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Beth Greene Appreciation Week: day 2; favorite relationship ♦ beth and daryl
↳ “She’s bringing out the goodness and the hope and the belief in the world out of him, and he’s bringing that inner toughness out of her.”

D: Maybe you gotta keep on reminding me sometimes.
B: No. You can’t depend on anybody for anything, right?

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What's your favorite WA scene?

Ahh this is so hard, there are so many amazing scenes that I love for different reasons. 

This might be cheating but I’m going with my two favorite scenes because I can’t choose one over the other. 

-the confession scene in 2x20. It kills me every single time I watch it. I love Iris’ vulnerability and I love Barry’s smile when he realizes what she’s telling him. And the way they step towards each other. It’s such a beautiful scene. 

-And of course the second porch scene at the end of 2x23. From Iris being super supportive and telling Barry she loves him to the kiss that is so sweet and heartbreaking (and pretty to look at it). It’s wonderfully angsty and I can’t get enough of it. 

Although I will say that the bed scene in 3x10 deserves an honorable mention. 

I’m going to stop before I start listing more….

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I don't think Gillian meant they are not romantic tho. I think she meant the hug is not exactly an OVERT romantic thing. Maybe Carter was such a sniffing dog about every little thing Gillian does as Scully around Mulder to make sure its NOT something romantic and Gillian be like 'well a hug at the end of a shitty episode is not THAT overtly romantic ffs'.

The fact that I can count on one hand the number of onscreen kisses my OTP has shared in twenty-five years is an obscenity. And one of those was an AU so it doesn’t even actually count.

Anne Simon, who functions as Chris Carter’s de facto mouthpiece, actually thought that shippers’ watershed moment of S10 would be that porch scene from Babylon. Because they held hands. Let that sink in. Because that’s what our showrunner thinks we’ll go nuts over.  A hand hold and a really stilted, warped discussion about shrooming, the angry gods of the old testament and the Qur'an, and an emotionally tone-deaf bit about how mother love trumps hatred.  Which could have transitioned nicely into an actual discussion about THE CHILD THEY HAVE TOGETHER THAT SCULLY HAD TO GIVE UP, but you know…whatever.  

I feel like it’s so underrated that when Riley caught Spike in Buffy’s room he mentioned her being at the hospital with her mom, saying Buffy had told him about the cat scan. We never got to see this conversation. You guys realize what this means? It means there was a hell of a lot more to the back porch scene at the end of Fool For Love than we thought. Buffy and Spike must have had a really intimate conversation, and that honestly gives me life (all of the angst though, gimme gimme gimme) & makes me want to cry (for Buffy and how scared she was) at the same time.

I was tagged by my new friend @thehitchhikersguidetomedicine .Thank you!! And sorry for taking so long. But here are my songs:

You could be happy - Snow Patrol
Land of Opportunity- A Great Big World
A drop in the ocean - Ron Pope
I’m already gone - A day to remember
You’re dead wrong - Mayday Parade
Catch Fire - 5 Seconds of Summer
Lullabies- All time low
Hey Jude - remastered 2015 - The Beatles
Island of the Misfit boy - Front Porch Step
Scene One - James Dean & Audrey Hepburn - Sleeping with Sirens

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You Can Breathe Now (Maybe We Were Made For Each Other)

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Rated: T

Words: 4147

Summary: Iris’ POV during the porch scene at the end of the season 2 finale and what follows leading to their eventual reunion. Canon divergence in that Barry doesn’t go back to save his mom he just leaves. Angst, hurt/comfort, romance. Happy ending. 

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I love you, Barry

It’s the easiest thing in the world for her to say. She speaks in a quiet voice her words are for him and him only. She needs him to know that she feels the same way he does that it’s not in the aw Barry, I love you too way. Needs him to know that it’s not something that’s going to go away, that she loves him with every fiber of her being.

And that damn smile on his face nearly does her in. Because for a moment all the pain is gone and there’s pure joy on his face and she’s sure that now this all he’s ever wanted to hear her say. And god, she wishes the timing was better, wishes he wasn’t so broken, wishes she could help him. All she wants is to know what it’s like to really be loved by Barry, for him to love her the way he’s always wanted to, the way he’s wanted to for years. She wants to love him the way she wants to, wants him to know what it’s like for her to love him.

Slowly he leans in towards her and she knows what’s coming and there’s no way in hell she’s going to stop it from happening. So she gives in and lets herself be pulled closer to him by that imaginary magnet that always seems to draw her to him. That pull that she’s been fighting for so long and now she’s done fighting, done pretending she doesn’t feel it. Briefly she meets his eyes before he glances down at her lips and she continues to inch forward before her eyes flutter shut. She misses the way his lips part slightly just as hers do, misses the way his eyes close as well.

They meet halfway. She’s surprised by how soft his lips are when they finally touch hers. And it’s nothing more than a gentle touch of their lips together, but she finds herself forgetting everything, everything but Barry and his lips and his taste and how perfectly their lips fit together.

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Bamon meta: 7.21 [SPOILERS]

Ok, so now that I’ve rewatched the episode and gathered my thoughts, I’m ready to share. Brace thyself, this is kinda long. Slightly anti BJ and DE, but not really. Now, before I go into any specifics on Damon/Bonnie/Bamon scenes, I just want to point a few of general things I noticed in this episode.

1.Enzo calling Bonnie his girl multiple times, once in a scene right before Damon tells comatose Bonnie that he’s skeptical of the Bonenzo relationship (right before holding her hand I might add), and Damon later referring to Elena in a similar fashion in The Porch Scene. I think BE is cute and I’m not even going to deny the validity of DE, but scene placement and parallels call to question the nature of both relationships. Both are CANON ships, both have each half of BD in love with other people, but when it is framed like that, it suggests that neither was meant to last. Atm DE is done and dead, and now there is a hint that BE will soon be like that too. (Can’t say I’m too bummed, since I’m a Bonkai and Bamon shipper first and foremost, but it’s good to see Bonnie get some genuine RECIPROCAL loving - looking at you baby Gilbert.)

2. Speeches about respecting choices and doing horrible things for the people you love. This was talked about and paralleled EXTENSIVELY in relation to several relationships: Steroline, Stelena, Baroline, AND Bamon. (Notice only one of these relationships is 100% for sure platonic.) Damon makes his choice to be mean to Bonnie after his phone call with Stefan. Beforehand, he was nervous about going in with Bonnie because he was afraid that with her still so angry at him, he wouldn’t be enough to wake her up. Her oldest friendship couldn’t do it, her relationship with her boyfriend whom she really loves (and even though I think it’s a filler ship, she does genuinely love him and admitted the way he loves her - protectively, equally (unlike beremy, cough cough) - is something she’s always wanted. Which is heart breaking bc Damon, her undefined relation, loves her in the same way, more intensely) couldn’t do it, so how could he? Damon makes his decision to ignore Bonnie’s choice to die (AGAIN? Wtf?) once all that has been said. In regards to his ‘Stefan approach’ about respecting her choice, he says “I gotta be me” then he dived in to annoy her into wanting to live. At first I was upset about Damon doing this bc it took me back to the toxic, abusive aspects of DE, but then I realized: Damon isn’t making a choice FOR Bonnie he’s making his choice AGAINST one of hers. She wants to martyr herself, he wants her to live, and he’s going to do it BY BEING HIS ANNOYING ASS, DORKY, DICKWAD SELF. This is something beautiful bc in all his previous romantic relationships, Damon had to change who he was. Become more dark and selfish for Katherine, become less dark and selfish for Elena…neither of which were really him because he falls somewhere in between. With Bonnie, he’s himself and it’s enough.

3. Constant Elena mentions in SC/BD dialogue. This does several things: reminds us of Elena as an obstacle to romantic BD, reminds of Damon’s intense love for Elena and how he is basically letting it go to try and get Bonnie back to herself and living, and it brings up a catalyst to who Bonnie is and how the DB relationship started. Bonlena was never developed the way it should have been, but Bonnie and Elena are supposedly like sisters, and in all of season 7 we never got to see her truly mourn the girl. Like yes it’s been about 4 years, but Bonnie kinda latched on to Damon as her new bff and never really seemed to revisit any feelings that she will NEVER see her “sister” again. Caroline, as a vamp, doesn’t have this problem, so it’s weird. Damon uses Elena to remind Bonnie of the love she felt for her friend and in doing so, reminds viewers of how Bonnie and Damon first met and how their relationship has evolved since. It’s an important call back.

Important Bamon moments:

Since I literally just talked about Elena being a call back, I’m going to talk about that ending with Damon and Enzo and this little snippet from Damon to Bonnie:
“See the history that we have? Depth and feeling, I mean it’s almost like -”


BD literally have the single most complex and layered relationship on tvd. They’ve been enemies, allies, frenemies, best friends, and something that’s not officially NAMED lover status but in nature is, just w/o sex (for now 😏). They’ve been abusive, toxic and violent. They’ve overcome that to be healthy and reliant with inside jokes and friendly 'mind reading’ and very much ride-or-die, this-is-my-person-and-i-will-fuck-you-up-if-you-breath-at-them-wrong attitudes. They have felt literally felt every emotion and thunk every thought a person can in regards to each other. So when we’re reminded of that through their Elena dialogue, when we hear him mention how deep their story goes, it’s just one aspect of why he’s so damn heartbroken when he says to Enzo “This isn’t a celebration… I couldn’t get through to her. I would’ve been just another notch on her belt if Matt Donovan hadn’t stepped in.”

The other aspect has to do with THE PORCH SCENE THAT RENDERED MY DAMN HEART USELESS and that fucking tear jerking Bamon fight.

Right before Bonnie wakes up, she psychically links herself to Damon by ripping his heart out. (And can I just mention HOW SYMBOLIC that is? Damon’s signature move, on Damon and the fact that she literally held his heart in her hand? And when she wakes up, he’s all clutching his chest and low-key flirting with her to hunt him down, #icanteven.) BONNIE FEELS WHAT DAMON FEELS AND KNOWS WHAT DAMON THINKS. So when Damon is laying it all out, telling her he admires her, believes in her, loves her, is begging her for forgiveness and genuinely willing to die at her hand even though he’s hoping he’s enough for her…she knows he’s being genuine. We can see it in his actions and expressions but she can literally FEEL it. That’s why she hesitates. That’s why she’s crying before the hunter instincts take over again. Because Bonnie knows Damon means it when he says he love her (Which is why I’m not even sweating the Elena tack on. He hesitated before he added it anyway, probably bc he thought his love alone wasn’t enough, especially since Bonnie just said she hated him.) and she FORGIVES him. And that, my fellow Bamonators, is what really wrecked my shit tonight.

There’s so much more I could add, but it’s past midnight and others have probably already said it. So TL;DR - when has your ship ever?

Still Remember

Episode 4 x 12: “Still”

Episode 5 x 12: “Remember”

Episode 6 x 12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

Maybe I am looking too far into this…but…

“Still” (Episode 4 x 12), like for so many of you, is my favorite episode of The Walking Dead, one of the most poignant scenes of course being the “porch” scene.

Last year when “Remember” (Episode 5 x 12) aired, after the devastation of losing Beth, I was so caught by the remembrance the episode paid to “Still”. It wasn’t just Daryl’s personal devastation in the episode, his standoffish attitude, and his refusal to explore anything that had to do with Alexandria, it was the fact that in almost every scene that we saw Daryl in during that episode once they entered Alexandria, he was sitting on that front porch. There is no way that this parallel can be dismissed.

Now, as “Not Tomorrow Yet” (Episode 6 x 12) approaches, I was wondering if any homage was going to be paid to “Still”…thinking perhaps it wouldn’t be remembered because we are so far removed from season 4, but then this promotional shot of Daryl came out for the episode:

No, Daryl isn’t sitting on a porch, so no clear parallel can be made there, but Daryl is sitting. So what, Daryl is just sitting down, right? Well, look at his posture…look at how he is sitting. Daryl mirrors his posture from both the scene in “Still” and “Remember”. His knees are drawn up, and at some point during all of these scenes and in the promotional picture, his hands or arms are on or wrapped around his knees. In addition, Daryl is sitting on the hood of a car. This may be a thin parallel, but the “porch” scene wasn’t the only very together scene that occurred between Beth and Daryl in “Still”:

Beth and Daryl spent the entire night in the trunk of a car, now Daryl is seen sitting on a car hood.

Maybe this means nothing in the scope of things, but I am going to view this as, once again, a small amount of reverence being paid to Daryl and Beth from “Still”, episode 6 x 12 having this callback.

We’ll come to find out that the porch scene that happened at the end of the season-two finale is…there are parts of that conversation that Iris doesn’t remember happening. I won’t say what those are, or how much they affect the rest of the season, but things are definitely different. But in this other timeline that’s been created, Barry and Iris are still working toward having a relationship, so I don’t think fans have to worry too much about them not going in that direction, or at least trying to go in that direction.
—  Candice Patton | Can you talk at all about how Iris and Barry’s relationship is going to develop as the season goes on?

The Jisbon bench/couch/porch/log scenes have a special place in my heart. There’s so much symbolism in them and estheticism in how they are shot. Each of them marks an important stage in Jane and Lisbon’s relationship, it’s like when they sit down to talk, they really do talk. It’s them sharing a place to confide in each other. It may be their attempt to make the other feel supported and cared for in the darkest of times, when a whisper of words of comfort or a light touch is more significant than a thousand words. It’s them showing they’re standing by each other’s side.
In other cases, it’s their usual friendly banter, an illustration of just how much they enjoy being together and sharing something, a drink, a talk and a chance to be close.
Sometimes it seems there’s an abyss between them either because there’s understanding that things cannot change for the time being, and whatever their hearts long to express has to be suppressed as Jane has a mission to complete and Lisbon has to accept it, and there’s silent agreement between them, or because they are paralyzed by fears and waiting for the other to take the first step trying the other with their silence. In any case, the couch/bench is a metaphoric bridge that connects them, it’s like they are not together but they can’t be apart either.
In happier times, when they’re a couple, at first it’s their tentative steps to explore the fascinating terrain that was so long craved for, trying to think of what step to take next. It’s amazing how the porch scene shows their closeness so impeccably, it’s a new feeling of trust, of sharing, of returned love.  And, finally, their log in a place that belongs to both of them and marks a new era of their journey together is a symbol of a home that they will built together. It’s a new start for both of them, something to depart from, their secret corner that has witnessed their happiest moments.

This is why I can't leave OUAT

I’ve seen so many saying they will leave OUAT after 5a…and sometimes I feel like it too. I was so disappointed with well eveything (and I really had low expectations from the start…) but then I think about moments like..

Snow and David showing their former greatest enemy how to do dance and dress for a ball

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OutlawQueen and being adorable on the dance floor…for the first time somobody danced with Regina who wanted her and only her

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Who is not your girlfriend???

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Snow being the first one to get that is might be time for Regina to see a doctor

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I didn’t know how things were for you…one of the most painful moments ever

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Merida teaching Rumple how to be brave

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Quiet domestic “You got this love I have your back” moment

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Everything about this porch scene was amazing

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Regina at her charming kindest cutest best self

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Emma kicking King Arthur’s ass

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Because that shits only happens on OUAT

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No comment necessary…EvilCleavage is always an argument

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Regina in fire ball fight mode

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Regina tricking Zelena

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The story might be terrible but this adorable peanut will be loved dearly 

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And my absolute fav moment…Snow White dragging the Evil Queen with her out like a five year old child

All this moments will make me stay with this damn show till the end…because they are truly amazing and I love them evey single one of them…

I’m sure everybody found some moments that blown they away , moments they love? 

“Still”: Something Human

In honor of the second anniversary of “Still”, just my thoughts on what I believe is one of the most beautiful scenes from The Walking Dead: The Porch Scene.

That porch scene was like your favorite song…you never knew it could get better than it was, then you hear it stripped down, live acoustic, not recorded in the studio, not tweaked or enhanced, just that song and those lyrics and whatever instrument that artist might have in hand…raw. Not all songs can be acoustic and not all artists have the talent to go there, but when they do, it is perfect, emotional, and unforgettable. Beth and Daryl played by Emily and Norman were that “acoustic” performance on The Walking Dead. Raw, real, beautiful, emotional, and totally unforgettable. They didn’t need walkers, violence, action scenes, blood and gore, awesome intricate sets or props. All they needed was Daryl and Beth, talking, opening up, being flawed and so very human, and finding that connection that gave us the beauty, hope, and faith that everyone needs. AMC promotes The Walking Dead as “Something More” and “Something Human”. Daryl and Beth were their “Something More”; they were their “Something Human”. With Beth dead, they wasted that song, a song that was so far from its end.

That Fucking Porch Scene

So I’m sitting here trying to make a gif of the Bamon hand grasp this episode on a damn Chromebook bc my fiance has my laptop when I realized that I didn’t post why I love the fucking porch scene so much. It GUTTED ME. I know Damon is basically being a major ass to Bonnie this whole scene, but the context, the subtext, my lort. It needs discussion.

Reason 1.
Did you see Damon’s expression when Bonnie ripped up that letter and threw the pieces in his fucking face? Like…savage, damn. But honestly, if the letter does contain a love confession like we think, this means two things 1) Even in the midst of being mean and using the Elena trigger, Damon still tried to reach Bonnie with HIS love and 2) since this is all in Bonnie’s head he for sure has that damn letter memorized, he’s THOUGHT about it while desiccating and if she had read it…bruh. When she does reads it and it does turn out to be another love confession, guys come find me at my grave, bc that just makes this spec true and that means this entire time, Damon had been subtly trying to tell her he loves her without outright shitting on BE the he to did Stelena. Growth and feels people, I’m done.

Reason 2.
Damon talks about everything that porch means to him in regards to Delena development, but what about in regards to Bamon development? In Kai’s prison world, the Gilbert porch is where Bonnie and Damon tentatively start to open up to each other, turning the tide of their relationship - it’s also where Damon majorly let down Bonnie, where she had her break down bc he asked her to meet him there. Something that fucked up Damon so bad he monologued on his guilt, which was spliced (I think, don’t really remember) with the scenes of Bonnie’s break.

Reason 3.
Damon plays on Bonnie’s insecurities using Elena. He tells her that everyone wishes Elena was there instead of her (and Bonnie believes him poor soul bc her abandonment issues are so…ugh), but it’s in such MASSIVE juxtaposition to what’s happening. Everyone is trying to save Bonnie, especially Damon fucking heart eyes for bonbon Salvatore.

Reason 4.
When he triggers her into waking up, she literally had his heart in her hands. Again, like I said, symbolism. He loves her and it is symbolized. More so, she is mirroring him at his most murderous as she loses her humanity, because Damon usually only rips out hearts to make a point, to vent, or to be vindictive. Mirroring is something people do when they are really close, typically emotionally. So…she loves him back. Even channeling him at his worst when she’s at HER worst, there is love there.

Reason 5.
He IMMEDIATELY apologized. Doesn’t wait until later. No, he vamp speeds to the doorway, waits there for her to meet his gaze, and tells her right away he’s sorry for being an ass but he really wanted her to wake up. Like…she could have killed him y'all. That fight could have taken place in his bedroom (and it would have been delicious if it did) but he risked it anyway just to apologize instead of hightailing it.

Gutted. Me. My proverbial entrails are all over the floor. Now, I’m gonna try again with this gif later (or hope someone does it for me, 😉) bc I am legit tired, it’s like 3 am here.