the positives of wisconsin

Ups and Downs

A) Wisconsin won!
B) got my second legendary in Warcraft from a PVP win (Fundamental Observation, which cuts the cool down for Zen Meditation by a ton and makes it withstand melee attacks). This game really wants me to tank…
C) Said PVP win was a dominating one - after a poor start, the Alliance team I was on wiped the floor with a fairly good Horde premade. They lost darn near everything after the first couple minutes.
D) Got a much needed day off to enjoy all of the above.

A) the normally stable internet I depend on died for no reason, forcing a move to another place (grrrr)
B) the internet at the place I went to proved to be unreliable at best and unacceptable at worst.
C) after Place B closed, I then spent fifteen minutes fighting the hell out of the internet at another place while trying to down a world boss. The lag was so terrible that I was given quest completion credit, while the boss was VERY much alive. Did not get anything from the boss aside from a crapton of artifact power (that’s not why I was there, game…)

Some ups, some downs. But mostly ups!

Arizona drug tested over 87,000 welfare recipients. Three turned up positive.

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, he mentioned policy that would require welfare recipients to pass a drug test before collecting public assistance benefits. Maybe someone should show him the data from Arizona, where politicians said they’d save $1.7M and came nowhere close.