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Bittersweet Goodbyes and New Beginnings -- Bughead

Words: 2,967

Rated: PG

Summary:  The day has finally come for them to say goodbye to Riverdale High and hello to the real world that awaits them. Betty and Jughead have big plans in New York City, but are Jughead’s plans just a little bit bigger than expected?

A/N:  The Core Four Graduation dream sequence got me in the mood for a graduation fic, so enjoy this little ditty following Betty on her graduation day. (Read on AO3)


“C'mon, V. The boys are here to pick us up.” Betty sat on her windowsill, where she could see FP Jones’ old truck in her driveway. Archie and Jughead were sitting on the hood, waiting for the girls to come down.

Veronica was sitting at Betty’s vanity, where she’d been for the past two hours, applying makeup and doing her hair. Betty had brought an extra chair in from the kitchen so they could both share the mirror.  However, Betty’s makeup routine was much less elaborate than Veronica’s. A simple line of eyeliner ended in an almost unnoticeable cat eye, a few swipes of mascara, and her favorite Pretty in Pink lipstick, the one she saved for special occasions.  

Veronica, on the other hand, wore a full face of makeup. Foundation, contour, highlights… all the things that Betty never did unless Veronica did it for her, like she had for her first anniversary with Jughead. Betty had hated it, and Jughead complained about the makeup that she left on his pillowcase when they were…messing around that night.

“You can’t rush perfection, B.” Veronica responded as she finally pulled her Midnight Berry lipstick across her lips. The two girls were like Ying and Yang, black and white, fire and water… complete opposites. Betty in a baby blue dress with a lace overlay and bubblegum pink pumps and Veronica in a tight black, high-necked dress with a stiff peplum circling her center and nondescript black heeled booties.

Veronica glided over to the window and pulled up on the frame. She knelt over Betty as she stuck her head out the window and shouted to the two handsome boys waiting for them. “We’ll be right down! Archie Andrews, if you get your pants dirty so help me God!” She pointed a stiff finger at her boyfriend… one that he’d gotten used to seeing over the years. It was a warning.

Betty laughed as Archie jumped of the hood of the truck, which she could tell Jughead had washed for the occasion. Veronica was already halfway out the door when Betty stood to follow her. Betty stumbled down the carpeted hallway in her heels, praying to God she wouldn’t trip and fall as they walked down the center aisle of their high school gym that afternoon.

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Burgos. 18 March 1497

Catherine stood on the stage in the great hall at the palace in Burgos, dressed like a little queen. She was now eleven years old and, like her mother and elder sister María, was wearing a brocaded cloth-of-gold gown and a gold-decorated crimson scarf set off by a black mantilla. Her eighteen-year-old brother Juan, heir to his parents’ crowns, was to marry Margaret of Austria. In a court as given over to ritual and formal ostentation as that of Isabel and Ferdinand, the arrival of a daughter-in-law – a future queen consort – was inevitably going to be a pomp-laden affair. The Spanish monarchs liked the natural drama of dusk. Night was falling as Margaret’s cavalcade was ushered into Burgos. Welcoming candles burned in the windows of houses. More than a thousand torches, mounted on stands, lit the streets. 

The ambassadors from the other European kingdoms and principalities had been called in. One of them, the Venetian ambassador, spotted Catherine on the tiered stage set up in the palace’s grand hall. The royal family was carefully arranged in order of importance. Catherine was one step down from her sisters María and Isabel, but one up from her illegitimate half-sister, also called Juana. The latter was daughter to one of Ferdinand’s mistresses and seems to have been born before his marriage (though more illegitimate children would be born later). 

Margaret climbed the steps to the palace to meet the waiting Isabel. She attempted to kneel but was lifted up by her mother-in-law. The choreographed pomp, with sixty of Isabel’s ladies in their full finery queuing up to kiss the new princess’s hand, certainly impressed the Venetian – who went into raptures over the queen’s maidens. Margaret had appeared in a dress of gold brocade and crimson lined in ermine, topped off by a black felt hat and accompanied by some very large pearls. 


CATHERINE OF ARAGON, Henry’s Spanish Queen by Giles Tremlett

itsnotliketherearehillshere  asked:

I don't even wanna see /that/ much personally before the ep but like @ Starz, you suck at promo, why do you suck at promo? Like, little things? Something non spoilery? A sneak peek of a non sexy bit? It's not THAT hard (unless the ep is all made out of sexy bits then I'll eat my words but seriously, for real, what are they DOING?)

If the ep is made up of only sexy bits then I’m so totally good with the quiet 😂! And like you said, no one’s even asking for spoilers, just a little pomp and circumstance, some noise, a pic here maybe a clip there, a little hype for (what’s supposed to be) the most anticipated ep since the Wedding lol When we saw a 2 week break between eps I think most of us just assumed they had something planned for it. Anyways, I get it, just wasn’t expecting they’d go to the extreme with withholding things, but that’s Starz, never knowing how much is too much or how quiet is too quiet.

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Alternian Translations #4

Let’s look at some more of Dammek’s wall:

Gee, Dammek, tell us how you really feel.

Yup. Pretty much the right reaction to seeing drones in the sky.

This image hanging up on that same wall in Dammek’s hive, but the copy I used for translation is a higher-res image that had been released in one of the promos. A few translation notes on this one:

  • This poster has several more spelling errors. The text at the top should read: “For all this pomp and circumstance this seems like a more accurate depiction!” The text on the arrow pointing at the corpses should read: “She’s in this with someone else / the white man??”
  • I’m pretty sure about the number 5,190 - that’s what it looks like, and the characters don’t really match any letters, but we don’t have a lot of samples of numbers in Alternian. The clock on top of the portal in Dammek’s hive appears to read “11:11:…” though, so I think it’s safe to assume they use our numbers.
  • Alternian appears to use double-tick marks for quotes like English, except that the opening quotes appear in subscript instead of in superscript.
  • The line scrawled across the top is interesting. It seems to imply that Trizza’s public persona makes her seem less violent than she really is (or at least less than Dammek believes her to be).
  • Others have speculated that “the white man” is a reference to Doc Scratch, which seems pretty plausible to me.
A summary of common band pieces

-Chorale and Shaker Dance: everyone’s played it but no one remembers how it goes
-Emperata Overture: your introduction to mixed meter
-Let’s Go Band: All rise for the band geek anthem
-Jupiter: clarinet massacre, then everyone praises god
-Angels in the Architecture: demons maul an angel and crash a Jewish wedding, then get owned by heaven (mostly)
-Second Suite in F: euphonium anxiety
-Stars and Stripes Forever: piccolo anxiety
-Blue Shades: clarinet anxiety
-Anything by John Mackey: *experimenting on Finale Notepad*
-Any Sousa march: horns go die
-Irish Tune from Country Derry: woodwinds wait forever, then brass wait forever
-Molly on the Shore: the same thing but a million times
-Concord: red-blooded patriotism but in 7/8
-Sleigh Ride: annual winter torture
-Pomp and Circumstance: annual summer torture
-Anything by Eric Whitacre: heavenly choirs
-Variations on a Korean Folk Song: the only Asian band piece most of you will ever play