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don’t reblog~ plsssssssssssss !!!!! pls DON’T reblog ! i forgot how i started this out last time i did a one sided gift exchange omg but i’m rly appreciative & thankful that u guys continue to support me even tho i’ve been 300x less active lately! it rly means a lot & gives me motivation to actually start up again & i wanna say thank u a million times so thank u thank u thank u & please accept this gift from me!!! i know material things can’t buy love or truly explain how i feel for u all but it’s something i rly want to do for u & have been thinking abt for a while now! just like last time, this isn’t a g*veaway it’s a gift from one friend to another that’s exclusive to the followers of this blog so i don’t want anyone outside of the bngtnhmu universe to see this post & try to ~enter so i ask again that u please don’t reblog this shhhhhhhhhhh

now 2 go over the details i guess bc the previous paragraph was a mess!

i’m gonna send one person a package w/ 1 version of bngtn’s new album (u can choose which one u’d like!!), goods of their fave member (stuff like photocards or mini calendars or stickers etc etc), various cute stuff (idk how to explain this), & korean snacks if ur interested in that kinda thing and if the united states postal service says it’s ok. + i will ship to wherever u live so u don’t have to worry abt not being in the us. i got u 🛫♥️

idt there’s anything else left to say except thank u again & ❗️LIKE❗️ this postie if u are interested!!!!

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Can I request...headcanons? Is that it? XD anyways, can I request those with MTMTE Megatron and human s/o that loves chasing him around through the air vents? Like he never knows where or when they'll show up but *POOF* they do? Love the blog babbs!


Hope you don’t mind but this’ll be a bit more of a story/fic than headcanons ^^” I like to think out how scenarios will happen

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The Denver Post, Sunday, February 1983

Shit, son. How does the postal service work in Mass Effect? Like… Here’s how I imagine it basically goes:

Street Address
Apt./Suite #

In other words:

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i. everywhere (fleetwood mac cover) // vampire weekend ii. you remind me of home // ben gibbard iii. photograph // ed sheeran iv. how do i tell a girl i want to kiss her // modern baseball v. such great heights (the postal service cover) // iron & wine vi. stuck on the puzzle // alex turner vii. when the sun goes down // ben gibbard viii. tenerife sea // ed sheeran ix. waste // foster the people x. i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys xi. luv, hold me down // drowners xii. i always knew // the vaccines xiii. i wanna be your boyfriend (ft. angel deradoorian) // discovery xiv. brand new colony (live acoustic) (the postal service cover) // ben gibbard xv. there is a light that never goes out // the smiths xvi. take care // beach house xvii. first day of my life // bright eyes

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I'm on a trip for marching band and on tbe bus ride to where I'm going, I looked through your blog until the internet stopped working

The news traveled slowly, of course, for there was no email, no reddit, no twitter, no facebook on which to share the event.  The nightly news reported it occurred at 5:44 PM Eastern time.  The Chinese, they said, were to blame. But some figured it was terrorists, while others thought from within.  It didn’t matter, though; the whole world shared in the digital darkness.

The businesses, were of course, the biggest concern.  The first week was the worst, as company after company struggled to re-establish communication and data sharing methods.  Stores sold out of paper as fax sales skyrocketed.  Telephone companies reported overburdened lines.  The postal service got a much needed but short-lived boom to their numbers.

The stock markets didn’t reopen the next morning. There was a rush on the banks.  Stores raised their prices, while concurrently their supply lines faltered.  Resources began to grow scarce, as more and more desperate people stocked up on supplies.  “The new Y2K!” read headlines, until they ran no more. 

The highways were stuffed with scattered, abandoned cars. No one went to work; there were no more paychecks, no more banks, no more trust.  Some small communities stayed afloat, but massive caravans from the cities quickly overwhelmed what supplies they had treasured.  Riots erupted from one city to another until the mass of chaos could no longer be quantified, no longer be stopped.  The winter lasted longer than it ever had before, and when it was over, spring never did arrive.

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I haven’t posted anything in the past few days so take these

hisoka (unicorn) works for a postal delivery service and drives a shitty scooter. He’s into sweets

yong (bat thing) works for the same postal delivery service and is trash. Or lives in it. Same difference. He’s also into sweets. Chocolate is his favorite though. Weirdly enough he’s nuts about dark chocolate despite his sweet tooth but any kind of chocolate will satisfy him to be honest