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Hi there, sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for advice to potty train my 3 year old through the night. She's been potty trained during the day since she was 2, during nap time since she was 2 1/2. Never had a dry diaper on mornings, so I don't know if I should start. She sleeps from 8pm to 7.30 am. We are leaving for 2 weeks in a month, I don't want to pack any diapers if possible ! Any advice ? thanks !

Potty training overnight is pretty different. If she is waking up with dry diapers on occasion, she could be ready. Try to keep her hydrated during the day and cut back on liquids after dinnertime. Take her to the potty about 30 mins before her bedtime and then again right before you put her in bed. 

You could also try to gently wake her up during the night (maybe before you go to sleep) into a semi-awake state, dim lights, and walk her to the potty. Use gentle words to encourage using the potty but don’t force it or argue. She will begin to understand that even though she may not want to potty, her body probably does.

A lot of moms also just go for it and let them wear their underwear to bed. Get a waterproof cover and have dry pajamas and underwear near by. If she pees, she will feel wet (maybe cold) and wake up. Most moms say after a few nights of accidents, they begin to go throughout the night dry.

You could try a few different things and see which works best for your daughter. If anyone else have any good tips, feel free to share. Good luck!!

Potty Training

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6)

As you hear your alarm go off yet again, you yell across the house as you mentally prepare yourself.

“Jacob!  Potty time!”

And just like clockwork, the wailing had started.

Jacob was not enjoying the potty training.  You had sold off his cloth diapers so that you weren’t tempted to backtrack, and you had purchased him two packets of his own superhero underwear, complete with having his name sewn into the elastic so he felt like he truly owned something.

But Jacob didn’t enjoy the feeling of them up against his butt.

“Itch,” he had said, scratching his butt as you watched his urine trickle down his leg.

“Oh buddy…” you had sighed, taking him in the bathroom and cleaning him up.

You were at your wits end.

So, once again…just like everything else…you had taken to the internet, reading articles and personal testimonies of potty-training four year old boys.

And you stumbled across one that you figured you would try.

Essentially, you let them run around with no underwear, and every 30 minutes you would make them sit on the potty, and if they went to the bathroom, you gave them a treat.

Like trying to teach a dog to sit.

You were desperate for anything at this point.

So all week you and Spencer had done it: sitting him on the potty every half hour while he screams and cries, grasping onto the material of your shirts as you tried to coax him down and tell him that it was alright…that the potty wasn’t scary and that he was a big boy, and that big boys don’t use diapers.

“Maybe he’s just not ready,” Spencer mentions.

“Oh, so you were worried about his speech, but screw the fact that I’m changing a four year old’s poop!” you yell, causing Jacob to scream louder as Spencer clenches his jaw.

“Y/N, now’s not the time…” he draws out lowly.

Jacob’s tantrum mounted and mounted, ringing your ears as you press your face into the palms of your hands.

“Jacob…it’s alright buddy…you just gotta calm down,” you hear Spencer trying to soothe.

And just when you thought he tantrum couldn’t get any louder…

…it did.

“Holy fuck,” you curse breathlessly as you feel your patience waning.

“Y/N,” Spencer bites, “he’s not ready.”

“I’m not changing anymore diapers!” you shriek as you throw your hands in the air.

“Jacob!!” you roar, causing the little boy to clamp his jaw shut as his eyes grow wide.

“HUSH!” you shriek, your eyes wild as your son stares at you, his sounds now muted as Spencer pets his head.

“Stop yelling at him,” Spencer murmurs under his breath.

“Well obviously it worked!” you yell, losing your patience as you thrust out your arm towards your no-longer-shrieking son, his tears drying up on his cheeks as Spencer presses kisses on top of his head.

“Jacob!?” you ask loudly as your son locks eyes with you.

“Do you want a popsicle!?” you enunciate as you watch your son slowly nod his head up and down.

“Then pee in the potty!” you breathlessly exclaim.

And then, as Spencer glares at you with eyes of daggers, his face slowly softens as the sweetest sound you had ever taken in graces your ears.

The sound of urine hitting the inside of a plastic children’s potty.

“Oh my god…” Spencer whispers as his eyes widen, turning towards his son as he grips tightly onto the toilet and empties his bladder.

As your jaw unhinges towards the floor, the last few days of fighting and stepping in your son’s waste quickly fading away, you dip down onto your knees and shove Spencer over to the side, placing your hands on your son’s legs.

“Do you need to poo poo?” you ask, only for Jacob to shake his head no.

“I am so proud of you,” you whisper, smiling as tears rim your eyes…tears of stress and fury flooding your face as you raise your hand and cup your son’s cheek.

“Pee pee!” he says as he points to the inside of the toilet.

“Yes!  You went pee pee like a big boy!” you squeal, clapping your hands as you watch Jacob release his death-trip on the side of the toilet, clapping his hands along with you as he giggles.

“Good boy,” you breathe, smiling broadly as you take his hands, helping him up from his sitting position.

“Do you want a popsicle?” Spencer asks.

“’Sicle, daddy!  ‘Sicle!” Jacob exclaims.

“What flavor?” Spencer giggles as he gets up and heads for the freezer as you groan, slowly rising to your feet as your knees crack upon standing.

“Banana!” Jacob yelps as he runs behind Spencer.

“Banana!  Hmmmm…let’s seeeee…” Spencer draws out, opening the freezer as you look down into the toilet, crying tears of joy as your body begins to tremble.

He did it.

He finally peed in his toilet.

Hearing Spencer unwrap the popscile for Jacob, you slowly turn around as you take in a long breath through your nose as your eyes fall to the floor, your hands throwing themselves out, almost in slow-motion, as you attempt to stop Spencer from stepping backwards.

“Spencer!  Nooooooo!” you yell as Jacob takes the popsicle from his daddy’s hand just as Spencer whips his gaze up, coming down with his foot as a squishing sound ricochets like wildfire throughout the corners of the house.

You watched as Spencer’s face contorts, the smell hitting his nostrils as you bring your hand up to your mouth, trying desperately to stifle your laughter as Spencer picks his foot up.

Poop!” Jacob exclaims before he runs off with his popsicle, leaving you stifling your laughter as Spencer stares at the floor, seemingly wondering how in the world his life ended up here…with his foot covered in his own son’s poop.

“I thought you said you didn’t have to poop!” you calls out into the house as he hops over to the counter, throwing his foot over into the sink as he turns on the hot water and reaches for the soap.

And all you could do was double over and laugh.

Today, I fucked up by Potty training my 2 year old.

I(male) asked my boy “Wanna go potty?” Boy “yeah.” We go to the bathroom and he wants to try standing up, so I put him on the stool. I move to the side and proceed to pee into the toilet to show him how. It was such a blur, I think he leaned forward which made the stool move. He fell face first into the toilet while I was mid stream! I pissed all over the back of his head b4 I could pinch it off and pull him out.

Through my laughter I call my wife to grab him so he does not put his hands(the only part to actually go in the toilet piss water )in his mouth or on everything, so I could finish. Straight to the bathtub he went. He proceeds to stand up and pee. I ask him if he wants to go potty, his reply NOO! FML I now have a 2 year old that is terrified of the toilet!

Too Long; Didnt Read > I asserted my dominance by pissing on my 2 year old’s head!

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It always annoys me when people send hate to Tyler (or anyone) for things he said 5 years ago and since then has apologized and shown that he has learned from his mistakes and grown

Like who are you to talk, you probably weren’t even potty trained 5 years ago