the poster is just beautiful


I’m rarely ever patient with backgrounds and shading, but I couldn’t help myself with this one! Thank you so much @thecottonproject for creating such a beautiful and fun lineart for the @pjocoloringbookproject! There was so much included, but not so much that it was overwhelming to color in! It was the perfect amount! It was so much fun adding all the little details! You did a lovely job and I’ve always loved how you drew these characters! Thank you so much!!!

Charles Fraser’s full-length portrait of John Laurens, now available in poster form here

And I even have a product review for you all because 1) I needed this poster in my life, and 2) I wanted to make sure the image quality would be acceptable (only the best for you guys).

So I present to you, without any sort of exaggeration, the most beautiful poster I have ever owned:

Just look at this resolution (also my hand for size comparison)

And if you’re wondering what these white things on the side of the poster are -

They’re not printing errors - they’re the epaulettes and breeches from a soldier on the side of the full painting (which you can see here).  Since I wanted to focus on John, I cut him out.

I ordered the 13″x19″ size with semi-gloss paper.  You could go up to a 24″x36″ poster since the image I used is large enough to fit that size, but I do not recommend it.  This image was scanned from a magazine cover, and as you make the picture bigger, you start seeing the dots of color that make up the picture.  This is what the picture looks like when fully zoomed in:

So I would recommend staying around the 13″x19″ size or going smaller if you would like.

If you click the “customize it” button on the site, you will also be able to resize and rearrange the image if you need it to fit a different size poster better.

I hope you enjoy this poster as much as I do.