the poor taters

Tatchos!!!! Tater tots + beans + soyrizo + vegan cheese sauce + tomato + onion + olives + vegan sour cream + cilantro! 

This is pretty cheap and easy to make. You just bake the tots for about 10 minutes, then put the beans and soyrizo (cooked) on top, then bake it some more. Add the veggies and sour cream once it’s out of the oven. The hardest part is the cheese sauce, but I’m gonna go ahead and teach you guys how to make it right now! :D

Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce
- 1 cup unsweetened plain soy/almond/coconut milk
- 1 tsp salt
- 1 tbsp vegan butter or vegetable oil
- ¼ cup nutritional yeast
- 1 tsp tapioca flour (mixed in cold water)
- 1 tsp regular flour (mixed in cold water)
- a little bit of mustard (weird, I know, but trust me)
- little bit of sriracha (or just red pepper)
- spices: garlic powder, onion power, cumin (or a taco seasoning mix)
- optional: a couple slices of some sort of vegan cheese (I used the Tofutti mozzarella singles because they’re super cheap)

Just bring this all to a boil on about medium-high heat, reduce to about medium heat an let boil about five minutes, then take it off heat and let it cool a bit. It will thicken while boiling, but it will thicken up more while cooling. 

There are actually a lot of different ways to make this sauce. For instance, sometimes I put Vegenaise in mine if it’s available. 

Okay, time to eat this and watch GoT now. :D


I defended my MA thesis last week, passed with minor revisions!! Then the next day I confirmed that I’ll be starting my new life as a funeral director & embalmer on Dec. 13th, thus using my archaeology MA that I spent 3.5 years getting in only the most abstract and tangential of ways LOL WHOOPS. 

IDGAF though because I’m freeeeeeee; seeya never, academia!!

I want a patater soulmate au where they share thoughts sometimes and when Tater gets really excited Kent will start speaking Russian?

So like before they meet Kent is playing with the Aces and why is everyone looking at him weird, wait is he speaking a different language? Shit. So Kent realizes his soulmate must be Russian and spends the better part of a weekend researching all the Russian players in the league (because lets be real all that boy thinks about is hockey so it has to be another player)

Meanwhile poor Tater gets random urges to look at cat pictures? And also gets really sad sometimes without really understanding why 

 And they finally meet and realize what’s going on because suddenly Kent is hearing thoughts about himself? Angry Russian thoughts about rushing a goalie and then someone is pulling him out of the scrum and yelling those exact thoughts? And all Tater hears in his head is oh shit oh shit this Russian monster holding me is my soulmate and almost drops him

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imagine the haus secret santa. 😁

A/N: There’s a couple of easter eggs in here from other fandoms. Extra points to those who catch them. ;-) Also, there is a read more at the end, but it’s hard to see on mobile. JUST SAYING. This is about 5k, so.

Growing up, he hated crowds. They made him uncomfortable, being packed in by people he didn’t know. Unfortunately, he grew up with a lot of crowds. A side effect of being the son of a hockey legend, you see. Growing up, he never once thought he’d be at home in a house full of people. Growing up, he never thought he’d have this—he hadn’t wanted to. All he’d wanted was to play hockey. He never gave much thought to anything else. Then Eric Bittle happened and his life…turned into this: a four bedroom house in Providence that he shared with his two dogs and husband who is currently hosting a party for every single person he ever cared for. And he’s completely fine.

Smiling to himself, he finishes putting the last touches on the eggnog the way Eric likes it and heads back out into the crowd. He finds Kent and Tater by the Christmas tree slipping in their Secret Santa gifts to the pile and talking with Marty. Most of the Falconers are here, actually. So are some of the Aces since literally everyone loves Bitty.

“That is a fancy little drink you got there, Zimms,” Kent chirps him and Jack rolls his eyes. You make a bad cosmo once and you’re ruined for life.

“Fuck off, eh?” he makes a big show of handing a cup to Tater while giving Kent’s to Marty. Kent bares his teeth at Jack and before coming in for a hug. Kent feels soft in a way he hasn’t in a long time and Jack’s glad they’re okay. Kent is barely out of his arms when he gets ambushed and lifted off his feet by Tater. Jack laughs in surprise and hugs him back.

“Merry Christmas, Zimmboni. Is nice party. Where’s little baker, huh? Not see him.”

“Bitty’s with Lardo, I think. He wanted to show something to her.”

“How is she?” Kent and her have always been close…r. Jack had walked into Kent, Lardo, Shitty and Derek chilling out and he’d walked straight out. It’d felt like he’d walked into an alternate dimension.

“Very, very pregnant.” Something he’s never really thought he’d say about Lardo, but she seems happier than he’s ever seen her before, so he can’t really complain.

“Poor Lardo.” Tater sighs. “Pregnancy is hard.”

Marty nods with him. “I used to stay up massaging Carrie’s feet. I felt so bad for her, but there wasn’t much else to do.”

“Well, I’m gonna go find her,” Kent declares, finishing off his drink. “Say hi. You coming, baby?”

Tater shakes his head and kisses Kent’s cheek. “Is okay. I stay here. You make her feel like princess, okay?”

“Pretty sure that’s Knight’s job, Mashkov,” Kent calls out as he weaves through the crowd.

“How’s Shitty doing?” Marty asks after Kent leaves.

“You mean how much is he freaking out,” Jack asks wryly.

“It’s tough the first time. Let him know that he can come to me if he has any questions, yeah? I mean, I told him, but he might actually believe me if you say it.”

“Thanks, man. I’ll let him know for sure. How are your kids?”

“Good. I just took Anna to the rink last week for the first time.” Marty grins proudly. “She’s pretty good for someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing. She was standing by herself by the end of the day.”

“You get video?” Tater asks.

“Yeah, man. Carrie got the whole day on camera.”

“That’s amazing. But you go easy on her, know?” Tater chirps. “You tell her she come to Uncle Tater will teach her proper hockey.”

“Oh, please, I’ll be teaching her to win, Mashkov,” Marty chirps back.

Justin groans. “Unfortunately, I’m not even kidding. I mean, who does that? Let me tell you, this is not the reason I went to med school.”

Carrie wrinkles her nose while Adam chortles beside Justin, an arm around his waist. Jack pats Adam’s back and smiles when he exclaims and hugs him with one arm.

“Is it the carrot story again?” Jack chirps Justin with a hip check and a hug. He hadn’t had a chance to say hi to them since he’d been with Snowy and Swoops when they showed up.

“Ugh, dude, I’m traumatized for life.”

Jack snorts. “Clearly, man. I would be too.”

“Thanks for hosting us, Jack,” says Carrie. “It’s really nice of you and Eric. This is amazing.”

“Oh, please, you guys are practically family. Besides, Eric’s the one who put this all together.”

“Bro, that is not what I heard.” A teasing smile appears on Adam’s lips and Jack can’t stop him before he turns to Carrie and goes, “Jackiepoo, here, helped with all the decorations and the cooking.”

“That is so sweet, Jack! You have to teach my husband some things,” she chirps, smiling widely.

“Hey, from what I heard, he’s pretty good on the grill.”

“Eehhhh.” Carrie imitates a balance scale with her hands. “He makes up for it in other departments.”

Adam and Justin groan while Jack rolls his eyes at her. He’s pretty desensitized to Carrie at this point.

Carrie laughs. “Alright, alright, I’m gonna go catch up with Miranda and get a refill. You boys behave, alright?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Jack salutes as she walks away.

“She’s really nice, man,” Justin observes.

“Yeah. Marty got lucky.” Jack claps his hand on Justin’s shoulder. “So, how are you two doing? How’s everything coming along?”

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#36: No shave November baby! I can hear tater be so excited about this to Jack...poor poor tater.

Listen, Nikolai (named after Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) is the dog that Tater and Snowy have and is basically canon as far as I’m concerned, even if I only imagined him a day ago. Just a big doofus dog (part Great Pyrenees?) that loves everyone and thinks he is a lapdog. (Maybe he takes after Tater a little? Lol) ANYWAY, Poor Tater cannot grow facial hair to save his life. His moustache is just like, 12 scraggly hairs. The whole team drags him for it, but it’s all in good fun. Snowy swears in basically every sentence. I love bros and friendships so much. (Also some Zimbits and fluff at the end because of course.) Enjoy!

36. No shave November, baby!

“Oh, come on! Is not fair, man!” Tater groaned when he finally started to catch glimpses of his teammates with their helmets off. He had been gone for a rare four days during the season for a family event in Russia, and returned to find his team well into growing their Movember moustaches.

“Not bad, eh Tater?” Jack grinned and rubbed his fingers across his growing moustache. “Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Zimmboni grows moustache so fast. Share your secrets.”

“I dunno, man. I used to have a lot of trouble with growing my facial hair when I was younger, but this year? It’s been quick. My best friend is loving it. He’s been bugging me about trying to grow one for over four years.”

“Your best friend – the little blond man, yes? Beetle?”

“Oh, uh, no. This is my other best friend – the guys all call him Shitty. He’s had a moustache since he was eighteen. And it’s Bittle, not Beetle.”

“Ah, Bittle. I thought maybe his nickname was after bug because he is so small.”

Jack chuckled and briefly considered explaining that his real nickname was ‘Bitty’ which could mean small, but decided against it. He did not mind sharing the nickname with their old Samwell team, but Jack liked being the only person in Providence who knew Bitty. “He might not appreciate that much.”

Tater ran a towel through his damp hair and sat down in his locker room stall. “So, Zimmboni–” he began. “Always with so many friends. So many best friends.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Jack grinned. It felt strange to realize that he was a person with such a large group of friends. Genuine friends. Ten years ago he barely had any friends – he had not even met Kent yet back then.

“It’s okay, as long as I’m your best friend on team. Right?”


“Good. Zimmboni is my best friend on team too. Outside of team? Probably Snowy.”

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