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Top American History Moments - and I Just Started Another Biography

- Ben Franklin falling asleep on the congress floor

- Alexander Hamilton getting stoned by a mob while defending the Jay Treaty

- John Quincy Adams being the first president to give a female reporter an interview, but only because she caught him skinny dipping in the Potomac and sat on his clothes until he listened to her

- people calling John Adams “his rotundy”

- the Salem Witch Trails probably being because everyone was tripping balls because there was LSD in the water supply

- Alexander Hamilton having a horse named Riddle

- Thomas Jefferson going to Italy and stuffing rice seeds in his pockets to take back to America

- Thomas Jefferson having a waffle iron shipped back from France

- Alexander Hamilton basically saying that Jefferson was gay for France

- John Adams accidentally sending pages from his dairy to the Continental Congress, where they all laughed at him

- Thomas Jefferson calling Hamilton a hypochondriac when he caught yellow fever

- Washington surrendering Fort Necessity on July 4th, 1754

- The continental army having to be ordered to stop shooting at geese because they were wasting gun powder

- Merriweather Lewis accidentally being shot in the ass

- Aaron Burr’s speech to the Senate when he left allegedly bringing everyone to tears

- Hamilton saying that there was no need to open the Constitutional Convention with a prayer, because that would be asking for “foreign aid”

- Hamilton also saying that he was “as little fitted” to be a farmer “as Jefferson to guide the helm of the United States”

- Lafayette naming his daughter Virginie, and Ben Franklin then saying that he had twelve more states to go

- Aaron Burr consistently referring to himself in the third-person in letters


Panorama over the Great Falls of the Potomac River, Virginia


Can be a little amazing how many rich, geologic experiences are right outside. Here’s a group taking a short trip to the Potomac River, Northern Virginia - on private property but with the permission of the landowner - just walking along the riverbank and pulling out shark tooth after shark tooth. Plus an eagle as a partner!

언제부턴가 바다보다 잔잔한 물의 강이나 호수를 더 좋아한다. 그걸 가장 크게 깨달았던 건 시애틀에서였다. 밀려드는 것은 차오르게 만든다. 이 강에 처음 왔던 날 시애틀의 그 호수가 떠올랐다. 그때처럼 물 앞에 앉아 잠깐 있었는데 아무래도 그 잔잔함이 좋았다.

Dear Cat,

How can six hours pass in the matter of a moment?  I’m the fastest person on this earth and even I couldn’t believe when the sun began to rise over the Potomac.

I don’t know how you managed it, but you turned what was supposed to be an exclusive for me into a long conversation with an old friend.  When I flew across the country to see you, I could never have predicted a night of laughter and tears and such honesty.  Lighter doesn’t do this feeling justice.  I don’t remember the last time I felt truly unburdened.  I won’t apologize for keeping my cousin’s secret.  It was not mine to tell, but I did ask his permission.  Lois you’ll have to handle on your own.  I may never truly understand the relationship the two of you share.

For future reference, and protection of your furniture, it’s never a good idea to test my powers indoors.  I have a tendency to break things.  I hope you thought up a suitable explanation for Carter.  I wish I could have said hello to him.  Maybe next time.  How is he taking the news about the move?  You were right.  I did have one more question.

The DEO anxiously anticipates your arrival.  I’ve arranged your security detail myself.  Someone who has proven her loyalty to me and who I trust with my life and more.

I’ve enclosed a copy of my article that ran in today’s Tribune.  Digital tells me traffic on the website is up 13% this morning and the article already has a couple hundred comments.  No, I have not read them.  I do occasionally listen to you.  I suppose I should get used to that again… boss.

The in-depth interview and profile will run in the magazine next week.  Snapper’s going over it with a fine-tooth comb and I’m sure he’ll manage to zap my will to live before I see you again.

The bullpen is green with envy over my being named CatCo’s foremost Cat Grant expert.

You say nothing important has to change.

Cat, everything has changed.

With a light heart,