the power and beauty just flows out of every note and lyric

Note to self and readers: “Spanish music” is hereby used to define the production of Spanish-speaking artists (so “music in Spanish” would’ve been more fitting, actually, but I’m too lazy to make a new banner), regardless of their geographic origin; in fact, I feel like most of these will be from Argentina.

Also in this series: Random Music in French

Bebe – I was jamming to Malo [x] before I even knew what its powerful lyrics against domestic violence meant. The Valencian singer quickly went on to become one of my favorites, with songs like Siempre Me Quedará [x] and Siete Horas [x] being the soundtrack to many a car trip.

Soda Stereo – this famous rock group founded in Buenos Aires in the Eighties and led by the late and lamented Gustavo Cerati have under their belt hits like Trátame Suavemente [x], De Música Ligera [x] and Cuando Pase el Temblor [x].

Shakira – the Colombian singer-songwriter’s beginnings were in her native language, her first widely successful album being Pies Descalzos (1995), followed three years later by ¿Dónde están los ladrones?. It’s a different kind of pop than the one she does now, with a rockier vibe to it: I count among my personal favorites Pies Descalzos, Sueños Blancos [x]¿Dónde están los ladrones? [x] and Escondite Inglés [x].

Patricio Rey y Sus Redonditos de Ricota – also known as Los Redondos, this alternative/progressive rock group from Argentina might puzzle you with somewhat enigmatic lyrics (that often have a political subtext), but just go with the flow of their awesome guitar riffs and you’ll love them anyway. I’d recommend Vencedores Vencidos [x], Nadie Es Perfecto [x] and Nuestro Amo Juega al Esclavo [x].

Sui Generis – yeah, guys, you’ve guessed right: I’m all about classic Argentinean rock (and there’s more to come!). Canción Para Mi Muerte [x], Confesiones De Invierno [x] and Rasguña las Piedras [x] are pretty emblematic examples of their work.

Fito Páez – with so much Argentinean music, I couldn’t overlook him, right? Listen to Al Lado del Camino [x], Mariposa Technicolor [x] and Dar Es Dar [x].

José Feliciano – honestly speaking, I only know one song, that happens to be among my father’s all-time favorites, albeit in its Italian version, Qué Será [x].

Raffaella Carrà – sorry, but when I found out she was a crowd favorite in Latin America in the Seventies I just had to include her, hahaha. Listen to Hay Que Venir al Sur [x] (and watch the music video, please!) and to Fiesta [x], I promise you’ll have fun.

BONUS – random songs I like:

  • Caminito [x] – a wistful tango, here sung by the beautiful voice of Carlos Gardel.
  • Todo Cambia [x] – a ballad written by Chilean Julio Numhauser during the years of the Pinochet dictatorship, and made famous by Mercedes Sosa.
  • Verde (Que Te Quiero Verde) [x] – I suppose I wanna say this should be a flamenco, but I am not that competent in this field so take it with a grain of salt. What I know for sure is that the lyrics were taken from García Lorca’s poem Romance Sonámbulo.
  • Caminando Por la Vida [x] – I ignore every other song Melendi has ever made, but I’ve had this one playing on repeat in my mind since I first listened to it.
  • Flaca [x] – more Argentina, guys! This one is brought to you by Andrés Calamaro.
  • Sofía [x] – well, this one was rather obvious. I don’t really know whether I genuinely like it or it is eating my brains out with its catchy refrain (just kidding, I do enjoy it); anyway, it’s a summer jam and belonged here.
Liar, Liar 3

So okay I moved quickly on this story simply because the revelations from Kishimoto’s interview inspired me a little bit. Also I felt like the last two stories I kind of jumped into the situation without shedding light on how Sakura and Naruto may have gotten to where they are at emotionally. I was also inspired by some songs (I’ve actually ripped off a few lyrics and used them as dialog lol) and a anon ask about dreams. So anyway enjoy this angsty piece of drama.The story may seem a little confusing at first but just hang in there. Oh and there is some suggestive material included but its mostly for humorous purposes.

Also for the sake of the maturity I’ve been extra generous to SS and NH in these stories.  So y'know…i took it easy on them.


Naruto…..If you don’t wake up you idiot I’ll kill you.

An odd sensation overwhelms Naruto almost immediately upon waking. Still draped in the fog of sleep he raises his right hand from beneath his bedsheets and places it over his face. He clenches and unclenched his fist, drawing chakra while pressing the tips of fingers into his flesh.

Something is off.

He can’t mold his chakra.

Naruto is abruptly made aware that he is not alone when a flash of pink emerges in his peripheral vision.  Sakura pulls back the covers on the other side of the bed and slides in next to him.

He remains motionless.

“Hey Naruto have you ever thought about having another child?”

He turns to her, his eyes wide with confusion.

Sakura snuggles up closer to him.  “I mean we’re still young enough to…”

She blushes.

“I don’t know it’s just something I’ve been thinking about.”

Sakura moves even closer until their bodies are touching. Then she kisses him. It is a soft kiss but it awakens him restoring his senses

He panics and spills awkwardly out of the bed onto the floor.

“What are you doing?” he asks while scooting further away from the bed.

Sakura peers at him curiously from the bed. “What’s wrong Naruto?”

“I am a married man you are a married woman.”

She blinks at him. “So?”

“You should see the obvious problem with this scenario Sakura-chan!”

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Troye Sivan Seattle LIVE Show Review

Review by Josh A. // Tweet @mrjoshuahh // Instagram @mrjoshuahh

In the space of two days @troyesivan​ went from announcing his full length album, ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, live on iTunes Beats 1 Radio, to performing his first live show ever at the Neumos in Seattle.

Seattle is a city renowned for its music scene. It’s the birthplace of legends like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, and has a constant stream of new, interesting, up and coming artists flowing through its venues. As Troye has not performed for some time, it makes sense to pick a smaller city to have your first show in, to iron out the bugs of the performance.

The Neumos is a small venue in the liberal, arty and gay district of Seattle called Capitol Hill. I went by the area for lunch and there were people queuing from 1pm wearing WILD and TRXYE sweaters doing calculus homework! I arrived at around 6pm and that queue was now around the block. That pretty much sums up the dedication of Troye’s fanbase, something I’ll touch on later.

Doors opened at 7pm and DJ100PROOF kicked things off at 8pm. If you’re familiar with the YouTube music channels Majestic Casual and The Sound You Need, both playing an eclectic mix of lounge remixes, house, hip hop and downtempo beats, then you would pretty much recognise all the track played. It set a good tone for the show ahead and finished around 8:45 leaving just 15 mins to pack up the DJ equipment and set the stage for Troye.

The stage was small, and the setup simple. One very talented drummer on a standard kit with extra electronic pads to achieve Troye’s electropop sound. Another guy on keys, fills and backing vocals, this guy also cued the tracks on two laptops. The stage was adorned with 3 lit up outlines of blue houses. This embarrassingly for me took me until the last 2 songs to realise the Blue Neighbourhood connection. Very smart Troye.

So on to the show. SPOILER ALERT - Please don’t read further if you’re not interested in the show’s set list or song details.

Troye walked on stage dressed in skinny blue jeans, black shiny platform boots and a black printed Adidas sweater with Japanese characters. After a chorus of screams Troye opened immediately with ‘Bite’ featured on his WILD EP.

Bite is an upbeat but edgy song, filled with heavy bass and off beat fills that pay tribute to the song’s meaning of feeling discomfort. Despite his self admitted nervousness he immediately took control of the stage and crowd. Troye danced around on stage looking confident and comfortable. You can tell that he loves his music which is a really endearing thing to see.

He went straight into another WILD EP track ‘Fools’. Troye’s voice is ridiculously on point, so much so that I couldn’t tell whether it was the studio version. Bravo!

As with Bite and Fools, the crowd sang along to every word, so when new song ‘Cool’ got introduced it was nice to hear him and his band without the added background noise. Of all the new songs Troye played ‘Cool’ has to be my favourite. The live version sounded incredible, with 80s synths and a Phoenix/The 1975 feel to it. I can’t wait to hear the studio version of this with its catchy chorus! 

Moving on, Troye played ‘DKLA’, with Tkay’s rap laid on the backing track. This was followed by Ease which was a huge crowd pleaser. At this point whatever fear or nervousness Troye may have had, he had certainly overcome it. Between songs he would thank the crowd and marvel in disbelief at where he was and where he began.

His next two songs were tracks from his new album. The first, ‘Talk Me Down’, is part of Troye’s ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ music video trilogy where Troye bravely and truthfully shares his sexuality and experiences, including the struggles and pains, in his three part video. Of the whole show this track is the most downbeat - from the previews of the music video depicting a death/possible suicide it makes sense.

‘Suburbia’, another new Blue Neighbourhood album track, followed a similar tempo, with the lyrics relating to the Blue Neighbourhood theme of idillic suburban, middle class life. This nicely set the stage for ‘WILD’ the title track of his recently released EP.

‘WILD’ is ridiculously catchy. It has recently made it onto BBC Radio 1’s Playlist; a feat on its own! As the first note chimed in the crowd literally went nuts. Troye claimed in a recent interview of all the songs he performs in his show, WILD is his favourite. It’s easy to see why. He bounced around the stage gleaming and smiling to his audience who jumped around with him. At the end of the song he thanked the crowd and left the stage with his drummer and keyboard player for the inevitable encore walk off.

Chanting ensued, with more screaming and shouting. The drummer, this time with an acoustic guitar returned to the stage with Troye and the keyboard player. They played beautiful stripped back version of ‘Happy Little Pill’, a track from Troye’s early TRXYE EP which the crowd sang along to with glee.

Troye’s final song was ‘Youth’ another very upbeat new track, which features a very catchy vocal loop. A great song to end on.

To summarise:
Troye’s first performance really could not have gone better. There were no technical cock-ups, there were no awkward interactions with the crowd, it really was perfect. His voice was impressive and powerful. The length of the show was around 40-45 mins, in other words short but sweet. His band is talented; you could tell that whatever practice had gone into the show paid off as the performance was tight. Troye’s stage presence was good, he worked the stage and crowd from the minute he came on when he left. One observation was that he often looked down when he sang which could be put down to many things. Regardless this will only get better as he does more shows.

One of my favourite and most humbling moments of the show was when Troye announced his mum was front and centre of the stage amongst the crowd. She was Facetiming someone back home for the duration of the show, my guess is family. This felt very fitting as you really get a sense of family, and the support of his family running through the narratives of his music, show and in the room itself. His fans are like extended family, each connected to Troye through a series videos, social interactions and moments shared in their homes around the world. What makes Troye different from a normal musician is that there is a very tangible preexisting connection between him and his audience that makes a very successful career for him inevitable.

A big congratulations to Troye on his success so far, and I look forward to seeing his performance in London in November

Set List as follows:

Talk Me Down

Happy Little Pill (Acoustic)

(a not quite Hobbit) AU: wandering through the woods, human!Blaine encounters elf prince!Kurt.

Blaine’s sword is heavy where it rests sheathed against his thigh. Each step jostles it, but Blaine takes comfort in the weight, occasionally letting the rough pads of his fingertips brush over the well-worn hide; it serves as a reminder of his constant and infallible companion.

He knows that he shouldn’t be wandering this far into the depths of this forest. Its very presence suggests magic, something ancient and powerful and not at all welcoming.  Even as a human it raises the hair on the back of Blaine’s neck, gives him the prickling sense of not quite being alone. He sticks to the path laid out in front of him, relying on the keen hunting senses passed down from his father and honed by himself after many long years of use.

The sun is a mere speck of starlight hidden in the thick canopy of heavy branches above. Blaine thanks the gods for his heavy jacket and thick pants as a pale wind gusts through, chilled and blustery despite the midsummer day. He draws his overcoat around him, trying to deduce how long he still has left to travel before he reaches the other end of the forest.

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