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Magical Witch Academia is often compared to Harry Potter, and the influence/inspiration is clearly there (while there have been magical/witch boarding school stories well before Harry Potter, I think it’s probably impossible to do one in a post-Harry Potter world without Harry Potter being an influence, whether you want it to be or not). 

But what I love is it’s almost, like, opposite Harry Potter?

Harry shows up at school and is instantly pretty good at things like flying and basic magic, with lots of untapped powers he wasn’t even aware of (like being Parseltongue).

Akko shows up at school and is immediately awful at flying and basically everything. 

Harry shows up as basically a celebrity, even though all he really wants to do is keep his head down and live a peaceful life.

Akko shows up with most of the school wary of her before they’ve met her, and her dream is to be a big damn celebrity. 

Harry had a terrible home life with a family that tried to bury magic despite his personal family history; Akko’s family seems loving and abundantly supportive of her interest in magic despite their having no family lineage in it. 

The smarmy wealthy blonde rival from a good family in Harry Potter is kinda evil and often breaking the rules just for the purposes of being mean. Meanwhile Diana is actually the best and is honestly right like 99% of the time, and (while this isn’t true of her groupies) she’s not particularly mean or stuck up, just rightly confident in her positions, and regularly puts herself in danger to save Akko or the school from messes (that are… often caused by Akko). 

While in the Harry Potter universe Magic is a big secret, and people go to great length to keep it that way, in Little Witch Academia magic is a known commodity that’s losing popularity, so the witches are basically always promoting it to non-magical folks in an attempt to raise magic’s PR.

Thoughts on Jumin

Man, the 707 Reset Theory was depressing enough, but the Jumin Reset Theory? Oh, man… imagine all the implications…

I was really inspired by @imjamiejamz‘s art! And my love for Jumin

Disclaimer: Long post ahead!

I mean, let’s face it. Because of the environment he had growing up, he didn’t learn to properly process and express his emotions. He grew up in  a corporate world where everything had to be cold, rational, and efficient. Almost everything — his feelings, wishes, desires — had to be heavily repressed for the sake of efficiency (which I think triggers his Bad End 2, since MC basically coaxes him into unleashing his suppressed desires). He wasn’t really loved and didn’t know how to love in return. The women in his life either had ill intentions towards him or only went after him for his wealth. He struggled with a lot of issues internally, but had no outlet to vent. He basically dealt with everything alone.

Jumin, essentially, was (and still is) a lonely person. Though Rika and V were his two closest friends, they eventually had to leave his life. With Elizabeth 3rd, however, he finally had a means of projecting his suppressed feelings of loneliness.

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a story for maggie

I recently read a post @maggie-stiefvater made about her experience on the other side of the signing table at author events. Mostly about the anxiety that comes with wanted to make sure each fan has a good and worthwhile experience despite time constraints and such.

So I wanted to post about my experience meeting Maggie at BookCon last summer.

It was my first time attending an author signing. And my first time attending a convention.

Basically, it was my first time doing much of anything because I’m a pretty constantly terrified of people and easily overwhelmed with noise/sights/etc.

I’m autistic, and books have always been my special interest. I love everything about books, and when I find one I especially love, it pretty much consumes my whole world.

That’s what happened with The Raven Cycle books. I absolutely loved them, loved every single word. I made my best friend read the entire series, and my wife who doesn’t read might as well have because they’re all I talked about for months.

Because I loved them so much, I relented to taking a trip to Chicago, for a chance to get one of my books signed.

It was actually great, and not nearly as overwhelming as I would have thought.

When it came time to have my book signed, my wife came with me. I got a spot towards the front of the line, decked out with my ‘Noah’ shirt (which you couldn’t see because I always wear a grey hoodie). I was ready. And I knew exactly what I wanted her to write.

Except we were told that, due to time constraints, she would not be writing any special messages in the books.

I was disappointed, but I understood.

When we got to the front, I was unable to speak. I smiled and gave her my book, and silently held out a leather bracelet I’d made for her (stamped with a quote from the book).

She accepted my bracelet and smiled as she signed my book. Maybe she asked me something, maybe I answered her. My memory isn’t great. But I do remember my wife speaking up and asking (against the rules!) that she write my favorite quote in the book.

It was a line that she jokingly said to me a lot when I was nervous about doing something new or scary, because Noah was my favorite character and she knew it made me smile: “You’ll be a champ.” (the actual quote being “he’ll be a champ”)

I was completely mortified, because that was against the rules. I didn’t want her to think I was entitled, or annoying.

She kind of paused, debating, but she opened my book back up and wrote the quote. I was thrilled.

I gathered my stuff and left the line, crying and flapping my hands excitedly in a way that I usually don’t let myself in public.

I’m not a published writer (yet), and I can’t imagine how stressful it is for an author to try to make every reader’s experience a good one. So I just wanted you to know that even though I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to (or much of anything at all), that meeting meant so much to me.

So thank you Maggie, I just wanted you to know that it was enough.

– from the small blue-haired eternally grateful autistic boy

hauntedtelepone replied to your post “All of your tags from the “world without YOI” ask. All of them. This…”

It’s not just that homophobia isn’t addressed. It doesn’t EXIST. Kubo sensei said that no one minds who you love in that universe and basically no one needs to adress it because it isn’t there. It’s a world to dream of and aspire to (and for me - a reality to fight for).

^^^^^^ can you write this on my tombstone please & thank you

must be the magic.

fandom: girl meets world 
pairing: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 1,830
prompt: “all i can say is it was enchanting to meet you” - written for day two of rucas fanfiction week
notes: just a cute lil fluffy thing about riley and lucas meeting for the first time. this takes place when they’re both in college and have never met before. also i lowkey changed the wording of the prompt, the quote is basically the same but a lil different.

Happiest place on earth my ass. His thoughts are bitter and has to refrain the scowl from becoming too prominent on his face as he strolls down on of the many crowded streets in the middle of Disney World. He just wanted to go back to his apartment in New York, drink too much, make bad life decisions for a couple days before moving on, like any normal college kid would after a bad breakup.

But no.

Instead, here he was in fucking Disney World. He knew that this trip was veiled and masqueraded as a way for Lucas to get over his messy breakup with his long term girlfriend, Missy. But Lucas saw right through that, he knew that the real reason that Farkle had been so willing to drop all this money for them to come here, was so he could get a week in with his girlfriend Smackle, and Zay was definitely using this trip to flirt with all the college girls here for spring break.

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Call out post for Hideyoshi Nagachika for being such a mom

Honestly he moms Kaneki all the time:

“Child pls eat more you look so pale”

Has this weird radar for when his child needs him.

Does the talk bc child is not good with people.

“I may look like i couldnt harm a fly but will track you down and wreck you if you dare to hurt my child”

Mind reader.

Oh but his mothering doesnt stop with Kaneki - no

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Instagram Headcannons Pt2

Ok guys I’m a mess and I like can’t stop thinking about what happens after the insta Jack posts in my last Instagram Headcannon so like have some more! (Also probably for @puckitall because she once again hasn’t told me to stop writing fic and start writing schoolwork. You’re a peach and I hope you enjoy part 2) Honestly like at some point someone needs to tell me to shut up and pretend I’m a senior in college, but until then? I’ll write.

Ok so after Jack and Bits get married Jack’s insta stays basically the same, it’s 50% Bitty and 50% everything else (but mostly hockey) that Jack feels like sharing with the world and it stays that way for a few years. It stays that way through his second cup win with the Falcs, through his trade to the Schooners (and his cup win there!), through his couple of years in Seattle and then through his trade to the Habs. 

He’s pretty active through these 6 or so years, Bitty comes with him as he’s able to cook from anywhere and his vlog on FoodNetwork isn’t really stuck on where he is, so they move around as Jack gets traded and they’re solid. There’s pictures of Washington State Ferries and the Pacific and Orcas that year Bitty took Jack whale watching for their anniversary, they’re pictures of WHL games that Jack likes to go to on weekends/week nights he’s not actually playing (he says it’s fun to watch kids with such a passion play, Bitty doesn’t question it and puts on the Silvertips or Thunderbirds or Chiefs or Americans or Winterhawks jersey as Jack sees fit, and Jack instagrams these pictures to the delight of his fans, and the WHL fans). They enjoy their time in Seattle (I JUST WANT AN NHL TEAM AND I WANT JACK TO BE ON IT) and then after 3 years in the PNW, he gets dealt to the Habs. 

During his time in Montreal his pictures get a lot more throwbackish, showing places he grew up as a kid, places he enjoys as an adult, pictures and videos of Bitty in their GIANT ASS kitchen speaking shoddy Quebecois at Jack, pictures of his parents etc etc. He enjoys Montreal too, he’s enjoyed everywhere he’s played actually. He’s not super picky, so he instagrams away. And life is okay. He’s coping well with his anxiety, he’s found ways to deal with the things that make him worry, and when push comes to shove he’s got his ray of sunshine at home to wrap him up and hold him until he can get out of his head. 

But guys we didn’t factor in the BITTLEMANN BABIES:

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Sui Wenjing  and Han Cong, World Figure Skating Championships 2016 (Short Program)

Hot pink and purple, oh my! Sometimes I worry that pair skaters are leaving all the risk and drama for the throw quads and phoning it in on the costumes (a very serious concern, obviously) so it delights me to see something as loud and dramatic as this.

Much like their free skate itself, this is a statement, passionate and unforgettable. I love the colors, I love the detailing and the tailoring, and just basically everything, I guess?

Grade: A+

Edit: I mistakenly noted this as a free skate previously, which is what I get for queueing posts late at night when I’m tired. Thanks for catching it, @theoodoneout!


A/N: Okay, I’ve been asked to do this before and I have sort of (basically just put a link to everything I’ve ever written), which isn’t helpful! Sorry, my loves. So, because I like things to be organised, I’ve now split this list up into categories - just follow the links to which ever character fanfics you want to read and you’ll find them there. 

…annnnd, I think that is all! Enjoy your stay, my lovelies! <3

anonymous asked:

i dont want this to come across the wrong way, and you dont have to respond bc like i dont want any other writer (including myself lmao whoops) to feel discouraged but like your writing and verse has ruined everything else for me (literally in the best way possible i love it so so so much) its basically just like i hold everything up to this bar of awesomeness which has been hurdled by you and i dont know if anyone can ever top it in my mind just. wow i love you and your writing/creativity

I wanted to post this because I hope it’s not seen as discouraging but as very kind.

I don’t think of writing fic as a competition, but I hope we writers continue to push each other and support each other. To make the LafLams world go round. 

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Do you think Ash & Ali will ever officially announce their together? I mean besides Carli's wedding, all the other USWNT weddings have had basically all of the team there and there are tons of pictures posted.

How much more official do you want them to be? Like honestly… were you not here yesterday when Ash announced to the entire world that she was taking her girl on a date? Were you not here for everything before that? Like seriously… y’all keep asking about ‘official announcements’ but haven’t noticed that they’re putting their love out there so often, just in their own way. 

i’ll never not be bitter over the lost potential that is hookriel. literally think about this– ariel, the young idealistic mermaid who rescues hook, and think she’s found love in the human world that fascinates her so much. only to discover upon meeting hook that he no longer believes in love–“it’s full of wasted years and endless torment.” ariel’s fallen in love not with the prince of her dreams but a pirate–a killer and a thief. hook is everything her father warn her about in terms of the evils of the human world.

hook openly dismisses ariel’s optimism, but is secretly drawn to it, thinking ariel the key to his happiness. she calls him out for this (and his crimes) at every turn–“ maybe that’s because the villains go about getting [happy endings] the wrong way.” over time, and seafaring adventures, they learn to reconcile the extremes in their personalities and make each other well-rounded people.

if a+e really wanted to go for an updated version of classic fairy tales, as opposed to the cheap fairytale version of grease that we get from c$, this would have been the perfect way to go with the little mermaid.



Everything happened at once this past week and a half and I didn’t get the chance to post about this in detail but… Two of our herd have gone on to their new forever homes! 

I’m leaving my hometown in just a couple of weeks now, and so I’ve been working on downsizing my herd enough that it won’t be a massive strain on my mother, who will take over as primary caregiver while I’m away… 

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hulkieswonderland  asked:

2, 5, 6, 15, 17, 18 (😋), 20

2. You’re perfect

aaaah no??

5.  I think you’re attractive

thank you you angel that means a lot coming from someone as gorgeous as you 

6. Let’s have a netflix and pizza night 

yes pls!! when and where i’ll be there :D

15. your blog is perfect 

aaarghhh shut up i love you <3 

17. post a selfie 

why would you do that to me and the world??

18.  tell me what you think about me

oh god michi you will cry again i tell ya… so what do i think about you? basically i think you are a gift to this world and especially my life. you are an actual angel and i love u to the moon and back. i can scream to you about everything but especially ski jumping and you spam me at 1am with all the great stuff your brain produces which is actually awesome. you also read all my shitty writing and support my selfies - even when they are awful haha. you are my long lost twin and you put up with my bad sense of humor. you never see for yourself how great you actually are and that’s why i tell you as often as possible. you are basically the definition of beautiful inside and outside and you are a really enthusiastic person when it comes to your favorite things and people. you are passionate about a lot of things and you have wonderful taste in music. you also listen to me whine about my exams and you cheer me up with tagging me in pictures of tom hilde (or manuel fettner in disguise; we’ll never know). i have actually grown attached to you so quickly over the past few weeks/months as if i´d have known you have my life, it just feels like we just kind of clicked. like i never feel that i can´t talk about something to you, which is very rare for me because i always fear that certain things i say or think will scare away people. 

anyways to bring that sappy monologe to an end: i am very thankful to have you as a big part of my life because you are my sunshine <3

(well that escaleted quickly *insert meme here pls*)

20.  I admire you

why would you do that?? shut up i love you too much already <3 



ARC I — to love what you can’t explain.

future straight canon verse with the saltztwins growing up. co-parenting with alaric. stefan is alive. there is no xaviers salvatores school for gifted youngsters. basically just like the finale never happened and things move on from the end of the steroline wedding ( or before, can be adjusted depending on verse )

ARC II — a whole world waiting.

future my-canon verse ( where everything the same happens but there is no saltztwins baby plot ) after the events of the vampire dairies, caroline sees the world and meets new people and generally has a blast

ARC III — after all, tomorrow is another day.

post finale canon. probably full of angst considering she’s trying to be optimistic. caroline is the last surviving vampire of mystic falls.


fucking fight me ok you all got your cute afterlife visions so i get to create a verse for mine. you bet your ass she’s finding her hubby no matter what happens in life though, alright?

the signs as i understand them from tumblr (and personal experience)
  • Aries: slightly scary, they could take over the world with their anger
  • Taurus: sensible, great friends
  • Gemini: smiley on the outside but a mess inside
  • Cancer: made of emotions and love, either the most observant person or the most oblivious no in between
  • Leo: glowing, personality is basically uptown funk
  • Virgo: no chill
  • Libra: say a lot and sometimes it seems pointless but they put meaning into everything they do
  • Scorpio: misunderstood, made of fluff inside i promise
  • Sagittarius: too many thoughts, probably have weird dreams
  • Capricorn: flawless in their own fucked up way
  • Aquarius: kinda weird but they always find a way to make it work for them
  • Pisces: sensitive but more intimidating than they are at first glance
if it was: part four

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

Summary: part four of the enemy/soulmate-on-your-wrist au based off of this post. Basically, angst with future fluff on the wind.

Words: 1700

Warnings: panic attack (continued)

you guys are the greatest, you’re so supportive and nice and I love you all :) (per usual, feedback/constructive criticism welcome)

FIFTH YEAR (continued)


Breathe Agatha, breathe. It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. I’m huddled in a corner of my room, arms wrapped around my knees. The lights are out so the only light is a faint amber glow from the evening sky out the window. The world seems too large and too complicated right now so I press my hands to my eyes to make it smaller. Little tears leak out from under them.

I hate when I get like this. It makes everything so hard. And it makes it harder to pretend that everything is okay, that I’m normal. I know I don’t have a right to complain, my life should be perfect, but it doesn’t feel perfect when you’re doubled over with pain that’s not really pain. Pain that only comes from your own mind.

Suddenly I hear the door handle turn. Oh god, I forgot that Penny was coming to help me with homework. I stand up, hurriedly rubbing at my face and pushing back my hair. I know my face has makeup smears on it, and my hair is tangled and sticking up all over the place. Oh well.

The door opens and Penny stands there, silhouetted against the light from the hall, peering into the darkness.

“Hello? Agatha?”

I sniffle. “Yes.”

“Why is it so dark in here?” She gropes along the wall and flicks on the light. “Oh! Merlin, Agatha, what happened?” She rushed to me and I fall into her arms. I would have tried to explain but I couldn’t seem to get myself to speak. It felt so good to be held. After a moment Penny pulled away.

“Seriously Agatha, what happened?” She looked so concerned it made me feel like crying again. Penny was so kind.

“I,” I swallowed, “I had a panic attack.”

“What? Do these happen regularly?”

“Sort of. Not all the time, but regularly enough.” Penny shook her head in disbelief.

“Merlin Agatha, why didn’t you tell me? I’ve known you for five years, I could have helped you.”

“No Penny, you can’t solve everything. This is one thing you couldn’t have helped.”

“Well at least I could have-” She took a look at the expression on my face. “Never mind.” Taking my hands, she pulled me to sit on my bed. “Tell you what, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. Let’s watch a movie.” Thank goodness. That sounded wonderful.

“Okay.” I gave her a small smile.



Simon let out a sleepy yawn, arms stretching back and shoulder muscles tensing. I watched him out of the corner of my eye.

“I’m so tired.” I didn’t say anything. I didn’t trust myself to speak. He looked golden in the soft light, stretched out on the floor. He turned to me, propping his chin up with his hand. “Do you think we could be done soon?” I looked at his half finished essay.

“No.” I couldn’t even muster up a scathing retort. Simon groaned and flopped over, closing his eyes. I watched him lie there, chest moving up and down with his breath. I felt strange, light. Like there was helium in my chest and fuzz in my head, and my limbs were all loose and strange. Simon’s pencil lay at his side and I leaned over to pick it up. Just as I bent over, Simon’s eyes flickered open and I froze, hand paused on the pencil.


“Yes.” My voice came out overly husky. I still hovered over him, staring into his glazed blue eyes. He was so close, I could feel his heat. I tensed, every sense hyper-aware. He sighed, and I felt his breath against my cheek.

“Can we please be done now?” I sat back, leaving the pencil. All of the sudden I felt cold and my chest hardened. This was worse. Worse than being enemies was this almost-friendship. It was like having the best treasure dangled in front of you only to be snatched away, leaving you empty, cavernous. You could suck in all the riches in the world and it still wouldn’t compare to what you could have had.

I couldn’t have him, and I felt so empty I might implode. 

Abruptly I stood up, letting the notebook in my lap fall to the floor with a thud. Simon started, looking up at me in confusion.

“What are you-”

“I have to go.” My voice was sharp, blunt. I jerkily moved half-asleep limbs to bring me to the door and then out of the cozy room. Picking up speed as I went, I headed out of Mummer’s House, into the cool night air, and towards the Great Lawn.



My paper was only half written, and I really did need to finish it for tomorrow, but with Baz gone the chances of me finishing were pretty slim. I don’t know what was wrong with him, storming out of the room all of the sudden, I didn’t do anything besides ask if we could be done. I wondered if Penny was done helping Agatha, maybe she could help me. I stretched, then crept out and headed for Agatha’s room. (Penny had cast a spell that allowed for me to enter, but it’ll probably only last a few weeks before the Mage disables it.)

I stand outside Agatha’s door, I can hear giggles and the murmur of voices. I knock. After a moment the knob turns and Penny sticks her head out.

“Simon! What are you doing here?” She looks unhappy to see me.

“I was just wondering if you’d be able to help me with my essay now.” Penny sticks her head back in the room. “Just a minute.” There’s soft talking, and I think I hear a sniffle, then Penny reemerges.

“Sorry Simon, I can’t.”

“Why not?” Penny shakes her head.

“I just can’t.” I frown at her. “Fine.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with you Simon, just do your best on your own.”


Penny gives me an encouraging smile, then shuts the door, leaving me alone in the hall. I guess I’ll just have to find Baz. He probably stormed off to go plot somewhere.

On my way back I see a figure lying in the grass, long limbs stretched out and face turned to the night sky. It’s Baz. What’s he doing lying on the ground? I take a breath, then head towards him. He doesn’t react until I’m only a few yards away, then his eyes flick towards me and he gives a small groan.

“Snow. What the fuck are you doing here.”

“My essay’s only half finished, I want you to help me.”


“No what?” He doesn’t look at me.

“No, I can’t help you. We’re enemies.”




I sit up. Here he is again, Snow, the last person I want to see. Seeing his face feels like physical pain and something snapped inside of me. 

“No! Whatever it is, no! You’ve done enough, taken enough. You can’t have any more.”

“I don’t know what you-” He looks absolutely bewildered.

“No, you don’t know what I mean, and you never will. Go away Snow.” I’m on my feet, shouting now. He stands his ground, like the stubborn fuck he is. He can’t even let me suffer in peace.

“What did I ever do to you? What do you want from me?” He shouts back.

“I don’t want anything!” It’s true. I don’t want anything, I want him.

“Then what is your problem?”

“I don’t have a problem!” He steps closer, up in my face. I’m taller than him and I straighten to maximize the height difference.

“Then why are you so, so-” He struggles to find the words, face scrunching.

“So what, Snow?” I hiss.

“So…awful!” The air is sucked out of me. I wish he would punch me in the stomach or something, I could deal with that. I can’t deal with this, the hatred so clear in his every word. He truly, truly believes that I am awful. The energy goes out of me and I suddenly feel calm.

“That’s just the way I am.” I say softly, sadly. That’s just the way he’s made me. He’s inches away now and everything in me is longing, willing me to close the distance.



In the moonlight Baz is a black and white photo, all contrast and no in-betweens. And his eyes look really pretty, silver and shimmery with flecks of darker grey. I haven’t seen Baz like this before, so defeated seeming and so close to me. Usually when he’s this close he’s trying to kill (or at least severely maim) me, and this is kind of unnerving. And strange. And sort of…pleasant? He smells really good. I’m just leaning towards him when he suddenly steps back and, giving me this sad blank look, turns and walks away, leaving me alone on the lawn.

I watch his dark retreating form. There’s a strange warm feeling in my chest that I don’t recognize. For a moment I felt I had wanted to…to kiss him. To kiss Baz. I lift my wrist and stare at it. ’Tyrannus’. I look at Baz in the distance and then back at my wrist. ’Tyrannus’.

“No way.” I whisper. “No fucking way.”



I yank at the thick wrist bands then slowly flip my wrists over to display to Penny, averting my eyes so I don’t have to see them. Her eyes widen and she gives a little gasp. “They’re blank!”

“I know.” She gently touches them and I flinch a little, relaxing after a moment.

“Do you know why…?” I shake my head. “No.”

“I’m sorry, Agatha.”

“Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault.” She turns my wrists back over and slides the bands back into place.

“It’ll be okay.” Penny’s got her determined face on. “And if it isn’t okay, then I’ll make it okay. You’ll see.” A nervous thrum runs through me.

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“But I-”

“I said don’t worry about it, Agatha.” Something in her tone makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t worry about it, that she will make it okay.


Title: One Love, One House
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Genre: Tooth-rotting Fluff
Warnings: None
Request: “Can I request a Pietro oneshot based on the song Sweater Weather (The Neighborhood) or Tear In My Heart (Twenty One Pilots)??” requested by anonymous
A/N: Shout out to this anon who read my tags on a post about Pietro then sent me this request, you’re a god send and I love you. Also basically this is just an AU in which Pietro lives and everything is good and everyone is happy because that’s how it should be :-))))

Originally posted by dailymarvel

You stood in front of one of the many large glass windows and stared out at the vast forestry, the green in the trees seemingly amplified by the rain. You loved the location of the new HQ, the amount of grass that surrounded the buildings being wonderful on its own, but the trees in the distance really made it feel far off from the rest of the world. Droplets of water rolled over the glass, slowly at first, then picking up in speed as the rain came down harder and harder. Thunder shook the building and you could have sworn you heard someone shout curses from down the hall.

“Enjoying the weather, I see,” Pietro said as he entered the large room, his hands tucked into the pockets of a large gray sweatshirt. You turned and smiled at him, unable to help yourself. It was hard not to smile when Pietro was around.

“Hard not to, this whole place is practically one giant window,” you responded, turning back to the window and folding your arms across your chest.

“I like the rain,” Pietro said, coming to stand next to you, “It makes me appreciate shelter more.”

You nodded in response, the sound of water hitting the roof filling the room. Pietro stood and watched the rain with you, motionless for a while, then he reached out and put his arm around your shoulder. He pulled you against his body gently, smiling as you wrapped one arm around his back and nuzzled against him.

“As much as I love missions and training and constantly worrying about if I’m doing enough,” Pietro said softly, “This is much nicer.”

“Agreed,” you mumbled, nestling the back of your head further into him.

You stood in silence, soaking in the sound of nature knocking at the window and enjoying each others company. It felt right to be in his arms, like you’d been there a million times, like it was a second home. The peaceful moment ended when someone dropped a glass in the kitchen down the hall.

You and Pietro pulled apart, both jumping at the sound. You laughed when you heard Vision mutter something along the lines of, “Ridiculous human glassware, Wanda needs a beverage, I’m an android and can’t even hold a glass without dropping it.”

Pietro took your hand and nodded for you to follow him, not that you had much of a choice as he dragged you through the winding hallway and toward his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and walked over to the large window on the wall, drawing the blinds and smiling. He sat on his couch and motioned for you to sit in with him, so you did. You laid down between his legs, your head on his chest and your hands smoothing over the soft material of his hoodie. His arms wrapped around you easily, his knees bent to the ceiling and his heart beating steadily in his chest. Pietro felt so safe with you, like anything could happen and as long as you were there, he knew nothing in the world could touch him.

Pietro watched the rain fall while you were observing his room. On the walls were framed photos, all from his time with the Avengers. They varied from pictures of him and Wanda to images from parties and get-togethers, and they all warmed your heart. Your eyes settled on the worn photo of his parents and you felt your stomach drop.

“Do you miss your family?” you asked softly.

“Every day,” Pietro responded, his voice making his chest rumble against your ear, “But Wanda makes it better. She keeps the nightmares away.”

“Do you have them a lot?” you asked, hoping you weren’t making him uncomfortable.

“Not so much anymore,” he said, “Especially when I go to sleep thinking of you.”

“And how often do you do that?” you asked, smirking slightly.

“Every night, I never stop thinking of you,” he said in a mock-romantic voice, his accent thick. He pulled you closer to him and smiled as you laughed gently at his sarcastic joke.

“I like talking about these things with you, Y/N,” he said, smiling contently, “It helps.”

“I’m glad I can help,” you said, craning your neck to look up at him. Your eyes met and you could see your reflection in the blue of his irises. He was smiling faintly, his jaw coated in scruff, seeing as though he hadn’t shaved in at least a week. He looked handsome, to say the least.

“You are so beautiful,” Pietro whispered, using one of his hands to move a strand of hair out of your face. His fingers lingered over your now blushing cheek, his smile growing as he looked you over. You started to say something when a crash of thunder interrupted you.

Pietro pulled you even closer so that your head was now resting on his collarbone instead of his chest. You cuddled against him easily, resting one of your hands on his chest as his slipped under your shirt and rested against the bare skin of your lower back.

“You know, I don’t think people who are just friends normally do these sorts of things,” Pietro said, smiling down at you as the rain became even louder than before.

“Some of them do,” you replied, “Like Vision and Wanda-”

Pietro cut you off by holding up his hand and saying, “We do not talk about them. I don’t approve.”

“How can you not approve? He can hold Thor’s hammer.”

“I don’t like the way he looks at my sister.”

“She likes him, you know.”

“I know, but I still don’t approve.”

“Does she approve of me?”

“You and I aren’t together.”

“Neither are Vision and Wanda.”

“Besides, Y/N, everyone approves of you.”

“Not everyone.”

“Well, I approve of you.”

“Thanks, I think.”

The sound of someone knocking and opening Pietro’s door interrupted your banter. Wanda entered the room, going on about how Pietro’s thoughts of you were extremely loud and she couldn’t focus on anything. She hadn’t even noticed the two of you yet, she was too busy picking up laundry off of his floor and tossing it into his hamper while cursing him for not being able to control his thoughts. When she finally turned and saw the two of you tangled together on his couch, she stopped in her tracks, her jaw clamping shut.

“I didn’t know you were in here, Y/N,” she said, taking the shirt in her hands and tossing it into the hamper.

“I thought you knew everything?” Pietro mocked, pulling you closer. You hid your face in his neck, the back of yours hot with embarrassment.

“I don’t listen to her thoughts,” Wanda said, continuing to tidy her brother’s room, “I’m nice like that.”

“Obviously not nice enough to leave us in peace,” Pietro said, smiling at his sister. She stared at Pietro, an almost proud look on her face as she observed the two of you huddled in a sweet embrace.

“I’ll go,” she said softly, “Clean this place up, I won’t always be around to do it for you.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Pietro said, waving her out of his room. Wanda closed the door behind her and you let out a stifled laugh, your face hidden in the crook of his neck.

“How cute,” Pietro muttered, his accent sending butterflies exploding through your body. He placed a sweet kiss to the side of your head then mumbled something in Sokovian.

“What did you say?” you asked, your voice muffled slightly.

“I’ll tell you some day,” he replied, one of his hands coming to rest on the nape of your neck as the other was lost under the material of your shirt.

Wanda’s voice invaded your mind, scaring you slightly. “He said he loves you,” she said. You could hear the smile in her voice.

“You don’t have to, Wanda just did,” you said to Pietro. He rolled his eyes and scoffed.

“So much for keeping it a secret,” he sighed.

“It’s okay, I love you, too,” you said, leaning up and pressing a kiss to his cheek before nuzzling back into his neck. Pietro was grinning like a child as the sounds of rain slowly lulled you to sleep.

So this happened to my friend at spnpitt..

Before the autographs while she waiting for this other lady she met at the convention to come out of the restrooms, she bumped into Jared. Needless to say the poor thing was paralysed. She had flown across continents to be there at the convention. It was her first time and she was so excited to be there and to meet everyone, basically just everything. And then she just bumps into this 6’ 4" giant and she is like really tiny. All she could manage to say was , “ oh god, you are Jared!”
And Jared is all, “ did I hurt you?you are so tiny! Why are you so tiny?”
So she just muttered something close to English in the typical accent we have and ran inside the washroom.

Later at the autographs, Jared recognised her from the incident and was all concerned whether he stepped on her foot or if she was hit pretty bad and stuff like that and she was all red in the face for running out on him like that. So he hugged her and asked her where she was from because he couldn’t place her accent. And when she told him he got all excited saying he’s always wanted to visit the country and signed her book “ To tiny, - lots of love Jared”
Jared Padalecki ladies and gentlemen. Too precious for this world.