the porcelain doll collection

  • so I watched Annabelle for the first time yesterday and I went in all excited cause it was hyped up to be great and I love the Conjuring movies but holy shit:
    • Okay so right off the bat, they open and close the movie with scenes about the Actual Annabelle Case, but then create a fictional plot around the doll??? What??? Why???
    • “Their daughter ran away two years ago so we aren’t allowed to talk about my pregnancy”
    • As someone who used to have an impressive collection of porcelain dolls…the are usually not that creepy holy shit. I’ve only seen one creepy porcelain doll in my life, and it’s in my kitchen as we speak. Still not as overly-dramatic as they made the Annabelle doll. In the actual, real life case, the doll was a Raggedy Anne, and frankly? That would have been creepier to use? Something so iconically innocent? This was just trying too hard.
    • Satanists breaking into the house, that’s a very common and relatable problem
    • The dramatic drop of blood from the girl’s neck onto the doll’s face, the Satanic symbol smeared in blood… 5 Edgy 9 Me
    • Okay you wanna know what the God damn scariest part of this movie was???? When the doctor firmly puts her on bed rest, and then she just continues to walk around and work and do her job normally???? Are you lost on the concept of bed rest???? She’s out here hearing noises and shit and I’m just screaming at my tv “WHY WONT YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY???” bitch literally got stabbed in the stomach and thinks she can walk around like nothing’s wrong BYE
    • I was ranting about that literally all night
    • She tells her husband she wants to get rid of the doll, which is understandable, but then he just??? Throws it in the garbage???? Like 1) We know they’re having money troubles and 2) We know the doll was really expensive. Pawn it, you dumbass. You don’t have to tell the buyers a cult member held it in their arms after she slit her throat! That’s not information that needs to come up! This couple is just flat out exasperating.
    • All the zoom-in shots of her fingers at the sewing machine were 100% more nerve racking than anything else that happened in this damn film
    How the fuck did she not smell that fire
    • h o w

    • So this chick gets stabbed in her uterus and then falls on her stomach while inhaling smoke and you want me to believe this baby came out 100% fine?? K.
    • Why was their apartment literally bigger than their house had been
    • You know when I met John Zaffis and he was complaining that when every true ghost case his name is remotely attached to gets turned into a movie they never make a fictionalized version of him in the film but instead add in a priest that just looks like him, I thought it had to be an exaggeration…but they…they really did just create a priest and cast a guy that looks like him…why is this a curse he must bear…I don’t understand…Just put the man in your movies…
    • Literally what the hell was up with the kids on the steps did we ever get a full explanation for that????
    • Bookshop lady sees random woman outside, decides to run out and give her a free book for literally no God damn reason. more at six.
    • Okay so the doll somehow followed them to the apartment and that wasn’t a paranormal giveaway??? John, Mia, come on.
    • And okay I can respect her wanting to keep it and all but why would she put it in her fucking baby’s room are you kidding me. What sense does that make.
    • John was a Good Husband and I respect him but that boy was an idiot; Mia was a complete dumbass most of the film. So it was very hard for me to feel sympathetic towards them for most of the events??? idk
    • The ghost apparently couldn’t decide whether or not it wanted to be seen as 7-year old Annabelle, Adult Annabelle, or an Actual Demon…calm down? I get spirits like being dramatic but we need some consistency I’m sorry
    • Literally what the fuck was going on in that basement scene. Like…what
    • “You won’t mind if I just keep this one for myself then…” Um no Mia he should mind??? That’s a Literal Crime Scene Photo??? It’s evidence for the case??? You can’t just take it jfc
    • And the thing is??? She took that picture because she wanted to research the Satanic Symbol, but like??? We never actually did find out what that symbol stood for????
    • Local Woman Is Shown To Be Suicidal In The Past So We Won’t Feel As Bad When She Sacrifices Herself Later. More at six.
    • This doll just kept…deteriorating throughout the entire movie??? Like she collects porcelain dolls you’d think she be able to do something about that
    • Local Woman Figures Out Doll Is Possessed, Still Keeps It Right Over Her Baby’s Crib For A Bit. more at six.
    • When the John Zaffis Priest™ offered to take the doll I was just like…My dude. My dude. No.
    • Like FIRST OFF if anything fucking bless the doll and the apartment before you leave??? Come on??? You know this is a serious enough situation that you wanna call the Warren’s in but you’re not gonna actively do anything about it until morning? Bye.
    • “MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL” calm down, Satan.
    • John Zaffis Priest™ : *literally sees the ghost/demon of a girl who used to belong to his church standing a few feet behind him*
    • John Zaffis Priest™ : *decides that’s not his damn business and tries to enter the church and ignore it*
    • I was so pleasantly surprised he survived that honestly
    • Remember kids: If demons need your consent to steal your souls, than you need consent to have sex. Don’t be worse than demons.
    • That whole scene where the baby was screaming but you can’t find her??? We get it, you’ve seen Poltergeist.
    • Ooooh girl when she was bashing Annabelle’s head into the crib and then threw her on the ground- I was waiting for a shot where we find out that had actually been her baby. They fucking let me down there. That would off been a great scene (fucked up, but it is a horror movie after all)
    • Dramatic Scenes Of The Husband Running Home. Will He Get There In Time? More at six.
    • Why do they have to hold the doll as they kill themselves
    • I like how both women were immediately ready to die for the baby but the man was just like “why don’t we all take a breather and discuss this further over coffee” while a demon is wrecking havoc in the room around him
    • Local Woman Believes Her Greater Purpose In Life Is To Kill Herself So A Baby Will Live, more at RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IM PISSED ABOUT THAT FUCKING SCENE
    • Like if you wanna ignore everything but the base of it- Evelyn was only suicidal in the first place because she wanted to see her daughter again. Something tells me if your soul is sacrificed to Satan you WONT BE SEEING YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER AGAIN
    • W H Y
    • U G H
    • And then the doll just ~mysteriously moves away from the crime scene alone~ and ends up in a fucking antique shop okay
    • Why did it take like a full year for John Zaffis Priest™ to get that picture of Mia and the baby developed for them
    • About 20 minutes after suffering through this film I found myself in a parking lot of a TGI Friday’s and got jump-scared by an old man in a car staring at me and I experienced more true terror in that one moment than I did during the entirety of this shit film
    • Overall: Waste of time and I feel lied to 3/10 do not recommend unless you’re really easy to scare
Blind Date

Requested by: Anonymous
Scenario: You and Jiyong are set up on a blind date by CL.
A/N: I want to say I’m incredibly sorry that it took me so long to do this request. I had a really cute idea for it, but…yeah. I still sorta like it and I hope you can sorta like it too!!! p.s. yes the song used is because of Deadpool; sue me.
Genre: G-Dragon x Reader
Words: 4047

Disclaimer: As always, gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

You could handle dates you’d set up on your own. After a face-to-face with someone, and an easy exchange of numbers that were followed by a weeks’ worth of preliminary small talk and rapid fire questions, you would meet.  

The last couple of dates you’d been on in the past year ended up disastrous, to put it mildly. There was the guy who somehow had an entire wall collection of porcelain dolls (every single one having a name). Another who was fond of hording his dirty gym clothes in his spare room (it brought him good luck).  

Since every date you’d set up on your own ended horribly, there was no way getting setup on blind dates could go any better. When you’d told Chaerin your ideas about the single life and having a few dozen cats wasn’t so bad; she’d spit out her coffee.

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My roommate pets my cheek until I wake up.
She has skin as white as shaved ice
and unplucked eyebrows that furrow as she whispers:
“I’m sorry for your loss.”
It’s seven a.m.  I haven’t lost anything except sleep.
She says, “The way they just killed him at a traffic stop.
It isn’t right, it isn’t right.
I’m sorry.
If you need anything, please let me know.
It’s heartbreaking.”
Her eyes, which have been scanning my room,
land on mine as she cracks the word heartbreaking, 
as if to emphasize
I wonder if she followed the shootings
before she started living with a black girl.
I wonder if she looked up the article herself
or saw a headline in a Facebook post.
I wonder if she marched.
I wonder if, like me,
her only form of activism is rescue dogs.
Oh honey, I wanted to say.  I’ve stopped counting my dead.
I’ve woken up with a pit in my stomach so many days
that the pit is my stomach.
If she asks me – and I know that she will ask me,
earnestly, with wide eyes that soak up every word
and shoulders hunched forward in forced sympathy –
how it feels to live with a target on my back
in America,
I won’t know what to say.
I could give her books.
But no, she needs to hear it from me,
a black person with hair she can touch and a heartbeat she can feel:
She can prove I am human.
I am today’s porcelain doll picked from her careful collection
of black friends,
asked to educate.
But it is seven a.m.,
and another black man is dead,
and I have not figured out whether this new death has
cracked through my numbness.
I have not decided whether to sit vigil or light a funeral pyre.
And there she is, with her lower lip poked out,
and she wants to know what she can do.
I have run out of things to tell her.
When I pull the blankets over my head and fill my eyes with darkness,
she thinks it’s because I am in mourning.
—  Morning, Again.

theivorywolf  asked:

Yooo, it's your birthday? :D Then happy birthdaaay! Have lots of VC fanart and shitposts and just don't ever change, your personality and humor is top quality. <3

That is????? So sweet????? Like?????????????? Thank you so much dear, yes it is my bday! Fun fact, it’s also Claudia’s bday. Will this be the year in which I have a breakdown and throw away my collection of porcelain dolls in front of my vampire dad to unveil a corpse that has been rotting away in my *BED* for God knows how long? Who knows. I do have a porcelain doll, so I’ll let you know lol.

Lowkey still shook over the fact that no one in that house could smell the decaying woman.

Anyways, thank you again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

5, 12, 102, 170! :D

Yesssss I got an ask so hype

5. Apple or PC?
I’m not sure I have a preference. Our phones and iPads are apple products. But with laptops and desktops we mostly use dell so idek if that counts

12. Creamy or chunky peanut butter?
If you present me with chunky peanut butter I will scoop it out and smear it on your face what is this nonsense?

102. Favorite Pokémon?
Ahhhhhhhh tbh…I really like Zapdos. Always have since I was a wee smol. My favorite starter is probably Treecko or Totodile

170. Do you collect anything?
Lmao fish just kidding(but not really tho) hmmm I don’t think so? I kinda collect porcelain dolls but they’ve been in storage for a long time now

This was really fun and I invite more with open arms 😁😁😁


New mold🌈
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Hi my name is Amy!
My pronouns are she/her!
My hobbies are collecting porcelain dolls! I want to join the preschool because I think it’s a really cool safe place that I would love to be apart of! 💖

Welcome to honeypot preschool Amy! You are officially one of our baby bears 🐻❤️We hope you enjoy your time here and you’re shown lots of love from your new classmates!

iamapanda15  asked:

Please don't close your blog its really awesome! Its one of the few really good ones that I found. Can you do some head cannons about the adorable russia

Aa thank you so, so much!! I would honestly love to help with this blog more, but I’m pretty busy due to school and things like that. The requests we receive are AWESOME and it’s thanks to you guys that we’ve been going on as long as we have :3 Seriously, thank you. As long as we’re getting requests, we won’t be going anywhere!


  • He is one of the best dancers ever (especially at ballet and stuff!)
  • Gives rib-crushing hugs
  • VERY TICKLISH but he’s a danger if you try to tickle him because he will literally spazz out and end up destroying any piece of furniture in close proximity
  • Sleeps in the fetal position; if he’s sleeping with someone he’ll cling to them with his legs!
  • Speaking of sleeping, he’s sorta vocal during his sleep, and the result is kind of a mixed bag. Sometimes he’ll be giggling, other times he’ll be bawling his eyes out D:
  • f LEX IBL E
  • When he’s astonished/surprised/flustered, he’ll say stuff like, “Oh, heavens!” or “My goodness” or “Oh, dearie me.”
  • Really kind of wants everything to be nice and orderly in case anyone comes over and he doesn’t have time to clean
  • If someone flirts with him:

(Nah but he’d get really really flustered and flattered)

  • Has a collection of tiny porcelain bunnies and matryoshka dolls!
  • Takes forever to finish a book/TV series
  • Also, he enjoys books that seem pretty straightforward on the surface, then suddenly there’s a plot twist that changes the way the entire story plays out and makes the reader question the universe
  • hAS TACKY PAINTINGS OF BANANAS AND SOCKS (I can’t find a screenshot from the anime right now but I assure you thEY’RE THERE) :V
  • He will call/text/contact his friends frequently throughout the day regardless if they respond or not
  • Doesn’t really play video games that much, but when he does, he usually turns to puzzle games or ones like Animal Crossing

Hhh this list was like 99% fluff omg

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky bonding with Nick Fury.

“So you’ll never guess what I found while I as clearing Alex’s desk?” Nick says. Bucky opens their beers with a flick of his metal thumb.

“Can’t even imagine. Weird Soviet porn? His porcelain doll collection? His novel?”

Nick chokes on the beer he just started drinking.

“Yeah!” he splutters. “His novel.”

Buck’s jaw drops.

“No shit.”

“I shit you not,” Nick says, and starts laughing. “And you’ll never guess who it’s about.”

“I’m a little scared to guess,” Bucky says.

“Captain fucking America,” Nick says with such unrestrained glee that it almst doesn’t register with Bucky. But when it does…

“We need to read it.”

“Oh yeah.”

“And then we need to… fuckin’… dramatic-read it.”


“I call dibs on being Steve.”

1D as dolls

Liam: Extra tall classic Victorian porcelain doll with tight ringlet curls. You can never take it out of its box or else it will lose its value. No one knows you have already done this twice.

Harry: Realistic ball-jointed doll. Very popular within the doll collecting and bjd community. One picture from a photoshoot you did with it went viral. No one ever credits it on Pinterest. 

But also Harry: This 17th century wooden doll.

Niall: 1970′s baby doll. Eyes that are unnaturally blue, pink skin and hair that is difficult to brush and unnaturally yellow. Always wearing questionable attire. However, very popular and your favorite.

Louis: Antique German sailor boy porcelain doll. Rare, classic and very collectible. It is your proudest find. You keep it up on display in the living room so children can ask if they can play with it and you can say no.

But also Louis: A murderous ventriloquist dummy possessed by a demonic entity.