the poster is just beautiful

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous

Sense8 Season 2 Poster Analysis:

First, I’m going to do a technical summary about the new season 2 poster, listing important details for you to understand, “the psychological analysis”.

Clarification: I am a qualified graphics designer.

The poster has a lot of details that are very important, and there are themes that are present throughout the design: For instance: There is a variation between gradients and lights - The objective: complexity vs minimalist.

Sense8’s Poster has a degraded background which is blue-white-grey and it also has warm and cold lighting. This lighting stands out in specific points, creating luminance & contrast.

Rule of Thirds: The poster is divided exactly in this way:

Here we can see six imaginary lines. These lines show us important details at the crossing points. Our brain sees the poster from left to right and from top to bottom.

First point (left up): Will’s face.

Second point (right down): Capheus’s body.

Third point (left up): Kala’s body.

Fourth point (right down): Building - This point doesn’t seem to matter

Instead, the lines make us to read the poster this way:

Vertical left line: Sun - Will - Titles

Vertical right line: Kalagang - Cities

Horizontal up line: Will (again) - Lito

Horizontal down line: Riley

Also, like I said, we read the poster from left-up to right-down. Like this:

It redirects our mind with the different directions of the character’s faces.

Sun looks towards the opposite side of our view: from right to left. Some asiatic countries read this way.

Wolfgang + Kala: Their direction is the opposite as Sun’s, and they are the only ones who are shown together in the same shot. This could be telling us that they will be going down the same road, like a journey together.

Will + Lito: Both of them are looking towards the front. This could be telling us that they are going to advance a lot when it comes to their individual plots & story lines.

Capheus: He is looking in the same direction as Sun, towards the left. Sincerely, I don’t like this because it looks as though he turns his back on Riley and Nomi. Capheus faces the opposite side, but not like Sun. You can tell that she is looking towards the front, but he is looking down, and he looks worried. I DON’T LIKE THIS.

But if I don’t like Capheus’ position, I hate Nomi’s. It is horrible. First, she doesn’t even fall on an important line. She is looking far right and it seems she is a bit isolated from the rest.

Psychological Sensory (Three blocks):

Orange: Serious and decisive looks towards a certain point represent a goal.

Purple: Lost and serious looks, with an open mouth - something to say perhaps?

Green: You can calm down. Relax - happiness.

Lastly, love in the Cluster:

Pink: They are distant. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not (they always try to fool us or throw us off). I have the sensation that this is for a particular reason though. Maybe Riley and Will will be separated in a physical way this season. Also, I would like to put an emphasis on Will. He appears bigger, while Riley has more of her body in the poster. All of this equilibrates the couple.

Blue: Togetherness. The opposite to Blueski, who is an important part of the poster. Both are in different places and this separates them. But Kala+Wolfgang are together. Are they trying to telling us that Kalagang is going to be physically together this season? I want to believe that this is true, and my instincts tell me I am right - I’m crazy, sorry.

Other objects in the poster:

The buildings from each country tell us that they are united as a cluster, and that they are all connected through the same line.

“Sobreviviendo. Juntos” or “Survive. Together” is the definition of the season - The trailer says the same kind of message.

In big letters we have “SENSE8”, although it is in the corner of the poster, which grabs less attention - for me, this is an error - It would have been preferable in the upper corner. Until now I haven’t read the date - May 5th - because it is so small. This is a problem.

Lighting: This caught my attention. The poster has a warm stroke across it. Kalagang and Lito+Nomi are highlighted. This light is a way to create unity and bring attention to certain points.


It’s a very different poster if we compare it to the poster from season 1 - The 8 unrecognizable faces - But in this case, they show us the 8 sensates with a different attitude, unity… For me, the characters that are less prominent in the poster are Nomi and Capheus. Lito is in the center and he look like a boss - I like it - But the main point of the poster is Will, he is graphically tagged. Although our hearts say “Oh Kalagang, OMG!”, our brain says: “Why do you look so serious Will?”. There are a lot of conflicting moods coming from all 8 of them. Sun is a big point too - Look at her size - And all of this is in the trailer as well; Will and Sun are the point of attention while Kalagang is shown very little and the others are just there somehow.

For me the poster is beautiful, it’s beautifully composed - there are always some mistakes, especially through the eyes of another (it’s all perspective) - I think that they don’t tell us so much, but at the same time they tell us many things - just like the trailer. They gave us a basic idea of season without leaving us with much more than the obvious.

Thank u @ww-n-double-d for making my English better, you are gold!

I hope you enjoy the analysis and I hope to hear your opinions about it!


I’m rarely ever patient with backgrounds and shading, but I couldn’t help myself with this one! Thank you so much @thecottonproject for creating such a beautiful and fun lineart for the @pjocoloringbookproject! There was so much included, but not so much that it was overwhelming to color in! It was the perfect amount! It was so much fun adding all the little details! You did a lovely job and I’ve always loved how you drew these characters! Thank you so much!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi, have you got any headcannons about the actual cabins at camp halfblood and what they all look like on the inside?

Of course I do. Thanks for asking. Hmm lets see :

  • The Zeus cabin is like its described in the books. Empty with a statue of Zeus but if you look closely Ancient Greek inscriptions (which are faded due to age) are carved into the wall. No one can decipher them because they are too mixed up but when the door is open and the light hits the wall you can see them glowing like sunlit freshly fallen snow.
  • The Hera cabin is pretty much the same. Her ceiling, however, is carved with Peacocks. The Zeus and Hera cabins are the same in all other aspects.
  • The Poseidon cabin, aside from looking like its made out of a rock from the sea is beautiful on the inside. It’s painted in shades of blue and green so it looks like waves are shimmering whenever light pours in from the windows. Some old coral plants are still in the stone so they add bursts of colour and add to the undersea effect. Unknown to many there is a trapdoor leading to a small cavern and a pool of freshwater underneath the cabin. It continues with an underground tunnel to the beach.
  • The Demeter cabin looks like its weaved out of vines. So many layers of plants cover it that you can’t tell that it’s actually made out of brick. The temperatures are self controlled to the needs of the campers so it basically has its own heater and air conditioner of sorts. There aren’t any plants inside (to avoid bugs) but the entire cabin is painted in Earthly colours. Shades of browns and gold. The roof has a special way of harnessing solar light to power the cabin (since its safe energy) despite its lack of solar panels
  • The Ares cabin isn’t the nicest out of all the cabins but it isn’t that body. It looks awful on the outside (and inside) but the beds are compressible. The walls open and close to make cabinets in which campers keep their belongings. It’s basically like Army barracks. (Use less space to fit more stuff). There’s a hidden cabinet in which all the battle/ambush plans that all the campers made are stored. (These came very handy during the two wars).
  • The Athena cabin is practically lined with bookshelves. Pretty much like the library in Beauty and the Beast. The cabin even has several underground floors to accommodate more books. The most important and valuable ones are kept in a magic safe deep underground with charms to protect the elements from harming them. In one of the below floors there’s even a complete strategics room to plan battle attacks. The ceiling is inscribed with Greek letters and words which only the Athena cabin can decipher. It’s a lullaby that, when the campers read before going to sleep, makes them feel Athena is singing it. (This is very comforting to the younger Athena kids). No one knows how but a couple of olive branches grow across the room. The interesting thing is they cross the parts of the walls where realistic owls are painted (so it looks like owls are perched on the branches). The walls are also covered with some hand made posters like “Remember to Eat” or “Time for Bed”. (They are mostly for Annabeth).
  • The Apollo cabin looks like its made of pure gold but its campers have no trouble seeing it. Inside it there are musical notes on the walls and a self playing harp. Different instruments and archery materials are decorated around the place. A Greek healing spell is written all around the cabin which is said to prevent disease and illness from entering. There is a small library of books which the Apollo campers own which are specifically about medical remedies, archery tricks and music. The walls are engraved with poetry by famous poets in Greek (so as to make it easier for the campers to read). A small fountain (which never overflows) is at the very back of the cabin filled with olive oil. The campers use it whenever they have a stuffy nose or get small cuts or scrapes while training.
  • The Artemis cabin isn’t very fancy. The ceiling is enchanted to change its image as the stars and moon change every night. It smells like pine cones inside (and the walls and floor are lined with pine wood too). It is lightly painted with a colour that makes it look as if moon beams are shining across the walls. The carpets are animal skins which the Huntresses bring from their hunts. The quilts on the beds are also made of animal fur.
  • The Hephaestus cabin looks like a workshop on the outside. On the inside its actually not as messy as one might think. There is a place for everything and everything is mostly in place. There is a workshop underneath the cabin for those campers who can’t sleep at night and need to tinker. Most of the beds fold up and unknown to the other cabin campers there are rooms underneath the actual cabin. The rooms consist of decent sized cubicles (sort of like a dorm) in which the campers sleep. The walls (decorated with carvings of fire) shift and behind them layers of tools are hung up. The temperature is maintained internally so the campers are never too hot or too cold.
  • At first sight the Aphrodite cabin looks like a typical doll house with hung up curtains and perfect paint. It actually is a lot more than that. It has (aside from trunks for the campers to keep their things in), a few walk in closets with clothes that are for any occasion. (That’s mostly where the extra clothes for campers without it comes from). Different rooms are present underground in which the Aphrodite campers do whatever they want. (Interior designing and sewing are the most selected options). Besides that lots of books are also on the floors underneath. Some focus on tips for staying healthy and makeup and stuff but 90% of them are for discovering yourself and your inner beauty. The walls are covered in motivational posters about beauty since Aphrodite is not just about physical attractiveness.
  • The Hermes cabin looks like a typical camp cabin from the inside. With wood ceilings and floors. Besides the dozens of beds and mattresses spread out there isn’t room for a lot of things. However, the Hermes campers can open a secret panel and go to separate rooms when they feel too constricted. (There are plenty of pranking items stored underneath the floorboards of the cabin too although only the Hermes campers know it). The little decoration the campers have set up are assorted posters and drawings and crafts. It makes the cabin look the most ‘normal’ out of all of the others.
  • Like the Demeter cabin, the Dionysus cabin is covered in vines. Grape vines and creeper to be exact. The inside is purple. Everything is made of wood with purple and green accents. The carpet is a leopard skin rug. On the shelves are different books on the topic of mental illnesses such as Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia etc. There is also a small fridge behind one of the walls to keep juices of all sorts since the Dionysus kids have an odd craving for fruit juices. (Not necessarily grape).

I hope these are okay. I’m not satisfied but ah well.

I really like the idea of there being panels and trapdoors and underground rooms in the cabins. So I decided to incorporate my idea. I know most of the rooms are underground but come on ? They wouldn’t be up in the sky now would they ?

By the way the thing about olive oil (Apollo cabin HC) is true. If you use it on small scrapes and bruises or bug bites it actually works. It also clears out your nose if its stuffy cuz of colds and stuff. I recommend using it since it gives you a good alternative to medicine which contains chemicals.

I don’t mind doing some for the minor cabins I someone requests them. 

(Minor God Cabins)

I feel as if some of the ones I did are redundant. Thoughts ?

Hope you like them anyway.


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mikki!!!! i hate my mood today. could you please write about what even and isak are doing today? :') i need this!! <3

Ahhhhh anything for you my love 💜

Isak wakes up to a big fluffy pillow hitting him in the face. He sits up and squints his eyes as he adjusts to the morning light. Finally Even’s cheeky smile appears in front of him and Isak smiles back. “I was sleeping!” 

Even answers by throwing himself on the bed and kissing isaks neck “wakey wakey eggs and bakey.” 

Isak laughs “you’re already cooking us breakfast in our new place?” 

Even raises his eyebrows “but of course! That was the deal. I make you breakfast everyday and you let me be in charge of decorating the apartment!” 

Isak pulls a pillow onto his face and groans heavily into it. “Eveeeeeeen” 

Even purses his lips as his eyes sparkle with excitement “a promise is a promise baby.” he says before jumping off the bed and heading to the kitchen “come eat! We have lots to do today.” 

Isak shook his head as his face glowed with a smile containing pure bliss. He was a doofus, but he was his doofus. 

“more to the right…no Isak, the other right.” 

“that’s your right not my right Evy!” 

Even giggled “okay it’s just a little crooked….how about, yessss perfect!” 

Isak laughed as he stepped back and gazed at the poster Even made him put up. “I can’t believe you are defacing our apartment, our save haven! with this.” 

Even put his arm around Isak’s shoulders, pulling him closer as he observed the Gabrielle poster now stuck to their kitchen wall. “I love it.” he said happily before kissing Isak’s nose and heading to place the succulent he bought over on the windowsill.  

“Why?” Isak asks incredulous. 

Even rearranges the plant “hmm I think I’m gonna name her Sucky Mc.Suck-Suck” 

Isak laughed brightly “Baby…” 

Even sighed and walked back over to Even to put his arms around him “It’s because it reminds me of one of the few times I ever felt really happy. Like honest to god stomach is about to fall out happy…and the first time I got you to dance to Gabrielle!” 

Isak blushed and kissed Even lightly “me too.” he said before looking back up at the poster “I mean it’s still shit but I like it.” 

Even grinned “yay now just help me with this framed justin bieber poster I - “


his beautiful laugh echoed through the apartment, “just kidding baby I know how it gives you a major headache,” he said with a wink. 

Isak shook his head. “okay but look, I know I agreed that you can be in charge of decorating this-

“I am Master decorator. the creative genius. Head of interior design in the bech næsheim and Valtersen residence.” 

“yes Even I get it. But can there be like oneeeee thing I can put up? 

Even smiled “yesss but I swear to god if it is that bikini poster I am going to kick you out.” 

Isak shook with laughter “nei! I gave that to Magnus.” 


Isak went over to one of the boxes placed in the corner of the room labeled “Isak’s junk” and pulled out a shoebox. 

“what is this?” Even asked as Isak came closer. he pulled the lid off and showed Even all of the drawings he gave Isak inside. 

“Is it okay if I hang a couple of these in our room?” 

Even’s smile lit up the world as he cooed in his melodic voice “awwwww baby, you aren’t supposed to be sappier than me.” 

Isak rolled his eyes with a smile glowing bright on his face “shut up.” 

Even kissed Isak deeply before pressing their foreheads together and staring right in his angel’s eyes. “Never.” he replied before wrapping his arms around the man of his life and enjoying the fact that they never had to worry about someone walking in on them again. This was their safe haven. Isak and Even’s. Even’s and Isak’s. 


so this became longer than I intended but I really hope it cheered you up angel! Let me know what you think and I hope your day becomes bright and beautiful like evaks soon <3 <3 <3 

girl almighty // chapter one

words: 3769
a/n: my oc is daughter of gaston, gatsby legume. a little long for a first chapter but i hope you enjoy! :)


The Isle of the lost, it was home sweet home to many. That was after the king decided to ship off anyone that was interesting to the gloomy island surrounded by not only water, but a barrier too. There was no way that you could get off this isle, unless you were invited off the island. Like some kids were about six months ago. Carlos who was the son of Cruella de Vil, Mal who was the daughter of Maleficent, Evie who was the daughter of the Evil Queen and the worst one of all, Jay, the son of Jafar. The thief that could steal everything, including your heart if you left it out on a silver platter, which too many girls have done way too often. The group of four were chosen by Prince Ben to go to the preppy school that is Auradon to try and fit in. The first step of Prince Ben’s plan to reunite Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. One day they were here and the next they were gone, without a single goodbye.
Gatsby Legume often tried to push the memories that held remnants of the time she spent with him. He was gone and the only way she would ever see him again was if by some miracle, she made it to Auradon. She doubted the Prince Ben, who was now king, would ever think of choosing her to go to the prep school. She was, after all, the daughter of Gaston. The man who pined after Ben’s mother for so many years until she finally fell in love with a beast out of all people. Talk about Stockholm syndrome.
Taking the steps two at a time up to Ursula’s Fish and Chips, Gatsby was only here for one reason. She didn’t want to spend any extra time in the restaurant that smelled like it was bathed in the sea water with an extra hint of a strong fish smell that always came from the back where the gross food cooked. Ironically, Ursula opened up the restaurant to serve any type of sea food to the residents of the isle but as time has gone on, Ursula began to focus more on the interesting soap operas that played on the dingy television in her office, rather than her money making shack. Now, her eldest daughter Uma took over most of the shop, becoming the one to work the most out of all of Ursula’s workers. She didn’t get much money out of it but it was a great place for her crew to meet up.
The restaurant was always over flowing with Uma’s pirate crew and Gatsby’s knew that she could find what she needed to in the midst of the pirate crew. Though, she wasn’t raised by a pirate, she managed to work her way up the ladder to where she was the captain of their little gang. Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook, was her right hand man and her second in command. The rest were just part of the crew, always backing up Uma in any type of situation. Her older brother, Gil, was part of Uma’s crew. Though he wasn’t always the smartest cookie in the tin, he still had a somewhat heart of gold, which was more than Gatsby could say for the rest of Uma’s crew. Gil always found the adventures that the crew went on and how evil the crew could be to be fun and as Gil always said, who could say no to Shrimpy? Gatsby. Gatsby could always say no to Shrimpy.
Pushing open the saloon type uneven blue door, Gatsby entered the restaurant and was immediately hit by the horrible smell. Scanning the restaurant, she was just met with different patrons who sat at various tables. They all had one distinguishable feature though, they were all dirty. In this area of the isle of the lost, it wasn’t common for those who spent most of their time around this part to be clean. The one time they do get clean is if they ever decide to just take a swim and dive off the pier, which wasn’t very common. Most of them sported tangled hair, missing teeth and tattered clothes and while Gatsby has had her fair share of tattered clothes, she couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose in disgust at the mixture of smells that surrounded her. She was Gaston’s daughter after all.
“Uma?” Gatsby yelled into the restaurant, still standing on the platform where the door was. As she scanned throughout the restaurant, looking for Gil or Uma or anyone that she recognized. The long table in the back of the restaurant that sat in front of the small television that always played news of what was going on in Auradon sat empty except for one pirate that picked at his food. For the first time in a long time, Uma wasn’t having a meeting with the people that obeyed her every words. Out of the corner of her eye she could see an older lady looking at her, missing her two front teeth and with wild curly hair that seemed to stick out in any possible direction and when Gatsby turned to look at her, the lady focused her attention back on the pile of mush that sat on her plate. “Shrimpy?” Gatsby yelled another nickname for Uma, one that she preferred over her actual name. It was given to her at a young age because of the fact that she always seemed to smell like shrimp. The nickname stuck because of Gil always calling her it on accident and it rubbed off on Gatsby at one point.
Gatsby saw Uma walk out of the kitchen, with an annoyed look on her face. She rolled her eyes when she saw Gatsby standing near the door. It wasn’t a secret to anyone on the isle that Uma preferred the older twin to Gatsby because Uma always thought that Gatsby was too smart for her crew.
“Hey Shrimpy,” Gatsby started with a tight lipped smile. She walked down the two steps to the actual floor of the restaurant before stopping at one of the round tables. She grabbed a fry off of the random’s man plate and munching on it. “Where’s Gil?”
Uma threw the plate of fried clams and some sort of meat substance in front of a waiting customer before shrugging her shoulders. “I think I saw Harry and him down by Pirate’s Bay.”
Gatsby rolled her eyes. “Of course they are.” She turned to leave, knowing that she’ll probably be late to the dinner.
She told Gil every single week that he needed to make time in his practically empty schedule to go to dinner with their Uncle Lefou but week after week, he seemed to suddenly be super busy and send Gatsby on a wild goose hunt throughout the isle because she knew that her older brothers didn’t care enough to go find him.
“Gil!” Gatsby yelled once she reached the bay. The entire dock was completely made up of wood with twists and turns of ramps and stairs that led to the gigantic pirate ship that was docked. It was the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook’s ship and it was always docked there because where else would Hook take the ship? With the barrier up, there wasn’t very much room for sailing. Harry was the first one to look up between the two while Gil was oblivious to his younger sister’s yelling. He hit the front of his boot against Gil’s leg causing the blonde to look up, slightly confused.
Gatsby stopped at the bridge that separated those who sat on the pier to entering the pier. She put a hand on her hip while raising an eyebrow at Gil. “Do you know where we have to be right now?” She asked. She saw the sheepish look on Gil’s face and knew that the boy probably forgot this time. He probably got tied up with fixing the Jolly Roger with Harry and lost track of the time and date. Suddenly, her anger melted away at how much of an airhead her brother could be. Her once annoyance that she would be late to the dinner was replaced with the words that she would use to explain to her uncle as to why the two were late. Lefou always took extreme measures trying to find some type of food that the two sets of twins would all like. She waited as Gil began to clean up. She looked across the way at the kingdom that was Auradon. She wondered what the old villain kids were doing and she was sure that it was way better than what was going on in the Isle. She heard rumors that Auradon was filled with beautiful enchanting lakes, trees that grew up and touched the sky changing colors when the seasons changed and large castles that were changed into prep schools when certain men became kings. It was a beautiful kingdom and while everyone on the isle seemed to want to trash any single poster put up about Auradon, Gatsby just wanted to see the beauty with her own eyes.
“You’re looking absolutely ravishingly today.” Gatsby heard a certain Scottish accent say in her direction, dragging her attention away from Auradon. She faced her attention back on Harry and a scowl crawled onto her face. As much as she hated to admit that Harry was gorgeous, probably the most gorgeous on the Isle with such high cheek bones and a gorgeous accent, but she just could help but to hate him. He was the Isle’s second biggest flirt, behind Gatsby of course. Right after Jay and the rest of them went to Auradon, Gatsby wanted to forget everything about Jay so she went after every single bachelor on the isle. Every single bachelor except for Harry and it started out because he was Uma’s second in command but as much as she tried to push him away, he just kept following her like a lost little puppy, always trying to flirt with her at any single, possible moment. As much as Gatsby loved being noticed and complimented by attractive guys, she never saw herself being with Harry. He was always with Uma and Gatsby wasn’t the closest with Uma.
“Harry,” She gives him a fake smile, crossing her arms over her chest. “I see that you still don’t know where your waterline ends.” She motions to her own clean line of black eyeliner that was swiped along the inside of her lower eyelid. The boy always wore copious amounts of eyeliner around the icy blue eyes that he sported. Gatsby remembered that his bright eyes that were surrounded by the dark makeup was the first thing that she noticed about him and she thought that it made him different than most guys on the isle. Many of them didn’t think that men should wear makeup but Gatsby guesses that pirate’s just did it differently, especially Harry. As it seems that as the day progressed, he would only put more eyeliner on until he resembled a raccoon.
Harry took a few steps closer to the girl who was only a few months younger than him. “Well then dearie, maybe you can teach me how to do my makeup just like you do yours.” He lowers his voice as he got closer to her, whispering in her ear. The close proximity to someone of the opposite gender should’ve been familiar to Gatsby but his thick accented words still managed to send a shiver down her spine, as much as she hated to admit it. Goosebumps appeared on her smooth arms and she wished that they would go away.
Instead of doing anything that her body screamed for her to do, she instead scoffed and pushed the taller boy away from her. The thick winged eyeliner that she managed to figure out how to do after watching the Auradon news for so long. She often admired the girl’s who went to Auradon’s makeup and wanted hers to look like that. Makeup in the Isle was often times, cheap and messy and it took Gatsby so long to figure out how to make her lines clean and to stretch out past her eyelids. She spent way too long in front of broken mirrors, wiping off the dark eye makeup and starting again and some days, she almost looked like she was trying to copy Harry’s way of doing makeup. “In your dreams, Hook.” She responds to the boy’s wishes.
A chuckle emitted itself from the boy’s throat as his smile grew. He took a step to close more of the space between the two again. He moved strands of the dark hair that framed her face away from her face with the hook that he always seemed to carry around. “You’re always in my dreams, lassie.” He stared down at her.
“Gats, you ready to go?” Gil asks, appearing next to the two and Gatsby has never been more excited to see her doofus of a brother. He stopped her from doing whatever it was that her subconscious wanted her to do. She was always supposed to hate Harry but he wasn’t making it very easy that’s for sure. Gatsby nods and takes a few steps away from Harry before turning around, her black hair flowing out behind her.
“I’ll see you in my dreams.” Harry called out after her.
Gatsby rolled her eyes but continued to walk with Gil. She knew that if they made it to their uncle’s house soon, they might be some food left. It was really a hit or miss on whether or not Lefou could manage to hold down the older twins down. The Gaston’s usually ate anything that was placed in front of them. Their father always lectured towards his children that they should always eat anything that was placed in front of them because one, it would cause for them to grow up big and brawny, just like him, and two, you don’t know where your next meal is going to come from and if there is another meal. Gaston might’ve not been the most caring father but he knew how to teach his children how to survive on the isle and Gatsby was thankful for that. Mostly because neither Gil nor her spent much time at their house but she knew that her twin would be safe. His skull might be a little thick but he knew to take care of himself.
As the two made their way through the marketplace, Gatsby listened to the blonde ramble on about what happened when he was fixing up the Jolly Roger with Harry and how Harry almost hooked someone earlier that day. His conversation was interrupted and suddenly, the boy next to her was quiet. He had bumped into someone which wasn’t uncommon in the isle. No one ever moved for anyone else. You had to move out of their way or else you were going to bump shoulders. Gatsby learned the hard way of who she should move out of the way of and who was going to move out of her way. She stopped walking once she realized that her brother had stopped too.
“Hey man!” Gil said with a grin on his face, like always. “I think I know you.” Gatsby puffed out her cheeks and rolled her eyes . At the speed they were moving now, they were never going to make it to this dinner and even if they did make it, there would be no more food left, for sure. Gil was a happy person, unlike most of the residents on the isle and who know how long he would keep this conversation going with his so called, friend.
“No, I don’t think you do.” An unfamiliar voice responded and Gatsby wanted to see who Gil had suddenly made friends with. Gatsby had recognized the four almost automatically and Gil was still trying to convince the man in blue that the two were ago old buddies.
“Yes, you totally do. Here, I’ll give you a hint.” Gil motioned between the himself and his younger twin. “Our dad is quick, slick and his neck-” He then went to motion at his own neck “-Is incredibly thick.” He references to the song that Gaston and Lefou used to sing in Gaston’s tavern before he was considered a villain. The song about how amazing Gaston was and how everyone in the town loved him. That is, before they all turned on him after the beast became man once again.
Gatsby’s eyesight made it’s way over to the one person that she wished she hadn’t seen again. It was like seeing a ghost, she didn’t know if he was real or not. He was sent to Auradon to have a better life and he was the one who left her here to rot just like all the other villain kids. Jay, son of Jafar. The worst villain kid of all. He still looked practically the same, maybe only a little buffer. Long dark brown hair that Gatsby always loved to braid. She would sit him down in a random chair in Curl Up and Dye and start working on his long locks. She would braid it and try to see how many little trinkets it could hold and how she could twist it into other hairstyles. She always wanted to be able to put flowers into the little crevices of the braid but this being the home to all villains, it wasn’t exactly the best place for flowers to grow. The large arms that often held her when they were all alone were covered in a leather jacket. She remembered how much he loved to show off his arms and thought that they were a symbol of how tough he was. Gatsby always loved to point out that he was tough on the outside and ooey and gooey on the inside. Along with Jay was Carlos, Evie and King Ben out of all people. Decked out in what seemed to Gatsby to be a matching outfit with Evie. Gatsby had guessed that Evie was the one to dress the young king up to travel to the island. She remembered all the time Evie tried to dress her up too, in either way too much leather or dark dresses that seemed to be fit for a princess instead of Gatsby.
She didn’t think she would see the three of them again. They were supposed to stay in Auradon and live their best lives. Gatsby was furious that they seemed to forget about her after they went to the prep school but what she was more furious was how much her heart seemed to yearn for Jay. She had taught herself to not care about men after she was done with them. After all, romance was usually frowned upon on the isle but Jay was her longest relationship that she managed to keep. Not only that, but he was her first love.
Gatsby had noticed the poster behind the group. It was referencing to the Cotillion that was supposed to be taking place in a few days. She had no idea what a cotillion actually was but the news made it seem that it was just some sort of super fancy dance. The drawing was of King Ben with his love, Mal by his side but somebody had spray painted over the drawing. The black spray paint read about how Mal was this princess and she had become a good girl ever since Ben’s coronation where the four had chosen good over evil. They obviously didn’t want to have any fun in their lives anymore if they chose good.
Elbowing Gil in the ribs, she pointed to the poster behind the four. “Does he look familiar now?” She asked him after nodding her head to Ben. She made eye contact with Jay just in time for her to see him looking at her with a pleading look. Well, if he wanted to choose good, that didn’t mean that she had to choose good. He wasn’t her boyfriend anymore and he hadn’t been for the last six months. Him returning, whether it be temporary or permanent, was not going to affect Gatsby in any way. And that was one of the most convincing lies she had told herself in a long time.
“Oh!” Gil gasped, his smile growing, as he put two and two together. “You’re King Ben!” He pointed to the boy who tried to mask his appearance with a midnight blue leather jacket and matching beanie.
Gatsby started to pull Gil away before he could make anymore noise. She knew how hated the four that were sent to Auradon were here and how even more hated Ben seemed to be. If everyone in the marketplace were to find out that these students were back in the isle, it wouldn’t end up well. “The dinner, Gil.” She gritted between her teeth, pulling on the boy’s beefy bicep. To Gatsby, it seemed to her that she had been trying to get Gil to this stupid dinner for an hour. The things she does for her family.
As the twins went one direction and the group of four went the other way, Gatsby shot one more look over her shoulder. She was met with another pair of eyes staring at her. Jay, the biggest one of their group was pushing the rest of them farther into the marketplace. She knew where they were going to, Mal’s hangout. When they were all together and Gatsby was part of their crew, they would often spend all their time together there. Memories ran through Gatsby’s brain as she remembered all the times they spent there together. As Evie used Gatsby as a model on one of her ridiculous fashion choices that Gatsby could never pull off or the first time Mal let her spray paint something on the wall and she decided to spray paint a red heart in a small corner with the initials G and J next to it. Mal could only look at her two friends with disgust, wondering what the two ever thought was amazing about falling in love. Grabbing the can from the girl’s hand, Mal told Gatsby that she was losing her villainous touch and Gatsby could only respond with loud giggles. Everything was so much more simpler back then. They were just rebels without a cause.


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Shows that people need to watch (but i feel that no one is)

8 Humans (2015)

he This show is set in a world technology has advanced to allow for the creation of human synths, essentially robots. However, what would happen if these highly intelligent creations were made to feel? This show explores that, as several of the synths have been made to feel everything humans can. It is honestly so good, and as you can see on the poster, cinnamon role colin morgan from Merlin. 

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just beautiful :)

Dark Matter (2015)

A sifi show, this show is about a crew of 7 people who find themselves on a ship with no memory of who they are. The show is then about them trying to figure out who they are, and what they are doing together on the ship. It has a very diverse cast 

The leader is a woman, her name is 2 (i know, its strange, just watch the show), and she is so kickass I love her. 

Sense8 (2015)

I cannot say enough good things about this show. It starts with 8 people scattered across the globe, who are mentally linked. They all experience the same thing, but they pose a danger. That is why a certain organization starts to hunt them down, and that is why they have to use their skills, work together and get away from the bad guys.  A netflix original, this show is literally one of the mist diverse shows I have ever seen

The characters are from all over the world, about 6 different cultures and ethnicities are represented in one show, not to mention a crap ton of LGBTQ representation. okay, let’s just cut to the chase, this show is gay as fuck. II honestly cannot say enough good things about this show, it’s amazing. 

Angel (1999)

Okay, so people have obviously seen buffy, it’s a classic. But i feel that no one ever talks about Angel, and it’s a damn shame, ‘cause Angel was a great show, albeit from seasons 1-3. Angel follows Angel’s adventures in his new home Los Angeles with his team Angel investigations where they work together to solve crimes throughout the city. I love Buffy with all of my heart, but there is something about Angel that is just awesome. It develops the charcater of Cordelia into a somewhat vapid ditz, to an absolute loveable badass. Seriously just watch this show for Cordelia. And Wesley. And Fred. And Gunn. Oh and, cangel till the end, sorry Bangel shippers! 

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Charmed (1998)

Okay, this is my favourite show of all fricking time. It’s about these 3 sisters, who find out that they’re witches. And not just any witches, but extremely powerful ones who are destined to defeat evil. But despite that herculean task, that is not the show’s focus. The show is not about 3 witches who happen to be sisters, it is about 3 sisters who happen to be witches. The bond that the show creates between them is absolutely beautiful, and it is something that I don’t think we see a lot on TV. It is also so funny, making me laugh out loud for 8 wonderful seasons. Yep, if you have nothing to do for the summer, watch Charmed.  

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