the pond family in the tardis

Companion Lives

“Moffat had companions with actual home lives!”

Rose’s family:

16 appearances for Jackie, 4 for Pete (if counting both Petes).

Martha’s family:

7 appearances for Francine, 3 for Clive, 4 for Tish, 3 for Leo.

Donna’s family:

8 appearances for Slyvia and also 8 for Wilf, just 1 for Geoff.

Amy Pond’s family:

1 theoretical appearance for both of her parents, at Amy’s wedding.

Rory Williams’ family:

2 appearances for Brian here.

Clara Oswald’s family:

2 episodes for Ellie and (unnamed Gran)., 3 for Dave.

RTD’s companions may have been full-time TARDIS occupants, but their home lives are still featured more than all of Moffat’s characters, even if we combine all the appearances of Moffat’s companions’ families, we get a whopping 11 (if counting both of Amy’s parents, 9 if not). And Clara’s family, which is 7 of that, has those 7 appearances in a whopping total of 4 episodes (Rings of Akhaten, Name of the Doctor, Time of the Doctor and Dark Water).

The family of every single RTD companion has that beat on their own.


Doctor Who: Summer Wholiday

(These pun titles are pretty bad, sure, but they have a long way to go to reach kierongillen levels of awfulness, so that’s something??)

This Docco strip is only a few months old (it appeared in issue 13) but it’s my absolute favourite of the bunch. It has the right level of family hijinks and insanity. Also if you’re a fan of other time-and-space-travellers then there miiiiiight be a couple of unofficial easter eggs in there for you.

I’ll post another Pond comic tomorrow! Don’t forget that issue #15 of Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor comes out today!

(And now the legal bit)

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Celebrating New WhoMarch 20th: Favourite Series

From the perfect mix of thriller and family outing of The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon to the ludicrously joyous triumph of The Wedding of River Song, through Closing Time’s nostalgic warmth and the golden perfection of The Doctor’s Wife, achingly perfect tragedy in The Girl Who Waited and the irrepressible riot of Let’s Kill Hitler, series 6 is gorgeous and glorious and I love it.

The Amy/11/Rory TARDIS team is only bettered when River Song joins in. The colours are vibrant, the setting vast, and the consequences are snapping at their heals. There are stories of suffering and of healing, joy and sorrow and love like the oceans, transgression and atonement, of redemption and revolution. There are monsters in the closet and pirates with brilliant beards; there are monsters in the soul and hotel rooms with numbered doors.

And for me, Doctor Who has never been better.