the portal of the mystery of hope

i know a lot of people are focused on all the mental damage Ford presumably endured during being in a portal that broke Fiddleford in a matter of seconds but like what about Stan? 

I mean we see the obvious emotions that overcame Stan when Ford first went through the portal. Panic. Guilt. Grief. But what comes after the first few weeks of trying to bring Ford back and failing? How many times can you pull a lever with hope in your eyes only to have it result in nothing? How many times can you fail before that fear starts to creep in? Can you imagine how Stan felt trying to desperately ignore the fact that it was entirely likely he couldn’t figure out how to bring his brother back?

When he first started the Shack it was only a way to survive. His mind was barely there when he did the tours. He was only thinking about new methods and ideas for how to make the machine work. But then as months and years went by he actually had enough time to absorb what was happening. He began to hear people when they called him Stanford and for the first time it started to sting. Badly. This was no longer a temporary fraud built to maintain Stan so he could bring Ford back. This had become Stan’s entire life. 

And Stan knew it. He painfully accepted that he didn’t know how to bring his brother back and he couldn’t figure it out. Everything he was told when he was young was true. He was stupid and useless. He couldn’t even make himself a life without deceiving other people. So, he accepted it. Why not just live out the life he was meant for? Why not be the biggest hoax in the Mystery Shack? Who else could he possibly hurt?

So Stan faked his own death. He succumbed to his fate of living a lie. For 30 years he walked the halls of the Shack, withdrawing every particle of his vulnerability to numb the massive amount of guilt that resided in his core. 

The portal became his own fucked up hobby. He pulled the lever countless times, every night. Trying not to be hopeful, but he was every time and it hurt. Sometimes he would simply go down to the portal and look at it. He wouldn’t have any new ideas, but he just needed a reminder. He needed something physical that he could look at that proves to him that it all actually happened. That his brother was real and Stan was too, at least before he lost himself to the Shack.

Stan might be the most mentally damaged person in all of Gravity Falls and the saddest part is that none of it has to do with the paranormal.  

My main problems with Steven’s newfound ability to revive the dead are

  1. The mystery behind Lion has fallen flat on its face imo. We now know what Lion is. Just a dead Lion. That’s it, he’s literally nothing special now. All that mystery built up from the beginning of season 1 is just gone now. It’s dead.
  2. Lars is now immortal, and there’s a pretty high chance he’ll have the powers that Lion has. How is that meant to work into the plot?
  3. There is absolutely no explanation as to why bringing something back from the dead basically turns them into a walking portal. I really hope they explain that, and they don’t just play it off as a weird side-effect.
  4. Nowhere near as much risk, since Steven can just bring things back from the dead
  5. Steven doesn’t need MORE powers
  6. We now have a direct link between Homeworld and Earth, and this seems to be the critical moment for a new overarching plot to begin and for everything to start realling kicking off. But we’ll likely just get a whole load of filler for no reason.

“Oh wow” said Divayth Fyr as he stuck his head through the portal. 

“Hey Sotha Sil, this portal just MYSTERIOUSLY opened of its own accord into your basement! Crazy coincidence huh. Anyway want to go to Chuck E Cheese with me or something? Also I brought like 12 friends along to blow up your limited edition dwemer collectibles, hope you don’t mind.”

Episode 107- The Missing Sky

-I was so relieved once i realized that it WASN’T like,, a future Night Vale

-But it was so sad, what did we do to deserve this, what did the TINY CITY do to deserve this,

-The part about Steve almost made me cry tbh

-You can hear the difference in miniCecil’s voice, just from the emotions, i don’t like That

-Is there, like, a mini Desert Bluffs down there too or what


-Huntokar is taking revenge on the inhabitants of regular Night Vale at last

-We will see more of the Distant Prince soon, he’s causing the tears in reality that probably allowed internCecil to exist(glowing crack in reality=portal?) 

-Distant Prince is prob allied with Huntokar

-We’ll see more of the Mysterious Agents soon too bc they take the mini houses


-Carlos will probably be part of this somehow,, STAY SAFE BBY

-I super hope that the tiny city will be ok, they don’t deserve this (or maybe they DO…….)

Fandoms as aesthetics

Sherlock: nimble fingers plucking at violin strings slowly and deliberately, a cold and exhilarating night run, green tea and black coffee.

Doctor who: galaxies in the night sky, displaying awesome colors of dark teal and brilliant gold, wind rushing though your hair, child-like joy and wonder.

Supernatural: classical rock blaring out of an old car radio with windows down, old books being flipped open and the dust rushing out of them, water splashed onto your face in the morning.

Night Vale: the hot, out of place desert air blowing through your window as you drift to sleep, the oddly comforting yet terrifying sense that darkness can bring, a soft and deep voice soothing your troubled mind and soul.

Homestuck: 5 hour phone conversations, fast paced and relentless beat that forces you to dance, a long, foggy road with twists and turns that lead you in the wrong direction and back again.

Pokemon: camping trips with friends, discovering something new every single day, fresh grass, morning dew, the elation of victory and the heart crushing burn of defeat.

Merlin: confident queens wearing velvet gowns decorated in golden chains and an air of nobility, the harsh clang of metal against metal, true friendship that lasts through centuries.

Ouran: elegant chandeliers made of silver and crystal, soft sky blue suits that make rustling sounds as they brush together, sweet strawberry cake, ice sculptures, the fluttering of cherry petals as they drift aimlessly in the breeze.

Hetalia: nights shared around a table, friends sharing drinks as they talk about trivial things: Friday night plans, stories from their pasts, work. Playing pool in the basement, throwing darts at the board and missing horribly, song and laughter in an otherwise empty and bleak world.

Lord of the Rings/ the Hobbit: the delicious smell of fresh bread, the satisfying crunch as you spilt it in half. Cheery taverns and towns with cobbled roads, mischievous children stealing things they’re not supposed to.

Legend of Zelda: solitary journeys. Music lightly played on an ocarina, creatures of magic trapped inside glass bottles, the moon’s cooling rays shining upon you and the sun generously giving you light to bask in.

Percy Jackson: waves lapping calmly at a white sand beach, teenagers laughing by day and singing campfire songs by night. Wildflowers, grilled food, wine, scents that shouldn’t go together but do.

Harry Potter: dark, looming forests full of monsters and sprites. Dusty books with forbidden secrets, white magic swirling like snow, the feathered wings of owls soaring high above the tree tops.

X files: the click of high heels in hallways illuminated only by fluorescent lights, mysterious sounds when you’re home alone, losing yourself in something you love.

Gravity falls: adventure. Flashlights shining into dark caves, blowing out your candle in the dark and trusting, hoping that nothing is there, scary stories told by the light of a dying fire.

Ib: an old art gallery with paintings of all kinds, wandering through hallways alone, the feeling that someone is watching you, yet knowing that you are indeed by yourself.

Avengers: old, forgotten spells contained in books written in Nordic runes, helicopter blades whirling quickly, the adrenaline of combat thick in your blood.

Portal: laboratories with white walls and bubbling test liquids contained in glass flasks. Logic and math, ambiguity heavy in the air.

Avatar/legend of korra: calloused hands working on a farm, meditating on a cliff facing a roaring sea, friends watching the sunset together. Rebellion and standing up for what is right.

Add your fandoms.

How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX?

oooh, so this is a really complicated question and I accidentally wrote 300% more than you probably wanted.

So going off the show here (I don’t know enough about the comics to say what would be an appropriate ending for them), I actually really like Chosen as an episode, in and of itself. So if I only get to change Chosen, then no, I can’t think of any significant changes I’d make. My primary issues with it are that 1) the attitude towards turning girls into slayers abruptly changes from “serious violation” to “yay empowerment! yay sharing the power!” with no development or explanation, and 2) the ancient vampires go down waaay too easily, compared to how dangerous they were earlier. But I don’t think either of those problems can be easily fixed in the space of a single episode, and the existing episode works on an emotional level (for me personally), so I wouldn’t mess with it if I couldn’t change the preceding season.

But if by “ending” we mean the entirety of season seven, then yeah, I’d make some major changes. Off the top of my head:

1) Introduce the guardians early in the season, maybe even in the first episode. Instead of random women who exist with no explanation, the guardians are former slayers. They could be dead-once-but-back, like Buffy herself, or incorporeal beings who mostly stick to the afterlife and act as occasional guides to the living; there are various ways the concept could be executed, but they have voluntarily chosen to attempt to protect the world even after death. I’d probably have Buffy experience some of their memories via slayer dreams, but there are other ways to introduce them. The important thing is that they are aware of the potential murders as soon as (or before) the council knows about them, and they intend to Stop Them. The guardian slayers are the ones who eventually give Buffy the power to activate new slayers without killing the last one. The process only works if the individual slayer consents.

Bonus points if Sineya appears to the group and personally gives them an account of the origin of the slayer, the fall of demonkind, and how the earth passed (continues to pass?) into the hands of the children of women. This would replace the scenes where Buffy jumps through the time portal thingy.

2) The first’s goal is to open the Hellmouth, destroy humanity, and return control of the planet to demons. It sticks to this goal and pursues it relentlessly. We can keep the seal, and even keep the idea that the seal is opened with slayer blood, but then the First needs to be trying to kill slayers/potentials and transport their blood to the seal. If the council makes the decision to send all the slayers to Buffy’s house in the hopes that she will protect them from the mysterious slayer-killer, then the First must go after them relentlessly, and after Buffy in particular. This is an entity that can take the form of any dead person, including 1) Buffy’s abusive vampire ex who she’s currently trying to rehabilitate, and 2) Buffy herself. It uses Spike’s form in a constant attempt to trigger Buffy, and uses Buffy’s own form to undermine her authority by saying horrible things while in her form.

I’m not saying we’d have to see all or any of this viciousness on-screen; I admit it’s pretty dark, especially on the heels of S6. But if you’re going to make your final villain the sentient embodiment of evil, who has the form and knowledge of everyone who’s ever died, you can’t have that entity go soft on your heroes.

3) Buffy and co. respond to this emotional assault by aggressively supporting one another and constantly making physical contact whenever they have any sort of important conversation whatsoever. constant high-fives. constant hand-holding. maybe they throw tennis balls around if they’re on opposite sides of the room. people occasionally offer random hugs to friends and offer “to be sure you’re not the first” as a excuse. Yes, this is partly because I want to see the scoobies making casual physical contact all the time, but it also MAKES LEGITIMATE TACTICAL SENSE.

4) Oh, uh, this might not be relevant to the question, but while I’m changing S7, Willow starts dating Faith. This isn’t terribly important, but it makes way more sense than either Faith/Robin or Willow/Kennedy. They talk about redemption and bond over their shared goal of making up for their past crimes. None of us have to watch Kennedy take screen time from more interesting characters. Robin Wood can find a pretty lady watcher to flirt with, or something, idk

5) ANYWAY, those are the main things. I’d have to do a lot more work to figure out what the specifics of the rewritten plot would be, but the First would consistently attempt to divide and conquer Buffy’s forces, and Buffy would respond by intentionally forging strong connections between the group as a whole and between the slayers specifically (past, present, and future).

The Hellmouth and the entire city still go boom, because that part was incredibly satisfying.

anonymous asked:

Billstan 20, please?

I hope you won’t mind that this ended up being a little weird! Takes place during Stan’s early days as Mr. Mystery.

Silent Support

He discovers the first message when one of Ford’s many broken mirrors drops on the floor, shattering into even tinier pieces. 

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A long-winded summary of a canon arc in which and older Alcor unwittingly has to deal with pre-Transcendence versions of his friends and family - all without any time paradoxes.

A few hundred, if not thousands of years into the future, Dipper finally begins to take peeks into alternate dimensions that closely neighbor his own. He keeps this hobby down to a bare minimum, as he’s always inherently afraid that he could become distraught over what he sees - or even too happy, and leave his own world for one where Mabel is still alive.

But one day, he senses something far too sinister to ignore, and looks into a parallel world with his third eye. Most things are the same, but something is terribly off. The timeline is kinked and fractured, leaving it many years behind most neighboring worlds… and there’s an imminent doom that makes his stomach twist into knots.

That universe homes an alternate version of Bill that is far from simply chaotic. He’s sadistic, ruthless, mad to the point of wishing not just chaos, but torment upon the world. If this Bill’s plans come to fruition, earth would become a literal hell in which all lives are kept in a boundless loop of suffering.

There’s no way he can’t do something. Even if they’re alternate version of the ones he knows, souls of his family and friends reside there. He’d never be able to live with himself knowing he simply looked the other way and now they’re stuck in a world far worse than the Transcendence ever hoped to accomplish.

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anonymous asked:

What if Steven finds out about the portal before the Mystery Twins and the Crystal Gems did. How do you think Stan will react to this?

He’d probably freak out at first, but try to play it off like its not a big deal, hoping that Steven’s innocence and nievite would make him shrug it off or something. Or at the very least, he’d make him swear to secrecy in not telling the twins or the Gems. 

Reverse Pines AU [My Take]

(Grunkle Stan) On the run from officials chasing after him for his false identities, Stanley Pines is dumped with his grandniece and grandnephew after his younger brother, wife, nephew, and niece-in-law pass away in a tragic car accident. With his grandniece getting sicker by the day, Stanley had no other choice but to look to his only remaining family to help. Packing up the kids in his car and unable to contact his brother, he researched where his twin had moved and gone off to and headed for Gravity Falls, Oregon. However, caught in a snow storm just outside Gravity Falls with a broken-down car, he packed the kids in the back with blankets and headed out on his own to find help. On his trek to get help, he slipped and slid down the side of a ravine and got trapped. Unable to find the cold, Stanley slowly began to fall asleep. Coincidentally, he’d fallen into an old summoning circle where a certain dream demon – Bill Cipher – had been lying in wait for someone to pull him into this dimension. Bill took liberty in Stanley’s dreams and struck a deal with the old man, telling him he’d save him and the kids if Stanley let him use his body as a temporary vessel whenever he needed. The fear-blinded Stanley agreed, and the demon was brought into the world. Bill erased the storm and was able to save Stan’s niece from dying. With his guidance, the Pines would soon move on to bigger and better things…

(Dipper & Mabel Pines) With the help of Bill Cipher, the twins then came into possession of matching psychic stones witch they turn into amulet charms. With the stones, the twins could see the future, read minds, use telekinesis, etc. Because of almost losing his twin, Dipper became super protective and almost controlling of what Mabel did, his heart turning dark to everyone but her – because of this darkness growing in him, Bill took a special liking to Dipper, who he began to teach dark secrets, terrible knowledge, and black magic to. Mabel became independent; enjoying using her telekinesis to “play dolls” with the stuffed animals she was gifted from her brother and learning to enjoy solitary activities like reading, drawing, playing instruments and the like. Her one solace came when Stan and Bill collaborated to open “The Tent of Telepathy” where the twins became “The Psychic Pines”, an attraction that would bring in money to support them as they funded the plans Bill had for Gravity Falls…

(Gideon Gleeful) After facing some tough times as a kid due to his family’s poverty, the Gleeful boy found his curious niche when his mother – Missy Gleeful – began to work for Fiddleford McGucket at “The Mystery Shack”, a supernatural museum-esque establishment in Gravity Falls. Gideon, who had a knack for his studies, found himself engulfed in the superstitions surrounding his hometown. Sparked by the mysterious life of the Mystery Shack’s owner – the ever-elusive and absent minded genius McGucket – Gideon and his best friend, Pacifica, delve into discovering all there is to know about Gravity Falls…

(Pacifica Northwest) Having grown up in a fun and loving home with two enthusiastic and upbeat parents who ran a 80’s themed dance studio, Pacifica Northwest found a friend in everyone she met, even the shy boy who later became her best friend. Being carefree and just as Curious, she was ecstatic when Gideon invited her into his adventure into the unknown surrounding the town. Pacifica had always been the more adventurous of the two, it had been Pacifica’s idea to go into the new Tent of Telepathy and try to befriend the peculiar Psychic Pines twins…

(Fiddleford McGucket) Having already created a successful brand of personal computers, Fiddleford had been moving on to the great and big. However, it only took one call from his college buddy – Standford Pines – to entice the genius to invest his time in researching the supernatural occurrences plaguing the little town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. With his funding and his brains, he was able to successfully test the trans-dimensional portal with Stanford. But it only took one big mistake for their combined success to go wrong: the first night of a test pilot personal investigation into the portal, Standford’s wires were cut and he went tumbling into the portal, screaming for Fiddleford’s help. The Machine manually shut down, leaving McGucket to face the loss of his friend. Enraged by the mistake, he began to invest everything he had into reactivating the portal and saving Stanford. Whilst in the middle of doing so, he opened up Stanford’s cabin as a museum / information hub to the locals to explain and educate them about the lore surrounding Gravity Falls. Although he hardly partakes in the attraction himself, he hired and taught both Missy Gleeful and Robbie Valentino – the manager and shop-keep – to do so in his place, hoping the right minds would be able to learn and help him and Stanford (if and when he returned) in their research…

(Soos) Having never had a father figure to attach himself to, Soos eventually turned into a bad kid and dropped out of school. He began to pesker people in Gravity Falls, ruining most people’s days and bugging Stanford and McGucket before the accident with the portal. Now he just hangs around the Mystery Shack with Robbie, who seems to be the only person who can tolerate him…

(Robbie Valentino) After a close call accident with a heart condition, Robbie and his parents got super close and even bonded. He grew up happy after his heart got better and even got a job at the Mystery Shack, though his parents were afraid it’d upset him. Determined, however, he got the job and actually found he enjoys teaching people about things. He found an unlikely friend in Soos, who he feels he understands, due to them both having felt alone in the world (Robbie with his illness and Soos with his loneliness)…

(Wendy & The Cool Kids) When her father, Manly Dan, struck up a deal with a shipping company for the nice oak wood from Gravity Falls, their family hit the jack pot. Now Manly Dan has his investment settled in Gravity Falls (which he owns most the property of) and Wendy sits up high on the status quo. Her and the other rich kids (Tambry, Nate, Thompson, and Lee) now ‘rule’ Gravity Falls with their higher standing and money…

 Side Facts:

  • Bill is the same Bill Cipher from the original Storyline, being that he is a dimensionless dream demon – meaning he’d be able to travel between dimensions and stay the same in every one, because he doesn’t reside in any particular dimensional plain itself.
  • Mabel, although less educated and rounded in the knowledge of her powers than Dipper, is the stronger user of their shared psychic powers.
  • Mabel is the younger one in this AU, but more willing to be independent from Dipper (on account of how suffocating his protection is to her). She craves the outside world, outside friends, and the experiences of whatever this is besides her life with her Grunkle, the demon, her brother, and her powers.
  • Bud Gleeful is a mostly stay-at-home dad. In the past, he would work as a cars sales man or whatever part-time he could find. Now, on the side, he is a vacation planner who loves recommending Hawaii.
  • Stanford Pines’ path has lead almost parallel to the original story, except for the fact that Fiddleford was there when he was sucked into the portal.
Desperate Measures

Rather long fic based off of the post by lavendertownsghost

S1 Dianite possesses Tom, and Jordan and Spirit Dianite have to make some tough choices >:)

Ships: Vague syndisparklez because I’m trash

Triggers: Mental illness mention, I dunno what else.

Fun fact, I wrote this before the whole thing with Mot and the portal happened. It was kind of fun watching what I’d written become an actual plot point in the real series. Anyways, enjoy!

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Day 2 -- Favorite AU (Relativity Falls)

Okay I kind of cheated on this one, since this is basically just a rewrite of a scene we already know and love. But a couple of these ideas are my own, so it’s not a total loss. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

“What is it?! Have you come to steal my eyes?!”

Mabel stumbled backwards so fast she almost slipped on the icy porch, but it was hardly an irrational reaction when her brother was aiming a crossbow at her chest. Slowly lifting her hands, she undid the scarf around her head, revealing her worn face rapidly losing its youthful glow from years of hardening herself against a world she’d had to survive in on her own. Thankfully, Dipper lowered the bow when he fixated on the sparkling brown eyes identical to his.


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I dig this AU. SO. MUCH.

Inverse Falls AU by @llttledipper is my new fave AU.

Designs of Dipper and after portal!Mabel (yeah i used ford’s fashion design but i suck at clothes so my brain was empty )

I would love to see some fanart/fanfiction with Relativity Falls meeting the Canonverse. Not only would the little Stans have a blast running around with Dipper and Mabel, solving mysteries and getting into general trouble, but I think Author Dipper and Grauntie Mabel would hit it off great with the old Stan twins. Author Dipper and Ford would probably go into the basement and trade supernatural know hows and compare the portal experience while Stan would be immensely proud that Mabel had turned into a world class sales expert/conwoman just like he always hoped she would. (I mean, why else would he teach her cards and gambling at such a young age?)

But also it would probably send Mabel off the rails with terror when she sees her and Dipper torn apart in another universe and heighten her paranoia that they will end up like their grunkles one way or another. 


That got sad fast….

Until the Sirens Sound, I’m Safe

So a few weeks ago while I was on vacation, I happened across a song that got me thinking on Gravity Falls (ha, big surprise there, right?). The more I listened to it, the more I started thinking. Pretty soon, I started writing. And writing. And writing some more.

I have wanted to do some snapshots of missing or off-screen scenes for a while, and this song gave me the perfect structure to do just that. These little drabbles are not based off of the song, per say, and they most definitely can be read without paying any attention to the lyrics, if that’s not your cup of tea. The lyrics simply lend themselves well to the overall structure of the show and the music … well, I’ll let that speak for itself.

You can listen to the song - “Earth” by Sleeping At Last - here

Also, please bear in mind that I wrote this without including information from either Journal 3 or from the Cipher Hunt, as I started it before Journal 3 was released and the Cipher Hunt began. (Also note that I have had my Journal for three days and have not read it, so as to not have new information in my mind. I have no idea where this self control came from. It’s probably because I had my mom hide the Journal and not give it back to me until I was done with this story XD).

And again, these are only my interpretations and ideas of events, so take them with a grain of salt. That being said, please enjoy! And as always, stay lovely my dears. 


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Gravity Falls Classpecting

In the woods surrounding Gravity Falls, there are the crumbling remains of a temple, decorated with frogs. The Universe Portal didn’t just lead to other dimensions; it also lead to one particular session…

So~ Gravitystuck! I’ve bounced ideas off jimsdeadbones and with him actually drawing some amazing art, I figure it’s time to post this.These are all just my brief ideas of the gang’s classpects and moon alignment (Though with the moons…I’ll admit they were mostly called by gut feeling). I’m using the popular opinion on who’s who with the Cipher Wheel and I am also sticking to One Class, One Aspect in assigning these.

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Back Again 1/?

I started writing this in English class and I couldn’t stop.  Spoiler’s for ‘Not What He Seems’

The portal whined and spat sparks of blue fire.  Its center was a ring of bright colors spinning so fast they blurred into an discernible blaze of light, filling the bunker with a unearthly glow.  Stanley’s skin prickled with goose bumps and fear at the aura of certain doom the swirling vortex gave off.  It was all so familiar to him, the smoke and destruction.  But unlike thirty years ago, he wasn’t the one facing a door to another dimension, mere seconds away from disappearing for what could have been forever.  It was Dipper and Mabel in that position, his two grandchildren whom he had only known a little over a month.

He saw them standing by the portal’s control panel, Dipper fussing over the remaining buttons and cracked screens.  He noticed the scratches and bruises that covered their arms and legs, the gashes and rips in Mabel’s sweater and the tattered mess that was Dipper’s vest.  Stanley’s eyes softened and regretted ever building the portal, knowing that without it, the scratches and cuts would have never existed.

He climbed through the rubble of the bunker that held a good two years of his life work, thinking that one month was far too little.  Brown eyes steeled themselves behind a cracked pair of glasses.  Stanley was going to make sure that he would know his grandchildren for much more than a single, measly month.

That was his mantra of sorts as he maneuvered through the falling ceiling and broken machinery.  He made it to the twins in a matter of seconds, and a small part of him wished that he could have done that in eighth grade P.E.

“Dipper!  Mabel!  The portals gonna tear this place apart!”  The twins looked back from the panel in surprise.  “Come on!  We’ve gotta go!”

“But Pap Pap!” Mabel yelled over the portal’s constant whine.  “We’ve still gotta stop it!  If it keeps going like this, it’s gonna blow up everything!  Then it’s gonna merge the mindscape with the real world and everything is gonna be all mindescape-y and really, really bad because Bill said so and now we’ve gotta stop it or you know, BOOM!

Mabel threw up her arms in the best explosion mime she could manage in the situation.  Stanley would have loved to smile and call her cute for doing it, but not right now.  No, trying not to panic and helping them stop the portal was the better choice in this case.

“Alright then.  I saw that Cipher already busted the first emergency shutdown mechanism.  So, what’s the plan?”  Stanley thought it a bit strange to be asking twelve year olds what the plan was, but at the moment he was at a loss at what to do.

“Um, I was looking at the code up on this screen,” Dipper pointed to a black screen with seemingly endless scrolling across it.  He recognized it as the secondary override system Fiddleford decided to install when Cipher became more of a threat.  Sadly though, it was Fiddleford who encrypted it and kept the key solely with himself.

“And I first thought it was A1Z26.”

Stanley nodded, looking at the numbers himself and trying desperately to think of what McGucket would have set up as the decoder.

“Hm, yeah but a couple of them don’t fit into that.  That middle section is gibberish when you only apply A1Z26.”

Only A1Z26.  What if one was to apply another cipher to A1Z26.  Like the Vigenère cipher.”  Stanley was impressed.

“Ok, but then you still need the decryption key.”  Dipper nodded and pointed to an old and rusting name plate that sat on the top of the control panel.

“  ‘Made by F’.  Fiddleford McGucket, right?  There’s only one thing that I know that old man McGucket would have used as the key.”  Dipper reached for the small keypad just under the screen and typed in two words.

“Blind eye.”  Stanley watched with wide and prideful eyes as the numbers spun into the message Fiddleford had left thirty years ago.  It read:

Now accessing manual override.  To proceed with override, enter the decryption key once more.

Mabel let out a whoop and hugged her brother.

Not awkward cause your brother just saved the world sibling hug!”  Dipper chuckled embarrassedly and hugged her back.

“Yep.  Definitely not awkward.”

Stanley smiled and ruffled the boy’s hair.

“Knew you could do it.” he said.  And he meant it too.

Dipper beamed at the compliment.

“But,” suddenly a loud crashing sound filled the bunker as a good chunk of the ceiling caved in.  “You might wanna type that key in first, then we’ll congratulate and hug and all that.”

The twins nodded and Dipper poised his hand to type it in again, though before his fingers could touch the keys and suddenly Stanley’s vision went white.

As quickly as it came, the white splotched away into blurred color with tiny black dots that buzzed like insects.  His head was throbbing, his ears ringing and he could’ve sworn someone had taken a mallet to his back.  He groaned and blinked a bit, the blurs now focusing into more definable shapes and people.  He first made out the bright yellow sweater that was his granddaughter.  She was only a few feet away from him, her eyes closed and a trickle of blood running down her forehead.  His breath hitched for a moment and tears threatened to bubble up, but they were stopped by the steady rising and falling of her chest.  Stanley then breathed himself, relieved that Mabel was still alive.  Unconscious, but alive non the less.  After lingering for a moment, his eyes made their way to Dipper who was currently looking at the one who had started it all.

“How’s it going pine tree?”  Stanley heard the dream demon ask his son.  He clenched his fist until his nails dug crimson lines into his palm.  Cipher was the source of this mess, the reason for the hellfire and insanity that plagued the dimension he’d been in for thirty years.  He was the cause of a lot of pain, and it hurt still not to be able to run up there and punch the monster in his isosceles face.

“Bill!  It’s over!  I’m only one word away from stoping the portal and ruining your plan for good.  Face it, you’ve lost.”

Bill chuckled dryly, twirling his cane as if he expected this all along.  Stanley frowned when he realized that he might not be far from the truth.

“You said it yourself pine tree.  You’re only one word away.”  The demon suddenly closed in on Dipper, leaving only inches between their faces.  “So all I’ve gotta do is stop you from typing in that word.”

And then Bill was gone and seconds later, Dipper was on the floor screaming as blue flames ran across his body.  Stanley could only watch, his body heavy with pain and the horror of watching his grandson burning alive.  He heard him shout a few things, mumble in loud whispers as he writhed and blazed.  Suddenly the flames died down to a low roar, and Dipper hoisted himself up from the floor to the key pad.  Stanley was surprised to see that his skin looked unburned and totally healthy save a few scratches here and there, though his eyes were a familiar pale yellow, the pupil slit and thin.  Stanley could still remember the time when his own eyes were like that, but they weren’t his eyes though, and they certainly weren’t Dipper’s.

Bill in Dipper’s body raised his hand, grinning widely as he made a fist and swung it down in hopes of crushing the key pad and with it any chance of ruining his plans.

His fist stopped before it could touch the keyboard.  One finger pried itself from his hand and pushed down on one key.

“Stop it.” Bill’s voice trembled with what Stanley could only describe as fear.

Dipper’s finger wavered before pressing down again.

“SToP.”  Bill gripped the out of control hand and tried to pull it back, leaving marks that were sure to become bruises.

Another key was pressed.

“Ị̯͕͎ͅ'̮̙̰L̸͎̹̙͉̯͙L̺̬̟̕ ̼͇͈̬͢K͖̻I̮͉L̠̺̖̫L̖͉͇̥̫̖ ̦̞̩̗̜͙ͅH͡E̱̭ͅR͍!̕”

A sickening crack was heard as Bill’s grip snapped through Dipper’s wrist, but it was too late.  A bright yellow message flashed on the black screen.

Manual Override activated.  Portal shutting down.

“No, you won’t.” Dipper, the real Dipper who’s voice cracked more than the sidewalk, said.

“N̵̴O̢͠!̴̛͠”  The whine of the portal dulled down and the glow faded.  Bill’s plan had failed.  Suddenly, Bill grinned and looked at the dying portal with something awful in his eyes.

“Gotta go out with a bang though, don’t we pine tree.”  Stanley watched with terrified eyes as the portal brightened, gaining speed and the life it should have lost.

Error.  Error.  Power overload.  Destruction of portal in 5.

He struggled with moving his body, his arms and legs feeling like lead.


He somehow made it to Mabel, her eyes still closed in a forced sleep.


He tucked her into his lap and brushed away the streak of blood on her forehead.


He ignored the insane laughter and blinding light that began to fill the room, the portal’s whine even louder than before.


Stanley Pines kissed his granddaughter on the forehead and pressed her head into his shoulder.

“I trust you too Pap pap.” he heard her mumble into his shoulder.  He felt tears soak through his cotton black shirt, and was surprised to find that they were his.

He looked to the silhouette of his grandson against the harsh glow of the portal, and for a second he saw it flicker into someone tall and elegant with what seemed to be small wings at his tailbone.  He dismissed it, though something about that small glimpse made him have hope in getting more than that one month.

“And I trust him.”


The world turned white once more and magic swept across the earth and her creatures, soaking into her core and bringing about a new era that many referred to as the Transcendence.

At the same time, a small tourist trap known as the Mystery Shack exploded in a flurry of blue flames and magic.

anonymous asked:

Talking of GF, we know that at least two symbols of the Zodiac are metaphorical (ice bag (someone who is cool in the face of danger) and glasses (someone who is a scholar)), but according to you, even the other eight symbols (pine tree, shooting star, question mark, fez symbol, five-pointed star, llama, heart, six-finger hand) have a metaphorical meaning about their characters?

I thought about the metaphorical meaning of a few other symbols, actually.

Stan’s fez symbol looks like a fish, which is grabbing something too. I thought it means he’s fast and slick like a fish and you know, grabby :D

Question mark could mean that Soos is rather mysterious, as in we don’t know what he knows and if he knows anything. Or that he’s oblivious XD

Shooting Star is hope. We always make positive wishes when we see a shooting star, and that’s how it is with Mabel - she’s full of positive energy, and she saved her grunkles twice (Portal and scrapbook).

Pine tree might represent the main Pines. Dipper feels like a main character to me, since he narrated the beginning and the ending of the series.

Five-pointed star has something to do with an occult and intuition.

Six-fingered hand symbolizes the fact that Ford is strange and is basically an anomaly.

Larry King’s head said that llamas were strong, fighting creatures (something like that), maybe that’s what Pacifica is.

Stitched heart could mean a sad lonely  teenager person.