told you. “I can practically feel it rolling off of you in waves. Now just let me carry you before I drag your unconscious body through the woods.”
“Consider it payback for me having to drag your lifeless corpse,” you said icily.
Theo huffed, his green eyes glaring into yours. Then, without a seconds warning, he reached down and scooped you into his arms. You made a noise of protest, but you quickly realized that you were too weak to stand up on your own, let alone fight your way out of his strong arms.
“I hate you,” you grumbled, feeling your consciousness starting to slip away.
“Yeah, you’ve told me,” Theo informed you. “Many, many times.”
You sighed in defeat, closing your eyes and resting your head on Theo’s shoulder. “Whatever.”
“Hey, Y/n?” Theo asked, just before you could slip into unconsciousness. “You know that worthless pack I’m going to make?”
“How could I forget?” you murmured into his shoulder. “You never shut up about it.”
“There’s always a place in it for you,” he promised. “Only if you want it, of course.”
“Like that’ll ever happen,” you whispered.
But as you drifted off to sleep, you figured that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to finally have somewhere to belong. You had spent your whole life running from people who were terrified of you and your powers, from people who wanted to destroy you because you were different. As radical and insane as it seemed, maybe Theo had the right idea about finding a pack. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to want to belong.
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