the pokemon that hit me in the feels

Day 21, favourite Mega Evolution, Rayquaza and Banette.

*wheezes* oh my god guys I’m sorry for disappearing so long aaand in the meantime I hit 500 followers? I definitely wanna do something to mark the milestone but I haven’t the faintest idea what, if you guys have any suggestions feel free to message me!

I won’t be resuming daily posts, but I should definitely be more active than I have been in the past three months or so. Sorry once again!

I gotta say Sun/Moon has been really great! It feels so much different than previous gens. Just feels like it has more life and the routes you travel are short but much more interesting.

The characters are more alive and interactive. The Professor is more fleshed out (has an actual life outside research), the rival although still overly friendly is nice too. Unlike XY/ORAS which made me feel guilty for always winning, Hau is amusingly passive aggressive about filling his team with Pokemon strong to your starter LMAO.

Team Skull are THE BEST. So fun. There’s so many little moments with them that give them such personality. Mah boi Guzma.

It also seems to be a little harder. My Pokemon are actually fainting now. I don’t know if that’s because everything is slow as shit so always gets hit first, but it’s a thing i have to worry about!

I was initially kinda down on the games because of how few new Pokemon there were that hadn’t already been announced (seriously Game Freak, STOP THAT), but there are plenty of oldies to make up for it. Also, the game runs much better on OG 3DS than the demo did. Double battles are a damn slideshow tho with 7-8 models on screen.

If they do remake DPP next it’s gonna hurt going back to that after SM. Bring on the (rumoured) Switch version! It’ll look soooo nice~

I was posting impression whilst playing on my Twitter. My Alolan Champion team!

Serena and the pokegirls
  • Serena: ash will notice me I know it.
  • Misty: don't waste your time sister.
  • May: yeah me and misty traveled with him for two years and hadn't notice a thing about us.
  • Dawn: that boy doesn't know love if it hit him in the face.
  • Iris: your going to be replaced with someone more interesting.
  • Serena: tears up that not true ash will realize my feelings.
  • Serena hey ash I like you.
  • Ash: I like you too buddy.
  • Serena( facepalm).
  • Serena: you pokegirls were right
10 Weird facts about me ya probably don’t care about.

1) I really don’t like uneven numbers, and have to find a way to make them even.  It’s really weird. 
2) One time I was trying to ask this girl out and it was like the 13th, I straight up waited until it was the 14th to ask, because Becks don’t play around.
3) I prefer an acoustic drum set to an electric set. I have an electric set and I feel like it stifles me. -Glares at the punk on the soundboard-
4) My favorite pokemon is growlithe or cyndaquil
5) I’m an Aries, fight me
6) I like silly jokes and pick up lines, simply because they make people smile.
7) One time this girl hit on me at the gym, and I forgot how to speak for a solid 3 minutes
8) I used to wanna be a WWE wrestler/ A rapper/ and a Basketball player all at the same time. I used to have wwe promo videos on youtube, I also had a rap video on youtube.
9) In my ansty teen days, I used to write poetry and thought I was the next eminem.
10) Surprisingly the band Mayday Parade, and discovering my love of soccer, has saved me more times then I can count. They always seem to put me in a better mood when I am sad. 

This set took a lot longer than I intended it to, and it was honestly a lot harder to make than the previous variants I have made. I’m not even that fond of the end result. I’ll probably start uploading other stuff here now though. I’ve got other fandoms and the like. Anyway, this might be the last one for a while, but if you have any suggestions or requests for me to do, feel free to hit the ask box.

“Parasect” is an umbrella term that refers to many various amalgamations between fungi and animals. As its name suggests, Parasects are a parasitic species that are known to be invasive to many forms of life, and it is incredibly hard to drive out a group of them when they have infested a certain location. The STANDARD Parasect is frequently found in damp, dark places in large groups, rendering such locations inhabitable due to the poisonous spores they can release. 

Another kind of Parasect is the HOLLOW Parasect, Where most of the species usually has the fungus dominant over the animal, Hollow variants are unique in that it is the opposite in its case. The arachnids are known to travel in the guise of mushroom-infested tree stumps that are coated in cobwebs that trap their prey easily.

A more common variant is the ENOKI Parasect. They are domestic nuisances, especially to gardens, which they can devour at ease. They are mildly poisonous, and there have been many of accidental consumption of the variant resulting as a result of their similar appearance to the Enoki mushroom.

Perhaps the most unusual Parasect is the MARIO Parasect. No one really knows how they came about, and what they actually are. Whether or not they are even Parasects have also been questioned. What is sure though, is that jumping on them is usually the safest way to destroy them.

There are definitely more kinds of Parasects out there, and interesting as they are, we must all be wary of the little creature. Many they may be, but there are surely more that we still do not know.


Pokemon released the reveal trailer for Sun & Moon! 

Gen 7 is confirmed baby!

When this game hits as a TwitchPlaysPokemon run,
you guys gonna ironically know what I’m gonna riot after.

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I feel like this little guy (Pupplio) gonna get the Oshawott treatment.
You know, hated to death at first, then loved over time?

Not this time for me



Wanna show your love of video games to other people?

Last year my Zelda Valentines were a hit, so I decided to do more! Feel free to use the Smash Bros Valentines! 15 unique valentines YOU can print out for FREE! Let me know how I did and if you use them! 

The only problem I face when playing Pokemon go is being hit on by older creepy guys. See where I live one of the best places to find Pokemon is in a park in the middle of a college campus. Usually when I tell them I’m in highschool they back off. But sometimes they say “well you don’t look like it” and continue on. So far they have respected me when I turn them down and don’t give them my number. But I really want them to leave me alone so I pretend to walk home to end the conversation. I don’t really know how to end those conversations and I want them to stop. So now I have to Pokemon go with a friend or my twin brother. When I went with my twin no one talked to me or made me feel weird or bad about not taking their numbers. Anyway moral of the story is if you feel really uncomfortable about playing Pokemon go alone or you get hit on by creepy dudes go with a friend. This might just be happening to me but there you go.


100 Day Pokemon Challenge
Day 17 - Favorite type and why?

Water -  So many of my most loved Pokemon fit into that typing, and I can always do so much whenever I get ahold of a water type.
Fire - It just feels like straight power to me; fire is such a powerful thing to control, and when I’ve got a beast breathing flames to descimate a poor thing…it’s just so much fun.
Ghost - I gotta love the creepier side of stuff; It’s just so much fun to work around, especially with the whole normal/ghost duality they have in being unable to hit each other…I don’t know why, I just love it.

Comments During NASA's Live Footage of Earth

(Comments I have found during this ridiculous chat)


give me earth or give Me DEATH

NASA is probably so disappointed in us

when will space worm return from war


so my question is…did the space worm eat the international space station

omg I see superman

where the space at tho


maybe if we chant enough it’ll come back


👏👏Space worm for president 2k16👏👏👏

Are you still arguing about a space worms sexuality




the space is sleeping



space worm wrote this song

The space core must’ve hit the camera

“Loss of signal”=aliens

Space worm is my daddy

Aliens have hijacked the space station

You filthy memers with your aliens



The ocean is blue…it’s obviously team mystic

*slides NASA $20* bring back space worm


I can see Brendan Urie’s forehead from here

If you hear dubstep then that means the aliens are coming

are we there yet

NASA is gonna read this chat and work twice as hard to leave the earth smh


eyy look you can see someone dabbing


need me a freak like space worm


Hi! So I’m really sorry I haven’t been on tumblr lately, I’ve been extremely busy sorting out things in my life, and though not everyone’s stuck around, I’m super grateful to everyone who is still around, it really means a lot to me! I’m also sorry I haven’t been making any graphics lately, like I said I’m busy and my imagination has kinda hit a wall for pokemon ones, so I thank you for your patience too.

But I wanted to give a shout out to some of the mutuals, and non mutuals, who are there for me, make me laugh, smile or generally happy in life and I feel have had a positive effect on me. My life would be empty without you guys!

And I wanted to make something to thank everyone for helping me, and this is done by memory so Im sorry if I forgot you,  I may not recognise a new url(+icon), or we no longer in touch and I felt you’d appreciate it if I didn’t mention you in this post,  but to every follower, mutual, friend, everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So anyway I tried to keep this short I really did, I went through it multiple times cutting names and such and this was the final results again sorry if you wasn’t on here, but please check out all these blogs if you have time, and all the ones on my blogroll too;

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Thank you again! I’ll probably be on and off  little while longer till I can finidh sorting things out, but thanks for sticking with me, I hope I can be back full time here soon!

I gave in and joined the hunt, downloading Pokémon Go no more than 24 hours ago. I’ve hit level 13, and I’m Team Valor. I’ve spent my entire Sunday outside going to the zoo for Pokémon Days and roaming all over the Art District and North Shore. I’m sunburnt, and I feel like I’ve gotten such a workout. I’ve met so many people, struck up conversations, and actually enjoyed myself—me, the introvert with social anxiety. This movement is mesmerizing and unifying. In a world that often feels like it’s headed to some circle of hell, it’s nice when something good comes along.


Screenshots I GOT THE WRONG POKEMON | Pokemon GO #3! :D

I really like Jack’s Pokemon Go videos they’re always so much fun. :)  Even when he doesn’t do a whole lot in them it’s still nice to see these vlog style videos. They feel like Jack is just taking us on a mini adventure with a friend for a little bit. ^_^

Okay guys I’m going to be honest for a little bit. Today hasn’t been a good day for me. It’s been very stressful lately and one of the biggest negative things in my life at just emotionally hit me really hard today and I’m really just emotionally drained and exhausted right now. I try to be more positive and optimistic and appreciating the good stuff I do have during my days. But sometimes after a lot of stress and negativity you just get exhausted from it and it makes you wonder if this negative weight you’re carrying on your shoulders constantly will ever lift off of you. You wonder if the bad stuff in your life will ever get better and when you start to feel like things are getting better something bad happens to prove you wrong. :/ But even on my most painful and shitty days Jack helps me get through them. I can take a break and just hang out with a friend that always reminds me how important it is to be positive and to keep hanging in there no matter how rough or negative life can get. Sometimes when you’re going through rough times or a bad day you just need a break from all of that for a while. Only reason I’m mentioning all of this is that watching and taking a lot of time to screenshot this video helped me get through a bad day. 1 silly video of just Jack playing Pokemon Go did that for me and I appreciate that so much. Sometimes just someone else making you smile and giving you a positive voice can do so much for you. :)