the power of magic mushrooms

Lunar Fox, graphite and light chalk pastel rub.


These Lunar Fox prints are available again through my Etsy Shop

- Open Edition print available in a single black mat or a single white mat.

Brunch! Mushroom, tomato, & bell pepper omelette with light Mozzarella cheese! Roasted potatoes, refried pinto beans and of course, avocado! I normally make brunch my cheat meal but I was inspired to keep it semi healthy today!💕🥑

almighty johnsons s1 sentences

feel free to change pronouns/etc as necessary.
contains mentions of drugs, sex, hospitals, vomit & foul language/slurs.

  • “I think it’s kind of cool how our flat looks the same after a natural disaster as it did before.”
  • “Oh, you’re still all class.”
  • “Ouch, that’s cold.”
  • “That never stops being funny to you, does it?”
  • “Someone’s been doing the magic mushrooms again!”
  • “The power of my poetry bends mortals to my will.”
  • “Any chance you can put your pants on? Be a pants-on god?”
  • “I had no idea how cool that looks from the outside!”
  • “Look at them. They all think they’re gods.”
  • “There’s something important I have to tell you.”
  • “Oh, it’s like giving an atom bomb to a toddler!”
  • “I like the idea you just look at her and something goes PING.”
  • “Like an egg, you need to get laid.”
  • “You can be really depressing sometimes!”
  • “It’s sad we can’t just kill him.”
  • “We clicked. You know? We clicked.”
  • “That’s so beautiful I think just threw up a little bit in my mouth.”
  • “You have no way. Except the way of the virgin.”
  • “What a wanker of a god he is.”
  • “You should really stop talking to [NAME].”
  • “It was kind of porno. Not that I watch porn, you understand.”
  • “I was on fire. That never happens to me. Not literally on fire, by the way.”
  • “I even love [PLACE] weather. Wind, rain, the special rain that comes in sideways…”
  • “I think I’m getting my mojo back.”
  • “You know how they say love’s a bitch? That’s me!”
  • “One time your grandma and her sisters set the postman on fire.”
  • “I’m mostly doing it for the money.”
  • “You get a chick pregnant and all you can say is “Bummer”?”
  • “How come everyone else knows about it and I don’t?”
  • “Oppressive regimes are one of his favorite topics.”
  • “I do… HATE… leaf-blowers!”
  • “Do you have any moral qualms about the path we’re taking?”
  • “But hey, what the fuck.”
  • “He did say something about bowing down before his genius but I wasn’t going to mention that.”
  • “Sometimes a knob’s what you need.”
  • “I get the feeling they don’t like us.”
  • “Okay, that’s not really good parenting, [NAME]!”
  • “You called just to tell me that? A text would have been quicker.”
  • “And while I’m in my room listening to everyone else boning, the only person I get to bone is me.”
  • “So what do you do when you’re not magically appearing in my life?”
  • “Don’t worry. I’ve been studying online and it seems pretty straightforward.”
  • “I think of myself more as a well-hung warlord.”
  • “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me in a long time.”
  • “I have to be there. I’m Robin.”
  • “You’re Batman, I’m Robin.”
  • “Batman and Robin weren’t gods!”
  • “So you almost kill her, and then when she’s still in the hospital, you dump her. What are you?”
  • “Maybe I’m here because you shouldn’t put half a bottle of bourbon in a barbecue marinade.”
  • “You touch me and I’ll break your fingers.”
  • “Have you been taking optimism lessons from [NAME] again?”
  • “Oh, fan-fucking-tastic!”
  • “Are you actually marrying her? Or is that bullshit?”
  • “I think you and I could do remarkable things together.”

The first image is a cloudy sky.

The second one is a reproduction of how I can manage my brain to see a sky without any drug, only with the power of mind. I can also manage by brain to see the sky as if the white of the clouds were the sky and the blue between them the clouds. haha hard to explain how I do it but message me and I will ;)