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i always forget i made a friend at my first job…like we were work friends but then also actual friends + her sister + my brother as a group all friends w each other and she’s a real cool person and fun and im actually comfortable around her which doesnt happen much….also that she’s my friend doesn’t happen much coz it takes me so damn long to get cool w someone / takes me so long between finding anyone to get cool with….i never hung out w school friends hardly ever outside of school so even tho i found a few cool ppl there over the yrs we didnt stay in touch after going to different schools coz being in school together was what made us friends. but anyways i say all this in past tense but im still friends w this person, she has my number and we’re on that twitter….we just live in diff places and havent been in the same place in forever….

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Lainey wrote there would be new gossip soon then BOOM new MM and H pictures. MM has been leaking to the press since the beginning and the worse part is H is absolutely fine with her famewhore behaviour. He's not a victim. He is a grown man. He released that infamous statement. He's fine with her leaking to the US press. He's a loser imo. Popular because he is a prince. That's mean but that's my opinion!

okay anon, cause I was feeling you earlier, not anymore, those pics are old, the Sun is playing games with MM

thanks anon, keep the faith


continuing from this ask that i got, i looked up the prizes for the ISU championships from last season (2014-15) too, in case anyone was curious