the power of destiel

Another (hopefully different) soulmate AU

Imagine a world where everyone is born normal. There’s nothing extraordinary about them, except that they’re human beings with infinite potential. But when two soulmates meet, something changes. 

The soulmates gain a shared ability, natural or otherwise. Maybe some know automatically where the other is. Maybe another couple is just really amazing at coding. Whatever the ability, it’s unique to that couple and that couple only. Once they both die, however, their ability is fair game.

What if one half is already really good at the ability, if it’s mundane, and the other half is completely taken aback by their new talent and doesn’t even think of the other person because they’ve always been able to do it.

Imagine one pair gaining the ability to fly or something ‘superhero-y’ and they start saving people and become a badass superhero team.

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You made me love you

Coda to 12x23 based on this scene

The door opens with a creak, drawing Castiel’s attention from his hands. They have been mindlessly picking at a loose thread on his trench for however long he’s been sitting here. Dean enters, that same distracted, tired look on his face that’s present much too often nowadays. It takes a moment for Dean to realize he’s not alone in his room - that Castiel is sitting on the edge of his bed.


“Sit down.”

Dean sighs, a quiet thing that makes his shoulders slouch as if the weight of the world was set upon them.

“Cas, it’s la–”

“You’re avoiding me.” It’s blunt, Castiel realizes. It’s the end of a long day, another hunt come and gone, and he knows Dean’s tired. But he’s come to his end with trying to get Dean to talk to him or even look at him. Something has been wrong ever since he came back. Sam seems perfectly fine; welcoming Castiel back with friendly smiles and conversation outside of working a case. Dean’s another story, though. Whenever Castiel walks into a room, Dean leaves. When they brush past each other in the kitchen, Dean flinches as if burned. There’s hardly any talking. Next to no eye contact. The times Castiel tries too hard to pull more than a few words out of Dean, it only results in a snippy remark. But Castiel can’t stand this wall that’s been built between them any longer.

When Dean doesn’t say anything, Castiel gets to his feet and approaches him.

“You and Sam are all I have. There’s no one else. So the way you’ve been brushing me off, snapping at me, just –” Castiel huffs a breath, feeling himself getting worked up. “Look, I don’t know what you’re so angry at or scared of and I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out because you’re avoiding me. But I’m scared too, Dean. I can’t deal with what happened alone and – and if you’re – if you won’t –” Castiel cuts himself off, words failing him inelegantly. “Please, Dean, I need…”

Castiel begins to reach out to put his hand on Dean’s shoulder just to be able to ground himself, but Dean’s hand flashes up to stop him from going any farther. Castiel glances at their contact, the grip on his wrist a little too tight, before he looks back into Dean’s troubled eyes.

“You died.” The words are soft. Then, as if saying them triggered something, anger builds within Dean’s expression, his voice becoming louder. “You died. You fucking died and I then I had to see you with your wings burned into the damn ground.”

Castiel’s rendered speechless, unable to do anything but stare into those heated green eyes.

“You wanna know what I’m scared of? I’m scared of everything, Cas! I’m scared to move, I’m scared to – to breathe. I’m scared to touch you,” Dean yells, a pain resonating underneath the anger. Emotion is making it hard for Castiel to take even the smallest of breaths. Then, in a gentler voice, Dean continues.

“I can’t lose you, do you understand that? I’ve already seen you – I’ve seen you die too many times, and it’s getting harder and harder to survive after that.” Dean drops Castiel’s wrist to point accusingly at him, the intensity returning to his eyes. Their faces are too close now, but Castiel doesn’t dare back away. “And that’s your fault, Castiel. You – you made me love you, you made me let you in. And then you fucking died in front of me!”

Castiel swallows thickly. Dean loves him.

He waits for Dean to continue, but it seems all the words have been drained out of him. Castiel takes a small step forward, setting his hand on the side of Dean’s face, a pang of – of something hurting him when Dean leans into the touch and closes his eyes. Castiel closes the space between them to press a soft kiss to Dean’s lips. It’s a second later that he realizes what he’s doing, and he’s about to pull back and apologize when Dean presses back, returning the kiss. Castiel feels wetness collide along the hand on Dean’s cheek. Despite Dean’s anger, the kiss is gentle and tender with only a hint of desperation taking form in the way his hands fist themselves into Castiel’s trench to pull him closer. In all the times Castiel’s imagined kissing Dean would be like, this was never one of them.

Castiel breaks the kiss after a moment, entirely overwhelmed by the past sixty seconds, but he doesn’t pull away. Instead, he leans his forehead against Dean’s as they breathe together, Dean’s a little heavier as more tears slip down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” Castiel whispers.

Dean breathes out a shaky breath. “I know.”

This time it’s Dean who connects their lips together in another kiss, one that tastes of tears and longing, before he’s wrapping Castiel into a tight embrace and his breath tickles the side of his neck. Castiel brings his arms to wrap around Dean’s neck, clutching tight to his shoulders. He’s not sure he’ll ever be ready to let go, but for now, this is the extent of Castiel’s world. No words need to be said anymore. This is all that matters.

Otp superhero au
  • -person A still doesn't want to admit their feelings and person B is constantly trying to hit on them-
  • *while having a showdown*
  • Person A: *mockingly* do you know what my suit is made out of?
  • Person B: *glaring*
  • Person B: *smirking* boyfriend material

Castiel was family. He was one of Winchester’s oldest friends. He was practically the third brother. Grieving over the death of someone whom you consider family is natural. You don’t need to bring up destiel to explain Dean’s pain and anger. Wouldn’t you grieve if you were in Dean’s place? Or do you exist in a reality where every relationship has to be romantic? 

Which is why, Instead of questioning and coming up with theories to explain Dean’s grief over losing Castiel (cough destiel cough) people should be questioning and coming up with theories to explain  Sam’s lack of grief over losing Cas. Why was it so easy for Sam to move on after Dean vanished into Purgatory? Why is Sam so into “Project Jack” now? Why is Sam more interested in mentoring/controlling/using Jack than grieving over his friend and mother? 

Why don’t people write meta about Sam’s intentions and reactions instead of writing the same damn “Dean is so in love with Cas” shit for the nth time? 

just imagine the season 13 premiere starting and opening straight to dean holding cas and still be on his knees not able to move because of his overwhelming shock and depression. sam tries to pull him away a couple hours after it happened, but dean won’t move or leave without cas’ body. later, sam driving the car and dean in the back holding the body still unable to pull himself away, and somehow when cas healed dean he received some of the nephilim’s power and in one moment cas wakes up in deans arms.

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Wait wait wait @tinkdw General Wrongness of 11x23 Car scene???? What?????

It’s all about the canted angles and the visual ‘wrongness’.

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The car scene.

Where Dean is supposed to tell Cas what he means to him.

Where Dean actually tells Cas he is like a brother to him. Which is all lovely and he’s trying to make Cas feel welcome and like he belongs but it is still a LIE.

After a whole season where it’s obvious that his feelings are romantic through Amara.

Where Dean literally is just about to explain to Amara the difference between brotherly and romantic love and thereby save the world.

He gets it WRONG here.

Cas can see he is trying and is grateful but it’s still not right, he looks sad

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He still doesn’t feel like he belongs in 12x03 when Mary asks him. He is still depressed for all of season 12. He is starting to feel better but it’s still not right.

The canting of the camera angle shows us that this scene has something “off” about it.

Yeah, there is a real general wrongness to this scene that as a viewer you pick up on even if you don’t know why, but now I know why, it’s so obvious and I love it :D

Season 12 Summary

As requested

So the BMOL (British Men of Letters) kidnap and torture Sam for information and stuff, but Sam is like ‘I’ve been tortured by Lucifer, this is nothing.  Bro, do you even lift?’

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Meanwhile Dean like all ‘Yo!  Cas, I’m alive and this is me ma.  Ma this is harp head’. 

And Mary gets the shock of her new life at all the Dean and Cas loving

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Then it’s time to save Sam.  Luckily two of the finest killers alive are there to chase down the BMOL and protect Mary.   Except that a British lady kicks both their asses at the once, and we’re all kind of embarrassed for them.   So Mary like all mothers, had to do everything herself, takes down the foe and mourns her once clean hands

Dean gets captured with Sam but luckily Mick Davies wants Cas’ ass and helps them, oh yeah Mick Davies

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Actually a lot of people want Cas’ ass this year

Castiel and Dean fight a whole lot, because Dean is worried about and mad at the bae but Cas will not take it lying down (in this context)

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But then they still join forces against evil angels and throw bitchfits every five minutes because ‘I love you’.  Which Cas totally says to Dean, and there’s  mixtapes and Cas playing Dean in his room, and stealing Dean’s favourite toy.    It made Brokeback Mountain look straight (not really, but come on!)

Sam plays referee but he gets Eileen and there’s less drama, Saileen for the win!

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They are cute and supportive and badass, made prank calls and basically rule

Except they kill Eileen and the fandom is furious!   #firebucklemming, we’re sick of this bullshit.  The bull is full of shit.  So I guess with Eileen being dead Destiel remains the undisputed power couple by default.  Whoops no, Cas died too, and Crowley, and Rowena

Fandom is mad beyond all reason, overkill on the kill.  (It’s gonna be okay guys….well for Cas anyway, bitch about the other three deaths all you want)

Oh, and Lucifer the human hater decides he wants a kid and does the do with a human.   After he and Crowley play a game of ‘Whos the Dom?’

The wee abomination (Jack son of the devil) sees Cas and is like ‘dibbs’.  Cas had been meaning to kill the kid, but then he’s like:

‘Maybe murdering innocent babies is wrong?’

And decides to play the role of the daddy, before he gets deaded, and after Kelly (baby mama) angelnaps him

Also Mary goes full Ripley from the Aliens franchise on Lucifer’s ass

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Cas kills death, Sam and Mary get in bed with BMOL then take them down.  Bobby lives in the AU, and Dean gushes to some waitress about how hot Cas is…in front of everyone

Sam leads an assult on the BMOL and Dean hangs out in his Mum’s head and the Winchesters love each other to death (and past death, cause they die every five minutes)

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And that’s my season 12 summary

I’m bored so here’s some general tv production stuff. I’ve been wanting to post these concepts in a meta but decided to give them mostly their own post.

We’ll round the ratio for the hourly screentime to 1 even though most network TV dramas are 42 minutes. Producers of tv networks usually like a lot of coverage and shot variety so there’s more control and they can adjust timing. When I took film/tv production classes in 2012 or so, I was taught that networks budget about 18-20 hours of footage to 1 hour(rounded) of screen time. Looking around now, that seems to still be about right from what I could find. If anything, it might be more footage because pretty much everyone uses digital now and digital is cheaper than film by a lot. I’ve heard of 40:1 but I don’t think that’s normal. It is a thing though.

Typical projected filming with actors is about 12-16 hours a day for tv. I don’t know what the schedule is for all tv, but SPN apparently films for 8 or so days an episode. 

Below are the 6 cardinal rules of editing and how much each one is supposed to matter in the cutting room. These were taught to me in school using the book: In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch. The first 3 are pretty obvious, the last 3 are more technical:

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