the popular losers

ok but like… teen richie would arguably be popular outside the losers club

- he’s entertaining. The class….clown… if you will

-he can make anybody laugh, even people who don’t like him

-he does get annoying sometimes but by now saying “beep beep richie” is common knowledge and nobody hesitates to shut him up

-not to mention now that he’s matured and got rid of the coke bottle glasses, he’s kind of hot

-so tons of girls and even a few guys have crushes on richie tozier

-but he is COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS TO THIS, because he doesn’t ever slow down enough to notice the totally obvious flirting people do with him (…and even if he did, there’s really one person he wants that kind of attention from)

-always willing to share smokes (much to eddie’s dismay ”that’s a cancer stick, richie! do you even kNOW HOW THAT AFFECTS YOUR LUNGS”) with someone


You know, I honestly worry for Mike Hanlon. I really hope he doesn’t ever act ‘selfish’ or ‘rude’ or display any negative, realistic emotions in the movie because we all know the fandom will latch onto that and use that as an excuse to ignore/hate him (see: Lucas Sinclair )

We know the same people will be able to overlook that in any other losers or even Bowers + Hockstetter, but he will probably be CRUFICIED if he so much as breathes angrily. He’s going to be downplayed and ignored enough as it is…

With all this Pennywise being a gay icon discourse going on think of this

AU: Where Pennywise is a really nice clown and along with the Babadook takes the Losers’ Club to their first Pride event 

does anybody else ever get emotional bc like in btvs s1 we see cordy singing alone, no one seems to be around to support her and pretty much the only person paying attention to her is giles who is Forced to be there and shuts her down midway through her song.

and then, 4 years later


This time featuring more random OnS characters.

For Yu, I decided to give him his usual stoic look and a bandaid on his face since the idiot likes to get in trouble a lot.

For Ky, I attempted to give him the look a mischievous gamer would have. Since its my headcanon that Ky, after a troublesome start, would soon develop into a video game maniac, I made his school AU version fit into this concept. He is the type of guy who sneaks a virus into the school’s system just to watch everything go down the drain.

And last but not least: The star-crossed lovers of the story. It’s very cliché, but I still like the concept of the popular girl and the loser being meant for each other.