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What are some of your headcanons for Eleven x Rose?

are you ready for this yo

- rose loves learning the new things about this body, like what kind of tea he likes, what his new tastes buds prefer, etc.

- she helps him choose his outfit this time around (she approved of the bow tie)

- she ties his bow tie for him, and straightens it throughout the day, it’s more of an excuse to be close to him

- he loves it when she does that for that very reason

- double dates with amy and rory!!! so many double dates

- they continue the tradition of visiting family for christmas with the ponds, sometimes inviting the smiths when they’re not on expeditions

- river and rose are bffs!! rose and river and amy and the tardis are bffs!!! my girls are so supportive of each other!!!

- the doctor and rose show a room now, also eleven is the little spoon dont fight me on this

- eleven thinks he’s the only one who can save the day, rose slams through the door and saves them all

- forehead kissing!!! dear god so much forehead kissing

- eleven tells rose his name, he doesn’t want to wait any longer, not after all the missed opportunities he’s had before

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‘’Maybe The Doctor has children….Who knows, maybe some of them are mine..’’ 

-The Legends of River Song   

Why The Doctor and River need to have babies…Because ;

  1. They are amazing with babies..
  2. They want babies.
  3. They love each other
  4. They are married 
  5. and they have a normal life to raise a child now 24 years <3 PLEASE  #Moffatgiveustimebabies
  6. Their child will be grandchild of the Tardis and the Child of the Doctor a child who is came from Tardis and Doctor like a symbol of their connection
  7. Their Child will be a Pond..Daughter of Melody Pond grandchild of Amy and Rory a new Pond who doesn’t want it ?
  8. and Brian,his son,his grandaughter(Melody) now River’s child 4 generation would be travel in the Tardis :)
  9. Melody couldn’t have mother father child family picture as child she  needs to have it as mother properly !
  10. For 11th Doctor he has thought he is the last of Time LOrds and he found out his wife has Time Lord DNA..Like a miracle..what would you do ?? I think he needed to continue his race !
  11. River has Time Lord DNA but human Doctor is a Time Lords so their child will be like %75 Time Lord %25 Human she’d have all the specialities of time lord but would have humanity and human perspective..
  12. she or he would be as clever as River and Doctor as strong as River and Doctor I mean universe needs their child :)
  13. In Human Nature /Family of Blood episode we saw how much the Doctor misses to having children having a wife having a family being a father and in The Legends of River Song we saw how much River yearns for to be a mother and how she saw it like mystery of universe,she wonders and wants to live that ‘’magic’’ shetried to ask to Doctor but just scared what if he’ll laugh…so it wouldn’t be fair if Moffat won’t give them children…
  14. Why Not ?
  15. Why does River and the Doctor have babies? ”To which Steven said: “Why don’t they? Well, who’s to say what goes on? We don’t see very chapter of the Doctor’s life. Imagine these two as parents”-Steven Moffat 
  16. Companions comes -goes after everyone left The Doctor’s child would be look after him..Like AMy told River because she is his wife now River can say to their child…’Look after your father…’’

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i'd love to see a post on amy pond full-fleshed out if that's something you'd be willing to write? because i think karen was so talented but so much about amy was just told to us and not shown. there's so much still we don't know/understand about her.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but here’s some Amy. I wrote this out ages ago, but over a series of several random rambly posts, so I thought I’d compile/edit/give them to you here. This about Amy, a bit about Rory and the Doctor, and a lot about River Song.

Someone tell me a bedtime story, someone sing me a lullaby about Amy Pond burning the universe down, searching for her stolen child.

Amy is allowed to be fierce and violent and furious in every timeline but the true one: she is the hardened military officer putting the eyepatch calmly back on Madam Kovarian and leaving her to die in pain; the wearied Girl Who Waited, trapped and furious and refusing to lay down and die.

She is established as a woman with potential for such violence and power in every other world; but in this one, in the timeline that stays, that matters, Amy lets the Doctor drop her and Rory off to play house while he goes and searches for Melody alone.


No. Let Amy rage. Let her conquer, a loyal centurion at her side. She would be glorious.

Let’s tell the story of season six and seven under the assumption that Amy and Rory Pond aren’t the sort who sit at home while someone else searches for their stolen child. Let’s tell it like River is an actual subplot and an actual person, not a flash-bang grenade.

So what happens, if Amy and Rory demand to follow the Doctor into chaos and war after their child? He drops them, just as before, at the house with the nice car, the door painted TARDIS blue.

But this time there’s screaming, not tearful farewells. “I will not get you killed, too!” “This is my child!” cries Amy, “You have no right!” And Rory: “I’ve died before. At least this time it’ll mean something.”

But he leaves them, leaves them anyway, leaves them no choice. This is the Doctor. This is what he does when he loves people, and he loves Amelia Pond.

We can still have the corn maze that shouts DOCTOR to the skies, his rapid landing to make sure they’re not in trouble. We still get young Mels and her reckless gun, charging through the cornfield with Rory and Amy, and commandeering the TARDIS. But this time it’s with Amy raging at her friend’s shoulder, desperate to be part of this fight. This is her child, her search, and she will find Melody Pond or she will burn the universe trying.

(Or even have the TARDIS drag him back to Earth without his consent here. She knows Melody Pond. The TARDIS is going to teach her how to fly one day. I’d love to see the TARDIS thinking of her as family).

“We are finding my baby. Either you’re with us, or we’ll see how well a centurion can fly a TARDIS.”

The Doctor surrenders. He lapses proud and terrified for his Ponds, suspicious of their friend who refuses to back off. He makes her leave the gun, but he can’t manage to get Mels to leave her friends to fight this one alone.

Having a desperate, driving main plot, this furious breathless search, wouldn’t stop us from having DW’s classic one-shot episodes. They land accidentally in that house with the faith monster, spend the same episode trying to escape—just more lives are on the line than just theirs this time. They have someone they need to go save. (I love that one, by the way: Amy’s faith in the Doctor as the literal thing that’s killing her).

Or they’re following up a lead at that fancy spa planet, tracking down some rich benefactor of the Eyepatch Lady. But Amy gets separated, gets stuck in the wrong time stream, and we get The Girl Who Waited.

Or they land on some planet, get the info they need to keep tracking Eyepatch Lady, but something seems wrong. The Doctor wants to investigate, against Amy’s impatient protests. “My baby is alone and scared. We are not going to let her go so you can satisfy your curiosity!”

“Amy, I want to save your child. You know that. But there are children here, too. Remember? You told me once that I was old, and sad, and I’d never let a child cry alone. We will find your Melody. But help me save these children first.”

Except, during all these stories, we have Mels, too, now, this brash, beautiful girl. She’s maybe a bit too violent, maybe has a bit of a bright-eyed death wish. She’s spittingly combative with the Doctor, deeply loyal to Amy, regards Rory with a vast and amused affection.

When the Doctor takes Amy aside, asks her softly to help save these children, too, Mels is staring, staring, glaring. Because she needs to hate this man whose blood she is destined to have on her hands. He’s making it difficult.

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“I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improblable dreams.”

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And Doctor Who?

favorite male character: Captain Jack Harkness, though Rory Williams Pond is a close second *grins*

favorite female character: Martha Jones, closely followed by Donna Noble

least favorite character: Rose Tyler, hands down

prettiest character: Mmmmh… Madam Vastra because I have A Thing for green ladies, don‘t judge me *looks at Maleficent and Shego and Elphaba*

funniest character: Rory *grins*

favorite season: Series 3, because Captain Jack and Martha Jones

favorite episode: “Blink”, hands down the best episode of this show. When I got 40 minutes time to fill, I randomly pop that episode in. It‘s literally TV’s only episode that I watch at random and not just in a rewatch

favorite romantic ship: Rory/Amy

favorite family ship: THE PONDS. Rory and Amy and Brian all riding in the TARDIS together with the Doctor was literally THE BEST

favorite friend ship: The Doctor and Donna, hands down not beatable

worst ship: The Doctor and… literally anyone, but Rose Tyler is the worst and River Song is a very narrow close second

Swimming Pool in the TARDIS?
  • Arthur Darvill: I'd like a big swimming pool...
  • Alex Kingston: We've got a swimming pool! I've dived into it.
  • Arthur Darvill: We've never been in the swimming pool!
  • Alex Kingston: Yea, I've dived into it. That's how I was saved. We have a swimming pool.
  • Arthur Darvill: Uh...
  • Alex Kingston: *in a sassy, River tone* Even though you never saw it or swam in it, it's REALLY nice. Best swimming pool, EVER.
  • Arthur Darvill: I only got to see lots of corridors...
  • - Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvil, DragonCon Pond Family Reunion - Sept 4, 2016
The Doctor, Waiting, and Endings

Eleven is a funny mix of contradictions, isn’t he? He’s wise yet child-like; he’s warm, but with a sliver of ice in his heart. He has many more contradictions, personality-wise. But there are also two curious philosophic contradictions that come up time and time again with the Eleventh Doctor regarding waiting and endings. It is in these contradictions that we find his two most powerful points of character development. I’ve seen many claim that they don’t understand the Eleventh Doctor’s arc, but I believe they can be found in these two themes. 

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Everything on this show is one goddamn causal loop

With a couple of smaller loops inside it.

Let me get this straight:

Eleven only changed his mind about destroying Gallifrey in Time of the Doctor because Clara told him to “be a doctor.”

In fact, the only reason the Doctor didn’t die before that point is because Clara scattered herself along his timeline and saved him.

But she only met the Doctor because Missy gave her his number.

Which Missy was only able to do because Gallifrey was saved  in Time of the Doctor. And only because the Time Lords sent her to bring the Doctor back to Gallifrey to be interrogated?. The Cybermen army bit was probably her own idea *.

Post-War Gallifrey also opened a big, password-protected crack on Trenzalore, which started a war there.

And while Clara, again, eventually closed the crack using the right words and gave us Twelve, the war caused the Papal Mainframe to split into factions.

The Kovarian Faction created River Song.

River (or the Silence? still can’t make sense of it) exploded the Tardis in The Pandorica Opens.

The exploding Tardis caused the cracks in the universe, which is how the Doctor met Amelia and Rory; River’s parents; his family. Who then get sent back in time by a Weeping Angel.

So that whole thing with the Cracks was the consequence of the Time Lords’ first attempt of coming back. It started (for us) with little Amelia and ended with Clara on Trenzalore.

The Ponds’ loss is what prompted the Doctor to go mourn on a cloud in the Victorian era, where he meets Oswin Oswald, who he realizes is the Soufflé girl from Asylum of the Daleks when he later sees her grave.

And then he receives a call from Clara Oswald about the internet being gone, and is intrigued. She becomes his companion and makes him save Gallifrey. And Gallifrey opens a big Crack. Which leads to a war. And, later, Twelve. Still, they decidethat the whole thing wasn’t such a good idea and to send someone out, instead. They send Missy.

Clara only had the number from Missy because Missy wanted to lure the Doctor to 3W to give him an army, because apparently she thought he’d need one. 

* Heaven Sent makes it reasonable to assume that she thought he’d need one because the Time Lords were worried that he might become the Hybrid and wanted a word with him. So they sent Missy to a) find out if the Doctor is the Hybrid, b) get the Doctor to Gallifrey if he isn’t or c) find out what side he’s on if he is. It might have just been to give Clara the Doctor’s phone number, but I think she’s a bit overqualified for that. Also she seemed really desperate to get him to come home with her.

Missy failed and went AWOL on Skaro. Mayor Me got him to Gallifrey but it got Clara killed. And the 2 billions years inside the confession dial took care of the question whose side the Doctor is on.

I am not at all convinced that the Doctor is the Hybrid, but I’m sure of one thing: The Time Lords trying to figure out who it is and trying to stop/manipulate it is what made its creation possible in the first place. That’s exactly why they have non-interference rules.

It’s just how prophecies work. It’s how this whole fucking show works.

It’s what’s giving me a headache.


Doctor Who: Summer Wholiday

(These pun titles are pretty bad, sure, but they have a long way to go to reach kierongillen levels of awfulness, so that’s something??)

This Docco strip is only a few months old (it appeared in issue 13) but it’s my absolute favourite of the bunch. It has the right level of family hijinks and insanity. Also if you’re a fan of other time-and-space-travellers then there miiiiiight be a couple of unofficial easter eggs in there for you.

I’ll post another Pond comic tomorrow! Don’t forget that issue #15 of Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor comes out today!

(And now the legal bit)

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