the power of nyan

RP with Nature's Wild Child

A summoner by the name of John entered a Vortex Gate in hopes of fighting the last of the Battle Maidens. He had managed to battle 5 of the 6 Battle Maidens Cayena, Serin, Vanilla, Lico and Fennia managing to overcome their power and captured them into his ranks leaving only Nyan Slash Bayley the Earth Elemental Battle Maiden of the group left for recruiting. “Hmm I have a bad feeling about this. From what I’ve read on Bayley she’s the most wild of the six…I better be careful when I find her.” The young summoner said as he looked around the area wielding his father’s blade in hand as he had 5 summons with him 3 of which were fire elementals while the other two were thunder units. The fire summons being Farlon, Fiora and Cayena while his Thunder units were Orna and Lucana.

“Any reason why you brought me to help you fight against Bayley John?” Cayena asked as she looked at her Summoner.

“I’ve brought you here since you’ve a fire unit and since Bayley knows you maybe we can get her to join without fighting.” John said as the group began to walk.

“I’m not sure about that idea John.” Cayena said as she started walking with her huge weapon in hand.

The Miraculous Songs
  • Peacock Kwami: I wanna see your peacock!
  • Bee Kwami: Please come rescue me! Sweet little bumblebee-
  • Fox Kwami: What does the fox say?! (A whole lotta lies...)
  • Cat Kwami: Nyan Nyan, Nyan nyan, Nihao nyan! Gorgeous, delicious and deculture!
  • Ladybug Kwami: A 'lady' Ladybug will always be.
  • Butterfly Kwami: Like a moth to a flame, my wings burn away
  • Me: Okay this started out as a joke but the song I found for the butterfly is too accurate for the hawkmoth and akumas is too accurate its not even funny. (Moth, by HELLYEAH)