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I don’t think the young pope is either for or against Catholicism exactly I think it was just written by someone who thinks it would be cool if the pope was hot

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Mr. Lovhaug/Linkara, you once did mini-opinions on each episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who. Since you have finished the Series 10, would you mind posting your opinion on each episodes?

The Pilot: Good introduction to Bill, but as a complete story it feels… off, particularly because there is no real resolution to the Pilot and its idea. Also continues Moffat’s tradition of throwing in a popular monster for no real reason, but props for inclusion of the Movellans.

Smile: Okay outing, but one of those situations where future tech is based on current tech/trend (Emoticons/Smilies in this case) and it is always silly to me when that happens. Sudden anti-war/battle thing at the end? Weird, but yeah, not a bad episode at all.

Thin Ice: Thin story, more like, but not bad. Basically one of the problems with a lot of stories during the Moffat era is a lack of character development for the secondary characters of the story, as is the case with both the villain and the thieves. Although this one is at least better than a lot in that the Doctor provides for them after he leaves.

Knock Knock: Favorite episode of the season. I love haunted house stories and this one is nicely creepy. The explanation for the shenanigans is good and the makeup on the “monster” deserves an award.

Oxygen: Great story! Capitalism taken to its extreme like this is always neat to see, plus a good, clever way to resolve the situation. The brief storyline with the Doctor’s blindness introduced here is a good idea.

Extremis: Good beginning to the three-parter! The revelation of what was going on was fantastic… although I’m iffy about the inclusion of the Pope and whatnot, especially bringing them around in the TARDIS. I don’t know, just felt kind of like an attempt to show off how cool the Doctor is - even the Pope needs to go to him for help! Seemed a bit over the top.

The Pyramid at the End of the World: I’m glad that Moffat remembered one of his old plot points, in this case the “Doctor is the President of the World” thing introduced a few seasons ago… but the problem is that that particular plot point is kind of silly and lame - once again, the Doctor is the coolest, most important super-awesome person in the room and everyone must acknowledge that blah blah that Hbomberguy talked about in his Sherlock video. That being said, a lot of props for the clever way in which disaster will occur on the planet, but what’s more that the way the Monks take over - with love rather than fear - is an interesting approach that is appreciated. The title is also rather irrelevant, since the pyramid itself is not that important in the grand scheme of things. Hell, you could have called this one “Countdown” or “Love the Monks” and it would have made more sense.

The Lie of the Land: After all that build up and the fascinating, interesting, somewhat original concepts with the Monks in the previous two episodes… this is a major letdown. It’s just a generic “Aliens have conquered earth” situation and the resolution is both pat and yet another “love conquers all” thing. It’s trite and disappointing after the last two parts.

Empress of Mars: Feels like an RTD-era episode and I mean that in a good way. While I have no particular fondness for the Ice Warriors, it’s good to see them again and this is the first in a while where it feels like we have proper secondary characters. The setup for the two Peladon episodes of the third Doctor is nicely handled and it’s just a solid outing.

The Eaters of Light: Again, another RTD-era feeling episode and a good one at that. A lot more secondary characters and they definitely feel better than what we’ve gotten. The plot is simple and more classic-style Doctor Who of the Doctor and the Companion going off to do their own separate stories that eventually intersect and lead to a good resolution.

World Enough and Time: One of the more annoying things about the modern era is spoilers. And I don’t just mean people spoiling, which sucks enough as it is… but the two major revelations of this episode were spoiled BY THE SHOW ITSELF, both because of press releases ANNOUNCING it and because of the Next Time trailers revealing them. Narratively, the episodes are structured so that these revelations within them are major twists. However, because of the show ITSELF giving these things away, they are not twists - we know already what’s happening and thus it becomes padding to get to that point. It’s like when in classic who there would be “_______ of the Daleks” titles for episodes - you can’t really pretend then that the Daleks appearing is that big of a deal or shocking twist because YOU ALREADY PUT THEIR NAME IN THE TITLE. I called the disguise element almost immediately because I knew the spoilered return. It was easy enough to figure out what the actual situation was with Operation Exile because of that same spoiler. They would have had a larger impact had I not been spoiled with this information. That being said, the episode itself WAS still good, creepy, and played with sci-fi concepts nicely.

The Doctor Falls: Unlike the last two Capaldi finales, this one is MUCH better. It actually delivers on the promises of the previous episode, has lots of interesting character interactions, and lots of great lines and moments. The Doctor actually DOES stuff. It is by no means perfect - I dislike that only new-who versions of the Monsters were seen (aside from the original versions), but it’s understandable why they did that. Bill’s resolution wasn’t too terrible, even though the setup from the Pilot is still… ehhh. But whatever, just glad Bill wasn’t the super-duper-most-important-person-in-the-universe AGAIN and I’m glad she’ll be back for the Christmas Special even if she won’t be back for the next season. Overall great stuff and improves on a lot of the problems of the last two finales, probably because it’s BASICALLY a do-over of those last two finales.

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The fact that you keep talking about religious beliefs as 'bad philosophy' and comparing them to things like the advent of atomic physics is pretty indicative of how hilariously bad your understanding of religious and social history is

I don’t think you really accept the implications of the line you’re taking here.

1. Religion is like any other bookclub slash fandom, nothing more.

2. Religion has nothing to say about the material world, the origins of humanity, or the future of humanity.

3. Religion is a convenient source of rituals which are good for your mental health, and should be evaluated on that basis.

4. Religion has positive social outcomes and should be evaluated on that basis.

I mean I’m cool with that assessment, but I think the Pope (among others) would not be.

Mean Papas

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“Get in, loser. We’re going to hail Satan.”

“Oh my god, Karen. You can’t just ask someone if they’re on the level.”

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“That’s why his hat is so big. It’s full of secrets.”

“I’m not a regular pope. I’m a COOL pope.”


What do you want, Olivia?│Actually, I’m here to find out what you want. Do you want to screw Mellie Grant, or do you want to be Vice President? │ I’m not even gonna to dignify that with a response. │Two choices— Screw Mellie, be V.P. One or the other. Either/Or. Because you can’t have both. I’m not going to allow you to have both. He’s not going to allow you to have both. So you can either cozy up to Mellie, or you can cozy up to Fitz.

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