the pole house


“Did you know that Stiles is great at pole dancing?” Scott asked one day as the pack, including the human he was talking about, was sitting around Derek’s living room eating pizza.

Isaac choked.

“What?” Erica gasped, clearly overjoyed. “When? Where?”

“High school, Jungle,” Stiles grunted, watching Isaac choke on his pizza in amusement. “I needed the money, and I just turned 18. So why not?”

“It’s pole dancing,” Isaac said weekly.

“Yes, and I’m a very flexible person. I need to explore my abilities.”

“No you don’t.”

“Can you show us?” Erica asked, eyes wide and hopeful.

“No,” Stiles said in a deadpan.

“Why?” Scott and Erica whined together.

“Because first of all, ew. Second of all, there’s no pole.” Stiles gave Scott a look. “And why do you want to see it?”

“Because it’s amazing, dude! No laws of physics.”

Stiles raised his eyebrows. “Give me 50 bucks and a pole and you got yourself a deal.”

Erica jumped up to her feet. “There’s a pole at my house.”

“I got the 50 bucks,” Boyd replied.

Stiles groaned and sank into the couch with a firm pout.

Scott grinned and clapped Stiles on the shoulder. “Come on, Stiles. No time to loose.”

“I literally hate all of you.”

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Lil’ something for @pale-silver-comb even though it’s not much


Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, was an aged grande dame of the English aristocracy when she was arrested. A niece of two kings, Edward IV and Richard III, cousin of Henry’s late mother Elizabeth of York, and godmother to his eldest daughter, she was “the last of the right line and name of Plantagenet,” the royal family who had ruled England in one form or another between 1154 and 1485.

Young and Damned and Fair: The Life of Catherine Howard, Fifth Wife of King Henry VIII - Gareth Russell

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Oh no! I might have printed one of your arts and posted it on a telephone pole outside my house! Now my neighbors are telling me to "Tear down that Gay Agenda™ crap" and "find Jesus." I also may have photoshopped them to be extra NSFW is that reposting??? 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

Yes. It is… kinda. I also think it’s not very appropriate to pin a nsfw print to a telephone pole. 
Like hell, you may not need to find jesus because of them being gay but not everyone wants to see nsfw.

what is wrong with people?

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do you ever imagine something running along side you while you look out the window of the bus/car? i always see my favorite oc (aka eon.) running next to me (by running i mean flying, jumping on cars and houses, climbing poles, and falling over.) like everything's animated in my style and it's so weird.. and another thing is when i'm listening to music i try to make an animated music video too! i dunno i just wanted to share this with somebody because i find it really cool.

… i’m… not the only one who does this? i’M NOT THE ONLY ONE???

things aren’t animated in those imagines, but yep. def do it.

2p Allies React to S/O Knowing How to Pole Dance

2p Allies reacting to s/o knowing how to pole dance.

2p America: “What are ya waiting for? Show me some of your moves!”

·Would probably say this even if there wasn’t a pole to dance on.

·Very turned on.

·If anyone calls his s/o a whore for it he’ll pop them in the jaw.

2p Canada: “Cool, no one else can see it though.”

·Secretly pretty impressed. It takes a lot of muscle.

·Also turned on but hides it better.

·Really doesn’t make a big deal over it, but would really likes his s/o to show him some time.

2p France:*Smirk of the devil*

·UHhhhH we all know where this is going.

·Will ask you to show him, and will defiantly brag about it to his ‘friends’

·Totally has a pole in his house.

2p England: “Oh, that interesting dear! It must take a lot of muscle!”

·Super impressed but doesn’t understand it.

·Blushing mess if they actually show him

·Bonus if wearing babydoll lingerie (what how you spell)

2p China:“Woah seriously? You have to teach me!”

·Brags about it to EVERYONE. He’s so proud.

·Actually tries it and almost breaks his neck.

·Will literally install a pole in his house for you

Reasons Ray Stantz is The Worst:

• says “what the heck”
• apologizes a lot for things which aren’t his fault
• “of course, you forget, Peter, I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration”
• accidentally summoned a giant Stay-Puft marshmallow monster
• cares a lot
• “the heart of the Ghostbusters”
• he ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts
• plugs his nose when he swims
• sang to ectoplasm
• wears one-piece pajamas
• waves like a 5-year-old
• smokes cigars bc he is #classy
• worried about other’s welfare
• tries his best
• likes pizza
• thinks Thai food is “too spicy”
• cute af
• when tasked with acquiring a company car he chose a horrendously broken hearse
• dances a lot
• soft
• really smart
• fluffy hair
• will drop kick u, don’t test him
• “it looks like a giant Jell-O mold”
• believes in people
• good
• uses big words
• just constantly is saying cute things
• has never done a single thing wrong in his whole life ever
• badass af
• all his friends adore him
• as they should
• “groovy”
• loves everyone
• smiley
• so cute
• rly nice butt
• pure
• sang his own name
• actually jumps when he gets scared
• nice to every person always
• tired
• supports u
• when asked if he was a god, he didn’t say yes
• lives for the D R A M A
• gets excited about slime
• excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• did I mention that he’s really smart
• would not hesitate to give u the shirt off his back if u were cold
• studied a lot in school
• Ray Stantz or Hermione Granger? 9/10 will get this wrong
• has good ideas
• “we can really bust some heads … in a spiritual sense, of course”
• the only one who ever has a plan
• we would be nowhere without him
• basically the sugar daddy of the entire Ghostbusters operation
• got starry-eyed about having a fire pole in his house he’s honestly so cute I don’t know what to do with him
• likes sleepovers
• a puppy
• everyone who has ever seen him is a lil bit in love with him
• a Nerd
• “listen … do you smell something?”
• sass master
• warm
• turns on music instead of confronting his problems #same
• asked a ghost nicely to leave
• honestly who is this guy and why is he so cute
• doesn’t want to fight but if he has to he will kick your ass back into the shadow realm
• unattainable coolness
• people hit him when they’re excited but he’s okay with it
• would make u breakfast
• took time in the middle of an intense confrontation with a malignant supernatural force to do the tablecloth trick
• loves his friends
• sings his own theme song
• “ungrateful little yuppie larva”
• takes charge of the situation! don’t cross him!
• smiles a lot
• *sees a ghost* 😍
• really just wants to take a nap
• uses “fuggy brain” as a hard insult
• loves u
• would be the little spoon
• wants to help everyone
• would smile at u if u saw him on the street
• everything about him is good

generally  speaking ,  hermione  could  be  considered  lawful  good ,  but  you  can  never  forget  the  time  she  knitted  a  ton  of  hats  for  the  house  elves  even  over  summer  break  and  sprinkled  trash  all  over  them  so  the  house  elves  would  pick  them  up  while  they  were  cleaning  lmao .  that  was  chaotic  af .

Whoa, I almost completely missed this KonTae moment from the opening credits....

Tae-chan is sadly looking up at the electrical pole outside her house…

…from the episode where they first met (ep 8), Kondou is up on that pole asking her to marry him (for the second time).



Single Pole House by Konrad Wójcik, Denmark
‘The aim was to design a structure that would not have any footprint on the nature. Fully functional interior was intended for two people and if needed, in special occasions could be extended up to four. In order to provide as much as possible alternating threads stairs were implemented. This allowed fitting spacious interior into a compact and light from. Construction divides into 4 levels with a clear different functional program on each floor. This well equipped structure is a balance of comfortableness and practicality.’