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at the tokyo gig earlier tonight
  • pete: so as you might have already heard, things aren't going so well in the US...lotsa bad people in power...divisive environment...but seeing you guys sing along we know that you love us so much. like i know it's weird that we're here tonight, we don't even have an album out....but we also love you guys so fucking much that's why we're here
  • patrick: *waves at random direction*
  • joe: *yells something incoherent then takes a sip of his beer*
  • andy: *is actually listening to pete*

Hi hi hi 😊 I was tagged by the most beautiful angel, Toni aka @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 to do the selfie challenge! As you can see my face looks extremely difference between when I do wear makeup and when I don’t lol.

Anywho, here are my top six (’: these are probably the only six I’ve ever taken cause I don’t really like taking selfies much lolol

I feel like everyone has done this, so I tag anyone who wants to show their gorgeous face!

Friends in London

Please let us know how you are…

At this point, it seems to be an act or terrorism. Each time we live through another event like this, I am reminded that we have to be committed to peace and actively work to make peace in our lives and in our little corners of the world. The threats that have happened recently to some of our friends here contribute to violence and negativity - so anyone who has anonymously sent threatening messages needs to know that what we do everyday matters. We have immense power to hurt people. And likewise we have immense power to build people up, to promote unity and peace, to be witnesses to the power of goodness, respect, and love.  The song got it right - “shower the people you love with love.” And as my Mama used to say - “even if you don’t love a particular person, someone somewhere loves them. So at least we should not intentionally hurt them or cause them harm.” We are all living on this earth together. 

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An empress of Russia who is encouraging cultural renaissance. She became an empress by driving out the old, incompetent regime. By a surprising radical reformation policy, she takes care of people and tries hard to make Russia a powerful nation. But, this is followed by a growing counter force, which worries her.

Catherine the Great

Right now Jupiter is squaring Pluto in the great celestial sky above us.  Pluto brings depth and a sense of personal power to whatever it makes contact with; but not always in the greatest of light.  During this time people can gain extreme “depths and passions (pluto)” to their beliefs and abstract thoughts (Jupiter.)  

If you notice yourself fighting with others over philosophies, ideas, religion, politics and general abstract thinking; this aspect is why.  The fixed nature of Pluto squaring Jupiter causes being to be more “stubborn” and attached to their ways of abstract thinking.  Open mindedness to blending ideas is hard during this transit.

Despite the trouble the aspect does bring good personal results to those who need to take back what they give away.  It may be especially good for mutable people who give their power away and give into others to easy.  It is a very auspicious time to regain your abstract thinking, beliefs and remember your philosophies and what is important to you.  It can also be good to transform yourself in ways you’ve gotten off track so you can do what is important to you.

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You've obviously never actually looked into the statistics and facts behind terrorism and the low percentage of practising muslims that actually take part in radical ideology. These people that do don't represent Islam and they are hiding behind and beautiful and peaceful religion to feel power and spread fear. Christianity has its own group of people that share negative ideas and they do it in the the name of their religion and spread hate just like you are doing here.

are sure about that???

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headcanon: before the lion the witch and the wardrobe, Edmund got in trouble at school and Peter was a model student. after lww, though, they reversed that - Edmund stopped being such a little shit and Peter started challenging corrupt or unfair authority.

I can see this! Like Edmund learned to use words to stand up for the corrupt and Peter got a little more bold in school as well. Imagine them being just as dangerous. Like bullies know that somehow Edmund knew their weaknesses and could exploit them if he wanted to, so they stayed away from bullying. But they also knew Peter could pack a powerful punch if a fight ever broke out.

But a lot of people are still confused, because in normal situations they’re sooooo nice.

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How do you find a coven? I've been trying but when asking people if their a witch normally makes people freaked. I want a coven so i don't have to practice alone, so we could add more power to our spells, and it's a lot easier learning from people irl then on the web

Honestly, it depends on where you live! I live is a HUGE city and I only know one other witch in person here, and I met them on tumblr! The people I consider my “coven” are from all over the US and it’s more of an online coven, although we do try to meet up if we can!

It definitely depends on where you live, there are sometimes witch or pagan facebook groups, there is also the witch locator map from @saltwaterwitchery, but PLEASE use caution if you’re looking for in person groups, I find that they can be so toxic and so manipulative bc they know people are actively seeking them out. Please be safe and use your gut. <3



I wasn’t going to write anything about it tonight, but since the Power Rangers tag is filled with people bashing this movie already, here are some of my non-spoilery thoughts on the movie:

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I have an oc I'm making. I just decided to make her today because I was sad about Riverdale again... so I decided to make a character who lives in a world where people get powers from love but she's AroAce like me. But then she makes a friend and her powers unlock from the platonic love she feels from this friend. It didn't unlock sooner because she was always bullied by the people around her for not getting her powers sooner. She's brand new I haven't even drawn her yet.

this is so amazing and cute and angsty i Love It.

- Mod Stark

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Selamu Aleykum,Hope in life can be very annoying in some situations. What is the place of hope for Allah and Islam?

Wa Alaykum as-Salaam!

When one truly believes in Allah hope will aways be there because you will know that no matter what happens Allah controls everything.

Lets give some facts of believing in Allah and how that will give you hope:

When you worship one God, you will be saved from worshiping endless Gods such as: Worshiping people, power, your desires, fame, money, etc (We can talk about this in detail later)

When you truly believe in Allah you will find the actual REASON OF YOUR CREATION which every human being has been trying to find throughout the history:

I have not created the jinn and humankind but to (know and) worship Me (exclusively). (Holy Qur'an, adh-Dhariyat 56)

When you truly believe in Allah you will find THE way for FULFILLMENT. A sense of happiness and fulfillment that you would never find in material things:

Be aware that it is in the remembrance of, and whole-hearted devotion to, Allah that hearts find rest and contentment. (Holy Qur'an, ar-R'ad 28)

When you truly believe in Allah you will learn how to deal with DIFFICULTIES OF YOUR LIFE:

Those who, when a disaster befalls them, say, “Surely we belong to Allah (as His creatures and servants), and surely to Him we are bound to return. ” (And they act accordingly. ) (Holy Qur'an, al-Baqarah 156)

When you truly believe in Allah you will have a PERSPECTIVE that will keep you calm in any situation by trusting Allah:

No affliction occurs on the earth (such as droughts, famines, or earthquakes), or in your own persons (such as diseases, damages to your property, or the loss of loved ones), but it is recorded in a Book before We bring it into existence doing so is surely easy for Allah. So that you may not grieve for what has escaped you, nor exult because of what Allah has granted you: Allah does not love anyone proud and boastful (Holy Qur'an, al-Hadid 22-23)

When you truly believe in Allah you will know that THIS life IS NOT it. There is AFTERLIFE coming after this. And believing in this will give you THE comfort you have never imagined before:

And the present, worldly life is nothing but a play and pastime, and better is the abode of the Hereafter for those who keep from disobedience to Allah in reverence for Him and piety. Will you not, then, reason and understand? (Holy Qur'an, al-An'am 32)

I also really like this quote by Said Nursi from His Tafsir Risale-i Nur:

Belief is both light and strength. Yes, one who acquires true belief may challenge the whole universe and be saved from the pressure of events in accordance with the strength of his belief.
 (The Words / Twenty-Third Word)

Please read the whole chapter from The Words Collections (The Twenty Third Word). It will definitely give you a new perspective about your question. Send me an IM if you cant find it online and I will send you the e-book to your e-mail insha'Allah

To conclude: Life can be pretty tough sometimes BUT with imaan and tawakkul you can always have hope!

And Allah knows best

If the leeches and parish priests had only meager education, there were other practitioners in medieval society with even less formal training. Most societies have informal healers and diviners recognized as such by their clients but not by any sort of certifying authorities or official teachers. Different people can adopt this role. Folklore researchers in modern times have found that the rules regarding the practice of popular healing can vary widely from place to place even within Europe. In some areas the healers are mostly women; in others they are predominantly men. Sometimes the secrets of healing  can be passed only from women to women or men to men, but in other regions the gender must alternate between transmission. In some places the healers are thought to possess inherited powers, and if charms are passed to people without these gifts they will have no force, but elsewhere there are recognized procedures for acquiring the powers without inheritance. We have no reports from systematic field workers in medieval Europe, but the situation then is not likely to be have been less varied.
—  Richard Kieckhefer, Magic in the Middle Ages. (P. 59.)

So I’m watching the old 90s power ranger movie and when the rangers get their spirit animals, the black ranger gets a frog.

The black power ranger is played by Johnny Yong Bosch

Who also voiced Yu Narukami in Persona 4

Who’s first boss in game was a giant frog monster

Which later became the frog persona of Yosuke Hanamura….

Six degrees of Souyo confirmed!

*illuminati noises*


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Is there an explanation for vindicators having powers or are they just like- there? Do everyday ppl have powers (I'm assuming they do and becoming a vindicator is like a career choice??) and lastly do some vindicators/regular ppl have altered anatomy bc of their abilities? (ok I'm not 100% sure if they're called vindicators or supers)

Members of the Vindicators are called vindicators and people with powers are called supers.

And where powers come from is a spoiler :)

Worldly Traditions: Part I

Nkisi Nkondi (Power Figure). Kongo Peoples (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Late 19th Century. Wood and Metal.

Nkisi Nkondi

I’ve wanted to see a Nkisi Nkondi since I first learned about them. So, when I visited the Met in NYC I was ecstatic to see this beautiful one there (side note: I’m not going to dive into my feelings about taking historical objects from their original locations. Anyone can message me about that later).

Nkisi Nkondi are one of many traditions that is overlooked by most of western society. These traditions like others from Africa, Oceania, Asia, or Americas are often appropriated or seen as trivial. This is incredibly sad to me, especially seeing that those who love magick should educate them on all the traditions and spirituality of the cultures around them (all of which are amazingly interesting).

These power figures are no exception. Nkisi Nkondi work directly with societal affairs. The objects are carved from wood then stuffed with medicinal herbs. These sacred objects are designed to cure physical or non-physical issues, often in the form of social contracts. The figure itself is home to powerful forces with the ability over see contracts.

One of the most distinctive quality of these figures are the materials stabbed into the figure. They very in size and shape signifying the deals and affairs of the people interacting the figure. The idea being that a nail is driven in to start a contract, and if broken the figures forces will be unleashed to punish the wrongdoer. 

The Nkisi Nkondi is an excellent example of spirituality and magick playing a large role in human societies. Of course with the introduction of colonialism these traditions were either fetishized or destroyed. Some traditions were brought to the America’s as well.

Overall Nkisi Nkondi are amazing objects that shouldn’t be forgotten.