the poseurs

i am SO SICK of people (including other girls) putting girls down for everything they do. y’all won’t let us win. you’ll make fun of a girl who like starbucks and victoria’s secret leggings for being too basic, make fun of an athletic or muscular girl by saying she “looks like a man”, call any girl who likes nirvana or classic rock a poseur but girls who like rap music ‘thots’, and harass “art hoe” type girls for liking popular, talented artists or yellow fucking backpacks. i swear to god, anything a girl likes becomes a meme. young girls are a joke and it’s time we get treated with some fucking respect.

time and time again have i heard “why don’t you just be original and do things you actually enjoy?” like what??? the fuck??? is this??? no girl can EVER enjoy anything that anyone else has ever enjoyed, EVER. absolutely not. and honestly who gives a shit if she developed her interests based on somebody else’s? that’s how we learn and grow and discover ourselves. i guarantee you that you wouldn’t enjoy shitting in the toilet unless you saw the rest of the world do it first.

it’s not funny, it’s pure misogyny. and it has to stop.

Me: *puts on black lipstick* where my goth hoes at!! One of you tumblr yo-yos: Hilarious post! Actually however, goths dont exist, not since the 80s at least. What you see as goth is actually a fake new mall goth, or poseur and

My history crush is Robert de Montesquiou, a french poet and aesthete from the XIXth centuy (1855-1921). His poetry wasn’t that good, called “untranslatable” (he was even mocked by some of his contemporaries), but the man himself is awesome. He was an insolent dandy and a real charmer : « Tall, black-haired, rouged, Kaiser-moustached, he cackled and screamed in weird attitudes, giggling in high soprano, hiding his little black teeth behind an exquisitely gloved hand—the poseur absolute. »

He supported the artistic avant-garde of his time : the poet Verlaine and the composer Debussy (among several others).

He inspired Marcel Proust for the character of the baron de Charlus. This character became the archetype of the closeted-conflicted homosexual. It made Montesquiou furious. Montesquiou was indeed homosexual, but he wasn’t closeted, his homosexual tendencies being quite obvious. He lived for twenty years with Gabriel Yturri, a young and handsome south-american immigrant, who died in 1905.

He is said to have once slept with the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt. He would then have vomited for twenty-four hours (but they remained close friends).

The poor guy never wrote the masterpiece he dreamt of, but eh, he was a handsome and exquisitely arrogant-provocative mofo.

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Do you have any tips on getting more involved in vulture culture. It's something I've always admired but where should I start?

My only tip is its ok to start small, and if you can’t process stuff yourself its fine to buy or trade stuff too. Don’t think you’re a poseur because you don’t have the space or setup to process stuff you find on your own. There’s no real requirements for being “in the community” other than a shared love of animals living and dead and a respect for conservation laws.

Welcome to the fold, friend.

Has anyone else noticed a kind of… anti-intellectualism in The Discourse (from all sides)?

Actually, anti-intellectualism is probably the wrong word. It’s….anti-outlier, more than anything. 

Like, there’s this assumption that one simply MUST listen to pop music/watch superhero movies and big-budget comedies/ read Harry Potter and YA dystopias and little else, and that these are the pinnacle or even the sum total of modern culture.

And then if someone says, for instance “Actually, I listen to hipster folk nonsense and retro stuff, watch costume dramas, and next time I get a chance to read for pleasure, it’ll probably be a book about nineteenth-century detectives hunting a cryptid,” (if that someone was named Truffles), there’s this idea that you’re a poseur who’s out of touch with the human experience or something.

And…..UGH. Not everyone listens to Beyonce OR Taylor Swift. Some people don’t have many opinions on the Marvel cinematic universe. And it doesn’t make them out of touch or “less”, it’s just a way to be and doesn’t mean they don’t care about “the issues” if anything it means that maybe there are bigger “issues” out there than what the sterilization plotline meant for Black Widow’s character development.


Celebs Take The Geeks & Poseurs Test | MTV News

And why Caitriona Balfe is the absolute BEST ADORKS EVER starts 1.33

Hello! I just have a story that I’d like to share anonymously.

So I had a friend and we’d been besties since about 5-6 years. It was all going well- or so I thought. We graduated in classes and she changed. I know that people change and we should deal with it but I just hate it when people who are good become stupid and vapid. She dramatised her “relationship” with this guy, chatted over silly things that absolutely no one cared about but everyone talked about, added more drama, more pretence and basically became a poseur. All the stuff she even did was without me and she ditched me while she was becoming popular and had an entire posse of her own but nobody listened to me because she was “the good girl”. I had no one to fall back on- the people I was “friends” with told me everyone hated me behind my back and no one wanted me there but they just tolerated me. So I got desperate once and asked her who her best friend was. She took my name but then completely ignored me and went to talk to her other friends. I was surprised she didn’t even realise the sheer irony of her statement.

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