the positives of wisconsin


Torch Lake NATURE POST; part 1 (June 5-7, 2017)

1. dragonfly emerging from its nymph shell, photo taken moments after it began the process

2. same dragonfly fully emerged, allowing its wings to dry and become transparent

3. same dragonfly on the tip of my finger, looking out on the big new world 🌎

4. painted turtle saying “HAAAAAAY” (irl it was hissing but it calmed down really quickly 👌🏼)

5. giant tree frog on the side of the cottage at night, the mating calls were so loud and peaceful

6. whitetail deer fawn hanging out in the long grass near our cottage while its mother went to graze, they’re even cuter in person 😭❤

Arizona drug tested over 87,000 welfare recipients. Three turned up positive.

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, he mentioned policy that would require welfare recipients to pass a drug test before collecting public assistance benefits. Maybe someone should show him the data from Arizona, where politicians said they’d save $1.7M and came nowhere close.


What’s My Line?  Dynamiter (1953)

According to the Reading Eagle (1949), Myrtle began working with dynamite because her husband couldn’t find an assistant.  A young mother at the time, she brought her four year old son along to jobs.  In 1949, Myrtle was both a grandmother and a newly licensed dynamiter.  Although she was believed to be the only licensed dynamiter in the state of Wisconsin, the law forbid women from working on blasting operations near mines and quarries.  Unable to find an independent position,  Myrtle continued working for her husband.