the pope is cool

I don’t think the young pope is either for or against Catholicism exactly I think it was just written by someone who thinks it would be cool if the pope was hot

i love abuelita so much she just went from “this goes against god” to “wait a second god doesn’t make mistakes and the pope is cool with it so who am i to go against the pope and therefore god” to “when is the parade” all in a span of 30 seconds i love

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Hey Marius! What cryptids do you associate your friends with?

I encourage you guys to check out what they all look like because I am unable to add photos! They are all SO COOL

Enjolras: Pope Lick Monster/Goatman

Grantaire: Fear Liath Mor

Courfeyrac: Cherufe

Combeferre: Melonheads

Prouvaire:  Aswang

Bahorel: Bigfoot

Feuilly: Grassman

Joly: Tatzelwurm/Alps Dragon

Bossuet: Trunko

Cosette: Flatwoods monster

Eponine: Mngwa

Montparnasse: Kikiyaon

Musichetta: Akkorokamui

Gavroche: Jersey Devil


Me!: Storsjöodjuret

A note: While some of these are exclusively cryptids, some have evolved from tales of mythology, so they have different origins and maybe different connotations in different places.

I’m never gonna watch young pope I don’t give a SHIT about his development but: i AM in love with the concept of a pope, who is young. Cigarette cool kid. Gay sex and emojis

More Than Pretty Things

Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless//Punks Don’t Dance - Crystalyne//Rain - Love, Robot feat Lynn Gunn//Hallelujah - Fit for Rivals//Homecoming - Hey Monday//Manners - We Are the in Crowd//Kerosene - Courage my Love//Breakaway - Stand Atlantic//Fireproof - Against the Current//Eyelids - PVRIS//Undercover Lover - Emma Blackery//Come Home - Tonight Alive//Run - Love Robot//New Americana - Halsey//My Heart - Paramore//I Guess We’re Cool - Cassadee Pope//Nothing’s Wrong - Echosmith//Cynics and Critics - Icon for Hire//Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko//Portal - Lights//Salute - Little Mix//Ugly Heart - G.R.L//Dracula - Bea Miller//Worth It - Fifth Harmony//Amen - Halestorm

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A cool thing that the young pope did: that scene where Jude Law gets down on his knees in the parking lot with his arms raised and goes “GOD….. it’s time we had a talk. About sister Antonia. ” And we get to see that she’s evil and she fucking dies :)
Why it’s good: she was the one whose character was basically my childhood abuser and freaked me out , and I got to watch her die alone in the dirt after the fucking pope yelled at her :^)
Pope Francis canonises Spanish missionary Junípero Serra amid protests
The pope conducted the canonisation in front of 25,000 people in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington
By Rory Carroll

“They tell us 2,900 of my people are buried here but there are more. My people were tortured all over this area, even under these million dollar homes.”

Corine Fairbanks, director of Southern California American Indian Movement, criticised the ceremony unfolding on the other side of the US. “We mourn as they celebrate. How can anyone celebrate when the bones of native Americans are buried within the walls of the mission,” she said.

that’s yer “cool pope” conferring sainthood on brutal colonizers

Opponents of sainthood point out that from the time Serra arrived in 1769 the native population was ravaged by European diseases, including syphilis spread by marauding Spanish soldiers. Indians were used as forced labour, badly fed and shackled and severely beaten if they tried to leave the missions.

Serra “oversaw the whipping, beating, flogging and extermination of Native Americans in what is now California”, Rose Aguilar, a descendant of the Pomo tribe, wrote on Tuesday.