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General Hera Syndulla observing Chopper on the Yavin base through the ages.

Hera: Hey, Chop, quit fighting with that K-2 unit!

Hera: Hey, K2 unit, quit provoking my astromech droid! Now, Chop, that isn’t very nice! You apologize to that K2 unit!

Hera: Ugh, I swear, I gotta tell Cassian to tape that droid’s mouth whenever he visits Chopper. 

Hera: Chop? You’ve been out here for hours? What? Waiting for your K-2 friend?


Hera: Chopper, you still out there? I don’t know how to put this, but it’s unfair to keep this from you. You see, when we were over Scariff… there was a group of rebels we didn’t have much power to save and…


Day 11/12 - Transport & Worried

Uploaded these two together because I fucking hate the way they came out
The car in 11 is obviously crappy(so don’t even) but the way America is drawn just makes me fucking scream and I have no idea wHY IT BUGS ME.

12 doesn’t bother me as much but it still doesn’t make me go “YEAH” because I can totally see what is off, but I am too lazy to fix it so deal with it lmao.

the-oxford-english-fangeek  asked:

Hmm, how about a TAZ defenders au x

(this ended up being a more general superhero AU)

- None of the boys has a secret identity. They tried for, like, a day (and they still have Magnus’ ridiculous bear costume to prove it), but a la Murder On The Rockport Limited, they couldn’t keep their superhero names straight and just gave up.

- Taako found a magic umbrella that gave him magic powers and it’s the biggest pain in the ass on the planet. Accidentally transmuting shit he doesn’t want to transmute and getting kicked out of culinary school? Feeling obligated to “defend the city” or whatever shit Magnus is always going on about? Having to team up with Magnus and Merle in the first place? Ugh. Eventually, though, Taako warms up to his powers and the boys, even if he still dreams of getting back into the school that rejected him.

- I don’t even know if Magnus has any powers? I think he just made a habit of beating up people who stole old ladies purses until he got a reputation as a folk hero/superhero. He feels kinda awkward being the only one without powers, but it also means that he’s the one persecuted the least under various anti-mutant and anti-superhero laws, so he checks his privilege.

- Merle inherited his powers through some artifact his dad left behind that gave him access to another plane where a god gave him nature powers or something?? Look, he’s tried to explain it to Magnus and Taako, but every time it makes even less sense than Taako’s magic umbrella shit, so they’ve stopped asking. Like Taako, Merle is also reluctantly powered, and struggles with forming his own identity as a hero while still upholding the teachings of his father and Pan. 

- Eventually they accidentally join a league of superheroes called the Bureau of Balance and Taako curses his luck, because god, it’s enough that he has to deal with just two of these ding-dongs and now there’s a whole squad of them? Fuck

Four Seasons

Of course he had miscalculated his time of arrival at his roost. This wasn’t good in the slightest. Not only was the fall from the sky quite painful, but now he had no way home for the next two days, which meant he had to deal with…mortals.

Ugh, just the thought of them made his head hurt. The greedy little vermin always got under his skin, even though they were the ones that gave he and his brothers offerings. They just became attached so easily and were as greedy as they came. They only looked out for themselves, and not truly for their families. He was millions of years old, he knew what people were like at this point.

Still, he needed somewhere to stay, since flying for three whole months had exhausted even the most powerful of the Thunderbirds. And while he didn’t need sleep to survive, it would certainly help the recovery of his magic, so he would have to play nice for a bit. He saw a sign for a library, and figuring he would find a half intelligent person in there, he sauntered in.


DeanCas bed-sharing :)

“Jesus, Cas!”

Castiel rolls his eyes, turning angrily on the mattress and purposefully taking all the blankets with him. He may no longer have the strength of an angel, but Dean has time and time again underestimated the power in Castiel’s arms and legs.

This night is no different, and Cas ends up a glaring blanket burrito inches from the hunter’s face.

Dean glares right back. “You dumb blanket hog, stay on your fuckin’ side!”

Me?” Castiel demands. “You’re the one that ends up half on top of me during the night! You basically crushed me yesterday!”

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Of course I love the hug part of the scene, but lets also talk about how these two are talking out their feelings. It probably helps some that they are in a relationship, but still our culture tells boys from a young age that they can’t really talk about their feelings. Our culture thinks that when boys talk about their feelings it emasculates them so those feelings need to be bottled up. That scene showed how wrong our culture is. It showed how important it is for any young person to have someone to talk to if they need to, no matter what gender or sex you are. It showed that even at the most vulnerable times, someone can still be incredibly strong. That’s a huge message to send out to young people, especially young boys, who watch the show.

Post 4x08 thoughts

Okay. I’ve had time to calm down. I’ve had time to fic it out and consider different perspectives, and, I’m okay with it now. In a way.

First, I don’t regret my initial reaction. Sometimes you just need to vent. It pissed me off. I had to let it out. And if I didn’t have fanfic, I probably would have stayed mad. As it is, fanfic gives me the opportunity to get into other people’s heads, to try and understand why people do what they do. And in the process of writing, I started to understand.

Oliver is terrified.

On the one hand, I’m still miffed at the writers. I don’t know that this direction was absolutely necessary. Its akin to the marriage twist (ugh) or Felicity shit talking Sara, or the way Felicity learned about Barry’s powers. Moments that I will never feel good about.

On the other hand, I don’t have all the information. I don’t know where they’re going to take this. Maybe it’ll be a satisfactory ending.

(Or maybe it won’t, #marriage-twist)

Either way, I think I can fit it into a believable motive. Oliver’s go to coping mechanism when stressed is to run. I mean, I get it. I can’t really throw stones, can I? Also, sometimes even healthy relationships go through unhealthy things. My own marriage, for one, is evidence.

I love my hubby more than life itself. And I know he loves me. But there are ghosts and baggage and unhealthy coping mechanisms I’ve brought into our relationship, and no matter how much I’ve grown, I still do the wrong thing, and go back to my old bad patterns. PTSD/mental illness isn’t something that you get over even after six months of happiness. Old shit does crop up. It’s how a couple deals with these unhealthy patterns that make or break them. And, as ugly and obnoxious as it feels, I would still say Olicity is a realistic healthy relationship on TV.

Not that Oliver is healthy, because we know he’s not.

But Olicity, and this issue? It’s not over yet. This is gonna be a months long issue (that hurts my soul). We might have been spoiled with the previous fight being resolved in the same episode. But that’s not real life. No couple has had every fight resolve that quickly. And this one is pretty big. So it’ll take a while.

Especially because this is touching on a really deep character flaw that has been entrenched in his family for years. You know that old saying, the sins of the father will be visited on the sons? Well, Moira lied. Robert lied. Even Oliver and Thea lied. Just like Felicity said, it’s a sickness. A deeply embedded flaw like that is not gonna go away that easily. The key will be that Felicity can always tell when he’s lying, and she has to call him on it every time.

Being with your soulmate doesn’t suddenly fix you. And it certainly doesn’t happen after just six months. So, this relationship is still realistic.


First 3 Teaser images are done! Please stay tuned for more. I’m going to try to do 1 of each set for the 10 of them… then we’ll see… but I’m just picking my favorite image out of the sets and drawing it as soon as I can.

Thank you for the love!

Aren’t we all excited? Ugh, I’m soooo happy we still have powers…. I love Exo’s powers… mmmph.