the pope is cool

I don’t think the young pope is either for or against Catholicism exactly I think it was just written by someone who thinks it would be cool if the pope was hot

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There’s much more of a parallel between Elizabeth and H7; both were basically the last possible options to get the throne, yet they did, and largely by just… enduring. Evading death. It’s a srs shame that so many people focus on H8 bc he married cool ladies and pitched a fit at the pope, bc all he had to do was watch one brother to die and inherit a crown his father took.

they really have so much in common! which is why they are my favourite tudors, they were both incredibly clever, resourceful and tough people who really saved england in a way, i made a gifset about once i was so inspired, henry vii would be so very proud of his awesome grand daughter

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he said he doesn't know any at the moment because he hasn't visited in like 79 years but claims bashing the pope was a cool thing?? he said his favourite english meme is kermit anything because he's a frog addict or smth ('polish bf anon')


also tell him not to come back, bc its rly boring in here lmao, kermit is good too


What do you want, Olivia?│Actually, I’m here to find out what you want. Do you want to screw Mellie Grant, or do you want to be Vice President? │ I’m not even gonna to dignify that with a response. │Two choices— Screw Mellie, be V.P. One or the other. Either/Or. Because you can’t have both. I’m not going to allow you to have both. He’s not going to allow you to have both. So you can either cozy up to Mellie, or you can cozy up to Fitz.

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i love abuelita so much she just went from “this goes against god” to “wait a second god doesn’t make mistakes and the pope is cool with it so who am i to go against the pope and therefore god” to “when is the parade” all in a span of 30 seconds i love

i’m glad i didn’t die before i met you // a veronica sawyer x heather mcnamara playlist

01. first day of my life - bright eyes // 02. i wouldn’t mind - he is we // 03. woman - the 1975 (cover by halsey) // 04. nicest thing - kate nash // 05. she keeps me warm - mary lambert // 06. two birds - regina spektor // 07. i won’t give up - jason mraz // 08. can’t stand it - never shout never // 09. spring - two door cinema club // 10. cecilia and the satellite - andrew mcmahon in the wilderness // 11. prove you wrong - he is we // 12. sweater weather - the neighborhood // 13. i guess we’re cool - cassadee pope // 14. sarah smiles - panic! at the disco // 15. she’s so lovely - scouting for girls // 16. heart out - the 1975 // 17. bittersweet - panic! at the disco // 18. lovely - twenty one pilots // 19. somebody to you - the vamps (ft. demi lovato)

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More Than Pretty Things

Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless//Punks Don’t Dance - Crystalyne//Rain - Love, Robot feat Lynn Gunn//Hallelujah - Fit for Rivals//Homecoming - Hey Monday//Manners - We Are the in Crowd//Kerosene - Courage my Love//Breakaway - Stand Atlantic//Fireproof - Against the Current//Eyelids - PVRIS//Undercover Lover - Emma Blackery//Come Home - Tonight Alive//Run - Love Robot//New Americana - Halsey//My Heart - Paramore//I Guess We’re Cool - Cassadee Pope//Nothing’s Wrong - Echosmith//Cynics and Critics - Icon for Hire//Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko//Portal - Lights//Salute - Little Mix//Ugly Heart - G.R.L//Dracula - Bea Miller//Worth It - Fifth Harmony//Amen - Halestorm

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