the popes are not here for fitz

Scandal Finale Season ep.2


Girl, tonight’s episode was directed by our beloved TonyG aka Tyrone …. he did that! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. These are moments I picked up on and stood out to me. So it’s not gonna technically be a full detailed , play by play review, but still enjoy!

Ohhhh baby baby , baby baby: We open up with Olivia looking for her purse *cackles* Sis got the D and was ready to GO! Curtis on the other hand is laying in bed pleading his case on how he is worth more than creep visits 🤦🏽‍♀️ smh when will these men learn? Olivia Pope doesn’t want intimacy, affection, over night sleeping, unless it is with Fitzgerald Thomas Grant. Curtis hun , stay in your lane and just supply the D when called upon🙄🗣 next!

Next scene is a tour guide showing citizens around the White House and talking about the upcoming state dinner, also a “pool” being reconstructed was mentioned. 👀☕️

Olivia goes to her office and it’s “Mr. Vice President” Cyrus starts to talk about Olivia is being Formal with him like they weren’t friends, we all know Liv gets formal with people when she means business. She’s established a wall.

Now I’m just gonna run thru these next scenes Abby brought David lunch so he could get QPA invites to the state dinner.-Abby gets the invites and takes tickets to QPA- Olivia and Mellie walks down the hall discussing how they are going to get the President Rashad/Rashaad to sign a nuclear treaty. Lol Black people spell it as Rashad while as this man , from the Middle East probably spells it Rashaad 🤷🏽‍♀️. - QPA is shown getting ready for the Dinner, Huck is nervous because he says he doesn’t know how to communicate well with others (normal people) and Abby dress is so pretty! But what stood out in this scene to me was when Huck asked Abby if she missed the White House and before she replied the “OG Gladiator” song started playing in the background and I knew she was gonna say that being a gladiator was where she belonged or something similar and I was right because she said “ I prefer being a gladiator” ME: 🤧😭 yes Abby!

🗣Mellie needs the D, she wants a vibrator , her lady parts are getting cobwebs 😂😂😂 listen when Mellie started going on about how she needed some D I fell out laughing! Olivia ain’t right she getting some D why she ain’t tryna sneak Mellie in some part time D 👀☕️ cuz both yal mans in Vermont sooooo 🤷🏽‍♀️

Olivia: “I know, it’s lonely” 😭😭😭 Yal can’t know how broken Olivia looked in that moment, it was such a vulnerable moment and I can’t believe she displayed it in front of Mellie. It was as clear as day that Olivia Carolyn Pope has been/is missing Fitzgerald she damn near was choking on those words 😩🤧 Fitz where are you!

After that vulnerable moment we see Olivia walking towards the renovated pool. ( which lowkey was a closet that had a secret passage that opened up to an underground pool.) Joke is down there fixing the place up and he makes a smart comment about how the person who built that place felt safe in his pool, because outside he was confined to a wheelchair. In water was the only place he felt he could fly, to be free. Ummmmm if that’s not Olivia Pope! Because we all know Liv’s safe place is the pool😩 Liv I see yu boo, and I hear your cries!

Next are scenes from the State dinner, Charlie was feeling out of place, Huck was too and then later he ended catching an assassin lol only Huck, Liv’s new play thing was there tryna make her jealous and get her attention, David lowkey made a move on Abby (held her hand, in a romantic moment👀) and I fully support them getting back together should they go down that road again!

Some other things happened but it wasn’t anything major to me but it added to the overall episode! Ok now I think the last 10-15 minutes is where things get Juicy 😜!

I really thought they were gonna let Mellie and the President hook up , homeboy was being really flirty and he definitely was with it and when I say Mellie would’ve jumped down on the D…. she gone start a war for the D….sign a peace treaty for the D …she gone make it leak for the D 😂😂😂😭😭 lmaooo ok I’m sorry! But seriously Mellie was about to hop on him but she shook it off and homeboy was like 😏 I look forward to working with you in the future 😝 get that D Mellie girl! You deserve 😂😂😂

David tells Abby they are good together 😏

Lmaooooo Quinn slapped the entire fuck out of Charlie 😂😂😩 she thought he was breaking up with her (they didn’t!)


It never cease to amaze me how one damn word can send me over a fucking cliff! Olivia ends up taking the new boy toy home, they kissing on the elevator and as soon as the door opens they backing up and I saw Fitz‼️ *pause* yes you read it right! Code red, code blue! I repeat this is not a drill 🗣ITS FITZ BABY! I screamed so loudly! 💃🏽💃🏽‼️‼️ *twerks* (🙌🏽can I just SPEAK on how goodT Fitz was looking? Damn Vermont is treating him ohhh sooo well 🤗🤤🤤)

Now mind you they still kissing Olivia ain’t turned around or nothing , but Curtis opens his eyes and he lowkey pushes Olivia off him she turns around and BAM! Fitz hit her ass with a “HI.”

She was shook! 😯

I was shook! 😧

Hell you was shook! 😦😵😂😂

💃🏽🤗 big daddy came to town and finna put shit down! When I say I’m on cloud 10, cuz next weeks episode gone be so lit I can’t wait! Lmaooo can you imagine how QUICK she finna dismiss Curtis in the opening of next weeks ep? Olivia to Curtis:🗣bitch bye my man here, you’re dismissed! Lmao or what if Fitz plays it cool and be like “I see your busy, I’ll catch you another time.” 😩 she gone so fuckin distraught if he did that!

Fitz literally said “Hi” and me and Olivia melted! How dare he 🤦🏽‍♀️ lawwwd I can’t wait next episode all about 😍Fitz💃🏽♥️ this is the kind of Scandal content I signed up for‼️

-Chaun 💋

I am not entertaining you negative people anymore but one thing I will say... Olivia Pope said Goodbye to the President, not to Fitz. She let the WHOLE world know who her man is. Do i want olitz to actually have this conversation? Yes. Did I love the ending? No. Do I think Liv as command is horrible? A little yes. But one thing I will tell you is that Olivia needs to realise that the WH is not the place she thinks without her light in it. That is all I will be saying as you people on here suck the life and soul out of everything. Bye.
Scandal Review 6x11

Yoooooooooooooo! Scandal season 6 ep 11 came up and showed tf OUT hunny! OLITZ IS BACK BITCHEEESSSSS! *twerks to Diana Ross the Boss Ain’t no mountain high enough* (and yes I added an E in bitch lol). Scandal , Shonda, Liv and Fitz (Kerry and Tony) FED us good last night.
I first started watching Scandal for Kerry Washington, who is one of my faves(LOVE HER) , and now I stan Anthony Howard “Tony” Goldwyn. My mans is most definitely invited to the cookout! I will fix his plate, prepare his drink, and bring it to him! Tony is such a fuckin phoneme on and off the camera. Do yal follow him on IG, how awesome can he be…..and he’s 56! *Wiggggg*
REVIEW TIME (rundown mode)
Ok! Let me say this, I need to get it off my chest: that Opening with the illuminate girl and David was SAD! Yal that sex sounded so horrible, straight trash lmaoooo I was like what tf is really going on. David ain’t had no good sex since Abby! Lmao. @ me on this!!! 

Mellie attacking Olivia:  Bitch. *stares motherfuckerly* BITCH HOW DARE YOU!  I need mellie to get her head out of her entitled ass! Ugh how you gone try to attack the one damn person who has been in your corner for two damn years trying to make you president. Fuck Mellie (until later).

1st Olitz moment : They are in the Oval and this is the second time Olivia shows Fitz her vulnerable side. Olivia is telling Fitz how Mellie is going to ceed the presidency over to Cyrus, Fitz stop her cuz he sees how its affecting her. We all know our girl Olivia hates to lose , Fitz knows this as well. So he gets up and does the shoulder thing again *swoons* he is comforting his best girl and she falls into him and holds him tight. (I was screeching in OLITZ when he said “Come here,” how sexy is this man when he is being authoritative! hot damn) 

The Return of Liz North?: Um guh where you been and why all of a sudden you come out the woods talking about Mellie need to fight for the presidency …. I knew she was full of shit yal!

Mellie goes to Olivia and tries to get her to reconsider about the presidency but Liv was still saying no. Then once again Mellie insults Olivia then try to say sorry. Bitch bye! Anyways we see that Huck is love and well, in Olivia’s Pink robe lol. Quinn had the nerve to snatch a pillow from behind charlie to give it to huck……um ma’am which one is your man? She needs to gone break up with charlie and not string him along like some little dog.

Liv and Cyrus…still the dream team?: HELL NO….kml Liv tried to go talk to cyrus but he shut her all the way down. Miss cyrus was not having it. And honestly I can’t really blame him. Liv did do him dirty! But Cyrus is Cyrus how much shit he helped put Liv and Fitz thru? soooo I really just didn’t care.

ANGELA. HI. HELLO. HOW ARE YOU?: Lmao so Angela is in bed trying to low-key question Fitz about Olivia. Um ma’am you are the director of the FBI and you mean to tell me you couldn’t pick up on “your man” deflecting tf out of you? Fitz really was not giving her the time of day. Hun give it up you can not and will not compare to Olivia C. Pope. ISSA WRAP. I mean yal Fitz literally told the guh he was working *cackles evilly*

Liv visits Rowen: That entire exchange was so sad because Rowen basically was looking out for his damn self, which a part of me can’t blame him…..but I am so over him its hard to jump on board when Liv goes into her “make daddy proud” modes! He always come off as a manipulator and I’m over it….but then sometimes I get the feeling that he do be trying to look out for Olivia but he is so damn evil urghghhgh bye! 

Shade moment: Michael ass went on TV and shaded the entire fuck out of cyrus! LMAO!! And Michael got JAMES baby being the Mommy & Daddy, I mean tbh Ella is better off with him cuz cyrus is a toxic ass man, he don’t need a baby(IMO).

2nd Olitz moment: Liv tells Fitz she went to see her dad, Fitz wants to “handle” Rowen but Olivia playing daddy’s little girl asks Fitz to forgive Rowen like she forgave Abby. Fitz rolls his eyes and goes to their (kissing) window. lol!

Fitz and Cyrus moment: Liv sent Fitz to Cyrus to go make his ass get up and take this job seriously (didn’t really care cuz it was funny and shady how he wouldn’t talk to liv but talked to Fitz who left his ass behind in that jail too! over it)

Liz North see you on the other side: I knew she was down with the illuminate! When Mellie walked into that office I was not surprised….but what did surprise me was how Becky took that damn gold club and beat that woman to death. YIKESSS! Liz deserved better lol! (I was very proud of Mellie when she stood up to them tho, like I really was proud of her!!) Mellie who is covered in blood, kids got threatened and she fell in line with the illuminate! 

Angela Vs. Olitz(because they are a package)pt1: Angela comes in on a mission! Lol, homegirl going off about how she is going after Olivia, how she got evidence, and how she bout to interrogate Liv. PAUSE HO YOU REALLY TRYING IT! Then she had the nerve to call Fitz a boy! *slams hand on the table* I’m so tired of all these irrelevant ass people trying my guy Fitzgerald! That is a man! Fitz has always stood his ground and been a leader! Fuck yal who think otherwise! Side note: It was funny that she said it because I am a black woman and I know I be like “Boy bye…or boy please” lol If she would have said this to anybody else I wouldn’t say nothing but I can’t let her disrespect my mans Fitz like that! I ride for that one!! 

Once again Olivia Pope to the rescue: Mellie calls Olivia but doesn’t tell her what happened. Olivia comes and sees Liz dead on the floor. Now lets all remember that Olivia has PTSD! This was not good for her. Mellie talking fast and i’m sure she was having flashbacks to Jerry death, we all remember how she lost her shit! I felt bad for Mellie. Jake so irrelevant lmao he only came out for “clean up” duty *cackles* 

3rd Olitz moment: Let me just say Olivia lost her fuckin mind! Guhhhhhh (goes in corner to collect myself). She comes in the Oval , Fitz tells her that Angela’s Jealosy has gotten the best of her and now she is coming after Liv. Lmao my boy really said he was contemplating getting her resignation. LMAOOOO Fitz ain’t you smashing this guh? And you said that?? I knew Angela was a non factor kml!!! Liv goes to the window , turns around and tells Fitz with a straight face “Good” hold up! Pause. Flag on the play! Bi what? Good? So you wanna go to jail and be somebody prison bitch? Um no ma’am. Me nor Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the 3rd having that shit! Fitz loses his shit and start yelling *cackles, my boy was heated* My guy took my breath away when he said “There is no way in hell I am letting you go to prison for life” I KNEW AN OLITZ MOMENT WAS COMING , I FELT IT IN MY SOUL! (Olivia ass started to walk away and say a petty comment but We (me and Fitz) wasn’t having that!
(still yelling at her ass) “Don’t you see, I’d lose you, forever” HOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOO! YAL. I knew this man was still in love with Olivia Pope. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the 3rd was, is, and forever will be in love with Olivia Carolyn Pope. @ me on this!!!
*eye roll* Olivia goes on to say “my father will die” (shrugs shoulders and yells *who cares, guh you was tryna kill him a few eps back!) She then goes on to say that if Fitz stops her and arrests her dad he would lose her forever. I personally do not think she meant any of that because the look on her face and the way she turned around at that door says otherwise! Olivia was just using herself as a threat against Fitz because thats all she can use , she doesn’t have any other leverage over him. BUT all she had to do was sit down with Fitz and come up with a plan instead of trying to do it on her own. Ugh stop with this self sacrificing shit, Me and Fitz aint having it NO DAMN MO! (will elaborate on this part later)

Angela Vs. Olitz pt2: ANGELA YOU THOUGHT! *CACKLES EVILY* When I say Fitz was done playing games, my guy told her back up and move ya ass to OMAHA! *que in Beyonce* To the left to the left! 

Rowen got arrested: *CACKLES EVILY*

4th Olitz moment: Baby Olivia comes thru heated like a hot sausage on a saturday morning! She is yelling at Fitz , meanwhile my mans got his scotch and a remote in hand and says “You want to stop yelling at me” LMAO BOSS MAN STAUTS!!! Fitz gave 0 fucks about what she was saying! He knew the game, he knows she will try to use herself to get her way. Liv looks at the TV and sees her dad is safe in the office. (In the background Diana Ross the Boss “Ain’t no mountain” monologue starts to play, and it fits so perfectly to this moment.) Fitz lets her know rowen is in his care and he is ready for them (him and her) to start working together to fight the illuminate. She turns around breathing heavily…..(KerryW is playing TF outta this roll)…  It was so many emotions running across her face. She walks to him and sits in front of him, he scoots down and now they are face to face. Fitz looking at her like “I told you I got you” the looks these two were giving each other was sending me into my death(I was literally screaming at this point). Olivia reaches out and grabs Fitz and they kiss (I was so damn PROUD of Olivia) I love that she was the one to initiate. Fitz was SHOOKETH. Lol, my guy hadn’t kiss those lips in 2 years he didn’t even know what to do with his hands at first lol. When he cups her face , Olivia is literally looking like she wants to cry, Hell him too! (whyyyy they playing with me like this, yal I love them!!) 

*sips my fancy ass Chamomile tea* Olivia is walking backwards into Fitz room, if you pay attention Fitz(low-key Tony) face was priceless cuz he knew he had gotten his woman back and she was finna fuck the shit out of him! She places his hand on her hip and she grabs his neck in *bring that ass here fashion* She kisses her man and they close the door. We didn’t get a sex scene but I will be happy with a bedroom waking up scene at the beginning of the next ep. Remember Kerry had a baby so she might not be ready for these type of scenes yet. Yal respect my Fave and don’t be on her bout a sex scene.
Fitz: He “Handled” it! I repeat Fitz handled the situation. He out poped Olivia pope.
Fitz will not let anything come between him and Olivia. Not Mellie, Not Cyrus, Not the presidency, Not Abby, Not Angela, Not Rowen, Not even Olivia! He has proven time and time again that he will choose her. Let me tell you something THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER FITZGERALD THOMAS GRANT the 3RD. This man has proven for the 1000000000000000000 time why he is the fuckin MAN! Fitz hates Rowen, we all know why ( he killed his son). Fitz chose to save Rowens life for Olivia, the woman he loves. He knows she loves her dad, regardless all the shit talking and acting tough that she does, Fitz knows this and like I keep saying FITZ never makes Olivia choose. He always lets her work things out on her own. But this time she was about to take it to far so he had to step in and “FIX” the situation. Ladies Get you a Fitz!! Lol!
The next ep looks so promising just because I think its gonna be dope that Everyone is going to be working together to take down the illuminate!
Much Love, Chaun.

Scandal re-watching : 208

I wasn’t ready for this episode :’(:’(:’(

I love how she just hung up the phone the minute she sees the Eisenhower’s pin :)

I wanted go give you something special
you are my something special 

she was just so proud of him 😢

her face literally lights up at the sound of his voice 😊

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DESKGATE!! I don’t even know where to begin! 

his sexy ass bossy baritone voice demanding she calls him mr President :P

the playfulness, the fflirt-ness


the dancing, the way they look at each other! you can touch the mutual desire and adoration. The music accelerating and the panting before the KISS! 

we can’t stop
I can’t, you’re the most important person in my life 
I can’t just stop,
can you ?

well, I guess actions do speak louder than words 😏

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 and just because, they erased all kinds respect when they decided to delete it !

you want to be with the man you love, be with him

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THIS entire flashback scene was gold! they were so young and crazy in love it hurts :) the way he makes her giggles! 

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I love you. I’m in love with you. You’re the love of my life. My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face. I can’t breathe without you, I can’t sleep without you. I wait for you, I watch for you! I exist for you. If I could escape all of this and run away with you..? I belong to you!  We’re in this together. 

I love you too. I”m in love with you too
so, we’re in this together ?
we’re in this together 

me rn :’(

 well, another self explanatory episode ! 

I don’t feel like I need to add anything so I won’t be talking about Mellie and how much I need her to burn. 
we all want the same thing. You and me, Cyrus; we’re a team we got him in the WH and we are going to keep him here. We are doing our patriotic duty, serving our country. We just go about it differently”. *hands Olivia the pin* “you’ll make sure Fitz gets it.”  

excuse me ? would you mind shutting the f up please ? don’t act all prudish and outraged when you’re just encouraging the affair by pimping up Olivia because as always you’re incapable of doing anything by yourself 

to conclude : 

have you guys ever thought that maybe kerry & tony didn’t go to the TCA because they had prior commitments? or maybe they were working? tony is directing the episode they are currently filming. there have been several times cast members haven’t been able to go to an event because they had to be on set.
•let’s love this show for its final season, people are so quick to be negative. i’m not saying you have to be super optimistic (as i am because that’s just me lol) about it, but maybe don’t have this burning rage and hate before the premiere -AND PROMO - has even aired. or do, if you enjoy living that way, i guess. if you guys didn’t actually care, like you say you don’t care, you wouldn’t be here bitching.. jus sayin.


I’m in love with Olitz but what I love above everything is a  functional-the-two-of-us-against-the-rest-of-the-world Olitz :





“Just make sure she loves you because if she loves you she can be any kind of tornado she wants” 

I just love him sooooooo much!!!


And she loves him too! 

In  the previous scene Roman was horrible to Fitz but he just conceded and then he tried and comforted Olivia instead of Jake who once again behaved  like a child  –”  I loved what she said here and I hope s7 Olivia won’t refrain from calling him pathetic and weak and jealous because he is and she knows  it!!!
Olitz AU One Shots Chapter 12: Where He Belongs Part 4, a scandal fanfic | FanFiction

@scandalbayoubeauty @douxbebearchives @trininadz @scandalmistress

Happy Sunday one and all. Here’s the next chapter of Where He Belongs. Tony/Fitz has gone back to California and is staying in his former home. He’s missing Olivia and the boys terribly. This chapter gives the background on how he and Olivia got together. Hope you enjoy it.

For those in Irma’s path or who family impacted by Irma, may you stay safe and feel the prayers and well wishes of those keeping you in their thoughts. Remember things can always be replaced but you can’t , please evacuate if you need to and stay safe.

Watching You (One Shot Attempt) (Smut)

(I’m not a writer, I’m an RP account of Fitz. However, I wanted to try my hand at some smut because I’m messy as fuck. Enjoy)


After months of begging on Fitz’s part, Olivia decided to stay at the White House over night. They’d had dinner, cuddled, and now they sat in the Oval Office. Being the workaholic that she was, Ms.Pope refused to leave work behind. Her perfectly-arched eyebrows were knit together, and her nose was scrunched up in that cute little way that Fitz adored. His eyes traveled down to her plump lips. Oh, how he loved her lips. He loved the way they felt as they slid across his own lips, making him dizzy. He loved how her lips felt around him as she sucked not so manly noises from his presidential lips. His pants began to tighten as his eyes hungrily drank in her appearance. From her red-bottom heels, to her perfectly-manicured nails, she was perfect to him. It seemed almost effortless. He continued to watch her shamelessly as she peeked at him. “Fiiittttzzz,” she whined. “I can’t work with you looking at me like that.” She’d put off work to come see him, and she really needed to work on this case. “So don’t work.” He put his large hand over her smaller one, making her close the file. “You have an even bigger case to work on, right here.” He moved her dainty hand to his bulge. The sight of her small hand against his impressive bulge made it even more erotic for him. Olivia said nothing. She just looked at him. Fitz knew that she was having an internal battle. Moving the file to the table, he made the decision for her. He scooped up her little body and deposited her on his desk. “Lay down. Damn, you’re so sexy, Ms.Pope.” Olivia obeyed. This look in Fitz’s eyes was something she was used to, and she loved feeling wanted. Fitz made quick work of her suit before he climbed on top of her, claiming her pillowy lips in a searing kiss. Their tongues battled as Fitz slid a sneaky hand into her panties, thumbing at her clit. She broke the kiss to let out a high keen before Fitz surged forward and claimed her mouth as his own again. Her lip quivered in that sexy way it does as she was brought closer to orgasm. Her body arched off of the desk as he slid his thick middle-finger between her folds and crooked it, successfully pulling an orgasm from her. He bit his lip before settling himself in his favorite place in the world, between her legs. Tearing her panties off with his teeth, he immediately opened his mouth to cover her clit. He swirled and flicked his tongue against her with no mercy. “Fuck.. F-Fitz.” He grunted in response before forcing his tongue into her, wiggling it. His dark sapphire eyes were on her the entire time. He drank every moan, whimper, gasp, and sigh in just as greedily as he was drinking her juices in. She tugged on his hair, shaking as she came again. Fitz stood up and just looked at her. He observed his handiwork of the most powerful woman in DC. Fitz wasn’t a man who liked to relinquish power, but Olivia’s power turned him on to no end. After staring at her, he finally decided to end his own torture. Releasing himself from the confines of his boxers, he guided himself into heaven on earth. His body heated up as her walls closed around him, taking the air from his lungs. He moved her legs to his shoulders, pressing a tender kiss against her ankle. His thrusts were powerful and unforgiving, rocking her to the very core. Olivia’s eyes shut just as his hungry eyes landed on her breasts. He latched onto one, sucking on it with vigor as he gave her a third orgasm. “Fitz, please,” she begged. “Please what?” He spanked her with his large hand. “Use your words, Ms.Pope.” His voice held that cocky arrogance that she’d usually hate. Luckily for him, she could barely remember her own name. “Please… Just.” Her voice cracked as he delivered one particularly rough thrust, sending her into another orgasm. Her body was spent, going limp against his desk as he savagely rammed into her petite body. He eyes drank in his naked form as he approached his climax. This woman was his. Her mind, soul, body, spirit, and heart. She was his. The thought of her being his was all it took for him to tug on her hair and release deep into her. Panting, he put his head on her breasts. “Still want to work?” He looked up at her, his eyes turning a lighter blue. She rolled her eyes and playfully hit him on his back. “Yes, I do, Cocky.” Fitz gave a deep chuckle. “Well in that case, get on all fours.” A squeal could be heard as she tried to hop off of his desk to escape his wandering hands. “Come back here, Ms.Pope. You can’t escape the president!” He chased after her, his smile mirroring her own. He was glad he invited his Livvie to come relax with him.

My thoughts on Scandal 614 "Head Games"

This was a really good episode! So many revelations and I liked how they tackled some issues that are currently happening! Honestly Scandal could be the type of show where she speaks on political issues and ppl will watch because for one she can write it in a interesting way. Regardless if you agree with every decision she has made, the woman can write let’s not take her talents from her! This ep had some good elements: I could totally watch Scandal call out America on its shit 😎 I would get behind that. It was a portion of the show and we got Olitz see shonda we can have both! No one ever said the entire ep gotta be about Olitz. She could totally do more with scandal ughhhhhh let me not start. I explained a few of the parts in full detail but majority of it is in order of the show👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 on to the review:
Victory for US OF A🇺🇸: So we open up the episode with Marcus. He’s doing his thing and letting everybody know we have taken care of the threat and no you are not getting details. Some reporter asks “With all this behind him what will president Grant be focusing on leaving the office ” Marcus replies “the president will continue to be both passionate and eager-” 😈 *record scratch 🗣que in OLITZ SEX!*
🙌🏽😍 let me go on record and say this was so grade A sexing! Olivia was riding, Fitz was choking (I don’t know if it’s written in the script… you know what I know it’s not because him and Kerry “method act” ☕️ but that damn TonyG likes to choke 😏 and Kerry obviously likes it and I am here for it!😝) Although music was playing in the background we still got our edges snatched 🙆🏽💇🏽 Fitz was hitting it from the back and our guh moaned out “Harder” FITZGERALD GRANT WAS PIPING OLIVIA POPE DOWN! She fuck’d around and knocked a glass over😂😂 they ass always breaking some shit! I wish they would let me breathe tho! Fitz kissing on Olivia back and shoulders and just being affectionate while laying it down, Olivia with joy all on her face, moaning all throughout this entire process, Kerlivia was enjoying herself 🙃 yeen telling me shit they got excited doing this sex scene hell I got excited like I’m having sex! Olivia was getting the D for me too I’m just gonna be honest and put that out there and nope ain shame! Fitzony fine AF , Kerlivia better get the Dickens ! *que KimK: 😏 it’s what she deserves*

So then we see the president elect and her new vp taking pictures and Quinn trying on a wedding gown 🤗 she looked good btw but back to Olitz they cuddling 😍😍and it’s the cutest shit ever 😭 Fitz: 9 more days of this. Olivia: 9 more days and he leans in for some kisses! They clearly went two or three more rounds and this is not up for debate 😌

Rowan retiring?: David goes to Rowan looking for answers about Samantha aka ponytail 🙃 *fast forward * Rowan gives this mane a head in a box 😂😂 bye!

Domestic Olitz 😍: My babies are so stinkin cute getting dressed for the day together! Damnit I was squealing in olitz! (That’s my other language I speak!) So Liv sees a stack of papers and they are pardons… She questions him , he says “I’m being thorough , hands on” and grabs her and snatches her to him. (I love when he does that 😩*swoon*) She laughs , he kissing all over her but she let’s him know that he’s shutting Abby out because this was suppose to be her job to sort them out and Fitz was like “don’t you have another president to challenge and annoy” she smiles at him “I do” 🤦🏽‍♀️😩 why👏🏽 are 👏🏽they 👏🏽so 👏🏽damn 👏🏽cute👏🏽 this flirty banter between them I can live off this! They are so damn happy ! Olivia is so damn happy (since when does she joke?? Lol) and I love it she’s been in a really dark place and now she’s smiling genuinely and with the love of her life *slides down wall and cradle myself as I cry tears of Joy for my girl*
So Olivia being Olivia she takes some pardons and goes to OPA… Abby tries to help Fitz but he told her to “go work from home” 😬YIKES why Fitz upset with her tho? I mean he told Olivia to forgive her so I’m not understanding why he upset? 🤔

OPA or QPA? : Charlie tryna talk and honeymoon locations and Quinn talking about she can’t be away from the office that long. Charlie tells her and Huck that their time is limited at OPA cuz Liv is moving on. Liv comes in with work and Quinn is happy but she notices Liv is distracted so she basically does everything herself. Ok I’m gone run down what happened! So a black guy got convicted of a hate crime against a white guy who actually did a hate crime but the white guy got off because America is racist and they let fuckers off all the time! So anyway the white supremacist ends up dead and they blame the black guy and convicted him of a hate crime. Quinn and Huck goes to the white supremacist bar and find the real killer . 😤 yal that white fuck called Huck a wet back and a taco bitchhhhhh I wanted to fight! The guy who wrote last nights episode tweeted me and was like it was awful to even write those comments! So anyway you know we some killers at OPA and we ain’t having that shit guns were pulled and Huck bashed the guys head lol! And Quinn ass being a typical white Girl didn’t have a snarky comment to make so she was like yal some racist😂😂 and it was funny cuz here she is a badass killer but that was the best she could come up with!
David takes the head to Abby and they call Jake to come help. Because when it comes to dead things we like to let the clean up man handle it 😂

Marcus and Fitz are in the oval talking about Fitz last TV interview. Marcus challenges Fitz on the low and let me just go on and say he earns Fitz respect (I’ll elaborate later) but anyway Fitz was quoting some and Marcus misinterpreted it and was like he liked his approach he thought he should be compassionate and be able to talk about his flaws and Fitz was like 🤔Flaws? Marcus was like 😲 oh. Then Marcus proceeds to let him know yea you did good but you could have done better and that one black struggle (Brandon bill) doesn’t speak for every black struggle.
So Olivia helping Mellie, Mellie wants to offer Marcus a job so that he can stay around and she can get the D, and to everyone’s surprise Olivia tells her “ Mellie it doesn’t have to be over.” 😱 say whaaaaat did Olivia Pope just tell someone they can have Love and Power? 😏 my girl that D must’ve really been A1 she done made a 180 on yal ass! 😂😂 jk she made these revelations all on her own! *100 alternative episode is rearing its head! Remember this*

Rowan 🙃 you still here?: So Olivia and Rowan are at dinner he’s here to tell her goodbye for good and she talking about putting dinner back on the table 🙃 anyways what I liked about this was when Rowan tried to get in her head one last time she finally spoke her mind! He was like this is goodbye cuz it’s what you need now that you are on the brink of power bla bla bla … she was like “can we not get dramatic 🙄 here we go” he going on about power and she hit his ass with “I’m not you. You think of me as an extension of you.” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽GUHHHHHH! Bout fuckin time! He did say that she was smarter than him and that he was proud of her for getting the oval not as First Lady but as “my girl” she tries to offer up bringing back Sunday dinners and them solving problems together but he was like nah I gotta get out dodge , I was surprised he didn’t let that shake him…wow the illuminate really did some damage to this man.
David and Abby have a pity party. 🗣next.

Olivia nice of you to show up: So Quinn is waiting for Olivia but Liv was helping Mellie so she ended up waiting til late at night. Liv comes in and she’s like why you in my office. Me: 🙃 um Olivia did you forget you gave us some work to do… has it been so long since we had a client that you forgot how this works! When Quinn started going off I was right there with her cuz shid Liv head wasn’t on this case and I was like yep snap👏🏽 on 👏🏽her 👏🏽ass 👏🏽Quinn 👏🏽

Quinn takes on POTUS: Quinn went to the White House and demanded Fitz to pardon this innocent black man. Fitz wasn’t surprised that Olivia had Quinn working on this but he was like why Olivia didn’t tell me and then Quinn went in hunny. She was going on about My Olivia and she was right. “ My Olivia works for the people, my Olivia rocks the boat, my Olivia doesn’t give a crap about a smooth transition of power, my Olivia would have marched threw those doors and shove that petition down your throat that’s my Olivia but she’s not here I am.”
First let me say I was proud of her for sticking with her beliefs and challenging back at everyone 👏🏽👏🏽 but I couldn’t help myself when I said “Quinn we don’t need another Olivia.” (Elaborate later👇🏽👇🏽) My man Fitz was like well damn Olivia Jr. 😂😂 and guess what he signed that damn petition! He petty too “have a seat… not that chair that’s my chair” 😂😂
Mellie goes to Marcus to try to convince him to take a job from her and he was like nope the other Grant gave me a job I’m running his foundation. ☕️ welp Fitz done slapped Mellie and Abby in the face with this! Abby thought for sure she was gone be running it. 😬 YIKES. Somebody tell red she outta work. Marcus threw shade “I’m not Olivia ” bitch we didn’t ask yo bean head ass to be 🖕🏽 don’t act up after Olivia put you on! 🗣next

Jake was useful he found out who ponytail really was “Gertrude” lmaooooo guhhhhhh real name was Gertrude 😂😂😩 anyway they found out who the brains behind the illuminate was 🙆🏽😬
POTUS last interview: Fitz actually listened to Marcus and took his advice. And that’s because Fitz like people who challenge him and prove themselves to him. He’s said it before that he likes headstrong people and people who can voice their opinion (Marcus and Quinn)

Passing the torch, new beginnings : I had two reactions to this. Last night I instantly disliked it, I was not here for it. But this morning after I slept on it and rewatched it I’m getting in formation. Come to find out this was all a test 🤷🏽‍♀️ Olivia was testing Quinn to see if she could “handle it” to see if she could carry OPA. That’s why Olivia wasn’t engaging or seemed interested, she needed to see if Quinn could get shit done!
Last night opinion:😤
Quinn cool and all but I’m not here for the whole passing OPA on and that’s just my opinion! OPA is Olivia she built it from ground up I can’t lie like I’m happy she gave it up 🙄 cuz I ain’t….I mean Quinn and Huck will do it justice they can handle it but still ion like it and that’s just that on that! Maybe when I see Liv’s next move I can get behind this but as of now 🗣 Issa no dawg!
This morning opinion: Liv evolving and I need to get with the winning team. Liv is not staying at the White House, she has no reason to! Fitz = White House, she does not want it. She only wanted it because people were tryna make her lose and we know she hates to lose! Liv passing OPA on means that she is about to do something big! She’s about to work on something else, she’s taking her talents and about to wreck some shit and I will be here cheering her on! Did anyone notice that the work from her alternative ep is the work Fitz and Marcus gonna be working on post presidency? ☕️😏 aw ok then‼️ Liv is about to make big moves and she passed on OPA I get it now. The 100ep is about to become reality!

🗣 The baddest Bitch is back! 💁🏽*que Trina* Mama Pope is back and she ain’t playing no games! I honestly am glad she’s back. Marie Wallace was the brains of the illuminate! She fuck’d Rowan head up 😏 ain mad at her! She ain’t shit but I liked her 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 and I’ve always thought her and Rowan should have a show down Mama Pope vs. Papa Pope! Yep I’m here for it!

I'm just going to leave this here

Rowan : belittles, degrades and humiliates Olivia 

Fitz : stands up for her -literally he defends her verbally and physically!;  then goes to her and tries to comfort her

Jake : does absolutely nothing -except for stopping Fitz and later slut shames her and calls her crazy 

Example of Fitz’s tactic to Entrap

JAKE: Mr. President, it just came through, sir. Rowan’s location.
FITZ: ….. Let me know when it’s done.
JAKE: Yes sir.
FITZ: I called off Jake. He’s not gonna kill your father. He’s gonna bring him in…….. Thank you?
OLIVIA: (State of confusion)…… Thank you. Fitz?
FITZ: How you feeling?
OLIVIA: Fitz, what’s going on? These are my clothes.
FITZ: I had all your clothes and belongings packed up and brought over.
OLIVIA: What are you talking about? Why?
FITZ: Why? Because you live here now. This is your home.
OLIVIA: I have a home.
FITZ: I am gong to keep you safe, Olivia. Whatever it takes. I’m assigning you a secret service detail, and you will live here in the White House. This will be your home. You and I will be together now, and you will be safe…. and protected.

SCENE IN, 510:

ABBY: So, you’re not gonna call, because you are being respectful of his feelings?
ABBY: Sorry. I’m just not drunk enough to buy it. You’re afraid he actually might pick up the phone, that he might do you a favor, that you might end up owing him, and that he might call you again, and your'e back to square one, for better or worse. You’re terrified.

SCENE IN, 514:

JAKE: Man he really messed you up.
OLIVIA: The way my father raised me..
JAKE: Not your father, Fitz! You walked away from him over and over, time after time, because you knew in your gut, you knew if you said yes, he’d own you. He’d consume you; he’d be no different than your father. But over time, Fitz manipulated you. He made you feel like you owed him. It’s what he does best. You KNEW that more than anyone, and you still fell for it. Man! That has got to turn your world upside down, to go from being the smartest person in the room to the biggest fool.


FITZ: You saw your father taken into custody, MY CUSTODY. He’s safe, Liv. And now you and I can focus on taking down Peus… together.

Another favor, with expectations, to create a feeling of great indebtedness… But, has Fitz caused Olivia to feel ensnared this time, again? While it may seem so as Olivia kisses and leads him to sexual gratification, as another blogger here wonderfully pointed out, I wouldn’t bet on it.

some thoughts and facts about 601

So this morning (because I’m on the other side of the globe) I watched the premiere. 

Anyway, this is some kind of a review, thoughts, gifs, etc; all mixed up about 601. Let’s see:

1. This is one of the greatest episodes I’ve watched in a long time. I was not a fan of 5B and this premiere has really made the difference. The plot was intriguing and it remembered about the old days: the good old days.

2. Poor Frankie Vargas. I wanted him to win and I had the feeling that he could win as well (you feel me, @lauraquarium ). But when I saw this:

I had the feeling that something BAD was about to happen. I don’t know, I saw this victory too quickly and in the Scandalverse you never know until the very end of the episode. Again, POOR FRANKIE.

3. Fitz and Olivia. This is, in my opinion, the scene that summarizes the episode for them:

Fitz going after Olivia. They are in friendship mode on. I like it, I mean, it’s a good start if we want them back together someday (if Shonda let’s that happen, of course). OLITZ IS FAR FROM OVER

4. Jake Ballard. I don’t care where he is or what he does if it is a normal episode. But in this episode Frankie Vargas was killed.

So “Where’s Jake?” could be answered with: killing Frankie Vargas, maybe?. He was with Fitz in the room but all is possible here. Well, I’m sure we will know in a few weeks but Jake is one of the options on the table.

5. Survival of the Fittest. Mellie has lost. And what really scares me is the way Olivia takes this lost. 

First, she calms Mellie but then:

Papa Pope might be right about Cyrus but I’m SO tired of this relationship.

After listening Papa Pope she goes back to the White House and is again that Olivia Pope hungry for power (bye white hat). She is still controlled by Rowan. 

And next: even if Mellie says she doesn’t want to run anymore, she NEEDS to run because she can’t keep herself from power because she is addicted to it.

6. Actor Cyrus Beene. This scene really broke me and not because Cyrus just saw a shooting. This broke me because this shows how far a person can go just to have power. Cyrus is capable of doing this, of course. He is a political monster. Look at this:

7. I laughed at this:

8. So, we have a wedding soon, I suppose:

9. Susan Ross and Lizzie Bear were not in the episode and that doesn’t make sense, unless the flashbacks of 602 explain this. Something must have happened to them, I guess. I hope not to Susan, though. I love her so much, just look at this:

Susan is a national treasure

Feel free to share your thoughts :)