the poker house

At the age of 22 years old, Miss Jennifer Shrader Lawrence has accumulated 53 awards and 51 nominations. This milestone at such a young age includes two Academy Award accolades (one win and one nomination), two Golden Globe accolades (one win and one nomination), two Screen Actors Guild accolades (one win and one nomination) and one BAFTA nomination. Being a woman that acts with a flick of a switch, we have already seen her as a tough-as-nails sister, a young woman headlining a rebellion against a tyrannical government, a recovering sex-addict, a risque shapeshifter and to be soon seen as: a psychopathic wife hellbent on murder. Her acting abilities do not stop there. In reality, across the globe, she is her normal funny/no shit self. She signs autographs, she’s nice to fans, she’s hilarious in almost situation, she LOVES TO EAT and she is a up and coming model for young women. 

I personally love Jennifer Lawrence. Despite all the awards, all the glamour, all the money, she has not changed. She smiles even though she’s not a fan of fame and just deals with it. She’s a strong, independent woman who deserves all of this and I (and I know I’m not alone) cannot wait to watch her light up the screen in whatever role she wants to do. 



Interviewer: "So I was just talking to Jennifer Lawrence and she was-“

Donald Sutherland: ”You were talking with one of the most brilliant actors of our time.“

Interviewer: ”Wow.“

Donald Sutherland: ”Oh my goodness. No question.“

Interviewer: ”Oscar Nominee? Jennifer Lawrence, yes?“

Donald Sutherland: ”No question. You look at that child, you look at her on screen you will see, sometimes Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. You look over there you’ll see the Mona bloody Lisa!“

Interviewer: ”Wow.“

Donald Sutherland: ”She is extraordinary. And she takes into herself that character so perfectly, so emblematically.“

Interviewer: "She’s just a very emotional actress on screen. Like you can really feel what she’s feeling.”

Donald Sutherland: "No, she’s not playing on emotions, no. She is an actor who is capable of filling a character with intelligence, with sensibility, with innocence, with emotion, everything. And with her strength. Ahh. She is brilliant.“


“I think the scene, you know, after my daughter is raped by my pimp boyfriend, and I am so wasted and I visit her in the bathroom while she’s, you know, rinsing herself up and Jennifer was so unbelievably beautiful and sad in that scene. Even off camera, you know, wanting to be in my arms and wanting me to hold her and reaching out to me and I just had to keep throwing, you know, basically ash in her bathtub, just not present at all, not caring about her feelings..that was pretty sad.” (Selma’s most challenging scene in The Poker House x)