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How We Got Here

“What did you do?”

“I fell.”

“I see that, how did you fall?”

“Because walking became difficult.”

Inuyasha bit back a loud sigh as he stared at his wife laying on the kitchen floor. She looked quite content there, and not in any pain, so he was suspicious that she had chosen to lay on the floor instead of falling down. Buyo laying happily on her chest, breathing heavily towards her face and purring loudly was another indication that she, perhaps, had wound up there intentionally.

A week ago, Inuyasha had been our working in the yard, when he heard a loud shriek from the house followed by large bangs. He burst through the door to find Kagome buried under pots and pans, silent from the shock. He carefully removed her from the mess of the kitchen supplies, and placed her on their bed, while he went to clean up the mess.

Apparently, the shelving had given out, so when Kagome opened the door to put dishes away, she was met with an avalanche that took her by surprise.

Inuyasha put all the dishes on tsaycounter and emptied the all cabinets, since if he was going to fix one, he was going to fix them all.

Assessing what he needed and making a mental list, Inuyasha left the scene of the disaster to find his wife. Kagome hadn’t moved from the spot he had left her in.

“How you feeling?” Inuyasha reached forward and stroked her thigh.

“I think I jacked up my shoulder. Really bad…” Kagome’s eyes were beginning to water, and that was all Inuyasha needed to bring her to the hospital.

The doctor was reluctant to believe Kagome was terribly injured, but once Inuyasha convinced (intimidated) him into doing an x-ray, it was discovered that Kagome had fractured her shoulder blade. While there was little that could be done for it, besides limiting motion and pain killers, it was a relief to know what was wrong.

Although, in hindsight, Inuyasha should have known that Kagome on pain killers was going to give him a run for his money.

So, looking at his wife, relaxed and enjoying her time on the floor in the kitchen, Inuyasha was certain that it was said pain killers that put her there.

Kagome’s glossy eyes told him that she had zoned out and was most likely seconds from falling asleep.

“Let’s get you to bed,” Inuyasha bent down to pick her up and was greeted by a nasty look from the chubby cat enjoying his new perch. He glared back, not willing to back down from caring for his wife.

Kagome sighed audibly, “But I am in bed.”

“No Kagome, you’re on the kitchen floor.” Buyo seemed to recognize that he was not going to win, and yowled loudly while crawling off Kagome.

“How’d I get there?” Kagome absent mindedly stroked Buyo’s fur as he vocally vacated the scene.

“I don’t know Kagome,” Inuyasha gathered her up close to him, rising to walk down the hall, “I just don’t know how you got there.”

“I know how I got here.” Kagome’s hands stroked Inuyasha’s face as he placed her in bed. “I met the love of my life, and we got married.”

Inuyasha wasn’t sure Kagome even knew what she was talking about, but it was pleasing to hear her say that he was the love of her life.

“I supposed life worked out well that way, didn’t it?” Inuyasha kissed her forehead, as she drifted to sleep, before walking around the bed to join her in her slumbers. “It’s how we got here.”

Prompto took this pic in my game and I immediately thought of you. Specifically, I imagined Ignis walking out of the tent to find you accidentally putting his pots and pans away in the wrong place and him feigning testiness. “I don’t like it when I can’t find what I’m looking for,” he says, a faint smirk touching his lips. “I daresay I’ll have to punish you for that.”

- sheastandefer

And here I come, directly after obnoxiously piling all of his prized cookware in a haphazard pile next to like, Noct’s fishing gear or some other dumbass place that pots and pans shouldn’t be:

It always makes me laugh when people talk about “professional” quality cookware because those pots and pans are not only ugly as shit, they’re cheap and dent if you look at them funny. They’re usually just raw aluminum, and they look old and worn after about a month in a professional kitchen. The edges are raw, and nearly sharp. They’ve got rubber handles that melt off because everyone turns the pots around because kitchens are small and you don’t want to drag a pot off the stove with your hip. Professional quality usually means “Will last approx 5 years before the handle falls off and the bottom warps so much you can’t safely use it anymore”

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Hi what can we do if we can't evacuate?

If you can’t evacuate here are some tips.

Buy life jackets immediately a lot of deaths are from drowning. If you have a kayak, canoe, life raft, keep these near you they can come in handy.

Do not swim. You will tire yourself out especially if currents are going against you.

Have ample flashlights on hand.

Once the hurricane passes. Get on top of your roofs. Use flashlights at night and if on hand any pots and pans during the day.

Tarp and rope. You can use tarp to make a temporary repair if anything comes down.

Do not turn the power on if there’s flooding!

Do no drink water that hasn’t been previously stored! Assume that all water has bacterial contaminations (yes this goes for tap water as well if you have no other choice boil it first)

Don’t pick up trees, wires, debris, nothing.

Do not use charcoal or generators indoors!

Sand bags can be used to help prevent flooding.

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Si no es possible para evacuar aquí hay algunos consejos:

Comprar chalecos salvavidas. Una gran cantidad de muertes son de ahogamiento. Si usted tienes un kayak, canoa, balsa salvavidas, mantener estos cerca de ti pueden ser utilizada en emergencia

No naden!! Se van a cansar especialmente si las corrientes van en contra de usted.

Tenga suficientes linternas a la mano. Una linterna para cada persona.

Cuando pase el huracán si hay inducciones ve para el techo de las casa. Utilice linternas por la noche y si está a mano ollas y calderos durante el día.

Lona y cuerda. Laona puedes se utilizada para para hacer una reparación temporal si paredes o el techo se derrumban.

No enciendes ningunos electrónicos si hay inundaciones!

No tomen agua que no haya sido almacenada previamente! Suponga que todo el agua tiene contaminaciones bacterianas (esto también significa el agua del grifo, si no tienes otra opción hervir primero el agua del grifo)

No recojan árboles, alambres, escombros, nada.

No utilice carbón o generadores en interiores!

sacos de arena se pueden utilizar para ayudar a prevenir inundaciones.

Black Salt

Black Salt is used for cursing, protection, banishing, cleansing, breaking spells or hexes, and repelling negative energy. Black salt is made by combining either activated charcoal or ashes from burned herbs or incense with sea salt. 

Using activated charcoal will actually make your salt a dark black color, whereas using ashes will turn it into a lighter grey color. 

Depending on what you plan to use black salt for, you can add different types of ash or other ingredients that correspond with your intent.

Ashes from various herbs and incenses for black salt: 

  • Basil - banishing, protection, spell-breaking
  • Cedarwood - cleansing, protection
  • Cypress - protection
  • Dragon’s blood - cleansing, protection, cursing, banishing
  • Frankincense - cleansing, protection, spell-breaking
  • Mullein - protection (especially for acts of magick involving spirit work)
  • Rosemary - cleansing, banishing
  • Rue - banishing, cursing, protection, spell-breaking
  • Sage - cleansing, protection, banishing
  • Sandalwood - cleansing, protection
  • Thyme - cleansing, banishing
  • Tobacco - banishing, cursing
  • Valerian - protection
  • Wormwood - cursing, protection, spell-breaking

Other ingredients you can add to black salt: 

  • Black pepper - cleansing, banishing, cursing, protection
  • Cayenne pepper - banishing, cursing, protection
  • Chili powder - banishing, cursing, spell-breaking
  • Garlic salt - banishing, cleansing, spell-breaking
  • Iron shavings (like from the bottom of your cauldron or a cast-iron pot or pan) - protection
  • Nutmeg - protection, spell-breaking
  • Onion salt - banishing, spell-breaking

Making black salt: 

  • Combine the ingredients and grind together using a mortar and pestle, coffee grinder, or herb grinder

Using black salt:

  • Add to spell jars or sachets
  • Sprinkle in areas around your home to create a barrier
  • Create a circle of protection before performing spells
  • Keep a container of black salt under your bed or pillow to prevent nightmares or bad dreams
  • Add to a jar to create a Negativity Trap
  • If using skin-safe components and ingredients, make a facial scrub or mask for cleansing
  • Anoint objects with black salt
  • Add to a container of War Water (especially if your black salt contains iron shavings)
  • Sprinkle a small amount on a neighbor’s lawn to make them want to move
  • Add some to a hollow pendant and wear to deflect negativity 
  • Sprinkle on items that hold bad or negative memories to cleanse them
  • Add a line of black salt in front of doorways and windows to keep out negative energy and spirits or entities 
  • Add a pinch to homemade floor washes for cleansing
  • Use to symbolize the waning, new, and dark moon; or Saturn and Pluto