the pokemon that hit me in the feels

imagine haikyuu characters in the pokemon universe for a sec

like holy shit this thought just came to me

Game rivals would be Hinata/Kageyama, doing the whole dual rivalry like what happened with Cheren and Bianca in B/W. Sometimes, one might act like a psuedo-rival and give the main player stuff
(ie. Hinata: “Hey, [f/n]! Uh, I wanted to thank you for helpin’ me out there… so… here! Have this!” [Obtained a max revive]” or alt.
Kageyama: “Are you an idiot?! Going into the forest with your Pokemon in that shape will only have you heading to the Pokecenter! Here, I’ll heal them up.”)

both are super proud of each other’s progress low-key and they both high-key really wanna beat ushijima.

Coach Ukai, because there’s always been something between the mom of the game and the professor i know it he inherited the title after his old man, the genius professor, retired.

Professor Assistants
Shimizu Kiyoko and Yachi Hitoka. Shimizu’s about to go out and become a proper trainer, so she gets Yachi to fill in her spot while she’s gone.


Tanaka - the fighting type gym leader. wANTS TO SHOW YOU ALL HOW TO RESPECT A REAL GYM LEADER, DAMMIT. when you’re beat he’s just like “wow not bad i didn’t expect that from you but pssht don’t get cocky” (also knows you’re good and have potential and thinks you may become champion). PERSONALLY LEADS YOU TO THE NEXT CITY, all just so he can see noya-san, the returning gym leader.

Nishinoya - the FIRE TYPE GYM LEADER BECAUSE LOOK RYUU!! FIRE!!! HAHAHAHAH. these two definitely make the strongest start to a video game. like, ever. very loud, and energetic. 

Tsukishima - the poison-type gym leader, actually? i dunno i just can’t see him trying too hard, so he’s only the third. still, he has lots of potential (that half of the elite 4, kuroo and bokuto respectively, recognize–which leads to constant pestering from their part), and despite only being the third gym leader, if unprepared, his poison affects are devastating to newcomers. 

Asahi - the game’s lovely high-strung steel type, with nerves that DO NOT MATCH. gets super nervous before a match, and although he does very well and is very strong and gets more motivated as the match goes on (and holy crap if this guy had a legendary pokemon it’d be regigigas or something because of the slow start ability RESONATING from this guy). visited often by nishinoya, who often complains about asahi’s nervous demeanor.
also want one point where they have to fight the enemy team of the game and they buddy up and defeat them because hey who doesn’t want a sprinkle of asanoya in their life

Iwaizumi - the rock type gym leader. sorry, it didn’t even take me long to decide on this. His last name literally comes with the word rock in the first character pls. Combined with his steadfast personality, it works perfectly. When you beat him he just asks for you to kick shittykawa’s ass. Even tells you his pokemon type and starts telling you his pokemon and their dreadful moves until he’s cut off by some random plot device.

Akaashi - i honestly can’t help but say he’d be the ghost-type gym leader. he doesn’t put his gym in a freaking cemetery or have ghosts wander around, but he’s actually rather nice about it all and takes pity on the ghosts because seriously have you read some of their pokedex entries yeesh. his signature pokemon would be a drifblim, because of the dual flying/ghost nature. it’s his favourite, and it’s bokuto’s favourite, too. loved by many, and goes out of his way to help out even the most dramatic pokemon. maybe you’d meet him if there were a rogue ghost in the city, causing damage, and akaashi walks up and helps it calm down (almost the same way he does with bokuto)

Sugawara - i really wanted to make sugawara the nurse, but in the end i feel like he’d be a really strong grass-type gym leader. the healing thing still came to me though, so i’d see it as a strong type with annoying healing abilities. right when you’re about to defeat his pokemon, he hits you up with ingrain or synthesis and saves by a sliver, making the battle that much harder.
another thought was that at the end of the game he’s actually offered to become an elite 4 but so is kageyama. he’s been a gym leader for a long time, but steps down so kageyama can have it.

Kenma - surprisingly, (or maybe unsurprisingly) the psychic-type gym leader. as the final gym leader before the elite 4, he’s really strong and definitely has a good grasp on all the types of moves there are (stats, inflicting damage, reducing, as well as extra effects) and even accounts for the type weaknesses. often hangs out with kuroo and grows to be friends with your rival hinata. although kuroo never lets him explicitly state that he’s the dark type elite 4, it’s implied. refuses to become an elite 4 personally, because it’s already too much effort being a gym leader. 


Daichi - the grounded leader is now the ground-type elite 4! has really strong and nice pokemon. hangs with suga. i don’t know why, but i’d imagine that they garden, since he’s the ground-type elite 4 and suga’s the grass-type gym leader. at the very least, his area has flowers growing somewhere in homage to their friendship.
idea was that he steps down from being an elite 4 to go focus on other things and become stronger, allowing suga to become one. read suga’s section for more.

Kuroo - dark-type elite four! debated on fire vs dark for a loooong time, but couldn’t help but see dark as the strongest feature. plus they’re badass, so kuroo would def brag about that to bokuto. First seen talking to Kenma at his gym, saying that he should hurry up and become an Elite 4 member already, since he already knows he’s qualified enough.

Oikawa - water-type elite 4. probably the most well-rounded elite 4 in terms of stats, with pokemon that can heal and attack strong and defend well and everything. wants to become champion (beat ushiwaka), but realizes he has to get stronger before doing that. really playful. his identity is not kept secret at ALL the entire game, as he has his own radio channel about him with water pokemon (looking cute while using cute pokemon to gain fans) and iwaizumi namedrops him earlier on during his battle.
(lowkey inspired by ao3 superpower haikyuu fanfic, “baby, i can give you wings” by Metis_Ink, which is wonderful and can be read here:

Bokuto - THE FLYING-TYPE ELITE 4. I don’t know why but i can’t imagine him taking the battle completely seriously and just doing some dumbass strategy that proves to be super broken. Something like Drayden from BW2, with some stupid dialogue like “AAARGH JUST WAIT FOR THE FINAL ATTACK!!! IT’LL BE AWESOME!” while doing 2-3 stat-raising moves or charging moves and then one broken ability that does a shit ton of damage. Kinda like the papyrus we never got in undertale. Alternately, a one-hit K.O. move. Gets super depressed when defeated, and can be seen after at a cafe with Akaashi, complaining.

This would undoubtedly be the prodigy we all know and love, Ushijima Wakatoshi. Trained since a kid, and worked really hard. A good champion, and definitely worthy of the title. 

Takeda-sensei - the ‘mom’ of the game. Not an actual Pokemon trainer, but wishes the best for the main character when they go off, making sure they’re well-prepared and researching enough to send them off with a smile. (also dropping by with occasional “hey, hope you’re doing okay!”s) while you’re on your journey.

Lev - while you’re with kenma’s gym (with a visiting kuroo), there’s a little unskippable side-quest where Lev begs kenma to teach him how to catch pokemon, much to kenma’s annoyance. kuroo eventually defeats all his pokemon (doing something like beating a level 6 pidgey with a level 60 hydreigon, or trolling him by pulling out a lvl 60 zoroark that’s disguised as a small grass-type), but teaches lev good lessons in the process.
is also trying to be taught by Yaku, an actual experienced ace trainer who just can’t help but be annoyed at Lev. 

Yamaguchi - some guy at the beginning of the game who shows you how to use pokemon and stuff. he’s either a normal-type trainer or a fairy-type trainer, or at least has an affinity with those two.

so, i made some Guzma sprites as if he were in Diamond and Pearl. I love him so much :,)

tbh thinking about doing a team skull rom hack but im not sure. more members will come in the future!

Edit: I had made these for a rom hack I might be working on. I need your help, though! I have a ton of side trainers that I need and I would love to use your OC’s if you let me! They could be a Team Skull grunt or even just a random trainer, just please send me your characters that you would like! If you want to make sure your character is the exact way you want them, please send me your overworld sprite, battle sprite, the things they would say, and perhaps their team! Just please, nothing over powered. Thanks for your help, dudes! If you don’t feel comfortable sending it over Tumblr then you can always hit up my email ( or my Twitter (@rubbertrain). Thanks for the help again

y'know what I love about the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanbase? the universally shared sense of magic. PMD is an oddball spinoff series in the pokemon franchise, and it isn’t well-known… that said, there’s no such thing as a casual PMD fan. if you hit it off with another person who loves it, neither of you are going to be chill about it. you’re gonna cry over the ost together or scream about the ending in t/d/s or maybe talk for ages about how important the games have been for you. PMD is a game series that feels like home to me, and I’m always ecstatic to see other fans just as eager to share this home.

OMG OMG OMG GUYS! GUYS! I’m freaking out. Just as I hit post on the pokemon thing I made I noticed a shadow hovering around me. At first I dismissed it thinking it was my hair but then a FUCKING BAT CAME INTO FULL VIEW OF MY FACE! I have never in my life had a bat inside my home before! I didn’t even know what to do so I just called the cops, which made me feel silly as shit. Apparently they do it all the time because we don’t have animal control here. I know this ain’t customer service related but I kind of need someone to calm me down cuz even though the cute but creepy little shit is gone I’m still in panic mode. I am seriously so conflicted about bats. Adorable, but stay the fuck out. -Abby

Thank you!

The response Colors has been getting has been absolutely overwhelming in the best possible way. I don’t even know what to say, you guys. Like. Just. Thank you. For taking the time to read this little thing and tell us - Lalou and I - how you feel. It means so, so much to us, and I’m so, so, so glad I’ve been able to touch so many people with this.

This finally pushed me over the 1000 follower hump, and I now have more than 1100, which is friggin insane to me. I said when I hit 1000 I’d try and do something special to celebrate - namely, a livestreamed nuzlocke run of Pokemon Emerald. I still intend to do this, now I just need to set a time and get started.

This is the biggest response anything I’ve ever written has ever gotten. Never in my wildest dreams could I have hoped for 20,000 notes and climbing. Thank you!!!


Hello everyone, I’m opening up commissions! If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to message me here on tumblr (@swirlyswirls​) or email me (! If you have something on mind that it doesn’t fit what I have listed above, hit me up and we can work something out together :)

Series I’m Familiar With (but not entirely limited to :3)
One Piece, Pokemon, Sonic, Disney/Pixar/CGI Animation Studios

Some Quick Notes

  • Prices listed are USD.
  • All commissions will be for personal usage only, no commercial reproduction in any form.
  • I will start your commissions as soon as payment is received. An invoice will be sent to you. In addition, please also pay for any fees that are required. Refunds will not be made. Although Paypal is the general standard, I also take Venmo. 
  • I am okay with drawing most things (humans, animals, creatures, etc.)  however I will not draw NSFW or Gore. I will reject a request if I feel the need to.
  • I will do max limit of 3 characters.
  • I will use the work for showcasing purposes unless otherwise requested.

Thanks for reading! Reblogs/sharing are very much appreciated! =//w//=

Guzma Therapy Session 4

“I’m impressed with you,” the doctor said.

“Didn’t think I’d show up to help her huh?”

“I’m more surprised that it didn’t end in violence. It sounds like you really made her day. But how did it make you feel?”

“Well shit… Good. Not the weeds part but like…” he paused for a moment to think, “it felt good to help her get over losing a friend.”

The therapist tilted his head slightly. “That Pokemon was her friend? I didn’t think you would see pokemon as friends.”

The boss leaned in defensively, “and why the fuck not.”

“Because you steal them… This is what throws me off about you. What in your brain makes you think it’s ok to take people’s friends? Ever considered that maybe you feel fucked up all the time because you feel guilty?”

He crossed his arms. “Not even a little. Who the fuck are you to judge? I challenge people, I win and then I take my prize.”

“And if you lose?”

“Then…” the boss paused for a moment. He decided to choose his words carefully. He didn’t want the damn doctor to outmaneuver him again. “Ok so I don’t let people do that to me, what other people don’t do is stop me from doing that to them…” The boss wasn’t very satisfied with his own answer.

“Calm down,” -the doctor tapped his pen for a moment, mulling over what he should say next, “you’ve been coming to me about the basic shit… Lack of sleep, anxiety over day to day life and high stress resulting in anger. My job is talk through those problems with you, but every time you come here I want you to consider what you might be doing that creates those feelings. In saying that, shall we talk about your dad today?”

Guzma rolled his eyes in defeat, “sure, why the fuck not. When I was a kid, he would fucking hit me and that sucked.”

To his surprise the therapist then put down his clipboard and stood up, gesturing for Guzma to follow him. As they exited the room Guzma briefly thought of making the “I don’t intend to sleep with you” joke again, but seeing as it had failed once already he decided it needed more time. Together they walked past reception and out of the building. The doctor headed over to a clearing where a few benches sat; the doc then took a seat and gestured beside him for Guzma to do the same. The skull boss was agasp when the therapist pulled out two cigarettes and offered one to him. He accepted it, the doc lit his then leaned over and lit Guzma’s.

“I want you to be comfortable. We’re forgetting the clock, forgetting the rules. We’re going to talking about this, all of it, the right way,” the doctor explained before taking a drag of his cigarette.

Guzma stared at the embers drifting to the ground and relaxed his shoulders. “Shit bro… You mean business. Where do we start..?”

“Wherever you want to.”

“Like… You want fucking details or like…? I dunno dude…” he inhaled before slowly beginning to explain, “he had a fucking temper and took it all out on me… He had this idea that anything I ever did was all about him. In his eyes, it was all a reflection on him. In the early days, he would get me so hyped… H’ed stoke me up for a Pokemon tournament and I would buy into it and get all excited. But then I’d lose, and he’d lose his shit…

Guzma picked at his fingernails, staring at them as he continued, “It started quiet. Him muttering to himself on the ride home, neither of us would really talk and there’s fire in the air… Then when we’d get home, everything will set him off slowly… Mom asked how it went, he’d bark an answer. If I made a noise from my room it would set him off. Hell man, if a leaf fell on the house wrong it would set him off… Straw after straw until finally he would snap. The first time he lost it and it seemed like the whole house fought back. We were at the dinner table talkin’ ‘bout who the fuck knows and he just lost his shit… Hell, I was like 6 bro. He just lost it and started screaming. I don’t even remember what he was saying but it dont fucking matter because he was just was dumping all his shit anyway. But then it got heavy. He already had a temper but it was just raising and raising and shit and then out of nowhere he threw his glass at me. It was so outta nowhere and it didn’t hurt for some reason, but it was scary bro. Then my mom started screaming and so he started yelling louder then he grabbed her wrist and started yelling at her and I ran up and try to grab his wrist and he came across my face hard…” the boss paused to take a few quiet drags of his cigarette, trying to quell the shaking in his hands.

He then, however, gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, throwing the cigarette onto the ground. Guzma stood up fast, stomped it out and began pacing back and forth. There was a violent rhythm to his steps as he continued, “and that was just the FIRST time! No more than two months later that shit became normal life. I remember bein’ on the ground holding my legs and hands up to block myself and he was leaning down just swinging blindly at me. He just kept yelling ‘you never even tried’ as he threw hands at me! My arms were bruised like crazy and a few got in at my face… Then he wouldn’t wait anymore. If I lost, or even got second place, he would just literally smack at me in the car… I was just a fucking kid bro,” his normally fierce, intimidating voice started to crack. Tears began to swell in his eyes as he stood, unmoving. “we’d be in the car after I’d lose, and he would drive quietly for like a block then start yelling. He swung his arm to the side and it would just jerk my face. I’d always start crying right off and then he would just get even more upset… Shit once he just slammed the breaks so I’d hit the dash… Think I broke my nose, not like he’d ever take me to a doctor…

He then shook his head and rubbed his stinging eyes. “Mom gave up standing up for me. My pokemon stayed hidden in the balls until he was gone. And when he came home it was on… If there was a mess in the kitchen he’d scream at my mom and hit me. If I left a toy out hed hit me with the toy. He was starting to like it I think… When I was about 11 he smashed my head on the ground so hard I broke the tile. He fucking laughed. He left me alone for the rest of the night makin’ snide ass comments… It was hell bro… I’m done fucking talking about it…” the boss stated, feeling the gravity of everything he had just explained and exactly what it represents.

Silence hung in the air as Guzma took a few deep breaths. The therapist then quietly said, “I’ve got homework for you…”

The boss just nodded as his voice was choking up.

“I want you to tell the people that care about you what you just told me, or something along those same lines. These things hurt to talk about and holding it in won’t help. Once you can let it out, you can begin healing.”

Guzma stared at the doc. He didn’t know what to say. He gritted his teeth and his brows furrowed before he shoved his hands in his pockets and stormed off towards home.

That night Guzma thrashed in his sleep. He was just a child again, and had lost his beloved Wimpod. He searched for it, coming across an old decrepit shack in the middle of nowhere. When he peeked through the windows he saw two chairs; his Wimpod was lying belly up on one of them. He frantically tried to open the door, but it was sealed tightly and he wasn’t strong enough to break it. He screamed as he bashed at the door before he heard his father’s voice; loud and monstrous, telling him how he was going to ‘make’ the boy shut up. It was coming from directions, he turned and began to run. He ran and ran till his legs gave out beneath him. That’s when he remembered he had left his little Wimpod in the shack… He was too terrified to go back there, so he kneeled there on the ground, sobbing and shaking.

Guz violently snapped awake and shot up in the bed; he was sweating and panting. He got up, threw a shirt on and walked outside. He winced as the flash of red light that signalled his Golisopod’s release from the pokeball pierced his eyes in the darkness. The bug tilted its head as he stared at it, quickly losing his composure. He leaned back against the bricks and slid down to the ground, holding his head in his hands. Golisopod kneeled in front of him, its shell reflecting the soft moonlight as it gently embraced its trainer. He gripped his hair and buried his face into his knees as he began to cry.

“Guzma… What’s wrong with you…”

(beta read by the fabulous @supersquiddle and her dark dark magic)


Look at that baby pokemon I hatched earlier from a baby egg!!!

@justyouweight tagged me to do an sds and I was only going to post the other two pictures but then I was tagged and couldn’t pass this up.

So lately my steps have been on the low, like 5k… today I decided to go outside and mow the lawn in this nasty hot weather and lots of that later, I reached my step goal. Cool.

But seriously, look at that baby pokemon!

Im about to hit the shower because I stink and my body does this thing after a big workout that it should stink and I always feel like I’m the only one that stinks and not everyone else around me when they ran like longer than me.

That’s just me.

I now tag… the beautiful people that are in this challenge that’s starting soon.

The #fitblrsummergames

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Warren is absolutely the kind of guy who carefully picks his Pokemon team, even when just playing through the story normally. He doesn’t necessarily pick all the strongest Pokemon, sometimes he might use a “weak” Pokemon just because he thinks it’s cute, but he always makes sure he’s got a balanced team that can handle every situation, and makes sure to use Pokemon that have the right natures. On top of that, he’s sure to give them all loving nicknames. He checks their IVs but doesn’t really worry about IV/EV training until he’s beaten the story and wants to try online battles, and then he goes all out with careful breeding and such.

Meanwhile Nathan hasn’t really touched the Pokemon franchise since RBY but dating Warren got him back into it. Well, more like Warren kinda forced him to start playing them again, but that’s neither here nor there. But Nathan does the bare minimum of playing. He catches whatever Pokemon thinks looks the coolest or strongest and uses brute force to win, nothing but all out offense. If a move doesn’t do any damage, he doesn’t teach it to his Pokemon. He doesn’t bother to nickname his Pokemon most of the time, but when he does, it’s always names like “fuckface” or “asshat,” usually misspelled to get around censors when needed. Warren laughs but then he’s like, “Nathan no, you can’t do that, they have feelings” “They’re just pixels, Warren!” “NOT TO ME”

They don’t battle each other anymore, Nathan got too tired losing because no matter what type of Pokemon he used, Warren always managed to win. Except for one time Nathan managed an extremely lucky win because Warren’s Pokemon hit itself in confusion, something Nathan still holds over Warren’s head to this day.

pokemon au preview

so here’s a small (angsty af) snipit from my pokemon au!  what you need to know: 

  • pokemon can die in this au and over the years of vigilante-ing, tim’s lost half his team. 
  • his remaining pokemon are a neurotic talonflame, a jolteon with no sense of self-preservation, and a lucario with a guilt complex that parallels tim’s and manifests in the form of anger. 
  • i assume lucarios can talk because of the one movie 
  • have fun

The room is silent as the three of them enter. Lucario moves to the workbench to fix his wrappings and Talonflame swoops off her spot on Tim’s shoulder to land on her perch at the far side of the room. It’s nearly four in the morning and they’re not exactly coming back from a celebratory event, but the tension is deeper than normal without Jolteon’s electricity to give a spark to things.

“We finished the mission. No casualties…” Tim’s voice is heavy as he drops down into the chair in front of the computer. He pulls his cowl off before hanging his head and digging the heels of his palms into his eyes. Behind his eyelids, light prickles and a pang of guilt surges his body as he’s reminded of Jolteon, unconscious in the infirmary with Alfred and his Chansey.

Lucario very obviously picks up up on his guilt and Tim can hear him huff in disbelief. “Casualties or not, Jolteon is on the medical table for the third time this month.”

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It’s amazing how something just take you back to the careful happiness of childhood.

For me certain things this just trigger old memories from a simpler time I got lost in the bittersweet nostalgia of. Many of them tied to favorite second-hand shops in town that become a strong fixture in my mind it was the only way I really got new toys, movies, and games in a low-income household.

There’s the old Goodwill location that was downtown, that was the last one that hit me. I can picture the whole store in my minds eye and sometimes feel like I’m there if I close my eyes during one of those moments.

I remember a lot of the stuff I got there, to. There was this blue GBC case with Pikachu on it I carried my Gameboy in everywhere. I’ve since lost it despite still having my old Gameboy and most of my games.

I also got a copy of Pokemon: The First Movie there not long after it came out, likely overstock from a store because I recall it being sealed and more than one copy being there.

The two other items I recall include a stack of PC Gamer demo CDs I had a blast with, which also got lost to time but I wish I could identify and re-find. One was from the FF7 cover issue and another had a budget zombie title called Flesh Feast.

The third was a Voltron Castle play-set with little drawers hiding replicas of the lion keys all over it.

My favorite pawnshop is also up there, I bought so many Disney Movies on VHS there and assorted other things.

The Salvation Army where my dad bought the VHS tape that introduced me to the TMNT cartoon after seeing it and recalling it being a cartoon my sister was obsessed with. I used to play Turtles in Time on the SNES with him.

So many memories.

Well! I did it yall! I made it to 200!
This was about where I was before I accidentally lost everything. It was a hard blow to take, but the fact that most of everyone that was following me before followed me here makes me super fucking happy and super fucking blessed. 

I’m not good at these listing things, but I’m going to do my best to try and not leave people out.

So let me start with those special few that have pushed me here.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! You are my favorite ff15 and I love following you! Could I ask how you feel about the ending of ff15? Personally, I get that it was well made and a lot of people like it, but I hate sad endings because lol my depression is already bad enough.

I feel like a pokemon lmao jkjk

The ending for me was something that was very predictable, so it didn’t hit me that hard at first, until they hint you that Noctis did NOT want to die, then I was totally destroyed by it. Honestly, I don’t think it was well written at all.

I think the ending didn’t fit the story that well, It felt rushed and cheap (then again that’s how most of the story feels in the whole game). Noctis’ reunion with his bros was mediocre until the camping scene and even that didn’t fix it much. You would think that after Noctis went missing for 10 years with no explanation, they would show more emotions. Hell, even ANGER for him disappearing and leaving them. Even if it was not Noctis fault. But instead we got a half assed reunion with 10 year older character models I couldn’t get used to because it didn’t feel like time passed AT ALL, nor did it feel like they were older, AT ALL. They just make them act more “serious” which they could had done since the beginning. And it all has to do with their reaction to seeing Noctis, they greeted him like he had been missing for a day cuz his chocobo just happened to take the wrong turn.

Noctis last rushed development was so lame, because we just see him napping in the crystal and suddenly he comes out more mature and ready to die (except he didn’t want to). We don’t see him grow, they are just “Oh hey, he is like acting more ready now, more mature, cool? And it reflects in his model, right? because obviously young people can’t be mature nor make good decisions. hahahaha, by the way we are an old company from Japan, in case you couldn’t tell.” it is sooooo cheap and badly written I just had to roll my eyes at Noctis sudden change of character, not because I was against it, but because getting older does not = maturity. Being isolated for 10 years doesn’t make you grow, it makes you weak. Who thought of this fucking plot point???? A drunk hobo?

On top of that, the bros get pushed to the side and don’t even take part in the final battle???????????????????????????



WHAT THE FUCK! This whole time the game is telling you that you are a team, that you are stronger together, that you are meant to be with them and standing with them as brothers, just for Ardyn to knock them out and then they leave you? Come the fuck on. The creators even made the battle system centered around partnership and working together, the reason why Noctis never feels overpowered like Sora in KH, was because they didn’t want that for him, they wanted him to gain strength from working with his team.

WELL, WAY TO THROW THAT SHIT OUT THE WINDOW AT THE LAST PART! Because since Noctis now has the crystal I guess friendship don’t matter shit. AWESOME! GREAT WRITING, 10/10! Thanks for staying consistent square. What would we do without your constantly declining company.

The ending didn’t fix any of the major plot holes or issues with the characters. We never see Prompto grow, we never see Gladio become a more sensitive friend…Ignis is perfect tho, darling you are amazing, keep doing god’s work.  You are perfect. BUT WE DIDN’T SEE how he was able to overcome his injury. Like think about it, he is fucking blind! They half assed that SO BAD, why make him blind if you are not going to show strength from it? You might as well just cut off his leg. It’s like someone was like “Hey what if we make him blind? Are you guys sure about this?” “YEAH, BLIND THE BITCH.” (DC fans would get the reference).

It is just so badly done. They went for a cheap way to try to convey emotions, and it just didn’t work for me AT ALL. Not even a little bit, until the very end when Noctis is crying and hinting that pushing through with this is difficult after seeing his bros. BECAUSE THAT’S WHO NOCTIS IS! That’s what got pushed aside to show a more “Mature” Noctis. They could have gone with this route in so many different ways, but they went with the cheap, holier-than-jesus-alternative, and I fucking hate it. You don’t have to have a main character that is accepting death and is ready to die, YOU DON’T! You can have a character that is suffering through with it, and is breaking down over death because they don’t want to die, but pushes through with it, BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! That shows SO MUCH strength compare to “I’m a grown up and it’s my duty.” it is even more tragic because if they hadn’t done the time skip, Noctis could had been just 20, HELL he is still JUST 20 after the time skip. But the character model change was meant to show someone older and ready to die, AND I HATE IT. Fuck me side ways. I hate it SO MUCH.

Okay, I went on and on with this, so I’m gonna stop now lmao before I just drag this ending and plot even further. So, yeah, I get the ending was sad, but when you break it down, you feel so cheated by the company that they honestly don’t even deserve your tears.

Day 21, favourite Mega Evolution, Rayquaza and Banette.

*wheezes* oh my god guys I’m sorry for disappearing so long aaand in the meantime I hit 500 followers? I definitely wanna do something to mark the milestone but I haven’t the faintest idea what, if you guys have any suggestions feel free to message me!

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I used to ring you up late at nights, badly wanting to tell you how much I missed you, and how the heartache almost felt physical. It would always happen after I got drunk and puke my guts out. I’d sit there and lean against my bed, stifling my sobs and waiting for you to answer the 30th call I made that night. But then, you would be with her, either watching chick flicks, or sneaking outside for a fastfood meal. You would let your phone ring, and I bet you’d grit your teeth and reluctantly press ‘ignore’. She would ask, “Who was that?”, and I bet you would say, “Nobody. Just some creepy guy who got my number from a friend.”

You see, you’re the first and the only person I wanna tell about how my day went. If I were happy or sad. If there’s this tasty French food I’ve eaten, or if there’s this art work that reminds me of you, or if I saw this Pokemon poster while shopping in the mall. If I suddenly visited this place, and it summoned all the sad memories I tried to hide, or if I felt so lonely even if my new friends surrounded me. It was you — it was always you I wanna call no matter what mood I am in.

The difference, however, is that you only called me when you were bored or lonely; when your friends weren’t around. You’d only call me when a sudden nostalgia hits you, and you’d make a small talk, and end it immediately. And today, maybe you feel alone, that’s why your name kept on appearing on my phone. Maybe you suddenly missed me. Maybe you want me back. Maybe you’d even tell me that you were sorry, and that you love me still. But no. This is not a movie, and you won’t be there waiting out of my house when I come home. You won’t be choking in tears on the line. You’d be there with the your friends, laughing and enjoying. And when you’d realize you dialed my number in impulse, you’d just laugh it out. You’d ask yourself, “Why would I even call somebody who doesn’t mean anything to me anymore?” and then you’d press 'end’.

It always happens. It goes over and over — you calling me and I’d answer it and you’d hang up without even telling me you missed me. It goes over and over — me calling you and you’d let it ring without answering, even if you knew I needed to hear your voice, even for just a minute.

So not now. Not ever again, for I know you’re just calling me again to break me like one of your promises. For this has become a cycle of you coming back only to leave me again. For every time I get a grip of you, you turn to sand meant to slip out of my fingers. Yes, I miss you and it kills me. Yes, it takes everything in me not to answer your calls. Yes, I badly want to talk to you so damn much. I almost always give in, but not now. Cause it’s your turn to despair for my voice, and it’s my turn to ignore and decline your calls.

It’s my turn to act like I’m fine and I don’t miss your laughter.

It’s my turn to pretend that I’m heartless, and that you mean nothing anymore.

It’s my turn to do to you what you always do to me.

It’s my turn to forget that I love you.

— Fray Narte “And it’s your turn to be miserable upon seeing me do it all.”

well howdy everybody! i’m not new to the pokemon indie scene as gary oak. some of y’all might recognize me as samia, the girl who ran paleorevelation several years ago! well, i’ve got good news for you: she’s back in the game again because she’s ready to start anew with her first ever indie muse!! so if you guys are interested feel free to hit that REBLOG button so i can give you a look! please have a look at my rules before interaction. a muse and a verse page is in progress! 


“Victini got to see a movie today! It was super cool! Victini thinks Ho-oh is super pretty!”

Went to the movies today to see the Pokémon movie and hoooooo boy the feels. Nostalgia hit me hard and I think I almost cried several times. Definitely will be recording it when it comes out on Disney. :0

It really gave me inspiration to draw so I’ll be doing some art today I think.

Thoughts on the Voltron characters from my friend who has never seen Voltron


  • “She looks like Sokkas moon girlfriend!”
  • “She also reminds me of Starfire from teen titans but like Starfire’s sophisticated cousin who’s like at Harvard”
  • “Probably hates Lance”
  • “Her outfit looks like one of the emperor penguins”
  • “I like how she doesnt take her earrings out to fight”


  • “I feel like this person kinds looks like they’re trying too hard to not try but also kinda looks like a turtle”
  • “Their hair says Pidgey but their glasses say grandma” 
  • “They look like they belong in pokemon”
  • “They look like they intern at a library and is that one kid who’s like books are fun!!!!!” 
  • “And then there’s that green frisbee….or is that a boomerang?”
  • “His uniform reminds me of a Snivy”


  • “He looks like brock from pokemon but older and buffer” 
  • “His headband makes me think he does tae kwon doe and and probably takes it too seriously”
  • “He has two fanny packs which makes me think hes the mom of the group. And the vest and the pants with knee patches scream mom to me”
  • “He also looks like he belongs in pokemon. I bet he likes rock type pokemon” 
  • “Generally just looks like a really nice person but could also probably break your neck” 
  • “I feel like he tried to play football but was bad at it because hes afraid of people hitting him”
  • “Woah! He has a chainsaw!….or is it a leaf blower? His big leaf blower thing makes me feel like hes compensating for something like how guys with big trucks are compensating for something”
  • “I feel like he is trying very hard and ends up being really extra but it works for him because of how nice he is”


  • “He looks dark and mysterious which make me think hes definitely compensating for something” 
  • “Does he have daddy issues?” 
  • “He also has 2 fanny packs but they’re more stylish” 
  • “He also has a metal arm which means tragic backstory which means definite daddy issues” 
  • “His hair looks like 2013 zayn” 
  • “His eyebrow game is like on fleek” 
  • “Definite daddy issues. Did i say that yet?”
  • “Is that a sunburn on his nose? He should use neutrogena 50” 
  • “He almost looks like chat noir and chat has daddy issues so he definitely has daddy issues 100% confirmed” 
  • “I feel like this is what adrien thinks he looks like when hes chat noir” 
  • “He screams daddy issues kate”
  • “His robot hand is glowing….maybe it’s magic? He must be the wizard every squad needs a wizard friend”
  • “Edgy™️”
  • “He and robin from teen titans are like soulmates and arent both of robins parents dead too? Which means he definitley has daddy issues. The facts are there.”


  • *laughs for a minute straight*
  • “He’s livin in the 80s man”
  • “Probably looks up to the leader” 
  • “Looks like he used to be a dancer but his dad made him quit because he was like ‘no dancing is for girls’ and hes still bitter about it and dreams of being a dancer and thats why hes frowning” 
  • “Is like the chill gay like he never really tells you hes gay its just understood”
  • “Is the Brooding Silent One” 
  • “Keith is such a lame name no wonder hes so upset id be upset too if my name was Keith”
  • "I dont think this is his jacket because the sleeves are too big for him like he has to roll them which means the jacket isnt his which means tragic backstory. Like maybe its his brother’s jacket and his brother died or went to college so now he looks up to shiro because his brother is gone” 
  • “So hes got a mullet….and thats very sad” 
  • “He looks Emo” 
  • “Keith arrives at the cafeteria and goes to sit all by himself and his friends just find him and hes like no you dont understand i want to be alone but in the end hes happy they came because he loves them” 
  • “I also feel like hes the stealthy one and takes it way to seriously and is like fuck yeah I’m a ninja” 
  • “He is the epitome of ‘this is not a phase mom’”


  • “He is Sokka if Sokka had a good haircut” 
  • “He is the main character of all of those high school movies that all end the same” 
  • “I also think hes very gay” 
  • “Hes the kid who like came out in seventh grade by announcing it in the cafeteria” 
  • “he kinda look like a green bean” 
  • "He looks loud” 
  • “He’s the kid in gym who takes gym way to seriously” 
  • “He would probably wear his jacket to a fancy event and be like ‘this is fancy its got lapels’” 
  • “He probably has ten pairs of the same pants and shirt, but only one of those jacket which he never washes” 
  • “I bet he carries a satchel” 
  • “I feel like hes very average like hes not the one whos always screwing up but hes not the one whos always being great” 
  • “He probably never puts his gun away and i feel like he talks with his hands but he never puts down the gun so he like waves it around and accidentally shoots something” 
  • “I feel like he could fit in on Haikyuu. He looks like he could be on a mans volleyball team”

Like I said art block hit and I drew my favorite pokemon and it’s pre-evolution. This time it’s the middle evolution Flaaffy. I personally don’t like Flaaffy as much, maybe it’s because it’s pink and like just feels slightly out of place with the other two but honestly this to me came out the best out of all my pokemon drawings. Maybe I’m just hard on myself.