the polo grounds

Lady Gaga to Replace Beyonce at Coachella

Officials are finalizing plans to bring the singer’s huge stage production to the Empire Polo Grounds.

Lady Gaga will headline both weekends of Coachella, Billboard has learned, replacing Beyoncé, who postponed her performance after announcing she was pregnant with twins. Gaga will fill in for Beyoncé on consecutive Saturday nights (April 15 and  22) at Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, Calif. Officials with festival organizers Goldenvoice and AEG Live are finalizing plans to bring Gaga’s huge stage production to Coachella and will make the announcement in the coming days, say sources.

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Tell it to the Marines AU - The Nanny [Part 1]

Just a little thing I thought up the other night, none of this is TittM canon in the least. (Unless @tsume-yuki says so, of course)

Ace wasn’t too sure about this.

Pops had been the one to suggest it. To take Riskua to an island deep within Whitebeard territory in the New World, a guarded place where she could birth their child in safety. A haven where several of his brothers and sisters kept children of their own, protected by the island’s guardian.

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July 31, 1908

After successfully swiping second, Fred Tenney decides to return to first base on the next pitch because Dummy Taylor had remained at third during their attempted double steal. Hoping this time to coax a throw from the Cardinal catcher to give the runner on third an opportunity to score, Tenney steals second base for the second time in the inning, but his teammate still stays put in the Giants’ 9-2 victory over St. Louis at the Polo Grounds.
Ficlet: Crossrhodes

A post-512 ficlet. 1000 words of silly Klaine.


“Excruciatingly painful? Honestly, has she never heard of lube? It’s never painful when you—”

“Blaine, really, you’re putting way too much stock in the words of April Rhodes. She’s drunk and half crazy. The first time I met her she gave me liquor and vintage muscle magazines. And I was only sixteen.” Kurt holds up his new flask, shaking it slightly so that whatever nastiness lurks inside sloshes around. “Some things never change at least.”

Blaine pauses where he’s going through the top drawer of his bureau and turns to Kurt with wide eyes. “She gave you vintage muscle magazines?”

“Yeah.” Kurt shrugs. “She was trying to make us all like her.”

“Do you still have them?”

“Of course I still have them, Blaine. They’re vintage muscle magazines.”

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“Every day is a new opportunity.  You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again.  That’s the way life is, with a new game every day.  And that’s the way baseball is.” (Bob Feller, former Cleveland Indians pitcher)  The Cleveland Indians have built a remarkable 21 game winning streak!  We shall see if they can surpass the 26 game winning streak put together by the 1916 New York Giants.  The recently restored John T. Brush Stairway once led down to the Polo Grounds, the home of the Giants.  (Photo taken on August 30, 2017)


Inside Thomas Peterffy’s $65 Million Greenwich Estate

Digital trading tycoon Thomas Peterffy listed his 80-acre Conyers Farm estate in Greenwich for $65 million. It is the largest and the most expensive home for sale in Greenwich.

Peterffy’s (net worth: $15.4 billion) home lies within the Conyers Farm, a one-time working farm with stables, paddocks, an apple orchard, and cherry trees. Established in 1904, the farm was turned into a gated community in the 1980s. Today the 1,468-acre community of 60 homes includes riding trails and polo grounds, a tennis court and swimming pool.