the post grad adventure

Teaching Assistance

(This is very much me writing on my phone and winding down after marking.)


Leonard should know better by now. At his stage in life he should be able to plan his life better so it doesn’t come down to this.

“Hey, Bones,” Jim’s far too cheerful voice prompts Leonard to raise his face from where it had fallen into his hands, and squint in Jim’s general direction. “Not that I wouldn’t find you attractive either way, but if our keep grabbi your hair like that you’re sure to go bald.”

“Fuck off, Jim,” Leonard growls, and reaches for the first PADD.

“I’d love to! But perhaps we should wait until your not drowning in PADDs.”

Leonard shoots Jim a glare that could sizzle skin at one-hundred paces, but Jim just ignores it with his usual aplomb. “I’ll get beer. Oh! And pizza! There’s this Andorian place-”

“Jim,” Leonard says with as much care as possible. “Sounds great. Why don’t you go out and get it?” Out. As in out of the house. If there’s any hope of getting this pile marked on time he’s going to have to concentrate.

Jim is not exactly conducive to concentrating.

“All right. All right. I’m going. But I expect you to take a break when I get back.”

“Yeah. Sure thing, darlin’,” Leonard replies, brow already furrowed as he tries to read the first essay and can’t make heads or tails of what the kid’s actually trying to say.

Lord help him, he’s going to die from an attack of bad grammar.

By the time Jim returns, Leonard had snapped three stylus’, with bits and pieces sticking wildly out of his hair, and his jaw is clenched as he stares down at the latest monstrosity these kids call an “analytical essay.”

“No shit, kid. Why don’t you tell me again that you’re focusing on the historical moment? What historical moment? Don’t children know how to cite sources anymore?”

“Pizza?” Jim offers instead of an answer.

“Nah, I’m not hungry yet- That’s not even the proper name of the book!” Leonard interrupts himself, and scribbles a note on the PADD.

“Beer it is!” Jim pops open two bottles of beer, and places one within easy reach. “Drink. It might be less painful.”

Three beers in, and it’s not less painful. “IT’S A MONOGRAPH, DAMMIT! NOT A NOVEL!” At least it’s the stylus flying across the room and not the PADD - the last essay had been so incomprehensible that he’d nearly chucked it at the wall just so he could have an excuse to demand a new one, and give the kid a little leeway for some serious editing.

“Find another fucking word,” Leonard mumbles as he bends over the PADD. “I get it. It’s a source, but do you have to say it three times in one sentence as well as every fucking paragraph.”

Jim curls up next to Leonard, finishing off the pizza he hadn’t touched and getting comfortable.

“I…I can’t find the conclusion, Jim. Did I miss it?”

Jim leans his chin on Leonard’s shoulder, pressing up against him to get a look. “Nope. I just don’t think the wrote one.”

“But…they’re 200 words under the minimum, that’s perfect for a concluding paragraph!”

“Just think,” Jim says softly, pressing a kiss just behind his ear. “That’s one less paragraph you have to look at.”

“You make a good point,” Leonard says gruffly, and reaches for the next PADD on the stack.

Jim reaches out with him and lays his fingers lightly over Leonard’s wrist. “Maybe you should stop for tonight? During that last one you actually wrote: ‘I don’t give a god damned hoot about what you believe, think, or what your pansy ass opinion is, make a god damned committed statement!’” Jim smirks. “I think I got that verbatim, good thing you didn’t send that off for review.”

“I can’t. I’ve gotta finish at least half of these.” No sooner do Leonard’s eyes land on the assignment, than does his eyebrow start twitching.

Jim watches in fascinated concern as Bones clearly tries to suppress another outburst.


"All right.” Jim snatches the PADD out of Leonard’s hand and throws it back onto the pile as he climbs into Leonard’s lap. “I can’t just sit here and watch you give yourself an aneurysm.”

“I can’t actually-”

Jim interrupts Bones in the only way he knows will work without fail. He leans in, and brushes his lip over Leonard’s, and reaches to guide Leonard’s hands to Jim’s hips. “Shhh,” Jim whispers, pressing another warm, unhurried kiss to Leonard’s lips, sliding their lips together slowly.

“It’s time for me to assist,” Jim smirks, threading his fingers through Leonard’s hair. “How shall I help you, professor?”

Leonard groans, his hands tightening on Jim’s hips to pull him more firmly in his lap. His eyes slide half closed and he pulls Jim into a biting kiss. “Oh,” he hums in the back of his throat. “I’m sure we can come up with a lesson plan.”

My adventures with OneNote as a grad student

Post dedicated to @babysociologist, @strange-particles, @thehistorygrad

Disclaimer: I’m using the Mac version which, from what I can gather, has some different functions than the Windows one.

Important: If you have a school e-mail, head down to Office 365 Education and find out if you can have free access to Microsoft Office. That’s pretty much how I got OneNote on my computer and on my phone. Once you download it and sign in with your school account, OneNote will sync your computer notebooks to the OneNote/OneDrive system, so you can access them from anywhere.

I’ve been using OneNote to try and keep better track of my reading notes because I have the horrible habit of spreading them around a thousand different folders and then not being able to find them when I need them (this is literally what happened to me when I was preparing for my qualifying exams, and it was not fun). I was also looking for something that gave me some kind of remote access, kinda like Evernote–but I had bad experiences with Evernote + iPad, and I wanted something easier than just sending everything to Google Drive.

* So basically, I decided to have 2 different notebooks: one for notes on bibliography and one for notes on primary sources.

* For my primary sources, I have sections on different kinds of documents (devotional manuscripts, account records etc), and I’m creating individual pages for each of them. Because I haven’t done much in-depth work on any one of them as of yet, I’m just adding the description of each of them that I had to write for my prospectus. The page title is the coordinates to the document:

* For my “Notes on Bibliography” notebook, I then created sections that, for now at least, organize some of the axes of my research. I also added a section for notes from classes, which usually compile or relate multiple texts, so it would be hard for me to pinpoint where they would fit:

(don’t they look pretty in all these different colors?)

* Whenever I add notes on a text, I add a page. The page title is the name of the author + the name of the text (article or book). Because I also added notes from texts read for classes or for my qualifying exams, I made sure to add that information right under the page title, so it’s easy to see under which circumstances I produced said notes:

* And then I just write down whatever it is I’m writing! I particularly like that you can insert images and tables with relative ease, and that you don’t have to worry at all about margins but still get a fair amount of font and style choices - and it has OCR!

* A point that @dressesandalchemy has made here that I haven’t been able to test is the linking to files, but I have been able to link to other notes and it’s glorious:

* And, like I said, I can have quick access to everything on my phone as well:

Since graduation is TOMORROW, here’s an update on what I’ll be doing afterwards (unless Jesus wants to change things around): I’m most excited to announce that I’ll be writing a book! It’ll be life advice from a college student especially for other college students. My hope is that I’ll be able to provide a “big sister” perspective with a raw, authentic look at a lot of lessons that Jesus has taught me over the past four years with the understanding that I’ll always be a work in progress - I’m still growing, & I’ll never have it all figured out, but what little bit of wisdom He’s given me, I want to share. In addition to that, I’ll be volunteering at the church I currently attend as the assistant to the worship pastor, & I’ll hopefully begin working with refugees in my hometown as well. Long term (in a few years), my dream is to go back to England & do missions work there. The past four years of college have been an incredible journey, & I can’t wait to see where else Jesus wants to take me.

we have moved from the “In University and Happily Ignoring Financial Obligations” chapter of life into the “My God What Have I Done & Why Do I Only Have Enough Money For My Bills” which is not a chapter but an entire book