the power of resurgence

Do you ever think archaeologists will look back at us in hundreds of years and assume that our fandoms were actually our religious institutions?

They’ll find Deathly Hallows marks and determine that we attended the church of Hogwarts, estimate that we believed in a time traveling god known as the Doctor, assume that Christianity took a really weird turn to include two brothers and a 1967 Chevy Impala, judge that Moriarty was a modern Satan figure, predict that we believed in all powerful beings called superheroes, and guess that there was a major resurgence of Greek mythology at the beginning of the 21st century.


Today, so many families know nothing of their ancestry. Too many girls aren’t lucky enough to have found us or weren’t identified in time for us to have found them. Like that poor Cajun girl just outside Lafayette a few months back. Misty Day. She wasn’t much older than any of you. And she had a gift, the power of resurgence. Misty could reach into that place between life and death and draw a soul back from the precipice, back to this side, back to life. To some, this appeared to be the God-touched power of resurrection. To others, necromancy.

Theo- There’s Always A Place In It For You

Request- Could u do an imagine for theo? Where he’s your boyfriend and you’re a witch and how power of resurgence and he dies from the dread doctors or something so you have to try your hardest to bring him back to life and you do but it takes a lot of power out of you or something? Idk I was watching season 3 of American horror story and thought that it might be cool (: your writing is really good btw thanks

A/N- So I really liked this request, but I did change it up a bit to where Theo isn’t the reader’s boyfriend. I’ve never watched American Horror Story so I did what little I could with what I was able to google. I hope you like it! Next up is an Aiden imagine.

You grunted as your boots slowly crunched through the dead leaves, out of breath from dragging the body on the ground nearly a mile into the woods. You paused for a second, letting go of the arm in your grip and placing your hands on your thighs.
“Really, Raeken?” you asked breathlessly, looking down at Theo’s lifeless body and knowing there was no way he could possibly answer.
Had it been anyone else, you wouldn’t be dragging their lifeless corpse to the nemeton so you could bring them back from the dead. But as much as you hated to admit it, you owed a debt to Theo. As a witch, that wasn’t something you couldn’t just run away from without some kind of consequence. Much to your dismay, you were stuck with Theo.
That was why you had been helping him destroy Scott McCall’s pack, and why after he had gotten himself killed by the alpha, you had to bring him back to life.
With most of your breath back, you were able to drag Theo’s body the rest of the way to the nemeton, pulling up his arm and placing his palm on the stump. You didn’t necessarily need the nemeton to bring him back, but borrowing the power of the tree only insured that nothing would go wrong.
You took a deep breath, placing your hand over Theo’s chest and whispering a few Latin words. “Iterum surgebis.”
With a pained gasp, Theo sat up, his green eyes going wide as he sprang up into a sitting position. He placed a hand on his heart, gritting his teeth against the pain as he looked at you. “What happened?”
“What do you think happened, dumbass?” you asked him, an annoyed edge to your voice. “You died.”
“Well, don’t look so upset,” he told you sarcastically.
“I should have just left you for dead,” you told him icily.
Theo smirked, raising one cocky eyebrow at you. “We both know you can’t do that.”
“Oh do we?” you asked.
Theo raised his eyebrows at you. “I know I do. I saved your life. You owe me.”
“You didn’t-”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said with a sarcastic laugh. “Would you rather have been burned at the stake?”
“I would have come back,” you insisted, gritting your teeth.
You shivered as you remembered the heat of the flames against your skin, and the merciless, accusing eyes of the congregation that had tried to kill you. The fire had just began to lick up your skin when a handsome guy with a devilish demeanor had stepped in, and even as he saved your life, you knew he was going to be trouble.
“You sure about that?” Theo asked you, and then he sighed. “Y/n, I didn’t have to save you. I did it because I wanted to.”
“You did it so you could use me to your advantage,” you snapped.
Theo shrugged. “Partly. But I wouldn’t have chosen you if I didn’t actually like you. Personally, I think we make a great team. We’re so much more powerful together, Y/n. We could burn this town to the ground.”
“Look,” you told Theo. “I don’t care about you, or this worthless pack you want to create. As soon as you finish what you need to do, we can call it even and I can leave. You’ll never see me again.”
“What if I want to see you again?” Theo asked you.
“Too damn bad,” you told him. “Now come on. When you use magic it gives off residue, like a signal flare. We should probably get out of here before every supernatural creature within a hundred miles shows up to see what’s going on.”
Theo shrugged as he rose from the ground. “Just more trouble for Scott and his little band of heroes to deal with.”
You rolled your eyes, placing your hands on your knees and standing up, but before you could make it two feet a nauseating wave of dizziness hit you. You stumbled back, black spots clouding your vision as you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and steady you.
“Woah,” Theo said. “Does this happen every time you use your powers?”
“Usually,” you admitted, avoiding his inquisitive eyes. “I’m fine. Just go ahead.”
“You said we needed to leave,” he reminded you.
“So leave,” you told him.
He rolled his eyes, reaching out to pick you up when you swatted his hands away. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Picking you up?”
“I’m fine,” you insisted.
“No, you’re exhausted,” he told you. “I can practically feel it rolling off of you in waves. Now just let me carry you before I drag your unconscious body through the woods.”
“Consider it payback for me having to drag your lifeless corpse,” you said icily.
Theo huffed, his green eyes glaring into yours. Then, without a seconds warning, he reached down and scooped you into his arms. You made a noise of protest, but you quickly realized that you were too weak to stand up on your own, let alone fight your way out of his strong arms.
“I hate you,” you grumbled, feeling your consciousness starting to slip away.
“Yeah, you’ve told me,” Theo informed you. “Many, many times.”
You sighed in defeat, closing your eyes and resting your head on Theo’s shoulder. “Whatever.”
“Hey, Y/n?” Theo asked, just before you could slip into unconsciousness. “You know that worthless pack I’m going to make?”
“How could I forget?” you murmured into his shoulder. “You never shut up about it.”
“There’s always a place in it for you,” he promised. “Only if you want it, of course.”
“Like that’ll ever happen,” you whispered.
But as you drifted off to sleep, you figured that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to finally have somewhere to belong. You had spent your whole life running from people who were terrified of you and your powers, from people who wanted to destroy you because you were different. As radical and insane as it seemed, maybe Theo had the right idea about finding a pack. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to want to belong.

I’ve been hit with a resurgence in Mass Effect feels lately – not that I’m ever not emotional about those games – so I spent the last hour watching trailers for the games and I keep thinking about the Normandy’s crew. 

Because Shepard’s a legend, right? They’ve done the impossible, over and over. No matter how bright and hot the flames, they walk out the other side, ready to keep fighting. 

But the Normandy has a crew. People who just got locked in Shepard’s orbit, maybe for selfish reasons, maybe for good ones, maybe because it seemed like a fun ride – but they’re not legends. At least, they weren’t when they met Shepard. 

The story started with Shepard already a myth, almost untouchable. They’re mighty. Everyone who worked with Shepard, though? They’re just people at the beginning. A cop. A mercenary. An archaeologist. A techie. Two soldiers. 

That’s it. Just people. But they chose to stand up, they chose to stand with Shepard, and they became mighty. The cop became a general, the mercenary a leader. The archaeologist left her ruins behind for an empire of secrets, and the techie became an admiral. And the soldiers – well, we know what happened to them. 

And the Normandy held them all. It was home, it was shelter, it was a message. Stand with Shepard, and you can learn to save yourself. You can be more. You can be mighty. 

You can save the galaxy. 

Imagine that ship coming out of a dark sky, when everything seems lost. Imagine Shepard striding out of the flames.

Imagine the warriors at Shepard’s side. 

Imagine thinking, that could be me, too. 


Shouldn’t minicomics be obsolete by now? asks critic Etelka Lehoczky. “ Printed by their creators in tiny batches and sold for a few bucks at “alternative” comic shops and conventions, they’re as cumbersome to produce as they are to obtain. It would be much more sensible for the artists to just put up their work online — right?”

Fortunately, these artists aren’t interested in being sensible. They’re in love with the unique tangibility of print on paper, the sight and feel of pages under their fingers. It’s a powerful yen, as evidenced by the recent resurgence of printed books in the larger publishing world. There are enough artists who share it to make minicomics a thriving and diverse genre. Some of these creations really are “mini” — they may be 4"x6" or smaller, or contain only eight pages. Even if they’re magazine-sized, they take some work to discover. Here are three you won’t want to overlook.

Find the full roundup here.

– Petra

As it happens, the resurgent CW just made a big bet on fan-driven entertainment as the future of TV. The network just renewed all of its shows, in part because it measures engagement in a host of ways; overnight ratings are no longer the be-all and end-all. Social media engagement counts for a lot, and word-of-mouth promotion is often what makes or breaks a marginal show. That’s especially true at the CW, but in the age of 400-plus scripted shows, that’s also the case for many other programs on broadcast, streaming and cable.

Maureen Ryan, What TV Can Learn From ‘The 100’ Mess

I don’t watch The 100, so I’m not touching anything about what’s going on with that show’s storytelling, but this part of the article is relevant to *everyone*.  I know I bang this drum a lot when I talk about staying vocal, being active, the importance and point of staying that way, trends, etc., etc., etc.  I also know that Felicity Smoak and Olicity fans take a lot of heat and abuse for being the outspoken, supportive people they are.  But what Maureen Ryan says – not only about Television and online fans but in how much television networks have come to rely on their fans to help promote their shows, to increase awareness, to create word-of-mouth promotion and about measurable social media engagement (those Likes/Favs, RTs/Shares, comments, etc) – is very, very, very true and a very important thing to understand and embrace.

TV is no longer about overnight ratings.  Ratings are not the be-all-end-all.  Shows – ALL shows/networks, not just Arrow, not just the CW – know social media can help make you or break you. It’s why you see them all fighting so hard for an online presence and fanbase.

The last few weeks have really been an eye-opener for some, I think, when it comes to the agendas and “agenda support” manipulations going on around here.  What I want you to remember, Olicity fans, is to forget about the word “pandering.”  F*ck “fanservice.”  Forget all the rhetoric BS people keep throwing at you all designed with one goal: silence you, guilt you, or con you into believing you “have to” like, support, or do anything for anything you do not like or enjoy.  It’s garbage.  It’s bullshit. Always has been, always will be.  See it for what it is and then forget about it.  Don’t give it attention and certainly don’t let it upset you. 

What we all need to remember is this, Olicity fans:

  • Never let anyone manipulate, use, misuse, or abuse your voice/support for their gain. 
  • Remember that Agenda Supporting (i.e. supporting and throwing your social media voice/weight behind something you don’t actually want or like thinking it will get you something else) will always bite you in the ass
  • Remember that whether you are hating on it or loving it… you’re talking about it and all “talk” is “good talk.” The only “bad” thing is silence/no reaction/apathy.

Play Smart, Olicity fans.  And above all else?  Have FUN!

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