the pool scene is my favorite

i just have a lot of feelings about steve harrington and i want to get them out so here’s a list of reasons (apart from the obvious ones) i love him

  • “hello ladies”: literally the best entrance to a scene in the history of tv
  • his jump into the pool aka how to be Extra™
  • literally he’s so extra all of the time
  • he definitely has two different pairs of Nike Cortez shoes, no idea why, but they look good as hell
  • “hey, i had a good time” like honestly that line managed to make nancy so much more confident and happy and like honestly that line is probably my favorite of his and nobody ever talks about it
  • shout out to him for not going along with the two jokes tommy makes about jonathan killing will like he knew that shit was fucked up
  • the way he invites nancy to a movie to get her mind off of barb for a bit
  • when he gets the hint that nancy doesn’t wanna talk to him and it obviously hurts him a bit but hes just like “i should go” and totally respects her and stays casual to not upset her
  • when he runs to nancy’s window he literally pops his collar first, gotta look cool for the ladies
  • when he looks at nancy right before she slaps him like wow he’s in so much pain thanks for those emotions joe keery
  • every? single? time? he? looks? at? nancy??? wow he loves that girl
  • have you seen his hair

so people have pointed out that isak was born at 21:21 and genesis 21 is called the birth of isaac, and that the pool scene from the 21:21 clip in which isak and even first get together symbolizes baptism, which in turn symbolizes rebirth, as isak starts the process of accepting himself.

the o helga natt clip also follows the birth/rebirth theme. it starts at a christmas concert - christmas celebrates the birth of jesus. it’s raining, so the water motif representing baptism is back. when isak storms out, the flashbacks play in reversed chronological order, like a rewind of his history with even, up until 21:21 when isak finds even where they first met and they get to start again from the beginning. 

my favorite part is that skam has no scruples about using the birth of jesus as a metaphor for isak and even getting back together, and that in this analogy they’re literally jesus. to sum up: skam made christmas gay, jesus gay, even dressed up as god so god is also gay. merry christmas

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Please consider, in the actor AU: Sid in one of those super artsy, black and white films. There's a nude scene. People gasped aloud in the theater when they saw his butt. That scene alone makes it one of Geno's favorite movies. (And Jake's!)

Jake: It’s a classic film and it’s one of the greatest pieces of our generation.
Olli: The movie or the butt
Jake: The but–the movie, of course the fucking movie. 

(At the Crosby-Malkin’s pool party)
Jake, sees Sidney’s butt in swim trunks, bending over to pick up his child, whispering: Oh my God there it is
Sidney, with his daughter in his arms: Where’s what?
Jake: Nothing. 

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Honestly one of my favorite scenes in tribetwelve was in the night recording video i think when it cut to that storm outside and then the lightning struck and you could see the administrator by the pool. i've always thought that was really fucking cool and it startled me a bit when i first watched it.

im glad! that’s usually one of the hidden slendys that people miss, i made it real subtle

Ok honestly my two favorite parts of the pool scene are when Steve acts like he’s so flustered that he’s naked in front of Diana, and then two seconds later, acts all cocky (pun intended) and stands up straight and stops trying to cover himself. And the second part is when Diana says “you let this little thing tell you what to do” and even though they’re clearly talking about the watch,  Steve, for a good second, looks down at himself and says ‘yeahhhh’ before finally covering himself up with a towel.


Logan hesitates, wondering if he should tell her. He wants to, badly. He wants to draw her close and whisper it into her warm, honeyed hair like a prayer. I love you.

Bound by a Kiss by vmsteenbeans


Seriously, Jim, when did you have time to change your tie while shooting your head in front of Sherlock. And seriously, since when did you use an “ordinary” tie clip instead of your favorite fox pin (maybe the only time in the pool scene)?
Oh wait… He did have time when Sherlock didn’t look at him.
Nice play, Moffat, Gatiss, this is what we call “hidden in plain sight”.
Give this an applause, Sherlockians, because we have been tricked the whole time by this famous scene. 
And to prove my point… This is the scene before the first picture. 


This is my first time watching Skam live. I binge watched first 3 seasons in February, I’d gotten a Noorhelm pic from WeHeartit. Ironically, that’s my least favorite season. William wasn’t appealing to me from the very first. Noora is bae. Haha. .

So, experiencing this scene, was amazing. I’d gotten used to watching full episode length Skam videos and to anticipate tiny little clips were getting on my nerves. Now, I can’t imagine how beautiful it must have been for those who watched Evak pool scene live. And waiting for next episode must have felt like hell. And boy, was the next episode worth it.. and the hotel episode too.

 Can’t compare Yousana clip and Evak  clip. Both are spectacular.. but because I’m watching Sana season live, this feeling of anticipating and getting to watch clips like friday’s is pretty amazing. I love it. Can’t wait to wait.
Ps: For more rants, my page is always open for you to read.

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LUCY!!!! ANSWER THIS ASAP it's for a homework tomorrow lol, fave visually aesthetic SCENE? PLEASE IT'S FOR TOMORROW AND I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING

some options: mommy ending, it follows (any scene honestly. take your pick), drive slow motion elevator scene, american beauty roses on the ceiling scene, inception hallway scene, stoker (any scene), american honey ending, the neon demon eyeball scene and short term 12 slow mo running scene. one of my all time favs (maybe my favorite of all) is the pool scene from let the right one in: (SPOILERS if you haven’t seen it) the one shot of him in the water with the background stuff happening around him is iconic

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13 for klance?

13 - What do they do for fun? Do they have a favorite activity or do they like to switch things up?

i like to think they both enjoy exploring the castle and somehow, miraculously, end up running into eachother when they do. like the whole pool scene for example, that was one big coincidence they’d both want to go check out the pool (even though i chalk that up to keith being a pining little shit) if they heard there was one on the ship. they end up just going on little adventures around the castle ship, trying not to get lost while they discover the many different rooms the thing has. they get into all kinds of ridiculous shenanigans like the elevator scene, and even though it can be terrifying and ridiculous at times for them, they always end up having a lot of fun.

i also love the idea of them going out on lion midnight lion runs when they can’t sleep, having little contests and what not and messing around until they’re all tired out. 

send me a number and a ship! (klance/allurance preferred!)

Dave Strider Style Rating

Honestly, there are a lot of good Daves. I think the sunglasses help to make a lot of styles work well for him. I had to use far fewer images than I saved. 

The sprite- not my favorite. the hair is better drawn with fewer lines, left to the imagination. His sunglasses are cuter round imo but the vague aviator look here isn’t bad. 2/10

Replacement- the replacement to the sprite looks pretty good. Dave is very simplified, and I think the lack of mouth in some scenes looks cool. 7/10

Scared- this is a good boy. I want lots of people to look at this boy. He is not actually an endless pool of cool with no genuine emotion mixed in, he just likes to seem that way. Here, he’s scared. Showing his eyes was a nice touch. 9/10

Dead- speaking of making the shades transparent enough to show Dave’s eyes, it was definitely not done in this dramatic scene, so we just stare at Dave for a second, while, presumably, his eyes go white in what is, presumably, an emotional moment. It did make me laugh tho. 2/10

Anime Mood Boy- they really got the anime look down pat in this scene of act 7. I feel like he is going to lock eyes with our bright young protagonist across a crowded room, and eventually leave his friends to look down at his much shorter love interest, hair ruffling lightly in the breeze. 5/10

Storybook- this Dave seems to come straight out of a children’s picture book. Points for him looking young, as he is 13. 4/10

Tense- this Dave was really good. He has nice shapes. Returns to the aviator look of the sprite, as opposed to the rounder look of the replacement.  8/10

Sketch- This Dave is cute. His hair looks nice. 7/10

Milton- the eyebrows suggest, to me, a plotting young antagonist. He wears nice clothes and has the things he wants but is never happy, only ever content to stand behind our protagonists and glower. Someday he will be part of the team, those eyebrows will relax (both of them, milhouse) and we will watch past episodes and laugh about how he was once the antag. 6/10

Heroic- my favorite Dave. He looks sweet, and his hair sticks up in a really cute manner in the back. The shapes are nice, and his face is long enough to suggest that a nose exists. 10/10

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  1. What made you first start writing? Do remember anything specific that made you start or have you always “just wanted to?” 
    I started writing fanfic when I was 14ish? It was a mixture of Marvel and DC inspiring me and it was honestly the first time I’d put pen to paper with the intention to create something of my own. Clearly the superheroes inspiration has never left me!
  2. What was your favorite childhood book?
    Probably The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson
  3. Have you read a book or story that you would say stuck with you “the most” either as a reader or as a writer?
    I’ve always loved Dragonfly by Julia Golding (bit of a theme with the dragonflies here). The Horse and his Boy by C S Lewis always stuck with me because of the semi-backwards relationship of the titular characters; there’s also one scene in the Host by Stephanie Meyer that I will never forget, it still gives me the shivers to reread!
  4. Music! Do you use it at any point in your writing process?
    I listen to random music depending on my mood when I need to block out the rest of my surroundings
  5. How do you feel about fairy tales? Love them, hate them, read them all the time, think they’re childish or is it something else?
    I love reading fairytale retellings (good ones!) when I can find them. I think they’re a great source of inspiration and can be utterly brilliant when done right.
  6. What kind/sphere of knowledge tends to influence your writing the most? (i.e. if you know a ton about music, does that show up in your work? Are you a mythology buff and pull a great deal from that knowledge? Or maybe you’re into science and use that a good bit!)
    Politics shows up a lot! Some of my random geography shows up, but I really only know enough about physical geography to know when I’m talking utter bollocks. Economics shows up a lot less than might be expected from my degree, or at least, little complex economics show up; the basics are mostly there.
  7. Have you had/do you have one person that you would consider your “writing mentor?”
    Not really! There are so many authors and writeblrs that inspire me but there’s no one in particular I owe my fealty to
  8. Have any books made you want to travel to a specific place (in the real world of course!) SIMPLY because the book really brought it to life?
    I don’t read contemporary or real world fiction that often so not really! Palace of Treason made me reasonably terrified of going to Moscow though; far too many spies and too much espionage for comfort
  9. Have you ever named a pet after a character from a book you read? Have you named a pet after a character from a work that you wrote?
    Nope, I’m not really a pet person so I haven’t had enough to do that
  10. Do any specific settings crop up repeatedly in your works? Are those settings pulled from where you currently live or have lived in the past?
    I guess I go in the for the classic English forest a bit too much, but other than that, not particularly? Maybe I just haven’t written enough books to spot the patterns yet. I do tend to base important plot arcs in capital cities, I suppose.

Thanks for the tag! I really enjoyed these questions so I’m going to cheat and tag @blackfeatherantics @lmartinezwrites @elisalromagnoli @csnasarian @hamsterwritin @agwitow @eggletine @jamieanovels @haphazardlyparked @sroloc–elbisivni @s-the-dragon and all other interested parties. Have fun and feel free not to do this if you’re busy, I super won’t be offended! xx

Track Two: Colors in the Dark

this is the most recently written of all five tracks, but it’s one of my favorites! It’s based off the scene in volume one when Ryan’s hotel room gets put on a different floor than everyone else’s and he and Brendon…take advantage of it 😉


Moments later and we’re strangers again
Jet black roses and a cheap glass of gin
Don’t trust myself enough to keep us apart
You’re clawing and tugging on my heart

Visions and white noises pool in my eyes
I can’t seem to stroke my way out of the lies
Crimson tears and shoving us apart
I’m clawing and tugging on my heart

We’re high up above them and I can’t look away
Seeing your purples in the gentle light of day
And soon we’ll be under again, and lose the spark
Where I can’t see all your colors in the dark

Take me under just to throw me away
Write me a song just for some radio play
It’s already ended but you’re asking me to start
You’re clawing and tugging on my heart
Yeah you’re clawing and tugging on my heart

We’re high up above them and I can’t look away
Seeing your purples in the gentle light of day
And soon we’ll be under again, and lose the spark
Where I can’t see all your colors in the dark

We’re high up above them and I can’t look away
Seeing your purples in the gentle light of day
And soon we’ll be under again, and lose the spark
Where I can’t see all your colors in the dark

Teen Wolf: Scott/Stiles fic rec list (Vol. 1)

Next Time by IplayedInTraffic Once again, Scott and Stiles needed to have a conversation after the pool scene and then didn’t. So I wrote one. Tag to Episode 204 ‘Abomination’. One-Shot. *One of my all time favorite TW fics, Must read!*

Heartbeat by cathedralsinmyheart When Stiles is woken in the middle of the night by Scott’s wheezing, he realizes just how much he relies on Scott to keep himself together, even when it seems like Scott has nothing left to give. Chapters: 19 - Words: 28,529

Scarred Feelings by lizard971 No matter how small a scar can be on the outside, there is no telling how big it can be on the inside.

Constant by Sebe Stiles fought the darkness, is still fighting his own mind. They can fight for Stiles. Scott can. Brotp Scott and Stiles. Hints of more than bros for a couple others.

You Can Be batman by mimithereader A Fic where Stiles is dying in Scott’s arms and not Alison.  *You want feels? Well, this is the fic*

I’m Not Ready (Let Us Be Brave) by Annaliese95 Stilinski is mortally wounded, wasting away in the hospital and it can’t end like this. He can’t watch his son watch him die, the only thing he’s holding on for, he can’t ask to hold on to anymore. Stiles has to leave him, regardless of all that’s come to pass he will not be there for him…so he needs to know that there will be others who will. *You’re going to cry, there’s not a way around this*

Invigoration by Nezstorm  It’s been three days. He isn’t healing. Rated: M

Close as Brothers by Strongfemaleprotagonist “That night…you were really going to do it, weren’t you? You were willing to- to let me-” The words catch on his tongue but he forces them forward. “You were willing to let me kill you.”

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The Hiker and The Backfire Deduction~ ASiB

Out of all the techniques used in BBC Sherlock, I think my favorite is the use of mirrors. The Hiker and The Backfire are among one of the most complicated, and lSiT breaks it down beautifully in this. 

myc1ara asked: Hello! I absolutely love your M-theory! I thought it was brilliant! I have an observation that I would like your opinion on: in ASiB, the same music plays when Mycroft receives the text from Moriarty in the scene that the driver sees the hiker killed just after he shows up in 221B. What do you make of that?

I planned to cover this in the S&S entry for A Scandal in Belgravia, but I’ll do it now…

It’s EXTREME heartbreak music. And because it’s so extreme, it’s used sparingly: we only ever hear it three times, iirc:

1. the hiker deduction (this is the big thing)

2. Mycroft being devastated by Moriarty’s text

3. Sherlock’s epiphany that it’s about to be “too late” when he drops his champagne glass before toasting John’s marriage.

So what about that hiker, eh? What could that possibly do with heartbreak? Well, we know it’s got something to do with something important because a lot of time is spent on it and it has NO relevance to the plot of ASiB.

It’s actually my favorite subtext in the show, because it’s a tricky one: it’s BEAUTIFULLY constructed and terribly clever. The hiker and the client who sees the hiker are both mirrors for John, but separate parts of him. I’ll set up why each is a mirror, and then explain what’s going on in the scene.

Then for the hell of it, I’ll tell you John’s other mirror in the episode, because it’s a quick one. This is pretty long (pictures and videos, too), so here’s a cut:

First, keep this in mind: I’ve said over and over that the pool scene is where John realizes he’s undeniably in love with Sherlock. (If you don’t believe me now, see how you feel at the end of this.) Before that point John may have suspected, may have told himself it was just a crush, whatever. But he was willing to give his life at the pool, and that changed things for both John and Sherlock. On the surface, you’d think they left the pool and never thought about it again, but that’s the exact opposite of reality. The entirety of A Scandal in Belgravia is both of them wrestling with what they think are hopeless feelings for the other.

Second, John’s blog tells us exactly what he did after the pool debacle: took a trip to New Zealand with Sarah, which is good, right? We learned in The Great Game John hadn’t had sex with her yet, and there was no point during the episode he could have done so, so hey, nice going, John, must have gotten laid! …Except, huh, they broke up there. They went all the way to New Zealand together… and broke up there. What could have happened?

In the comments, Sherlock says John didn’t tell him he broke up with her. John didn’t want to talk about whatever precipitated it, apparently.

Oh well, guess it’s just a mystery!

So let’s meet the client.

First thing is he dresses like John:

And we get this odd shot with John sitting behind him, literally in the background of the guy’s story. We almost always see John and Sherlock looking at the clients together, but this time it’s intentionally framed this way.

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