the pole house


“Did you know that Stiles is great at pole dancing?” Scott asked one day as the pack, including the human he was talking about, was sitting around Derek’s living room eating pizza.

Isaac choked.

“What?” Erica gasped, clearly overjoyed. “When? Where?”

“High school, Jungle,” Stiles grunted, watching Isaac choke on his pizza in amusement. “I needed the money, and I just turned 18. So why not?”

“It’s pole dancing,” Isaac said weekly.

“Yes, and I’m a very flexible person. I need to explore my abilities.”

“No you don’t.”

“Can you show us?” Erica asked, eyes wide and hopeful.

“No,” Stiles said in a deadpan.

“Why?” Scott and Erica whined together.

“Because first of all, ew. Second of all, there’s no pole.” Stiles gave Scott a look. “And why do you want to see it?”

“Because it’s amazing, dude! No laws of physics.”

Stiles raised his eyebrows. “Give me 50 bucks and a pole and you got yourself a deal.”

Erica jumped up to her feet. “There’s a pole at my house.”

“I got the 50 bucks,” Boyd replied.

Stiles groaned and sank into the couch with a firm pout.

Scott grinned and clapped Stiles on the shoulder. “Come on, Stiles. No time to loose.”

“I literally hate all of you.”

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Lil’ something for @pale-silver-comb even though it’s not much

  • Vanoss: Delirious...
  • Vanoss: Why is the kitchen burnt?
  • Delirious: Santa did it.
  • Vanoss: Santa did it?
  • Delirious: [begins to sweat] yep. I apparently wasn't nice this year...
  • Vanoss: Santa left the north pole, came to our house and scorched our kitchen... All because you were on the naughty list?
  • Delirious: [laughs nervously] What an ass, am I right?
  • Vanoss: [sighs] yeah, OK.

I was so inspired after all that conversation about The Weeknd, I’m sorry if some of them are a little over the top, I got carried away :p

Finding out MC used to do sexy dances when she was younger


  • He gets oddly shy around your girlfriends, trying his best not to be his usual charming self so you won’t get the wrong idea
  • Little does he know you think it’s hilarious how he blushes when they squeal teasing you  for dating a hot superstar
  • In that particular get together you were having, they were teasing you for his last semi-nude scene on a musical.
  • And you’re just shrugging and telling them you don’t care. These things get publicity, and publicity is great business for his manager, who happens to be you.
  •  “Oh yeah… and let’s be real, MC, you would be such a hypocrite for criticizing his nudes after that lap dance you gave me at my bachelorette party.”
  • Okay. Let’s pause and rewind… Zen got lost for a moment.
  • “Girl, don’t…” you blush, but your friend doesn’t give a shit and nudges your fiancée. “Oh yeah… did you know she gave me a lap dance on my bachelorette party?”
  •  He looks at you, then at his friend, then at you again with the most shocked and… impressed expression you’ve ever saw, making you feel the need to explain yourself “We were drunk and playing Truth or Dare.”
  • “Uhmmm, she takes a challenge very seriously, keep that in mind.” “I… I will…”he says, chugging the rest of his beer SHIT! You’re so screwed when you get home…
  • It’s an awkward silence when you two get home, “Zen… about what she told you… you know it was just a stupid bachelorette thing, right?” “Dance off.” He says, taking his shirt off.
  • “What?” “I’m challenging you to a dance off, I heard you take challenges very seriously, so… don’t think I’ll let you win just because you’re a lady, babe.”
  • You look at him head to toes… head to abs, actually. “Alright.”, you grab a chair and put in the center of the living room, crossing your arms “The challenger starts, then.”. Oh… judging from his grin, he’ll gladly start as long as you finish it.


  • Boy almost gets surprised at how… loud your friends are.
  • But his college buddies can be like that too. So to him, this is just one more thing you have in common.
  • They won’t tease him much because you requested, telling them that as cute a she is, you don’t want him to be uncomfortable around them.
  • So they focus on making him laugh telling embarrassing stories from high school.
  •  “Oh, what about the finals for the basketball championship when the adversaries asked for another match?” “Why?” he asked, very curious.“Well, allegedly, our cheerleader captain created a very sexy choreography that was distracting the players.” Your friend gives you a mischievous glance.
  • Yoosung notices her gaze towards you and gets S H O O K. “YOU WERE THE CAPTAIN, MC?”
  • “I… yes, I was. And those guys were just bad losers.” You shrug, but the blush on your cheeks probably give away that this isn’t exactly truth.
  • And boy is blushing too. He stays even quieter for the rest of the night, even when your friends try to tell him they were just teasing you because you’re a very different person ever since graduation.
  • Oh, you know how he gets easily jealous, so the idea of you dancing provokingly in front of a bunch of tall guys is probably driving him nuts.
  • But not exactly like you were imagining when you get home and he kisses you passionately. “Aren’t you mad?” you ask him. “Why would I? I used to be very different in high school too, I wasn’t even blonde…” you giggle and kiss him again.
  • “So, uhm… you know how you’re always cheering for me, MC? Could you do it  in a skirt one of these days?” OHOHOHO it will be your pleasure


  • She loves hanging out with your friends
  • She can be a little shy, but always ends loosening up as she realizes this is fun and your friends can be hers as well
  • Because it feels very new to her, you know? Having friends and all.
  • And your friends do their best to include her.“Oh, and you look at MC now being all cute and innocent, but this girl here got disqualified from the seniors talent show.” “Oh, really, why is that?”
  • “Because people don’t get art.” “Yeah, people don’t get the true message behind Fergalicious.”
  • “Exactly, and they also don’t get that… the boy scout outfit was a reference to the official video.” You cross your arms and pout.
  • Jaehee is lost, what is a “fergalicious”? She asks and all the eyes in the table go straight at her.
  • Poor lady, while you were dancing to Fergie, the woman was studying her ass off to get in college, don’t judge her.
  •  You don’t, and you also hope she doesn’t judge you either after your friends show her the Fergalicious video.
  • And you squirm in embarrassment everytime you catch her watching the video, yes, she watched again days after that embarrassing convo with your friends.
  • “Honey, just let it go… I was young and stupid… and Fergie was the bomb when I was a teenager…” “If I bake a cake like this for my birthday, will you get out of it like she does?” Oh… now you’re more excited than her for her own birthday.


  • He gets a little uncomfortable around your friends
  • It’s not them, it’s him. Everything is just very different from what he is used to.
  • Like, V and he constantly nag each other, but you and your friends take this to another level.
  • Seriously, is it really okay how you call each other “hoes”? Nobody here looks offended…
  • “Well, it’s just figure of speech. Don’t worry, your fiancée was never a hoe… except for that one time in Halloween…remember, MC?”
  • “I don’t…” “Yeah, because you were drunk.” “What happened in Halloween?” he asks casually, but everybody in the table feels like they are being interrogated.
  • “Oh, I… allegedly did some… pole dance in a haunted house.” He looks at you stoically, which only makes you feel like explaining yourself more “I was drunk.”
  • “Thankfully, right? Just imagine you doing pole dance in a haunted house in sane sobriety.” Is he telling a joke? Nobody knows and nobody has the guts to laugh.
  • Awkward silence during the ride home. You’re pretty sure he’s pissed!
  • “I don’t feel like apologizing for things I did when I was single and completely clueless that I would meet you one day, so… don’t get mad, Jumin, things have changed a lot from when I was a teenager.”
  • “I’m not following the logistic behind it. Where did you find a pole in a haunted house?” “Oh, it wasn’t a haunted house per se, it was more like a… haunted tent in the school gym, and there were those… pipes holding the structure of it, I think. And I… might have or might have not grinded against one of them…” you look away, flustered.
  • He just chuckles “I’ll make sure to provide you a proper pole, hope you don’t mind I’ll be your only audience, kitten.” The hell you do!


  • He loves your friends
  • He thinks girls are hilarious when they get together like this
  • Because you’re so sweet when you’re with him, but get all salty when you’re with them, and he would love to see more of this side of yours
  • So he’s basically there to get tips on what your friends do to unlock this mode on you
  • “Nah, MC is a sweet shy girl ever since high school, oh, except for the car wash we did to raise money for charity when we’re seniors.”
  • “Don’t even start, girl! I know what you’re gonna say, I wasn’t dancing!” “Yes, you were! You were splashing water, throwing your wet hair back and forth and feeling like a Pussycat Doll!”
  • “Yeah, MC! Everybody knows there’s a Pussycat Doll hidden somewhere in there…” he goes along with the teasing, though he has no idea if this is true or not.
  • Though he remembers going through your old social media and seeing some posts about a car wash, so… yeah.
  • And you know he probably doesn’t care that much, the problem here is how much he’ll tease you and ask you to wash his cars.
  • “Okay, before you say anything. It was for charity. And yeah, maybe I was feeling a little like in a slow motion video, but… ahh, I was young and stupid.” You pout and look away.
  • He grabs your chin and makes you look at him, planting a fierce kiss on your lips. “I want to see some photos…” “Haven’t you found in my background history?” “I stayed away from the Rated R things about you because I’m an innocent catholic boy, you know that…” not so innocent after you actually gave him permission to go through the photos, tho.

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, was an aged grande dame of the English aristocracy when she was arrested. A niece of two kings, Edward IV and Richard III, cousin of Henry’s late mother Elizabeth of York, and godmother to his eldest daughter, she was “the last of the right line and name of Plantagenet,” the royal family who had ruled England in one form or another between 1154 and 1485.

Young and Damned and Fair: The Life of Catherine Howard, Fifth Wife of King Henry VIII - Gareth Russell

Work It

When Geno bought his mansion of a house, the pole was already there.

The guys rib him about it, teasing Geno about the stripper pole in the room down in the basement that obviously had been some kind of a sex den.

“Not stripper pole,” Geno sniffs haughtily at Tanger. “Dance pole,” he clarifies, as if he has any knowledge at all about anything to do with pole dancing.

Sidney knows Geno has been to his fair share of strip clubs, but he doesn’t think watching scantily clad women gyrate against a pole has made Geno any kind of an expert.

Not like Sidney.

“Why are you blushing?” Flower asks him suspiciously, because Sidney is hardly a virgin and he hasn’t turned red at the mention of sex since he was eighteen and Ryan Whitney had been bragging in the locker room about a set of triplets, the triplets’ mother, and the family pet. Whatever. Flower had been blushing too.

“No, seriously, why are you–?” Flower looks from Sidney to back at the pole where some of the guys are making fools of themselves trying to work it, and Sidney high-tails it out of the basement before Flower can reach any kind of conclusion about why Sidney is so obviously affected by the dance pole.

Geno finds him in the kitchen a few minutes later, raising his brows when he sees Sidney brewing a pot of Geno’s weird Russian tea. Sid doesn’t really drink tea, but he needed something to do with his hands and Geno is only just recently moved in; he hasn’t gotten the coffee machine yet that he’ll keep for his guests mostly.

“Act weird, Sid,” Geno says. He sits down by the table, accepting the cup of tea Sidney hands him with a quiet, “Spasibo.”

Sidney very firmly does not flush at the way Geno lets his fingers linger against Sidney’s. 

Geno leans back in his chair, and Sidney watches Geno watch him, his eyes warm and fond as he looks at Sidney. There’s a smile pulling at his lips, secret and a little teasing. He’s got that knowing look in his face, as if he can see right through Sidney. As if Sidney is completely transparent to him.

Sidney hates that there is some truth in that.

Geno has always been able to read him.

“What?” he says.

Geno hums. He takes a sip of his tea, and then laughs when they hear a crash from downstairs and someone that sounds a lot like Duper cursing up a storm. There’s a lot of French swear words. 

Sidney makes a face. “Coach will be pissed if someone pulls a muscle or breaks something.”

“Should show guys how to do, then. So no one get hurt.”

Sidney freezes, caught.

Geno hums again. He looks satisfied. “So do know stripper pole. How you learn?”

“Dance pole,” Sidney snarks, throwing Geno’s words back at him. There had been no stripping involved whatsoever when Sidney had learned to work a dance pole.

“It was training,” he says weakly, even though it’s the truth. It doesn’t make it less…less.

Flexibility, is what he’d told Andy a couple of summers ago. My muscles are freezing up too fast, especially my legs. It’s hurting my skating.

Okay, Sidney, Andy replied. I’ll come up with something. Just trust me.

And, well. Andy had never let him astray before, so Sidney had taken up pole dancing, protesting all the while even as Andy had shown him video after video of people performing death-defying stunts, as if they were beyond gravity–it was a beautiful art form, but Sidney has never lost his embarrassment over it.

It seems just a little bit shameful. Something the guys would never understand.

At least Sidney has never been more flexible, his skating more fluid than it’s ever been.

“Show me sometime?” Geno asks. “Just you and me. Asshole teammates not need know.”

Sidney startles, his lashes fluttering wildly. Geno is still smiling, but he doesn’t look teasing anymore. Doesn’t look as if he’s chirping Sid. Instead he looks gentle, curious.

Maybe even a little interested.

Sidney swallows. “Okay,” he says. 

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Oh no! I might have printed one of your arts and posted it on a telephone pole outside my house! Now my neighbors are telling me to "Tear down that Gay Agenda™ crap" and "find Jesus." I also may have photoshopped them to be extra NSFW is that reposting??? 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

Yes. It is… kinda. I also think it’s not very appropriate to pin a nsfw print to a telephone pole. 
Like hell, you may not need to find jesus because of them being gay but not everyone wants to see nsfw.

what is wrong with people?

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do you ever imagine something running along side you while you look out the window of the bus/car? i always see my favorite oc (aka eon.) running next to me (by running i mean flying, jumping on cars and houses, climbing poles, and falling over.) like everything's animated in my style and it's so weird.. and another thing is when i'm listening to music i try to make an animated music video too! i dunno i just wanted to share this with somebody because i find it really cool.

… i’m… not the only one who does this? i’M NOT THE ONLY ONE???

things aren’t animated in those imagines, but yep. def do it.

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Dads reactions to Dadsona secretly being a stripper and how they found out

((I hope I didn’t say anything gross or offensive in anyway! The dads views do not reflect mine!))

Joseph found out because Robert and Mary told him. Robert heard from a guy that heard from a guy, and they both told Joseph because the wanted to se the pure shock on his face. He’s upset you didn’t tell him right away, and convinced that you didn’t tell him because you knew he wouldn’t be totally okay with it. Don’t get me wrong, Joseph used to strip back in the day, and he doesn’t shame you for doing so, but Joseph is the kind of guy to believe that your body is for his eyes only if you two are committed to each other. Definitely going to have long talk with you about how important this career is to you and where your relationship is going from here.

Robert wouldn’t think it’s a big deal at first but he insists on walking you to and from work every day. He found out because Mary makes rounds at the strip clubs regularly to check on the girls. If he ever saw you give a man a lap dance he’s probably threaten to kill the man. He respects you and your wishes and doesn’t want to control your body, but he also struggles with the fact that other men get to see you in a way that he wouldn’t let anyone see you in. Gets a little more possessive in bed bc of this.

Damien is 100% okay with it. He, too, finds out because of Mary. He’s upset that you didn’t tell him yourself, because he feels he deserves that honesty? Your being a stripper doesn’t affect him at all but you keeping such a large part of your life from him causes a bump in the road.

Mat finds out because Pablo occasionally dj’s at the strip club! Mat doesn’t even bring it up to you. This was something you purposely didn’t tell him and he wants to respect that part of your life. He’s totally okay with it, and when you do tell him he just nods and says something like, “Yeah, babe, that’s cool.”

Brian wouldn’t find out unless you told him. Like, I cannot think of anyone he knows that would know. He has a very traditional and negative view of stripping so he would (at first) be angry and insist you stop. I’m sure this wouldn’t sit well with you, so you’d have to give him a few days to cool off and then bring it up again. If you sit him down and talk about it he may just come around.

Hugo finds out because Ernest sneaks into the strip club. Hugo is then PISSED that Ernest got to see you at work before he did?? He insists you give him a private show. At first he doesn’t realize what he’s asking because he’s just so heated, and then it dawns on him and he doesn’t back out of the challenge. He gets all blushy but that doesn’t mean he dislikes it.

Craig remembered that you did some stripping in college for extra money on the side but he’s surprised that you still do it! He wonders idly if he would be a good stripper (spoiler alert he 100% fucking would). He finds out because you tell him, too! He installs a pole in your guys’ house and insists you teach him how (because it’s a good workout, of course). You two end up challenging each other to strip-offs.

Reasons Ray Stantz is The Worst:

• says “what the heck”
• apologizes a lot for things which aren’t his fault
• “of course, you forget, Peter, I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration”
• accidentally summoned a giant Stay-Puft marshmallow monster
• cares a lot
• “the heart of the Ghostbusters”
• he ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts
• plugs his nose when he swims
• sang to ectoplasm
• wears one-piece pajamas
• waves like a 5-year-old
• smokes cigars bc he is #classy
• worried about other’s welfare
• tries his best
• likes pizza
• thinks Thai food is “too spicy”
• cute af
• when tasked with acquiring a company car he chose a horrendously broken hearse
• dances a lot
• soft
• really smart
• fluffy hair
• will drop kick u, don’t test him
• “it looks like a giant Jell-O mold”
• believes in people
• good
• uses big words
• just constantly is saying cute things
• has never done a single thing wrong in his whole life ever
• badass af
• all his friends adore him
• as they should
• “groovy”
• loves everyone
• smiley
• so cute
• rly nice butt
• pure
• sang his own name
• actually jumps when he gets scared
• nice to every person always
• tired
• supports u
• when asked if he was a god, he didn’t say yes
• lives for the D R A M A
• gets excited about slime
• excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• did I mention that he’s really smart
• would not hesitate to give u the shirt off his back if u were cold
• studied a lot in school
• Ray Stantz or Hermione Granger? 9/10 will get this wrong
• has good ideas
• “we can really bust some heads … in a spiritual sense, of course”
• the only one who ever has a plan
• we would be nowhere without him
• basically the sugar daddy of the entire Ghostbusters operation
• got starry-eyed about having a fire pole in his house he’s honestly so cute I don’t know what to do with him
• likes sleepovers
• a puppy
• everyone who has ever seen him is a lil bit in love with him
• a Nerd
• “listen … do you smell something?”
• sass master
• warm
• turns on music instead of confronting his problems #same
• asked a ghost nicely to leave
• honestly who is this guy and why is he so cute
• doesn’t want to fight but if he has to he will kick your ass back into the shadow realm
• unattainable coolness
• people hit him when they’re excited but he’s okay with it
• would make u breakfast
• took time in the middle of an intense confrontation with a malignant supernatural force to do the tablecloth trick
• loves his friends
• sings his own theme song
• “ungrateful little yuppie larva”
• takes charge of the situation! don’t cross him!
• smiles a lot
• *sees a ghost* 😍
• really just wants to take a nap
• uses “fuggy brain” as a hard insult
• loves u
• would be the little spoon
• wants to help everyone
• would smile at u if u saw him on the street
• everything about him is good