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So, the thing is i came across this blessed post from @saisai-chan and i just felt so inspired???? so i did this quick thing, it was funnier in my head but yeah here you have it.

Inspiring Confidence (Part II)

Peter Parker x Reader

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So I wrote something for this, because as soon as I saw these all I could think of was Peter, and how he would totally do something like this, but immediately regret it and panic.

I suggest you read Part I first, this will be much funnier if you do.

Summary: “Did you – did you actually just send me nudes?” Looking at yourself in the mirror as you spoke, at the white of your teeth as lips stretched tight across them and eyes crinkled as you smiled…’

Words: 1.2k
Awkward adorable Peter thinking he has text game, but is really just a dork. Mentions of nudity/intimacy.

(I really cannot believe that I wrote this. I’m so sorry.)

A contented sigh pushed past moistened lips as hot water pounded away at tense shoulders, muscle fibers tangled with all of the hours spent finishing up that paper you’d ended up putting off until late the next evening; laptop and scholarly words pushed aside for toffee curls, fluttering eyelashes, and words that were much more recreational.

There had been more giggling and clanging teeth than there normally was; lips too busy stretched across each other in smiles to even bother avoiding clumsiness.

A rosy blush had stained his face, his sculpted cheeks and sandy freckles a soft, flowery purple in the hazy blue lighting for most of the night. Petal pink color following the two of you back to your room as you’d quickly forgotten about black, white, blue, and jazz and moved on to mixing your colors and making music of your own kind.

He’d left in the early hours of the morning, a colored shadow escaping out of the window and into the purpling sky. You hadn’t heard from him since; it wasn’t often that Spider-Man truly got a night off.

Through the harsh pattering sound of droplets hitting the plastic of the shower curtain, you heard the tell-tale ping of your phone, accompanying vibration rattling against the marbled surface of the sink. The fact that it was 3 A.M. on a Sunday leaving you with no doubt: it was Peter.

But then it was almost always Peter.

Rinsing the last of the conditioner from your hair, humid air full of flowers and rain, you cut the water off and grabbed for your towel just in time for Peter’s ringtone to echo off the tiles in the steamed bathroom; drying off pruned hands and wrapping fluffed fabric around yourself before grabbing at the phone that was bouncing across the slicked surface of the counter; a lazy smile on your face.

“Peter, Isn’t it a little lat-” in a repeat of the night before, his nervous voice was cutting you off, vibrating, not unlike the way your phone had been seconds earlier.

“Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind and that was a terrible idea,” chuckles uneasy, deep and bubbling past lips, “and, um, I - I’m not really sure exactly what I was thinking or – actually, again, I do, that’s a lie – ohmygod, um – I was impatient and now I just feel like it was gross, and - ”

“Peter?” You interrupted, deciding on words rather than the laughter that was begging to release as you connected the dots.

“Hmm?” Squeak of a sound from a tight, nervous throat.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Beer! I was thinking if you could give it a thought to the idea of making a design or a fanart inspired in Stiles' quote from S01E03 "No you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven" I love your art, your style and you are very creative, so...I leave it there :D

Say no more, anon.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply but here it is! I imagined it like those “satisfaction guaranteed” stickers on products (It was funnier in my head ;;;) I wanted to add the “little” part in the sentence but it didn’t fit the feel of the design.

Also thank you very much T v T I’m glad that you enjoy the stuff I post-–I hope this is ok haha I’ll most likely draw one more for this but we’ll see :-)) 

TBFPOOC Blog Highlights

Listen closely, because it’s time once again for the good folks here at TBFPOOC to shill some of the other Two Best Friends related blogs. You like TBFP, right? Presumably, otherwise your following of this blog is really going to be called into question. Anyway:

SBFCOOC - If you basically just imagine this exact blog but focusing specifically upon the Friendcast instead, that’s pretty much the gist of it. They’re the inspiration for this very blog too, as well as being markedly funnier, so you should definitely follow them.

BestFriendZinebatsu - If you’re looking for TBFP related art, then the recently created Zinebatsu blog is the place for it. They’re fairly new compared to some of the other blogs on this list and so they could most likely do with the attention - as well as the associated artists they reblog from, of course.

TBFPAesthetic - The name alone is probably a pretty good indicator of what their blog consists of, but if it’s not obvious enough: TBFP quotes turned into aesthetic posts. Not only are they much more professional and hard working than the goblins who run this blog, but about 90% of their posts are hilarious.

BestFriendZaibatsuClips - Again, their name should tell you pretty much all there is to know about their blog from the get-go. They take highlights from the TBFP playthroughs and upload them for your enjoyment, viewing blogger. They’re somewhat new as well, so I’m sure they’d appreciate the support.

TBFP-Audio - If it’s audio clips you’d prefer, both from the Friendcast and the playthroughs, then this blog is of course another option for you. Again, they’re one of the lesser known TBFP blogs and so I’m sure they’d appreciate the support once again.

IncorrectBestFriendZaibatsuQuotes - You may have seen some incorrect quotes blogs around before, but if not then they’re essentially made-up quotes from particular communities that sound entirely believable. That, but for TBFP essentially - they’re very in-character quite a lot of the time.

SBFPGifs - Not the most active of the blogs on this list, but there’s nothing to say that won’t change. There’s also something inherently hilarious to me about seeing low poly, 90s era style GIFs of TBFP. Give ‘em a follow, they’ll make all of your GIF related dreams a reality.

RelatablePicturesofSBFP - You’d be amazed at the number of bizarre pictures of TBFP you can find if you look hard enough. Do you appreciate seeing pictures of Woolie mid-breakdown, Pat partially lodged between two beds and Liam with a mouthful of peaches? Then they’re the blog for you.

TheBestFriendZaibatsu - I’m about 80% you already follow this blog, seeing as how they’re one of the most popular community blogs. If by some amazing quirk you don’t though, they essentially reblog everything relevant to TBFP you could be interested in which is often considerably easier than trawling through tags. Additionally, they also do some other community related stuff - they’re just generally pretty A+.

If you run a TBFP blog of your own and you’d like us to feature you on our highlight post, feel free to message one of us and we’ll add you on. Here at TBFPOOC, we’re firm believers in shilling anything and everything, given the opportunity.

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This is an appreciation post for some amazing people I’ve met on here.

So first of all, I want to say that I’m so grateful for all of them, they helped me through a lot, they were here when others were not. And I truly love them.

So let me introduce you to @yyouandigotlostinit . You’ll never meet a person funnier than Johanna. She is a true inspiration and somehow always succeeds in cheering me up, I love her SO MUCH.

We’ll move on to @swiftiesgonnashakeitoff . Gina is literally the kindest person in the world, she literaly wouldn’t hurt a fly (ok maybe a bug but that’s not counting now). I love our late conversations about making decisions hahaha, THANK YOU for helping me with that kind of every day. Also I love our little book of positiveness, it’s helping me very much. I love you A LOT.

Then we have @itsfearlessevelynkitten . Evelyn is always here for me and couln’t be nicer. I can ALWAYS come to her for any help and the help she gives is truly helpful (that was too much help in one sentence sorry). I LOVE YOU.

And lastly I’m here to introduce you to @madmadloveswiftie . Lucy is always so happy and cheerful and loving and I just have never met a person with this much energy and positiveness. I love you so much Lucy thank you for being here.

Without @taylorswift I wouldn’t have met any of these people. So thank you from the bottom of my heart that I got to meet these wonderful beautiful people. (This post is so full of love it’s almost too much but I love everyone in this post the most so I don’t mind). I love everyone in this post SO MUCH and I want you all to stay beautiful, stay wonderful and stay yourself. You are very loved💛.